Day One on The Advent Calendar & Tea Time Treats Birthday Cake Round-Up

 Vanilla, Strawberry & Rose Victoria Sponge Cake

Day One on The Advent Calendar & 

Tea Time Treats Birthday Cake Round-Up:

Cake, Cake, Cake……..

Tea Time Treats

~ December 1st ~

Window number one:

Mini Snow Flake Christmas Cake

Mini Snow Flake Christmas Cake

Mini Snow Flake Christmas Cake

Well what an amazing Birthday we had for Tea Time Treats! You all rallied to the Cake call for our Birthday Party table and as you can see from below, we were spoilt for choice with cakes galore! We had wee cakes and big cakes, Gingerbread Houses and Rose cakes, we had them all, ginger and chocolate, rose and apple, it’s been a veritable frenzy of fondant icing and buttercream! Kate and I would like to say a HUGE BIG FAT thanks to all of you who baked us a cake this month, we are truly overwhelmed with the response! So, take a seat and grab a plate for the BIGGEST and BEST Birthday Party ever…….

1. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake

I was the first one to enter a cake and my Salted Caramel and Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake has proved to be VERY popular! I have made it twice since I first shared the recipe a month ago.

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake

2. Fondant Rose Cupcakes

Next we have a LOVELY line up of cakes from Lottie over at Lottie’s World of Cakes; Lottie submitted the following GORGEOUS four cakes, from her rose fondant cakes to the quirky Half a Sixpence Cake, with more roses and some salted caramel in between, I think you will agree that her cakes all look STUNNING! Thanks Lottie!

Rose Cupcakes

3. Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake side view Lottie's World of Cakes and Bakes

4. A Rose Cake for a beautiful Rose

Cut cake

5. Half a Sixpence Cake!

Half a Sixpence cake

6. Aunt’s Apple Cake

Neel from Eastern Aroma and Frisky Cook blog baked a lovely apple cake that was her aunt’s recipe, and is melt-in-the-mouth apparently! This cake recipe brings back happy memories too, which is lovely when a recipe does that!

7. Sunflower Cupcake Bouquet

The lovely Ros from The More than Occasional Baker blog is next, and, she has done us proud by baking not one but THREE cakes, the three cakes that follow….JUST look at Ros’s sunflower bouquet of cakes, how brilliant are those! I also love her jasmine tea cakes and her garden cake is just amazing! Thanks so much Ros!

8. Jasmine Green Tea Cupcakes

9. Carrot, courgette and pineapple garden cake

10. Steamed Ladybug Cupcakes

If your blog is called a Piece of Cake, I suspect that you will be an avid cake maker! And it’s true, Mich is an amazing cake maker……the following SEVEN cakes, from the ladybird cakes to the pumpkin seed and carrot cake are all hers! I LOVE the ladybird cakes and the very clever cakes in shells, they are just SO clever. Mind you, I could also murder one of her Apple-Walnut Cranberry Mosaic Cupcakes too! A HUGE thanks Mich for all of your amazing cakes!

11. Japanese Steamed Cake in Egg Shells

12.  Steamed Doraemon Cupcakes

13. Banana Macadamia Chocolate and Coconut Cake

15. Apple-Walnut Cranberry Mosaic Cupcakes

16. Designer Chocolate Baby Grands

17. Pumpkin Seed Carrot Banana Cake

18.  Coffee and Rosewater Baumtorte

Claire from one of my favourite blogs is next, (Under the Blue Gum Tree)  with a STUNNING floral number, the recipe comes from another lovely blogger chum, Hannah from Corner Cottage Bakery blog; I think you’ll agree that the cake looks beautiful!

