Review: French Chocolates by Post! Club Chocolat Française ~ Sophisticated Chocolates through your Letterbox

Join the Tasting Club - Club Chocolat Française

Join the Tasting Club – Club Chocolat Française

French Chocolates by Post!

~ Club Chocolat Française ~

Sophisticated Chocolates through your Letterbox

Club Chocolat Français

Club Chocolat Français

When I was asked recently if I would like a box of French chocolates sent to me, it took me about a nano second to say yes!  I was also intrigued to see how these chocolates stood up to the bigger and more well known British company, Hotel Chocolat, that sells chocolates via a monthly postal “Tasting Club”, as Club Chocolat Française does too…..the only difference being that Club Chocolat Française chocolates really are sent all the way from South West France. My box arrived within a week of me accepting the offer to try them……they were packed on a sturdy cardboard box with a little bookmark and a handy tasting pamphlet, listing and describing all the chocolates that were presented in the box.

Club Chocolat Français

Club Chocolat Français

The packaging was not excessive and rather understated and discreet, which I liked as one of my main criticisms with chocolate manufacturers is the colossal waste of excessive packaging. The chocolates I were sent were part of the monthly chocolate club for April, and contained a lovely selection of mainly dark chocolates with fruity flavours, as well as caramels and nuts.

 Club Chocolat Français

Club Chocolat Français

The selection was varied and very sophisticated and the chocolate was delicious, and of the highest quality. The flavours comprised:

Raspberry Pistachio, Dark Almond Crisp, Milk Almond Crisp, Coconut Passion Ganache, Pure Passion Fruit, 

Dark and Milk Coco Cubes, Milk Caramel Irresistibles, Dark Caramel Irresistibles, Bûchette noir, Bûchette au lait, 

Pur Fruit Framboise, Gourmandises aux spéculoos, Coeur de fraise, Orange noire, Fruités noir, Fruités lait and 

Carré craquant.

You can read more about the flavours here: Coffret du Mois.  I shared the chocolates with my family and the overall feeling was that the chocolates were of the highest quality, NOT sickly or overly sweet and the fruit ones in particular scored highly for flavour and taste…….. especially the raspberry and passion fruit flavours. The cost of this box of chocolates is £19:95 INCLUDING delivery, as part of  the Club’s monthly fee ,which compared to like-for-like chocolates as seen in the UK is tremendous value for money. And, the specially designed packaging ensures that the box will fit most letterboxes. These are what I would call “REAL” chocolates – with high cocoa solids and no artificial flavours, which is particularly evident in the fruit chocolates, which were superb. Other favourites in the box were the dark chocolate coated orange segments……as well as the chocolate caramels.

Club Chocolat Français

Club Chocolat Français

Club Chocolat Francais is a chocolate tasting club with a difference – each of their luxury chocolates are handmade at their workshop in South West France. Discover the difference of TRUE gourmet French chocolates! What makes them different? French chocolates are made according to very different recipes to their British equivalents. They contain a higher percentage of chocolate, which adds a depth to the exciting chocolate taste. The monthly subscriptions allows you to discover a brand new selection each month, for 3, 6 or 12 months. They also offer gift subscriptions – the perfect chocolate gift. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, praline, ganache, caramel chocolates… and many more!

~ Benefits of the club ~
The Monthly Selection

Les gourmandises du mois

Each month, chocolate artisans put together a box of 34 original and exclusive handmade French chocolates that will be delivered directly to your door: the Monthly Selection. Each selection features a subtle balance between dark, milk and white chocolates, in 18 different varieties. Pralines, fruity, crunchy, smooth, creamy… 

There are so many different chocolate flavours waiting to be discovered! Each monthly selection box is accompanied by a tasting menu to guide you through your discovery of the exquisite new flavours and textures. 

The monthly selection is refreshed every month, continuously improving with the help of your tasting notes..

Le menu gourmand

With thanks to Club Chocolat Française who sent me these box of chocolates – watch out for a wonderful GIVEAWAY offered by Club Chocolat Française to be held on my blog very soon too……where you can win a box of amazing French chocolates delivered straight to your door, all the way from South West France!

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Disclaimer: I was sent a box of chocolates to try with no obligation to review them or publish my thoughts here; all opinions here are my own.


  1. says

    I received a box of these to review too. Needless to say they didn’t last very long. We were impressed with the quality of the chocolates – less sweet than HC, which is a good thing in my book. Although I praised the chocolates in my review, I did have quite a few quibbles. The main one being that they don’t fit through a standard sized letterbox whereas the HC ones do. Maybe you got a differently shaped box to me.

    This will not stop me entering your giveaway though. Happy to wait in for the postman if I know he’s going to be delivering chocolates 😉

    • says

      I wonder whether our letterbox is a non standard size? But, interesting comment though as making them fit through a letter box is a selling point in my opinion. GOOD LUCK for the Giveaway…..and yes, like you, we preferred the less sweet flavours to HC….I LOVE them though, but then I am used to French chocolates, so I knew what to expect!

  2. LivedinItaly says

    What is not to like in this post, as it contains two of the major food groups – French and chocolate! Waiting for your post with the contest. As for the letterbox issue, we (here in the US) are fortunate as each pod of boxes has a large box for non-standard size packages.

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