Forever Nigella #18 – Fridge Raid Snacks – In the manner of Nigella!

Forever Nigella

Forever Nigella #18

– Fridge Raid Snacks –

In the manner of Nigella!

It gives me great pleasure to be the guest host for Forever Nigella this month, August, and thanks to Sarah from Maison Cupcake  for entrusting me with her excellent blogging challenge too! Last month’s SIZZLING SUMMER challenge was hosted by Amy and can be found here: Forever Nigella #17 Sizzling Summer. Now on to my theme for this month, Fridge Raid Snacks…….we have all seen Nigella ( on the television) creep downstairs to the fridge for a NOCTURNAL RAID, and I must admit I have often had a fridge raid snack when nobody has been looking! I NEVER manage to look as elegant as Nigella does when I have a cold sausage stuffed in my mouth, but, I DO love a good snack from the fridge……this challenge is EASY! I am looking for ANY RECIPE that can be raided as a snack after cooking……….so, that’s chicken, sausages, pasta, salad, cakes, bakes, pizza, biscuits, cookies, pies, tarts, desserts, sweeties, bread etc………..almost ANYTHING! It can be meaty, veggie, bready or sweet…….any Nigella recipe that can be successfully raided from the fridge or a biscuit/cake tin is acceptable! Bake or cook your Nigella recipe and then SNACK on it later…….and please,  do try to look elegant as you snack from the fridge late at night! One if the best sources of FRIDGE RAID SNACKS is of course the BBQ or a Picnic……but I am open to anything that can be raided later!! I hope you have fun and if anyone enters a fridge raid photo in action, I will personally send them a cold sausage! Here’s how to enter:

Entering Forever Nigella

To enter this month’s Forever Nigella, prepare and blog one of Nigella’s recipes, relevant to the theme of “A Fridge Raid Snack”, then submit it to the linky below. I will post a round up of all the entries on 1st September.

The rules are as follows:

1. Blog your entry by 28th of the month showing:
a) The current Forever Nigella badge
b) A link to this announcement post here on Lavender and Lovage.
c) A link to the Forever Nigella page at Maison Cupcake:

NB: All posts must have been published since the announcement post. Archived posts need to be re-published afresh if you wish to submit.

2. Remember copyright.
You must NOT reproduce Nigella’s recipes verbatim. Tell us which book it is from and/or link to it online. If you’ve adapted the recipe in some way i.e. changed at least two ingredients or amended the method then it’s ok to publish the a recipe in your post but you MUST write directions in your own words.

3. Submit your post
Email me the link to your post (, copying in Sarah (

4. You can also tweet your post using the hashtag #forevernigella. Find me @KarenBurnsBooth and I will retweet any that I see. You will find Sarah at @MaisonCupcake.
Also, please do enter the linky below which is a great way for people to see and visit your Forever Nigella entry.


  1. says

    good LORD, you’re like the queen of the blog challenges this month!… this looks like a great one, very easy and very me!!!… now I have to make a cake… put it in the fridge… and then eat it!!

  2. says

    I have a mental image of Nigella scoffing stuff from her fridge, why did you have to mention cold sausages, they are my favourite! Also cold cooked potatoes, my great aunt used to eat them with butter but I just eat them as they are – yum. Will think about this, haven’t done a Nigella challenge for some time.

    • says

      I know Janice, she scoffs in a PALE satin nightie too, me, I would be in tartan pyjamas! Cold sausages and potatoes are MY sinful raid from the fridge too…..LOVE cold spuds with salt on them…..:-)

  3. says

    My dressing gown is fleecy – NOT a very sexy look at all so I will go and buy a silk one to raid my fridge in! A great challenge – I’m on holiday but have just found the perfect recipe :-))

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