Fish on Friday: My Guilty Pleasure – Fish Finger Sandwiches for Tea

Fish on Friday: My Guilty Pleasure - Fish Finger Sandwiches for Tea

Fish on Friday: My Guilty Pleasure – Fish Finger Sandwiches for Tea

Fish on Friday:

My Guilty Pleasure – Fish Finger Sandwiches for Tea

Fish Fingers for Tea!

Fish Fingers for Tea!

It’s a frivolous Fish on Friday post this week, and why not? I love good food and seasonal ingredients, as my readers all know…..there is nothing I like doing more, than pottering around my kitchen, baking and preserving, or creating new and exciting recipes and meals for my family and friends. But, sometimes the urge for a quick fix snack or an easy tea time meal takes over, and I reach for the freezer, for that long box of  golden fingers, ready to cook and swathed in orange crumbs, filled with juicy fish fillets and perfect for placing betwixt slices of bread, with ruby-red sauce and salted butter (or even a bit of margarine)………it’s my guilty pleasure, a tea, lunch or supper dish to fulfil my desire for fast food cooked and served at home…….it’s a Fish Finger Sandwich, aka a Fish Finger Sarnie! And, I am not the only one who craves this simple fast food snack; I have discussed this with some very famous chefs recently (when I was at Rick Stein’s Cookery School in Padstow) and it appears that I am not the only one who craves this guilty pleasure for tea………I’m not spilling the beans, but, I know of at least two Michelin star chefs who profess to love the humble Fish Finger Sarnie, with ketchup of course……

Fish Finger Sandwiches for Tea

Fish Finger Sandwiches for Tea

…….talking about fish fingers for tea reminds me of my good friend Sian’s blog, Fishfingers for Tea, she KNOWS what I mean about wanting this sarnie for my tea, and having spoken to her today on Twitter, she has endorsed this post as “Just hitting the spot”!  So, now on to the thorny issue of the fish fingers; yes, I DO make my own fish fingers as it happens, and a few months ago I posted a recipe for some rather adult fishy finger treats, Posh Salmon Fish Fingers & Chipsso, if the frozen boxed variety are not your plate of chips, in a manner of speaking, then why not make a thoroughly decadent and posh batch of salmon fish fingers for your tea today, as shown below:

Posh Salmon Fish Fingers

Posh Salmon Fish Fingers

However, if the long box of frozen fishy delights are not a problem for you, then here, below,  are the instructions for making a fish finger sandwich for tea, with variations and optional extras!

Instructions for Making a Fish Finger Sandwich:

Fish Finger Sarnie!

Fish Finger Sarnie!

1. Go to the supermarket or your favourite local “corner” shop; walk, drive or cycle. 

2. Enter and look for the “Freezer” section, usually long aisle where it’s chilly enough to wear a hat and scarf.

3. Progress down the freezer aisles and look out for the “Frozen Fish” section.

4. You are looking for a long, slender box of “Fish Fingers” – any brand will do, but my personal favourites are made with cod or haddock fillets and have a jolly fisherman with a captain’s cap on, although the “F” brand is also good too. 

5. Advance to the checkout, making sure you have enough bread, butter, margarine and tomato ketchup at home; if not, procure them before payment commences. 

6. Walk, drive or cycle home with your tea time rations safely stowed in a bag.

7. Home – and time for tea; make sure you have ample bread (sliced or home-made), butter (or margarine) and tomato ketchup – lay out your sandwich making kit ready for eating lift-off. 

8. Optional variations include: buns, baps, rolls and wraps.

Tartare sauce, mayonnaise or sandwich spread. 

Salad leaves, cucumber or sliced tomatoes.

9. Turn on the grill or heat up a frying pan with a little oil – place the fish fingers under the grill or in the frying pan and cook until they are golden and crisp – resist the urge to “test” one straight out of the pan…..

10. Butter your bread, squirt a generous amount of ketchup on one slice of bread and then gently place two to three fish fingers on top of the bread, place the other half of buttered bread on top, squash down a bit to weld the sandwich together – essential to stop the fish fingers escaping en route to the mouth, cut in half (or quarters if you are posh) and enjoy……

Fish on Friday: My Guilty Pleasure - Fish Finger Sandwiches for Tea

Fish on Friday: My Guilty Pleasure – Fish Finger Sandwiches for Tea

One last observation; in an ideal world, home-made bread or a crusty artisan loaf of bread is best, but, when eating a fish finger sandwich, sliced white is allowed, although as you can see from my photos, I went for granary oat bread with lamb’s lettuce leaves, which is highly irregular, but then I like to push boundaries……I hope you have a Fab Fishy Friday, see you tomorrow with BAKED goodies for National Baking Week……Karen

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What’s your guilty culinary pleasure?


  1. says

    Before I turned veggie I used to LOVE fishfinger sandwiches, but with tartare sauce rather than ketchup… I don’t think it’s anything to feel guilty about!

    My guilty culinary pleasure this week has been icing – I made a caramel cream cheese icing that was too sloppy to go on the cake intended, so I’ve just been dipping a spoon in every time I’m in the kitchen… it got to the point where I had to throw it away as I just couldn’t impose any sort of will power!

  2. says

    Obviously I think that you really can’t beat a fishfinger sarnie, preferably on plastic white bread with tons of ketchup, or very occasionally tartare sauce. It’s one of the things that I crave when I need that hit that only comfort food can give.

    One of (my many) guilty pleasures when it comes to food is tinned macaroni cheese. I love it! And also those slices of processed cheese that are wrapped in plastic, I eat them straight out of the fridge, no bread, no nothing.

  3. says

    one of the things The Viking misses the most is a fish finger sandwich and even though you can get veggie ‘fishless’ fingers, they really are not the same and so I’ve stopped eating them too… I may have to indulge now though, after seeing this!…

    • says

      I know now he feels, when I was a veggie for 2/3 years, I always craved two things, bacon and fish fingers! Go on, treat yourself Dom! Karen

  4. says

    Oh god how I love this! Although I do like it with tartare sauce best (I can con myself into believing that it is more grown up!) I am far too embarrassed to tell you about one of my guilty pleasures but it involves assembly rather than cooking . . .

    • says

      Oh go on Rachel! Spill the guilty pleasure assembly job recipe! Thank goodness there are other fish finger sarnie lovers out there! Karen

  5. says

    I haven’t had a fish finger sandwich with tomato sauce since i was a kid, but i suspect i will be stocking up on the old golden fingers on the next supermarket escapade. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  6. Lisa Williams says

    I am a fish finger sandwich virgin and I must admit that the ones I have seen have put me off slightly but these look really nice and I think I might give it a go, Thank you :)

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