Giveaway: Win one of three x £30 worth of Seeds (flowers, herbs or vegetables) of your choice

Giveaway: Win one of three x £30 worth of Seeds (flowers, herbs or vegetables) of your choice


Win one of three x £30 worth of Seeds

(flowers, herbs or vegetables)

of your choice


I am delighted to offer three wonderful prizes for all you gardeners out there, whether it be window box, allotment or a large country garden gardeners – Seed Parade have very kindly offered THREE prizes of £30 worth of seeds of your choice from their extensive range of seeds………, fruit, vegetables or herbs, the choice is yours if you win one of the prizes! What will you pick…….


Tomato Gardener's Delight 100 seeds


Cucumber Marketmore 76 100 seeds


Basil Sweet Genovese 800 seeds

Sweet Peas…..

Sweet Pea Parfumiere Mix 30 seeds

Cape Gooseberries……

Cape Gooseberry 100 seeds

Spring Onions……

Onion - Spring - Summer Isle 200 seeds

Pak Choi……

Pak Choi Ivory F1 150 seeds


African Marigold Sunspot Mix 100 seeds

……..It’s a fabulous prize from a great British company who sell garden seeds at affordable prices and run a very successful gardening community on their forum and blog, where you can find plenty of gardening ideas, share your expereince, get help and help others growing tasty fruits and vegetables and pretty flowers.  They also have a range of thousands of heirloom, traditional and rare varieties of every seed for mere pennies, so you can find your usual choice or try something new!

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3. Closing Date Monday 18th November 2012

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This Giveaway starts on Wednesday 17th October 2012 and runs until Monday 18th November 2012
*The winner will be selected at random from all correct entries received. The winner will be notified within 7 days of the closing date. The prize is as stated: no cash alternatives are available. This competition is open to UK entrants only.

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  1. says

    I would definitely go for vegetables, we had such a good year for tomatoes, though it was quite a battle to keep them pests-free, as I don’t use pesticides, and had to pick the nasty caterpillars by hand, eww, hate little bleepers.

  2. says

    hey sweetie, don’t know if it’s just me but the rafflecopter widget is not displaying on your blog, you have to click on the link to go to the rafflecopter website… (still entered btw – fa prize which The Viking will love!)

  3. Joanne thomas says

    It would be a difficult choice between the sweet peas and the cape gooseberries, i love growing both, but i think sweet peas are my all time favourite

  4. Christine Constable says

    I would choose both vegetables and flowers. Sweet peas for their scent and colour; pak choi because I love cooking with it; tomatoes because I grow them every year; courgettes, sweet peppers as well. I also love the colours of cosmos and the scent of night scented stock and nicotiana.

  5. sairz eastham says

    tough one, my side flower beds need a helping hand, but I will be growing my own vegies again too! maybe a bit of both :)

  6. says

    I’d go for the veg for sure especially some nice interesting heirloom ones AND lots of squashes. Although if this year is anything to go by, squashes may not be the best thing to grow. And I would love some sweet peas too.

  7. sarah lambert says

    It would have to be flowers as i love lots of different flowers in my garden,Im very lucky as i grow lots of different flowers from seeds :)

  8. Rachel Williams says

    I would go for the vegetables, as I am moving house and my new place has a garden with a veg plot. I am so excited about growing food at home and am determined to defeat the dastardly slugs!

  9. Paul Kay says

    Well I grow my own fruit and veggies every year. Next year I am going to concentrate on veg which is expensive to buy in the shops like mange tout, rather than peas or carrots which are cheap.

  10. says

    What a great selection of seeds to choose from there would be a balance of flowers and fruit and veg. Some Aquilegia McKanas Giant, Cosmos seeds not had much success with these previously. Sweet Peas Jilly and Charlie Angel. Always need Broad Beans, Pumpkin, peas and lettuce.

