Wine and Food Pairings ~ Pairing Wine with…….Pudding?


Strawberry Tarts with Dessert Wine

Strawberry Tarts with Dessert Wine

~ Wine and Food Pairings ~

Pairing Wine with…….Pudding?

Red wine with chocolate and strawberries

Red wine with chocolate and strawberries

People generally pair red wine with roasts and white wine with chicken and fish, keeping the stronger wines for later in the meal. However, there are so many finer details once you consider the spices and sauces, and there’s always the problem of pairing wine with citrus. Some people like to follow the old adage that as the colours of the meal darken, so should the wine.

But does this apply to desserts as well?

Dessert Wine

Dessert Wine

After a meal is the perfect time to linger around the table, talk with friends and nibble something sweet. Choosing a dessert wine is about balancing flavours – the acidity, intensity and sweetness – and it’s important to make sure that the wine is sweeter than the dessert to avoid an uncomfortable clash on your palate.

In terms of the best desserts to choose, avoid super sweet options like banoffee or lemon cream pie, and frozen desserts like ice cream or sorbet are not ideal either. Other than that, you’re free to select all kinds of caramels, pies and custards with Prosecco, Muscat or Riesling if you so desire.

Don’t limit yourself to drinking only white dessert wines, either. There is a broad variety to choose from including sweet and sparkling, late harvest, ice wines and oxidized dessert wines like port and sherry. Pairing a port with a rich, dark chocolate mousse can be delicious, while there’s very little wrong with a warm, ginger-apple pie served with a late-harvest Gewurztraminer.

Don’t hesitate to keep the evening going by serving dessert wines with tasty, well-matched desserts,  Crystal wine glasses are a nice touch as well.

Pudding and Wine

Pudding and Wine

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  1. Tracy Nixon says

    Some great advice thank you! I do stuggle to choose wines – I tend to ask one of the shelf fillers for advice (but often they don’t have a clue either!) Sharing via G+ so others can read your advice too!

  2. Maya Russell says

    I can’t drink red wine with pudding – it doesn’t taste nice. I usually drink it quickly before pudding is served. Need to look into dessert wines though.

  3. ursula hunt says

    It is amazing how the taste of the meal affects the wine flavour and vice versa, a good match makes all the difference

  4. Mark Whittaker says

    I have always had a problem with the traditional idea of dessert wines with deserts in so many cases sweetness just merges in to sweetness, this has been really useful , loved the bottle of red I had with a chocolate pud on Monday, so thank you .

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