Giveaway:Loch Fyne Gift Box – Smoked Salmon, Oatcakes, Scottish Cheese and Strawberry & Rose Jam

Giveaway: Loch Fyne Oysters Gift Box - Smoked Salmon, Oatcakes, Scottish Cheese & Strawberry & Rose Jam


Loch Fyne Gift Box

~ Smoked Salmon, Oatcakes, Scottish Cheese and Strawberry & Rose Jam 

I am delighted to offer an amazing Giveaway on my blog today, a wonderful Gift Box from the Scottish company, Loch Fyne; and I know how delicious their smoked salmon is, as I was sent some to try recently, and you can read my review (and see my recipe) here:

Loch Fyne Smoked Salmon Tartine (Tartine au saumon fumé) – perfect for a Jubilee Picnic!

Smoked Salmon Tartine (Tartine au saumon fumé)

Smoked Salmon Tartine (Tartine au saumon fumé)

Loch Fyne started with one inspirational idea – to grow oysters in the clear, fertile waters of Loch Fyne – and has developed into a cluster of businesses whose success is built on an honest approach to superb quality food.

All Loch Fyne businesses abide by the guiding environmental principles established by John Noble and Andy Lane at the outset. The companies work together to ensure that only the very best produce – farmed and fished to the highest quality and environmental standards – reaches the kitchens and plates of their customers.

Loch Fyne Oysters works closely with the Marine Conservation Society and is one of their Oceans 25 Ambassadors.

For a Lady Gift Box

For a Lady Gift Box

I have a For a Lady Gift Box to give away……a lovely little taste of Scotland, that is worth £25 that comprises:

Citrus smoked salmon 200g

Citrus salmon

Drumloch truckle 2 x 200g  

(A Scottish hard-pressed Cheddar-type cheese made from full-cream Guernsey cows’ milk)

Drumloch Truckle

Arran oatcakes

Henshelwoods strawberry & rose jam

 The perfect Scottish Fine Food gift box for a luxurious supper or brunch!  To enter to win this gift box, all you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below.

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This Giveaway starts today, Tuesday 23rd October 2012 and runs until 19th November 2012

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  1. sand henderson says

    I would share it with my mum because we always get together and bring each other little treats while we catch up and this box would be something different.

  2. Lauren says

    I’d surprise my fiancé with this on an indulgent Friday evening along with a bottle of wine and a DVD because it’s great to spend time together.

  3. AlisonW says

    Well, I would share it with my hubby, but he doesn’t like smoked salmon so I may have to keep it all to myself. I’ll let him have some cheese…….

  4. Tracy Nixon says

    My parents and my four children. My parents have a holiday home over on the Isle of Arran and always bring back Arran made oatcakes, cheese, or fudge as a thank you gift for looking after fish and watering their plants! I often go over there too – your hamper sounds delightful!

  5. Sherry says

    I would have to share this with my 2 teenage daughters. The three of us would have tea parties when they were young. This could be part of an adult tea party. :)

  6. Tiffany Oconnell says

    I would share this with my dad i know he would love it, and he deserves a treat for all he does for us @toc83

  7. says

    Do I really have to share it? My husband doesn’t really like smoked salmon, unless it has been cooked in a pasta sauce (sacrilege) so I tend to eat it alone when he’s not here. It’s my little treat.

  8. Laura Williams says

    I would share it with my mum because she treats me all the time! She deserves a treat herself :-) I love my mum!!!!
    Thank you x

  9. says

    With my husband and parents I we are hosting Christmas this year and I’m really excited about getting to spoil my parents for a change.

  10. Rhoda K says

    I’d share it with my hubby’s Grandparents. I’m Scottish and they are English but they love all things Scotland! I think they’d appreciate this.

  11. John Seaman says

    I wouldn’t share it with anyone I’m afraid, it’s all far too good for the ruffians I know – at least that is my excuse :)

  12. says

    Well I’d share it with CT of course, it would be cruel not too. Getting is hands on some salmon would be a rare treat for him and I would love the cheese.

  13. says

    Hmm, boyfriend doesn’t eat cheese and isn’t overly keen on smoked salmon. I’ll share the jam and oatcakes with him though!

  14. says

    This give-away looks like the perfect set of ingredients for a christmas holiday time afternoon tea and that means sharing with lovely husband, brother and mother.

  15. Ali Thorpe says

    I’d share it with my family as I think there is something for each of us in there. Personally, I would love to try the strawberry and rose jam!

  16. Emily Hutchinson says

    I’d share it with my girlfriend because she loves her food! I’d also share a tiny bit with the cats because it would be mean not to!

  17. Natasha Corder says

    My husband because he works hard. We both love loch fyne. We are frequent visitors to their restaurants.