  11. Liz Pearson says

    I would chose Lovage first to go with the Corriander and Sorrel I’ve just planted
    Then all manner of onion seeds
    Every dish I cook needs onions, it would save a fortune growing your own

  12. Amanda Hurst says

    I would choose flowers… late Dad had the most wonderful garden, full of flowers and it would be again, if I won this prize : )

  13. Becky John says

    Vegetables, we grew a fair amount in 2011, potatoes, cauliflower sprouts, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beetroot, leeks, dwarf beans etc. Due to a planned holiday with nobody to water plants we gave it a miss this year but really missing pulling them fresh from the garden as needed.

  14. Sue Warr says

    I want to choose flowers, fruit or veg……..I’d be winning for my Mum who is a really keen gardener and will grow anything and everything equally well!

  15. Jo Young says

    I would choose some cherry tomatoes as my kids love eating them and they always grow well in our little veg plot!

  16. Cheryll H says

    I’d pick veg seeds – in particular cucumber my girls LOVE cucumber), broad beans and pumpkins :) My girls are upset that I haven’t grown pumpkins in the allotment this year, so they’re a must for next year! :)

  17. Marina Frow says

    I would pick some vegetable seeds, and tomatoes, because my daughter is nearly 1 and loves all her veg, would be great to grow my own for her x

  18. Rachel Ray says

    Veg seeds. Finally have a garden big enough to grow veg and my little girl is soooo excited about our future veggie patch!

  19. Teresa Lee says

    I’ve really been getting into growing herbs this year, so a nice mixture of herb seeds with some flower seeds for spring

  20. Lisa Pope says

    Definately veg seeds, I have an allotment & try to grow all my own, invariably though, something always fails this year I had quite a lot of failures, blight on both my potatoes & tomatoes & my lettuce bolted almost immedeately.
    I did do particularly well with squashes & peas.

  21. Ali Thorpe says

    I grow vegetables every year so I have lots of seeds for these. For this reason, I’d go for for flower seeds to add some additional colour, fragrance and beauty!

  22. Kathryn Melkuhn says

    Pak Choi & spring onions would be great seeds to try growing… The goosberries look ineteresting too!!! Frankly I’d be happy with any!!! x x x

  23. Nicole-Melainie Squires says

    I would opt for flowers.. nor winter is fast approaching (in fact it feels like it’s already here) I am missing a bit of colour and sweet floral pretty smell :(

  24. Helen B says

    I’m moving house soon (next week!), and will be investigating container gardening, as my new place has a very small garden. I’d love to try growing pak choi, tomatoes (never managed to grow them before) and spinach.

  25. Melanie Gardiner says

    I’d ask for Cape Gooseberries. I had my first attempt at growing these in my polytunnel this year, and they were very pleasing plants – big and bushy, vigorous to start with. But the weather just didn’t play ball and by the time they began to fruit the summer had winked and vanished.

    So I’d love to have another try, I really think I can do it in the right conditions and apparently they make amazing jam.

  26. ClairejB says

    I would choose the vegetables as I love the idea of being able to get fresh produce straight from my garden (although I don’t seem to be all that good at it but I have fun trying!)

  27. jane druce says

    a bit of veg cos I love growing that, and some flowers cos I dont often buy those seeds so that would be a treat.

  28. Hilary Grey says

    Oh, vegetables without a doubt. This year’s results were shockingly bad; I think everything except the kale and lettuce drowned in all that rain :-(

  29. samantha roberts says

    I would choose Herbs. I am a rather basic eater thanks to allergies but I want to expand my palette and I think herbs to simple meals would be a good start.

  30. Denise S says

    chilli seeds and herb seeds , love chillies and want to make chillijam and cannot cook without basil and coriander.

  31. Dee says

    For a start I’d get tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, then some flower seeds like poppies as they are my favourite flowers. x

  32. Karina Braekkan says

    I would go for the vegetables and herbs. My mum likes to grow her own – we already grow basil, chives, peas and various currants so adding to that list would be great. Maybe some cucumbers?

  33. Sarah Ballantyne says

    I would choose vegetable seeds to grow with my daughters – tomatoes, courgettes, pumpkins, peas and french beans.

  34. cheryl fothergill says

    Veggies for me, we have a patch in the garden and need some new seeds so this would be perfect. The kids love growing their own and picking it fresh out of the garden

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