19. Square celebration cake

Caroline from Caroline Bakes is another lovely, loyal supporter of TEA TIME TREATS, and she has made three GORGEOUS cakes, the three cakes that follow. Although I think her celebration cake and baby shower cake are adorable, I am in love with her Neapolitan Rose Cake. Thanks so much……

20. Baby shower cake

21. Neapolitan Rose Cake

 22. Celebration Chocolate Cake

This next cake from Snowy over at Cookbooks Galore is JUST stunning! And the photos that accompany the recipe are beautiful too – it’s a lovely celebration cake with chocolate and roses! I LOVE it, thanks so much.

23. Nigella’s Tropical chocolate and vanilla cake with chocolate collar..

Another TTT regular is next, Miss C Flash from Food, Glorious Food made this lovely Nigella cake with a VERY posh chocolate collar! How swish is that! It’s a multi-layered delight of meringue, cake, icing and chocolate!

24. Rainbow Cake with Natural Food Dyes

I ADORE this next cake from Elizabeth over at Tango like a Raindrop – it is made with ALL 100% natural food dye, and I think you will agree it is stunning! The natural dye came from blackberries, spinach, blueberries, beetroot and carrots – VERY clever and effective!

25. Almond Cream Puff with Raspberries Cream

This is a mystery entry, the incorrect link was submitted and I cannot find out who submitted this! If it’s you, please send me the correct link and I will add your lovely cake!

26. chocolate marzipan and whisky cake

Dashing Dom over at my second home, Belleau Kitchen made this next delectable delight! Chocolate, marzipan and whisky – HELLO, YES please! He made it for his mum’s new husband Eric’s 75th birthday, and TTT too! Thanks Dom, I am honoured!

27.  Chocolate Avocado Cake with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting

Janet from Taste the Space, another wonderful TTT baker who submits a cake every month, made a FAB  Chocolate Avocado Cake with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting – it looks SO moist, and VERY chocolatey!

 28. Apple, Rose and White Chocolate Cake

This next cake is DELIGHTFUL, and it is the work of my lovely friend Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog, she of the discarded chocolate wrappers!!!  Rose, apple and white chocolate are the main protagonists in this cake, and I think it has my name all over it!

29.  Birthday cake in form of Danish “lagkage”

Kiki is a LOVELY friend of Tea Time Treats, and is such a fabulous baker too! She writes over at Kitchen of Kiki in Denmark and her birthday cake for TTT is JUST so pretty! She shared the recipe from her own birthday cake, which like mine, is in May! THANKS Kiki!

30. Black Forest Gâteau

The lovely Vanessa over at Cakes and Teacups made a retro classic, a Black Forest Gateau and she even added a birthday candle for us too! She said she was rather proud of it and I can see why, it is a BEAUTY and I love a good classic Black Forest Cake!

 31. Vanilla & Walnut Latte Cake

Michelle from The Peachicks Bakery is one of my favourite bloggers, she writes with such verve and humour and I love her posts, and I also LOVE her Vanilla & Walnut Latte Cake that she baked for TTT too! THANKS Michelle and not long to go now, for the arrivals of the new peachick!

32. Parsnip, Maple Syrup and Pear Cake

Caroline from Cake, Crumbs and Cooking is another lovely TTT regular and just LOOK at what she baked for us, a magnificent vegetable cake with fruit AND maple syrup, what a stunner!

33. Parsnip and Maple Syrup Cake

What’s going on here then! YES! We have a DUPLICATE bake as Suelle from Mainly Baking also made the same cake as Caroline! It MUST be a GREAT cake recipe then and I have bookmarked it to make very soon! THANKS Suelle, LOVE the candle!

34. Snowy Gingerbread Cottage

I asked Susie from Fold in the Flour to add her STUNNING Snowy Gingerbread Cottage to our TTT table, as I was surprised that more people didn’t enter one, with it being a festive cake-sort-of-bake! I LOVE her gingerbread house and I am so pleased she added it! Thanks Susie!

35. Mini Snowball Cakes

Angela from Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me, made these GORGEOUS little mini snowball cakes, I LOVE the lovely little pearl-ised balls she used on her cakes, I feel I NEED some of those now! I think they look so FESTIVE and FROSTY too!


