Keith Brymer Jones Pop Up Store in Portobello Road with the New Home Fragrance Collection

Keith Brymer Jones Pop Up Store in Portobello Road with the New Home Fragrance Collection

Keith Brymer Jones Pop Up Store in Portobello Road

with the New Home Fragrance Collection

Guest Post with Hannah L Burns:

Hannah L Burns

Meet Hannah, my daughter! I have mentioned her before in some of my blog posts, and she often accompanies me to PR and Press events and open days, as well as testing some of the recipes I make with sample ingredients that are sent to me. She works as a Web Stylist & Product Photographer with a leading high end fashion house and, is often my “official” photographer at events that we attend together! I hurt my back recently, a fall on some ice one morning as I fed the birds meant that I was unable to attend some PR events that I had accepted already, step in Hannah and her friend Sophie, and so today Hannah has written her FIRST guest post for me, and look out for more in the future too. Her guest post follows below, and please do leave some comments if you have time. Thanks, Karen

Keith Brymer Jones Pop Up Store

Keith Brymer Jones Pop Up Store – Portobello Road

October 23rd 2012

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me” – C.S. Lewis

As a self-confessed bookworm and tea addict, I couldn’t agree more with Mr Lewis however, in the absence of a good pot of Yorkshire tea, a cocktail (or five!) will generally do the trick… So imagine my delight upon arriving at the Keith Brymer Jones Home fragrance launch to be greeted by an extremely large cup of Apricot, Blackcurrant and Fig Bellini – Cocktail heaven!

KBJ Pop Up & launch of the New Home Fragrance collection Cakes

I’m always a fan of a good pop up store – they offer up a real sense of fun and exclusivity, and Keith’s Portobello road offering wasn’t a disappointment! Opened to launch his new range of home fragrances, we were provided with culinary delights deigned to compliment the scents available in the new range. Alongside the Bellinis, sweet & savoury treats included pomegranate and rose cupcakes, and cucumber, black pepper & thyme sandwiches. Green tea, mint & grapefruit cordial was available for the less adventurous (or under age) guests of the evening. Even more exciting was the fact that drinks were served up in bucket mugs from the new Word range  (available here: Keith Brymer Range)  I opted for ‘Honey Bunny’……..

During the evening, I managed to grab a quick hand massage from one of the friendly masseuse hired for the evening. Spurred on after my Bellini, I of course opted for the fig, peach and blackcurrant lotion. However, I would quite happily have taken the entire fragrance range home, especially the gorgeous little mini milk bottle diffusers! Further info on fragrance ‘flavours’ available here: Flavours and Fragrances.

Both Keith and his perfume consultant Juliette Goggin were on hand all evening to chat with, and having worked briefly in the world of buying and production myself, I launched straight into a conversation with Keith regarding the production techniques he employs for his crockery. I was fascinated to learn that he visits his China factories extremely regularly, and is more often than not to be found on the production floor throwing crockery himself (that’s the correct term by the way, meaning throwing a pot and not the actual crockery!)

 Whilst admiring items from the new Punk range (of which my favourite included a ‘Sex, Mugs, and Rock & Roll’ logo) I managed to catch Juliette for a quick chat. For those of you that recognise the name – Juliette is the author of ‘Junk genius’, a fantastic book on how to re-purpose everyday objects. The range is sleek white and is hand stamped with assorted logos………Juliette and I discussed how their crockery works for all tastes; it’s contemporary and would appeal to most people, even lovers of chintz as well as the minimalists in life…..

……my poor minimalist monochrome loving flatmate has to contend with my ever-growing collection of ‘trinkets’ as she likes to call them, ranging from floral teapots and knitted tea cosies, to scented candles and vintage photo frames. On warning her of my newly acquired mug she prepared herself for the worse, however even she had to admit that Keith Brymer Jones was to her taste = RESULT!

With a HUGE thanks to Sophie from Rumour PR, Keith and Juliette, as well as my mum, for the opportunity to attend the Keith Brymer Jones Pop Up Store; there are lots of items in the range that would make ideal Christmas gifts, and I have already earmarked numerous pots, mugs and bowls for family and friends this year.

Hannah x


  1. says

    well done Hannah… great review… I love those little egg cups… your writing style is excellent… I love that you’re giving your mum a run for her money!

  2. Hannah says

    Thanks Dominic! I am trying to give her a run for her money, she’s a considerably better cook than me though.. I’m better at mixing cocktails than pastry dough!x

  3. says

    Did someone say drink me under the table? I think not darlinks! Still, I do agree with you Dom, that Hannah has a rather nice writing style, I will have to be very careful of her I think…..I’ll have to feed her cocktails to keep her in my side! Karen

  4. Fiona Burns says

    Great write up Hannah and sounds like you had a great evening. The fairy type cakes with the pink icing and pomegranate seeds look lush and the cocktails sound gorgeous. Even the lotions sound appealing.

      • Fiona Burns says

        Yes fab job as I already said but there’s a bit of my post missing/deleted about the
        the ceramics. Was hoping to engage some conversation and get H some comments.

        • says

          Nothing deleted? Can only delete whole comments, as in spam, can edit my comments bit not others! MY dashboard is messed up tonight though…..things aren’t as they should be!

          • Hannah says

            Hiya auntie F thanks for the comments! I’ve just seen your full message in my inbox, the comment thing is cutting off half of people’s messages at the moment apparently! I do agree could be seen as gimmicky as you could tire of the logos quickly, don’t know if I’m biased or not but did actually quite liked the ceramic ware – don’t know if drinking alcohol out of one of the mugs helped though haha

  5. says

    Hi Hannah and congrats on your first guest blog post :-) I must say your day job sounds like lots of fun. Love the Apricot, Blackcurrant and Fig Bellini and the cute little milk bottles used to hold the hand lotion. Sounds like you hand a lovely evening of being pampered.

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on Hannah’s post Jacqueline….I am going to get to write a few more posts when I am busy! Karen

  6. Hannah says

    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! You’re all making my head grow! Am looking forward to hijacking Lavender & Lovage again soon

  7. says

    Hi Hannah and Karen! I’ve noticed this lovely post just now (NB 2 a.m. on Wed). This Pop up shop in Portobello Road sounds fantastic! And what a choice to serve Bellini (my favourite fruity cocktail). It look like that you enjoyed the evening, Hannah, and discovered new home fragrances.

  8. Fiona Burns says

    Hannah, the alcohol out of a mug sounds good, don’t worry about what the mug looks like!! Looks and sounds as if you had a great evening. Are you in the photo of the inside of the shop, or did you take the photo? The photo catches the atmosphere of the shop. x

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