Giveaway: Win a Morphy Richards Kettle and Toaster Set worth £99:98!

Giveaway: Win a Morphy Richards Kettle and Toaster Set worth £99:98!

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Win a Morphy Richards Kettle and Toaster Set worth £99:98!

Argos toasters

It’s very wintry and cold lately, and the days are getting shorter, so what can be better than a fireside tea or supper – with a mug of hot tea or cocoa in front of the fire with something on toast! And, if you fancy a chance of winning  a NEW toaster and kettle set, from Argos, in a traditional cream colour, perfect for any kitchen, then here’s your chance to win a lovely Morphy Richards 4-Slice Toaster and Kettle set! (Worth £99:98)

Giveaway: Win a Morphy Richards Kettle and Toaster Set worth £99:98!

This fabulous prize has been donated by Argos, and, they have a wide range of Argos toasters and electric kettles in all shapes and sizes  on offer on their website and in their catalogue.

The Prize comprises:

Morphy Richards Kettle; traditional yet modern with its unique style and cream country finish, perfect for adding a touch of class and designer chic to your kitchen worktop. The Morphy Richards kettle combines style and high performance. £49:99

Morphy Richards 4-Slice Toaster; Combining modern professional functions with vintage style, this nifty compact toaster from Morphy Richards will look great in any kitchen. £49:99

Jubilee Breakfast with Morphy Richards

 The set in red above are mine; you can read my review here:  A Cup of Tea and Toast & Honey – My Diamond Jubilee Breakfast with Morphy Richards and I can vouch for how GREAT this kettle and toaster is  – I LOVE mine!  To enter, just follow the instructions below:

(Gifted by Argos)

To be in with a chance to win this  Morphy Richards Kettle and Toaster Set from Argos, all you have to do is the following:

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  1. Tracy Nixon says

    I adore cheese on toast – done under the grill with slice tomato and a splash of Woustershire sauce!!! English breakfast tea washes it down nicely!

  2. MrsNumbles says

    Cheese on light rye toast, with Irish Breakfast tea(which is harder to find now that I’m in the UK, darnit.) But then again, I like cheese on just about ANYthing.

  3. Michelle says

    Poached egg on toast. And a mug of my nan’s Irish coffee with ‘squibby cream’. More Irish in it than coffee but hey – she’s in her eighties and still going strong!

  4. Paul Kay says

    My favorite has already been posted !! Extra mature cheddar topped with lea & perrins! With a hot cup of coffee. Marmite and toasted cheese is good too.

  5. Joanne Mapp says

    I worked with a girl who had lived in Australia for a couple of years and she introduced me to avocado and tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil with garlic and black pepper on toast. It was delicious and I have it at least one a week, washed down with a strong black coffee.

  6. Kristen M. says

    I’m not sure if this giveaway extends to the US, but I’m happy to play along even if I don’t qualify. :) I love a bit of nutella or honey on my toast.

  7. Rainie Bish says

    One of my neighbours makes a delicious cranberry & clementine marmalade just for me and its my favourite toast topping along with a lovely glass of fresh orange juice. Its a delicious way to start the day

  8. Ben Carthy says

    Grated Mature Cheddar Cheese and grated Apple on a slice of Seeded Batch Bread with a cup of Earl Grey Tea. Heaven!

  9. Annie T says

    Grated cheese, finely chopped onion and lot of black pepper mixed with real mayonnaise and grilled until bubbly and browned. Served with a cup of tea.

  10. says

    Great giveaway! would love to add some style jazz to my kitchen.

    Honey on homemade wholemeal bread has to be up there as a favourite! x

  11. Jay Scales says

    Simple – toast and marmalade – preferably Robertson’s Silver Shred because that’s what we always had at home, and a big pot of tea!

  12. Emily Hutchinson says

    Perhaps not to everyone’s taste but personally I think you can’t beat pilchards on toast with tomato ketchup and cheese, with a nice cup of tea!

  13. Lisa Williams says

    its got to be cheese on toast but instead of putting some rubbery cheese on some cold toast mix the cheese with creme fraiche/soft cheese, chopped onions, pepper and herbs top the lightly toast bread and grill. That and a cup of tea and i’m in heaven!

  14. caroline Johnson says

    Thats a REALLY hard one to narrow down to one thing! At the moment, simply as a comfort food it has to be peanut butter. Must be accompanied by a mug of hot strong tea though.

  15. Sabrina Blake says

    Cream cheese and ham on seeded toast with an extra strong coffee and I can just about function in a morning

  16. Paul Forster says

    Lots of Marmite and butter smothered generously on top with a good strong coffee made with whole milk and one sugar!

  17. Charlotte Ingham says

    It’s a toss up between marmite or peanut butter on toast – both so yummy! Always with a nice cup of tea though.

  18. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I really love melted Brie on toast, but I don’t have it very often as I try to keep my weight under control! I’d have a cup of tea with that but my favourite drink varies from hour to hour! Right now its coffee, later it will be Earl Grey and then this evening it will be green tea!

  19. Sarah Jauch says

    I always put half marmite and half jam on my toast, it is lovely :) I love the sweet and sour taste or if I’m being really, really bad I will put a layer of peanut butter on my toast followed by a layer of chocolate spread (heaven). I wash it down with a lovely cup of coffee.

  20. cecelia allen says

    It’s called birds nest egg, I have loved it since I was a child. separate an egg, whip the white like a meringue place on the toast make a hole in the middle and put in the yolk. place under a low grill until meringue is browned and eat with a dash of ketchup.

  21. nicci cowdell-murray says

    i love peanut butter and banana on toast washed down with a lvely cup of hot chocolate mmmmm :)


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