The lovely Jean from Baking in Franglais, another wonderful long-term TTT baker, made this fabulous seasonal delight, a BLACKBERRY AND APPLE CRUMBLE CAKE! She made it for a Children in Need cake stall and then submitted to the recipe for our birthday challenge, THANKS so much Jean, I think the cake is a winner!

blackberry cake1

37. Beetroot & Walnut Cake

LOOK at this pretty in pink cake from the LOVELY Kit over at the STUNNING blog I-Lost in Austen! Based on a family recipe for Red Velvet cake, I think Kit’s cake she baked for us is simply gorgeous and so celebratory!

38. Salted Caramel Layer Cake

OOOOOHHH YES! More salted caramel and chocolate layers, how LUSH! This divine creation is from the lovely Laura over at Laura Loves Cakes! I think her cake looks scrumptious and I adore all things caramel and chocolatey! Thanks Laura, now cut me a slice!

39. Nigella’s coffee and walnut cake (GF)

Natalie from another favourite blog of mine, Hungry Hinny, (being a North Eastern lassie I love her blog’s name!) made this LUSCIOUS coffee and walnut cake and it’s GLUTEN FREE! I think it is a FABULOUS birthday cake thanks Natalie!

40. Hello Kitty chocolate cake for a special girl

LOOK at Ritianne’s cake below! FAB isn’t it! Ritianne writes over at Mum Food Home and I think her cake is JUST so professional looking and such fun too! She made it for us, and her daughter Martina, who was 2 last week! THANKS so much!

 41. Moroccan Chocolate Cake

I LOVE Moroccan spices and food, so this cake appealed to me; it’s been baked for our TTT birthday party by Macromama! And all I can say is WOW and THANKS! It looks and sounds delicious!

Gluten Free Moroccan Chocolate Cake

42. Chocolate Gingerbread with Figs and Chocolate Icing

Fleur from Homemade by Fleur, has been so busy lately, but she still managed make her first Christmas recipe for her blog this year, and submitted this delicious chocolate gingerbread with figs for TTT – it looks just LUSH!

Chocolate gingerbread with figs and chocolate icing

43.  Festive Mincemeat Slice

YAY! Someone has brought mincemeat to the TTT party table! I LOVE it and I think Laura’s (from how to cook good food) mincemeat slice is awesome! And, aren’t Laura’s photos so PRETTY and so CHRISTMASSY too! I Love them!

44. Jam Crumb Cake

Jean from Papers and Cakes and anything Baked, made this BEAUTIFUL Jam Crumb Cake for our TTT table! Jean says she has made it twice over the past two weeks, once using raspberry jam, which seems to disappear, and then as below using blackberry jam with whole blackberries….it was brilliant, I AGREE Jean!

45.  Chocolate and Cointreau bundt cake

My lovely friend Kate from Turquoise Lemons knows the way to my heart, as she made a cake with BOOZE in it! OH yes Kate, that looks and sounds DIVINE – now pass that bottle of Cointreau over with a slice of cake please!


46. Carrot Cake with Clementine Icing

Kate is my lovely partner in Tea Time Treats crime, and she is is a bit of a blinding baker, as this cake shows! Kate has made a Carrot Cake with Clementine Icing, and I think you will agree it is pretty LUSH! THANKS Kate and get the chocolate out for December!

And the winner of the LOVELY book, Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book, goes to………..

 Vanessa from Cakes and Teacups for her LOVELY Black Forest Gateau, as this was the FIRST time she has ever attempted anything like this, and she will really benefit from the Mary Bery book as a novice cake maker, plus, her Black Forest Gateau was GORGEOUS! WELL DONE Vanessa, please email me your address and I will organise for the book to be sent out to you!

Karen and Kate

The NEW challenge for December is being hosted by Kate and the theme is:


NB: If you forgot to email me or add your recipe to the link, please let me know and I will add your recipe post to the round-up!


