A Taste of what’s to come…….Crab Apples, Quince, Mint and Jewelled Jelly

A Taste of what’s to come…….
Crab Apples, 
and Jewelled Jelly
Okay, hands up! I ran out of time to post a full article this morning ~ I am catering for 20 people tonight and I just ran out of time……however, let me leave you with some images of what’s to come, jewelled jellies of many hues, fragances and flavours ~ crab apples, windfalls, quince, mint and rosewater, it’s all here, or will be later…….
 So please pop back later when normal service will be resumed……in the meantime I have left you some tasters to keep you happy.


  1. A Trifle Rushed says

    Ooooh! Yippee! I have been given some more quinces and there are still crab apples a plenty here, so I look forward to more of your delicious recipes.

  2. Bee happy says

    I just love the look of jars of jam etc :) hope everything goes ok tonight and have a great weekend :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Marie says

    Your jellies look very pretty Karen. Hope the party went well. I often had to cook for upwards of 25 when I worked at the manor. Largest amount I did was a cocktail party for 200. Talk about a crazy day! I loved cooking for the dinner parties most of all, even though it was a lot of work. I felt like a conducter orchestrating a beautiful piece of music. when it all came together and everything came out right, it brought me great joy! I am sure your guests were well pleased with your efforts! xxoo

  4. Priya Sreeram says

    wowee- looking forward to all the jelly treats- hope u have a good time and I know it's a lot of work too but I am sure u will have a lot of fun- looking forward to your post withe the awesome treats- wishes n cheers karen !

  5. Thrifty Household says

    They are so beautiful, especially with all that suspended mint! My tastebuds are tingling… Good luck with all the catering.

  6. Choclette says

    They all look splendid. I love the jewel like colours of jellies and quince jelly is one of the best. Good luck for tonight.

  7. La Table De Nana says

    I admire your energy and zest for life..
    It's inspiring(and tiring:) )..I am kidding~

    I am making our red pepper jelly today w/ one of my DD's..but yours have me intrigued too..aren't they beautiful?
    Have fun!Enjoy the thrill of the cater.

  8. Lauren says

    I hope your party prep is going well. The most people I've ever cooked for is eight and that was about all I could handle!

  9. Karen S Booth says

    THANKS ALL! Nearly done for now ~ chicken tagines are cooking, cakes are made, roasted veggies are roasting, appies are done…..all on track!

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