A Saucy time was had in a Hot Kitchen! Fish is the Dish & The Saucy Fish Company come to Tea

The Saucy Fish Co and Sea Bass in a Beurre Blanc & Dill Sauce

A Saucy time was had in a Hot Kitchen!

Fish is the Dish. Top Fish for all the Family

Fish is the Dish


The Saucy Fish Company come to Tea

The Saucy Fish Co.

I was delighted to receive a saucy package the other day, as part of my Fish Fanatics commitment  to promoting and reviewing fish and seafood via  Fish is the Dish – the package was from just down the road from me, the famous fishing port of Grimsby in NE Lincolnshire.  My saucy package was courtesy of  The Saucy Fish Co  and was sent in a large polystyrene box with a coolant pillow, which contained 2 packets of saucy fish – one Sea Bass with a Beurre Blanc and Dill Sauce and one Cod with Piri-Piri Sauce; each packet contained two fillets of each fish and a separate packet of sauce, so one packet was enough to serve two people.

These two packets of fish came from The Saucy Fish Co’s Fish and Dressing Range – they have five varieties of fish in the range to include salmon with watercress sauce, smoked haddock with a mustard vinaigrette and salmon with chilli, lime and ginger. There are cooking suggestions on the packet, but I cooked mine a different way. I decided to cook the sea bass fillets an easy way by oven baking them in a little butter for 15 minutes. I then served the fish fillets with the Beurre Blanc and Dill sauce over the top with some sautéed potatoes and creamed spinach.  For the cod fillets,  they were brushed with Olive Oil, coated in breadcrumbs and oven baked for 20 minutes at 180 degrees C. I served them garnished with parsley, accompanied with CousCous and mixed vegetables, and with a dollop of Piri-Piri sauce on the side.

The Saucy Fish Co Cod with Piri-Piri Sauce

The fish was fresh, and was very flavoursome – I found a few bones in both packets of fish, not many, but enough to put me on my guard as I continued to eat. The sauces were not spectacular, but nice all the same. The beurre blanc and dill sauce was very mild in flavour and the piri-piri sauce was not as spicy as I expected it to be.  Having said that, it was nice to have the choice of serving a sauce with the fish, and I would consider “revving” them up a bit in the future. I love the concept of The Saucy Fish Co, here is what they say about themselves:

 Fish is amazing. As well as being downright delicious, it’s also packed with protein, vitamins and those well-publicised ‘good fats’. When it comes to preparing, cooking and serving it up with the right kind of sauce though, things can get a bit slippery. That’s why we’re here – to replace the fuss, mess and confusion with confidence, ease and inspiration. 

For more recipe inspiration, they also have a wonderful Recipe Selection here, as well as a How To section with handy videos about fish and wine pairing, how to prepare fish, how to choose fish and many other tips: The Dock.



The Saucy Fish Co. is proud to be the first brand to sign up to the Sustainable Seafood Coalition, which aims to improve product labelling and consumer protection. As a leading brand we are keen to ensure that our customers have access to responsibly sourced fish, as they trust us to do the right thing by actively engaging in making fisheries and fish farming more sustainable.

This is a non-Sponsored Post: I received this fish as part of a special programme to promote sustainable British seafood and fish; the programme is run by Fish is the Dish as part of the Fish Fanatics group, and the fish was supplied by The Saucy Fish Co as part of this scheme. This is a non-sponsored post and I was not paid to promote the fish mentioned on my blog in any shape or form. With thanks to the team at Fish is the Dish and to The Saucy Fish Co for sending me this fish to try.


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    I’ve seen the Saucy Fish products and often thought about trying them but never have. I must give them a go. And seeing that Grimsby is just a stones throw from my home I really have no excuse!! Although my fish delivery man might take offence!!

    • says

      They weren’t bad Dom! Being a from scratch cook, I prefer to make my own sauces, but having the sauces with the fish was great for when time is short!

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