The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Well, what a surprise! I found out a few weeks that I had been chosen to receive an award, The Versatile Blogger Award; now I have seen this award on several blogs………but, if I am honest, I never really worked out what it was all about! And now, it appears I am to be the recipient of this prestigious award, with thanks to Vanesther from Bangers and Mash who nominated me. But before I had a chance to write my related post, and just like buses, TWO more awards came my way, both Versatile Blogger Awards, one from the LOVELY Laura from How to Cook Food Food and one from Sarah of Curious Cuisiniere……with a HUGE thanks to these three LOVELY, BRILLIANT and FABULOUS ladies! I hope you don’t mind if I combine all three awards and only write ONE post about them… not to bore my readers with three separate posts! LOL! I am TRULY honoured and delighted beyond words to receive this award, not once but three times and I gladly take the baton and pass it on to some more wonderful people who make the food blogging world such a happy and friendly place.  I am a TAD confused at the badges, as I have seen THREE different badges and THREE different sets of rules attached to this award……so, I will share the three badges, but just post ONE SET OF RULES, as not to confuse people…..

It’s at this stage that I now have to impart five random facts about myself… you all, oh no, I hate this bit, but here it goes anyway!

1. Although I LOVE baking cakes, and I enjoy eating them – I am definitely a SAVOURY person and I will always gravitate to the sausage rolls, quiche and cheese straws at a buffet or party! I DO like cake though…..before any baking addicts faint or collapse!

2. I have moved house 25 times in my life and have attended at least 7 different schools (not including college and university).

3. I collect vintage hats and scarves and I wear them all too – but not all at the same time!

4. I prefer old cars to new cars – life for me is MUCH better in the slow lane and not the fast lane!

5. My two favourite home-made “fast food” snacks for a simple supper are: a Bacon Butty or a Fish Finger Sandwich!

With a HUGE thanks to Vanesther, Laura and Sarah again!


And now to nominate FIVE bloggers to receive the award and pass it on…….to spread the joy…..

Kellie at Food To Glow

Jack at The Knight of the Round Table

Jenny at Jenny Eatwell’s Rhubarb & Ginger

Jo at Mummys Knee’s 

Karen at Mum is Last


1. Thank the person who nominated you for this Award and link back to them.
2. Post 5 random facts about you.
3. Spread the  joy by nominating  5 other bloggers.
4. Let your chosen bloggers know about the nomination.

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  1. says

    I did have a feeling you may be voted for more than once but I still wanted to nominate you as I’m sure the others did too. You are a versatile blogger in my opinion and one that is full of fun,intersting food facts, great phots …..not to mention wonderful food! xx

  2. says

    Oh, thank you Karen! That’s twice I’ve been nominated for this award now, then – once was more than I deserve, but twice – well, what can I say! Nothing except thankyou. :)

    Congratulations on being nominated for it three times! Couldn’t happen to a nicer person or a nicer blog. :)

  3. says

    Thanks so much Karen. That means a lot. I have to confess that I have had a couple of nominations for probably the same award (or something similarly named) but did not follow it up. It seems unintendedly churlish now and I will ‘honour the honour’ you have kindly bestowed. But to be honest I don’t have any interesting facts so I might just have to make something up! And, that’s a heck of a lot of removal vans…:D

  4. says

    Congratulations indeed Karen, you have a much loved blog so no surprises you are up for lots of awards. But you did make me laugh with your statement you prefer life in the slow lane – I’ve never known anyone buzz about the place as you do!

  5. says

    How lovely to receive three awards! You are a very popular lady and a GREAT blogger. Love the random facts, I can see you in your hats and scarves and I just can’t believe you’ve moved that many times. I have lived in nine different houses or flats since uni, so I’ve done my fair share of moving around I guess. One of my aunts had to buy a new address book because she had no room for all my addresses. Hope you are still enjoying being in the UK xxx Well done again on the awards :-)

    • says

      THANKS so much Ren! I can’t believe that I have only been blogging for 11 months – it has been a roller coaster of a ride and I am still loving it, mainly due to people like yourself, whom I have met and shared so much with already – I am proud to be part of such a vibrant and exciting community. THANKS so much for your lovely comments, they have made my day! :-) :-)

  6. says

    Thank you so much for nominating me, I am about to write my post. I’m being a dope, which badge is it you use, the versatile blogger and / or sunshine award?

    BTW, so great to meet you in the flesh yesterday, It’s lovely to chat online, but so much better to put a face to the twitter handle / blog :-)


    • says

      Aw thanks Jo! It was great meeting you too, and the wee babe! Please use any badge……there is some confusion about which badges to use, so please use the one that you like the best.

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