  1. Janice says

    No cake from me this month, I’m afraid (hans head in shame) I think the Wartime Kitchen pretty well wiped me out and I didn’t make it round all the November challenges. Hey ho, there is always December!

    • says

      I thought your entered a cake Janice, and you forgot to add a link! Shows what I know! Never mind, hopefully you can join in for December, which is CHOCOLATE! Karen

  2. says

    Wow, that’s a magnificent selection of cakes for a birthday celebration.
    Lots of lovely looking recipes for me to devour – best go and put the kettle on………..

  3. says

    I am so happy you have had so many wonderful entries for your 1st TTT anniversary. The winner, Vanessa has brought back many fond memories of the classic Black Forest Gateau. That used to be one of my favourites. I have a real soft spot for a cherry on a cake, they look s cute!
    So sorry by the way to hear about your foot, I imagine it must make you feel a bit fed up as you are so active and busy. Are you still going to do the pop up restaurant at Clifton nurseries because if you do, I want to come along and support you!
    I am loving the choice of chocolate for this month, especially after visiting the Rococo warehouse :-)xx

    • says

      Aw thanks so much for your wonderful comments Laura! I will of course let you know as soon as the dates for the pop up cafe are released! I am still waiting to hear from Clifton Nurseries to see what dates are convenient! Karen

  4. says

    I’m getting old!!! I must have read this hours ago but then didn’t comment and I just remembered I knew I had something to do!! So, FAB round-up. What a collection of cakes … just think of the size we’d all be if this was a real party and we all came and took a slice! Oh my word. Living these cakes xxx

    • says

      You are getting old!!!! Hahahaha!! Thanks so much for your lovely boozy entry Dom, and thank goodness that this is a virtual party, I would be the size of a house if not! Karen

  5. Susie @ Fold in the Flour says

    Wow, what an amazing array of entries – some fantastic cakes here and a lot of hard work! They look incredible. Looking forward to reading some more about them. And thanks for inviting me to enter. :)

  6. says

    AAAAHHHHH!!!! This is soooooo AMAZING!! I am so thrilled and humbled. I was having dinner with the hubs and was just mentioning that I’ve joined a cake challenge for TTT and got on my mobile to show him. We were both scrolling down and drooling over magnificent cakes and dreaming how they would taste like. We got to mines and was quite happy to see my photo and caption you’ve added. Then I said I wonder who won? I scrolled and there I saw my name!! I couldn’t believe it! I got up from my seat and jumped up and down “I WON, I WON, I WON”!!! Like a small child! My husband was laughing and laughing away at me he said I looked like I’ve won the lottery! My babies came running towards me and joined in we were all jumping. I feel like I have! A thousand thank you’s, I am sooo excited : ) xx

    • says

      Awwww….I am so pleased you are pleased Vanessa, and I will get the book sent out this week for you, and hopefully you will get it before Christmas! Karen

  7. says

    A glorious, celebratory selection of wonderful cakes Karen! Thank you so much for all your work putting together the post and writing such lovely descriptions. Some very very inspiring bakes-where do I start?! Here’s to a Fab second year of TTT!

  8. says

    Shocking I know, but I have never yet made a Black Forest Gateau. Well done to Vanessa. Fantastic round-up of cakes there Karen, this should keep us all going for months to come. I am so enamoured of your idea on strewing chocolate papers around the house, that I make sure I do now :)

  9. says

    What an amazing array of wonderful cakes! I had every intention of entering to celebrate one year of Tea Time Treats, our two years in France AND finally having a wonderful oven to bake proper cakes in!. But alas my two littlies have been poorly and there’s not been much opportunity until now to get busy baking. Off to salivate at the entries!

    • says

      Never mind Louisa next time and I do hope your wee ones are much better now, and I look forward to your cake for tea time treats next time! Karen

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