  18. Hazel Rush says

    I’d share it with my fiancée because he usually does most of the cooking so it would be nice to treat him!

  19. J. Tingay says

    My sister would be welcome to the smoked salmon, and Dad would love the jam, but the Drumloch and oatcakes they would never know about!

  20. Victoria N says

    I would share it with my husband as he is the cook in our household and it would be nice to treat him for a change!

  21. JO JONES says

    I would share it with my daughter and her husband because we are very close and enjoy having alovly meal altogether

  22. Leigh Larkin says

    I would love to be able to take this to my parents, where hubbie, baby and I are spending Xmas this year. Would be amazing to take such wonderful food with us!

  23. Barbara Bunning says

    No one…. its all mine! lol. No seriously, I would share it with my partner, once the children were in bed we would indulge!

  24. Sarah Fawcett says

    I’d hope for a day like today, cold but bright and sunny, and me and my OH would get well wrapped up, put the Retriever in the car and this little lot and we’d set off for the moors above where we live and enjoy a lovely little picnic on our favourite bench overlooking the area around as far as the eye can see :)

  25. Janet Stirrup says

    I would share it with my teenage daughter at Christmas. She is away at Uni and this would be lovely for us to share together

  26. sheila says

    It would be very hard to share but it sounds as though it would be ideal for my daughter and me- we could pretend to be ladies together!

  27. Mandy Carter says

    I would share it with my parents who mean the world to me. They do so much for us and deserve a nice treat x

  28. Natalie Henderson says

    I would share it with my hubby!! We like the same luxuries in life – and it makes it so much better when you can share!! :)

  29. Karen Shuttleworth says

    I’d share this with my wonderful partner & our little boy because being a happy family sharing food together makes wonderful memories

  30. Lesley Bain says

    My grown up daughters and their partners. I like to invite them round and have something nice to eat for them coming – this would be a lovely treat :)

  31. Miss Natalie Wallace says

    I would share this with my mam and the rest of my family because my mam has funnily just mentioned she would like to try salmon and the rest would be an extra bonus for us all to try.

  32. Amanda Hurst says

    My partner took me to a Loch Fyne Restaurant for our first date…..There must of been something in the food, because now I’am his WIFE! So it would be only right to share this wonderful prize with him. :-)

  33. Scott Caldon says

    I would give this to my brother in law for Christmas. He is a nightmare to buy presents for. But Artisan food is usually always a winner

  34. victoria metcalfe says

    i would share this with my nanny, shes poorly at the moment and has a small appetiet, hopefully this would entice her

  35. Joanne grugel says

    I’d share this with the love of my life,these are some of our favourite foods. Can’t beat Scottish smoked salmon.Yummy!!!!!

  36. jennifer thorpe says

    I would share this with my hubby. We have been so busy lately and need some quality time with amazing food together

  37. Lynda Sanderson says

    I would share with my husband of 39 years …………. he’s earned it.
    We would love to sit with that view of the Loch, under a warm blanket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. ClairejB says

    I would share it with my partner…well I would just feel guilty if I sat there eating it in front of him! :) No, seriously, he deserves it as he just fixed my broken chest of drawers for me ( I can now open all of the drawers- yay!).

  39. Georgia McAllister says

    I would share it with my Mum. She’s coming to visit before Christmas and it would be a great way to say thanks for all the support she’s given me throughout the year.

  40. Michelle Hughes says

    I would give this to my midwife whom deserves a treat she helped me through so much and this would go dwon nicely x

  41. Richard Gallagher says

    I honeymooned in Scotland and the salmon we ate there was out if this world so I would love to win the and would share it with my wife this Christmas.

  42. says

    I have lots of people coming to my house for Christmas so I would share it with everyone! (although, if I’m completely honest I think I may keep the Arran oatcakes just for myself but shhhh!)

    Jen xx

  43. Sarah Birkett says

    My mother and my family. She was eighty in the summer and is spending Christmas with us and I want to make it special


    I would share this lovely gift box with my boyfriend as he is always treating me to lovely things, so I can return the favour :)

  45. Bethany Lawrie says

    I would share it with my boyfriend, we are moving into our first place together and celebrating our 4 year anniversary on the same day. What a perfect way to celebrate!

  46. Emma Boitoult says

    I would share this wonderful prize with my boyfriend as opposed to sitting there eating it in front of him which I feel would be very cruel! He likes his food as much as I do and I think we would both really enjoy it. :)

  47. Mrs McG says

    I’d love to give this to my fantastic Dad who is going through his second course of horrid chemo – he’d love it

  48. Rachel Williams says

    I am buying a new house next week, so I would share with all my friends and family to say thanks for helping me move in.

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