A Floral Fantasy – Design and Deliver your own Floral Bouquet On-Line!

On-Line! Interflora Virtual Flower Arranging

My Final Bouquet Design that was Delivered to my Parents

A Floral Fantasy – Design and Deliver your own Floral Bouquet On-Line! 

Interflora Virtual Flower Arranging

Interflora - The flower experts

It seemed to good to be true when I received an invitation from the lovely Bethany at Interflora to DESIGN my own bouquet ON-LINE! Now, I have dallied in a little flower arranging, with Interflora last year, you can read about my exploits and see my creations here: A Summer Garden Party Flower Arranging Evening at the Interflora Flower School and Abergavenny to London via Jerusalem with Pop-Up Kitchens and Autumn Flowers. However, this was a new concept and I was keen to see what I would come up with. “My Interflora Creation” is their new “virtual” on-line flower shop, and I was asked to use the software to review the procedure from creation to delivery. So, it was a case of sitting down one evening, with a glass of wine, and having a play at flower arranging on-line! Once in the “My Interflora Creation” shop, the options are: “create your own bouquet” and “create your own hamper” – I opted for the bouquet.

Design and Deliver your own Floral Bouquet On-Line!

My First Bouquet Design

It is a very easy process, and slightly addictive too, I created FIVE bouquets in the end! You simply drag the flowers over to the  “creating” window, and then continue to add and build the bouquet to your requirements. There is a drop down list of all the flowers you can use, as well as a fascinating section on the meanings behind certain flowers; you can choose by colour, flower type and meaning, and there is also a section on foliage that you can add too. Other options are to add you own ribbons and vases, it is all so simple and very creative. Every time you add a flower or a piece of foliage, there is a handy price total that adds it all up as you go along, so you can see instantly how much your creation will be. There are over 70 flowers as well as foliage to choose from and I happily spent a whole evening “flower arranging” on-line!

A Floral Fantasy - Design and Deliver your own Floral Bouquet On-Line!

My Second Bouquet Design

Once your floral fantasy has been created, and you are happy with it, you can send it as an e-card, what a great idea, OR, you can actually have your own design delivered to a lucky recipient, how amazing is that! If you are a social media junkie, you can even SHARE your creation on Face Book or Twitter, what a SUBTLE way to drop a heavy hint! There is currently a competition over at Interflora to win an iPad as well as your own floral creation, so an other incentive to design your own bouquet for Valentine’s Day and you may be lucky!

A Floral Fantasy - Design and Deliver your own Floral Bouquet On-Line!

My Third Bouquet Design

I am positive that this is the way forward for bouquets; you can set your own budget and design your own arrangement to suit the person you are sending it to. My final design, as seen at the top of this post, was sent to my parents, who received it only 36 hours after I designed it; plus, I was sent two emails to let me know that it was on its way, as well as when it was finally delivered, a very useful tracking procedure. The whole procedure from creation and design, through checkout and delivery, was fun, easy and very efficient. I was lucky enough to be “test driving” and reviewing the process, but, I WILL be using this facility again and will quite happily pay to send loved ones a floral smile for special occasions throughout the year. The prices start from £15 and Standard Delivery is £ 5.99 extra.

A Floral Fantasy - Design and Deliver your own Floral Bouquet On-Line!

My Own Creation – the Bouquet Delivered!

Next stop Valentine’s Day guys! Get along to the virtual creation site at Interflora, and design a PERSONAL bouquet for the love of your life! I hope you have found this idea as useful and as fascinating as I did, but, DON’T get hooked on the designing as I did! Took me two hours to decide what to send in the end! That’s all for today, sorry NO Fish on Friday today, as I was out all day and I have NOT cooked it yet! I will be sharing my fish dish over the weekend however, as well as some cake and 5:2 diet recipes for fast days. Have a GREAT weekend, Karen 

On-Line! Interflora Virtual Flower Arranging

My Bouquet

My Final Design – Delivered! Interflora Bouquet

Disclaimer: I was asked to create a flower arrangement and test the “Create a Bouquet” procedure. I was sent a voucher to pay for my bouquet; all opinions are my own and I was not asked to write this review. Karen S Burns-Booth
Interflora Design number Four

My Fourth Bouquet Design


  1. Kirsty Fox says

    This is a fab idea, I have to give it a go, those bouquets above are so beautiful, it’s amazing how flowers can make you feel so happy

  2. Maya Russell says

    That’s a great idea – to design your own bouquet. I’d definitely do something like that because I know people who are so fussy with their flowers and colours!

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