Giveaway: Win an “A to Z” of Great British Food Print & Tea Towel by Edith and Bob

Giveaway: Win an "A to Z" of Great British Food Print & Tea Towel by Edith and Bob

Giveaway: Win an “A to Z” of Great British Food Print & Tea Towel by Edith and Bob


Win an “A to Z” of Great British Food Print & Tea Towel

by Edith and Bob

I have long been a fan of edith and bob, the amazing British company that designs and makes unique and very beautiful British tea towels and bags, as well as stationary such as cards and prints.  They have just launched a BRAND NEW Face Book page and they are also selling all of their amazing products on Not On The High Street.Com here: edith and bob not on the high street.  Edith and Bob have VERY kindly offered me one of their iconic tea towels with matching kitchen print to one lucky Lavender and Lovage reader………what a GREAT British prize!  I have one “A to Z of Great British Food” tea towel and matching print to give away, worth £33.

"A to Z of Great British Food" Print

“A to Z of Great British Food” Print

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Giveaway: Win an "A to Z" of Great British Food Print & Tea Towel by Edith and Bob

Giveaway: Win an “A to Z” of Great British Food Print & Tea Towel by Edith and Bob

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  1. Tracy Nixon says

    My favourite British meal is a traditional beef roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings! I love our local savaloy and pease pudding dips though (served in a stottie!)

  2. Penny Mitchell says

    I love a good old Bramley apple pie – reminds me of home and yes, it was local as we had a Bramley apple tree in the garden.


  3. Bernie says

    Our family favorite is a traditional Roast Chicken diner, not regional to us but definately a Great British tradition!!

  4. Kelly Koya says

    I recently discovered the Devon cream tea which was lovely, but I think my absolute favourite is good old fish and chips!

  5. Sarah Morris says

    I do love a roast but a proper comfort dish for me is shepherds pie, so nice with lots of lovely veg on the side.

  6. Karen Shuttleworth says

    My favourite is toad in the hole, I don’t think its local to me (given that its yorkshire pudding batter and I’m originally from Lancs) but delicious all the same!

  7. says

    How could they forget scones with Cornish clotted cream? More British for me than any upside down cakes (which personally I do not see as British at all).

  8. Julie Davies says

    Cornish Clotted Cream, not local to me but absolutely delicious, especially as part of a traditional cream tea

  9. says

    Tough call as almost all my favourites aren’t British. Probably cheese on toast – perfect in its simplicity but open to tinkering. I’m from the south-east but an honorary Mancunian and as I prefer to use a good quality artisan Lancashire for this, I guess that makes it regional to me.

  10. Carol Rowley says

    Roast rib of beef, Yorkshire pud, roast potatoes, veg and homemade gravy, followed bu apple pie and clotted cream yum yum not local just good old British food

  11. Isobelle says

    My favourite is golden crispy cheese on toast with onions and a das of the Worcester sauce, the onions are my own, so the only regional part!

  12. Cheryll H says

    I love toad in the hole :) Don’t think it’s regional to me but it’s so yummy, especially in winter :)

  13. Alicia Roberts says

    I’m a veggie and I’m a big fan of glamorgan sausages (your recipe was great btw) – I just happen to be from Glamorgan, too!

  14. Catherine Sinead Mary Reynolds says

    I love fish and Chips and I am lucky to have a good restaurant near me for a quick chip buttie..mmm :)

  15. Claire Smith says

    Clootie Dumpling a fab artery hardening Scottish Pudding as made by my Scottish Gran although I’d class myself as a Yorkshirewoman

  16. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    Has to be a roast dinner with Yorkshire (I live in West Yorkshire) puddings. Also finished with apple crumble (very local as we have an apple tree in our garden). Good luck to everyone x

  17. kim mayhead says

    I love Steak and Mushroom Suet Pudding. I think it’s classic and delicious, I don’t where it’s from, but i love it anyway .

  18. Pamela says

    Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, vegetables including parsnips in honey, horseradish sauce followed by apple and blackberry crumble and custard or Eton Mess.

  19. Rachel Craig says

    Fish (without the chips) Which tastes great with a pickled onion. Regional? Historically fish is, as I come from Greenock, Scotland. Which used to be a fishing village. I would love it if it could provide a healthy catch of fish for locals, especially now when we know the health benefits of including fish in our diet.

  20. Julie Edwards says

    Mine would have to be roast beef and all the trimmings.. mmmm.
    Not local to me but the hubby is a Yorkshire man!

  21. Vohn says

    I’ve got a bit obsessed with vintage-look tea towels lately but hadn’t come across Edith & Bob before. I think I’m going to have to go buy lots of their stuff – my husband is going to be pleased (not!). 😉

  22. Vohn says

    Oh – nearly forgot to say – my favourite regional dish is champ, which is mashed potatoes mixed with spring onions which have been cooked in milk. We always have it with sausages & gravy. Yum!

  23. Cheryl Bell says

    Got to be fish and chips from my hometown Whitby. I just can’t eat then anywhere else – no-one measures up!

  24. Rhoda says

    I love Carageen. Being brought up on an island off the west coast of Scotland it was a pudding we used to quite a lot. ..and was always fun to make.

  25. Christine Lockley says

    My fave British meal has to be “Fish n Chips” and nothing beats eating them at the seaside with lots of sale and vinegar

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  26. Mary Baldwin says

    Our favourite meal is roast beef, yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings, which I can’t say is local to us. When I have time however I do make Sussex Pond Pudding in the winter, or Bannoffee Pie in the summer, both of which are local dishes.

  27. Antonia Rookley says

    Banofee Pie – reportedly invented in The Hongry Monk restaurant in Jevington (15 mins away from where I live!)

  28. jane colwill says

    Favourite savoury meal has to be homemade steak and kidney pie with boiled potatos and peas, simple but satisfying. dessert has to be anything involving Clotted cream, that is local to me.

  29. sarah wells says

    Liver and Onions cheap to make and filling great on a cold day. Not sure where its from but it must be English

  30. SamB says

    My favourite is bubble and squeak, it’s not regional but great tasting no matter where you are or what goes in!

  31. Andrea Balderstone says

    Corned beef hash. I am not sure if this is regional but is definitely a family favourite passed on by my Nana

  32. Sheri Darby says

    Must be fish and chips. Is it local to me? I don’t know, I don’t live by the sea. But I am a Londoner

  33. lisbeth says

    can I have pudding as my fave meal? If yes, in that case it is trifle…..not sure where it originates from so not local…

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