A Chocolate Frenzy with Chilli and much Cocoa! We Should Cocoa and Mexican Hot Chocolate

A Chocolate Frenzy with Chilli and much Cocoa! 
We Should Cocoa 
Mexican Hot Chocolate
A veritable frenzy and fest of chocolate and cocoa…..all blended in a mug of hot milk for my afternoon pick-me-up, or more like an afternoon boot up the derrière! This Chilli Hot Chocolate for a Chilly Day was divine darlinks! I made it some Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate chips and then added some powdered chilli cocoa before topping it all of with some grated mango and chilli chocolate, yes, it was a frenzy of chocolate and cocoa as I said before. 
And all because the lady loves milk tray We Should Cocoa challenge for October is Chillies. I had planned to make some little chilli chocolate cakes, but time intervened as well as a multitude of other baked goods and preserves that needed to be made, so I thought that this might be a unique and original way of interpreting the challenge.
There is no recipe as such for this, I just added 3 tablespoons teaspoons of Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate chips into a mug of hot milk, then added some chilli cocoa and stirred it well before grating some 77% chocolate with mango and chilli over the top…….and I also served it in a Toblerone mug too, for the full chocolate whammy…….yes, I have been know to go over the top now and then, which, may come as a surprise to some of you.
So, what I ended up with was a hot mango flavoured drinking chocolate with chilli……imagine those flavours as a mousse, wonderful, I may try that out some day. I just missed Chocolate Week, but never mind, chocolate is for always not just a week……..that’s all for now, see you later when I have some flowers and baked treats to share.


  1. Hanna says

    Looks fab, love the mug! I sometimes add a small pinch of dried chilli to my hot chocolate but cocoa chilli sounds delicious!

  2. Laura@howtocookgoodfood says

    I love the mug as much as I love the sound of this chilli hot chocolate!
    That would be just what the doctor ordered after a chilly Autumn day on the allotment, so I'm off to buy a flask :)

  3. Choclette says

    Flowers and baked treats are one thing, but you can't get better than chocolate and hot chocolate with the wonderful flavour of mango and the heat of chilli has got to be the best hot chocolate ever. Love the lushness of this and the decadence of using three different types of chocolate. Where do you get chilli and mango from? Thanks for participating, but there was no rush – still another week to go.

  4. Annie says

    Oh yum! Although my verification word, fathypo, is close enough to fat hippo to make me wonder if it's a warning against my over indulgence in such chocolatey deliciousness ;D

  5. elizadocookmore says

    The things I would do for a mug of this right now… I LOVE chilli and chocolate but the mango sold it

  6. Ren Behan says

    Now that looks like a very tasty stash of chocolate….chocolate and chili is something I've yet to try, but all these We Should Cocoa treats are really tempting me!

  7. Eggs on the Roof says

    I'm not someone who craves hot chocolate usually. But this is a different, very serious, matter. I would love to be drinking a cup of your chili chocolate right this minute, instead of the rather indifferent cup of tea I have in front of me.

  8. Baking Addict says

    This looks very heart warming and perfect for this weeather. Great pictures – love the toblerone mug :)

  9. says

    Well I’ve left a comment here before, but I’m going to leave another one because it’s grey. cold and wet outside and just the right weather for a delicious warming cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate.

  10. Helen T says

    ooh – I’ve tried Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate with Chilli and quite liked it – so I guess I’d like this, particularly as it’s got Mango in and sounds yummy.

  11. Mark Whittaker says

    I tried this, it is a very odd sensation, but absolutely gorgeous , though I am a huge chilli (and chocolate) fan. It feels very grown up version of hot chocolate

  12. Irene Wright says

    No, sorry, chocolate and chilli don’t mix for me. Chilli and I don’t agree. I like to taste the flavour of things I’m eating/drinking and chilli (if it’s too hot) is a no, no.

  13. kevin smith says

    I’d heard that chili and chocolate go well together but wouldn’t have dreamed of combining them in hot choc! Sounds good though.

  14. LINDSEY CLARK says

    As much as I love a Hot Chocolate blend and even though it looks very attractively presented, this one still doesnt appeal to me; sorry!

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