Giveaway: A Fabulous Greek Food Hamper from Greek Gods Yogurt

Giveaway: A Fabulous Greek Food Hamper from Greek Gods Yogurt

Giveaway: A Fabulous Greek Food Hamper from Greek Gods Yogurt


A Fabulous Greek Food Hamper from Greek Gods Yogurt

IT’s GIVEAWAY time again, and I am delighted to offer all Lavender and Lovage readers this FABULOUS Greek Hamper from Greek Gods Yogurt as my latest prize! With fewer calories than many yogurts  you can buy, Greek Gods Yogurt makes a good alternative to cream, and is also full of friendly bacteria, which is good – it also boasts several delectable flavours too: Honey, Honey & Clementine, Honey & Strawberry and Honey & Vanilla. The Greek Gods Hamper I have to give away comprises:

1 x high-quality extra virgin olive oil
1 x jar of organic mixed olives
1 x jar of stuffed vine leaves
1 x organic Greek honey
1 x Greek Delight
1 x nifty garlic zoom
1 x stylish lemon squeezer
1 x set of two oil drizzlers

 There is also have a coupon available on their Facebook page; download the £2 off voucher for a 680g tub of Greek Gods yogurt. It’s currently on offer at £2 in Sainsbury’s, so by my reckoning, that makes it completely free of charge! You can also find Greek Gods Yogurt on Twitter, where future events and special offers will be announced – just keep an eye on their twitter feed.

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Giveaway: A Fabulous Greek Food Hamper from Greek Gods Yogurt

Giveaway: A Fabulous Greek Food Hamper from Greek Gods Yogurt

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  1. Lauren aroundtheworldin80bakes says

    I love greek food, olives and moussaka are definitely my favorite. Such a great competition.

  2. barbara shaw says

    Okay truth time — the only time I have eaten Greek food is on holidays in Corfu – loved it but wouldn’t have a clue how to make it. Thanks and Merry Christmas

  3. Susan Cameron says

    Maltese Lampuki pie.It’s lampuki fish with (I think)potatoes,mint,spinash,capers and olive oil.I love it!

  4. Angela Wilson says

    this simplest and most beautiful a Greek salad tomato olives cucumber olive oil lemon and salt and a bit of feta absolutely divine and refreshing on a hot hot day

  5. Louise Comb says

    I love a good fresh proper Greek salad, with feta, olives, dressing and hopefully some freshly toasted garlic bread on the side – yummy :)

  6. Isobelle says

    All Greek food is wonderful, I do love a crisp salad with olives red onions and feta though, also adore pan cooked Halloumi but guessing that doesn’t count as its Cypriot!

  7. Laura C. Martin says

    I love lots of Greek dishes but my favourite is a traditional Cretan recipe of Pork with Celery. I also can’t resist Orange Spoon Sweet with creamy Greek yoghurt

  8. Stephanie Whitehouse says

    My favourite Greek recipe is giant beans – great big white butter beans cooked in a spiced tomato sauce. If it’s followed by my husbands baklava dripping in cinnamon syrup, then so much the better.

  9. Michelle Kinsey says

    A very simple salad with leaves, tomatoes and feta and a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil :) Healthy and tasty xx

  10. cathyj says

    I love greek food, hard to narrow it down, but think it has to be the dips, olives and bread nom nom nomity nom

  11. Diana Cotter says

    Feta cheese baked in the oven with Mediterranean vegetables and drizzled with the best olive oil – lush :)

  12. Lynn Savage says

    My favourite Greek food is dolmades, i make my own but they’re not as good as the proper ones made in Greece

  13. Emma Farrell says

    I love food from the med but think my favourite is simple bread, tomatoes and olive oil. Moussaka is also lovely

  14. WandaFish says

    I love Greek food! My mouth’s watering at the very thought :)

    How about a little meze – melitzanosalata, tzatziki, taramosalata, olives and pitta bread
    followed by spanakotyropita and greek salad
    and maybe a little yaourtopitta me meli served with yoghurt?

    You did say feast, right?!

  15. Sarah Ridley says

    Baklava! I tried some when myself and my father when to Cyprus and fell in love with it, i have attempted to make it several times back at home but it never tastes quite as good as the one’s i had in Cyprus!

  16. Michaela Williams says

    Greek salad with lots of feta cheese and grilled chicken is my favourite. My second favourite is Moussaka.
    When I was in Greece we had bakery right next door to our hotel and their pastries were out of this world!!

  17. says

    I’ve never had Greek food… and the only time I went to a Greek restaurant – I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala *shamefaced* – but in my defence, it was on the menu so…

  18. Avvie Cunnington says

    Has to be the Gyros.
    Spent alot of time working in Greece and had many of these on a drunken night!

  19. jane colwill says

    Honestly have not tried a lot but would love the chance too. Since stopping smoking my tastes have changed so much

  20. yvonne gomm says

    i just love greek food,would love to have a greek theme dinner to bring back memories of a fantastic holiday

  21. Kerrie Mckay says

    I love feta cheese salads with cherry tomatoes and black olives. A little Pesto drizzled on top lifts the dish up too.

  22. Jessica Magson says

    I adore Dolmades – I only wish I could make them as they’re quite expensive when you can eat as many as I can! 😮

  23. Nancy Bradford says

    I don’t know what they are called but the little parcels wrapped in grape leaves are one of the nicest things I’ve ever tried.

  24. Karen Whittaker says

    I love dolmades – my Dad used to make them when I was young as my parents loved Europe when it wasn’t as easily accessible as it is now. It was a way of making us seem as if we were on holiday when we weren’t!!

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