Giveaway: Win a Set of Limited Edition George Wilkinson British Bakeware worth over £50

Giveaway: Win a Set of Limited Edition George Wilkinson British Bakeware worth over £50

Giveaway: Win a Set of Limited Edition George Wilkinson British Bakeware worth over £50


Win a Set of Limited Edition George Wilkinson British Bakeware

worth over £50

Giveaway: Win a Set of Limited Edition George Wilkinson British Bakeware worth over £50

Giveaway: Win a Set of Limited Edition George Wilkinson British Bakeware worth over £50

Great British Bakeware has married vintage styling with practicality and performance creating a new limited edition collection to cater for the nation’s obsession with all things baking.

British Bakeware

I am so excited to be able to offer all the Lavender and Lovage readers a VERY special New Year Giveaway – It’s a set of limited edition British bakeware by George Wilkinson worth over £50! It’s BEAUTIFUL bakeware, and I am lucky enough to have two of these stylish pieces, and I will be sharing a special post and some recipes on the blog featuring them very soon.  Featuring Great British Bakeware’s superior non-stick coating GlideX on the interior with a vintage-inspired outer pattern, this hot new limited edition collection taps into one of the most desirable looks in homewares right now, while providing bakers with that something extra special to use when creating their latest Mary Berry show stopper – I am an absolute fan!

Giveaway: Win a Set of Limited Edition George Wilkinson British Bakeware worth over £50

Giveaway: Win a Set of Limited Edition George Wilkinson British Bakeware worth over £50

Featuring four essential items including an 8” cake tin, 2lb loaf tin, 14” baking sheet and 12 cup deep muffin tray, each piece of bakeware in the limited edition collection is decorated with a beautiful floral pattern in a duck egg blue and cream colourway, guaranteed to capture the attention of any keen baker and add some much needed colour to existing bakeware collections. You can find George Wilkinson on Facebook and Twitter

Giveaway: Win a Set of Limited Edition George Wilkinson British Bakeware worth over £50

Giveaway: Win a Set of Limited Edition George Wilkinson British Bakeware worth over £50

 I am offering ONE lucky reader a set of this beautiful bakeware comprising:

1 x 8” cake tin (£13)

1 x 2lb loaf tin (£8)

1 x 14” baking sheet (£18)

1 x 12 cup deep muffin tray (£16)

(Comes with a 15 year guarantee)

Mermaid is a sister company of the George Wilkinson brand and you can read all about my review for their Mermaid Deep Sided Roasting Pan and my Sunday dinner here: Lazy Blue and White Lunch: Garlic Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables Recipe.

Garlic Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables

And I also made a Chicken & Leek Patchwork Pie and some Mince Pies in some other fabulous George Wilkinson here: Brilliant British Bakeware: Chicken & Leek Patchwork Pie, Mince Pies and Mincemeat Recipes

Brilliant British Bakeware: Chicken & Leek Patchwork Pie, Mince Pies and Mincemeat Recipes

 Photo: “A hot new limited edition, fabulous and irresistible for the kitchen” was how popular website Iconic Gifts described Great British Bakeware’s new addition. Having tested the limited edition set herself, Emma said “the non-stick GlideX coating works like a dream. Nothing stuck to the pan unlike my other trays!” Check out her review here

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Geaorge Wilkinson


Good Luck!
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British Bakeware Muffin Tin

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  1. Tracy Nixon says

    I would bake a Mother’s day cake for my mum and a birthday cake and party goodies for my eldest son! They both deserve a home baked cake for all they do for me and for how much they mean to me!

  2. says

    I’m trying to have a healthier lifestyle this year, so if I won I’d make lots of healthy things :). Probably cakes but with healthier lower fat ingredients :P.

  3. J Sjolund says

    Lavender and white chocolate cupcakes, to bring me back to that ethereal atmosphere of Provence in the summer. *sigh*

  4. says

    I realised over Christmas that my baking sheets are pretty poor and I don’t have enough of them when baking lots of batches of biscuits, plus I don’t see to have enough Muffin tins when making more than 12 and my daughter is into baking bread so loaf tins are great and you can never have enough cake tins as I have never made a three layer one as I only have 2 8″ tins. I clicked I’ve left comment on Rafflecopter before leaving this comment so I’m not sure if I’ve entered properly? Camilla

  5. Emma Carter says

    I have a lot of birthdays in January and February (my Mum, my mother-in-law, my two grandmothers and one of my grandfathers) so I’d be baking many birthday cakes!

  6. Geraldine O'Gorman says

    Irish brown bread, no bake cheesecake and some cupcakes. These are gorgeous. Thank you for a fab giveaway x

  7. says

    I’d bake a coffee cake for my OH’s birthday. It’s all the birthdays in spring, including my own so they would get lots of use.

  8. Katherine L says

    The deep loaf tin would be perfect for my wholemeal bread! I’ve been looking for a tin that size! The cake tin would be fab for marble cake and the cupcake tin would be good for yorkshire puddings too!

  9. Michelle Kinsey says

    I’d bake a luscious chocolate cake with thick chocolate cream to cover. Yummy x Oh and a Lemon Drizzle cake for Sunday Tea x

  10. Angela McDonald says

    I’d make a chocolate and blackberry layer cake, homemade banana bread and some blueberry muffins! Yummy :)

  11. HelenD says

    Wonderful baking set for inspired baking!
    I would bake anything from sponge cake, fairy cakes, fougasse with bacon and cheese, walnut bread, cheese cake muffins, scones ,pizza, apple pies, anything!


    Anything! My cooking skills are hopeless but I love cake, so I could save some money and start making my own!

  13. Laura Baker says

    I would bake my hubby’s favourite in the cake tin – raspberry bakewell. Fabulous prize & lovely post thank you :)

  14. jennifer thorpe says

    oh, what an absolutely lovely prize. I would bake my squidgy apple cake first, its a family favourite

  15. Mark Stevens says

    What would’nt we, For me it would have to be a stodgy bread pudding, our daughter would i imagine bake lots of her chocolate fairy cakes and my Wife said she would do her to die for Carrot cake.

  16. Fran Light says

    My husband and I have been talking about having a ‘carrot cake off’ to see who makes the best carrot cake, so I’d make carrot cake BUT I would also make my other baking ‘piece de resistance’ … raspberry and white chooclate muffins. I originally made them from an Ainsley Harriott recipe, but I’ve tweaked the recipe slightly over the years to make it my own :-)

  17. Maya Russell says

    I’d bake banana loaf and ginger cake. I’d also try an upside down pinapple pudding – lots of things my mum used to make regularly but I’ve never tried.

  18. Tracey Belcher says

    I just put the question to the family and have my orders for Carrot Cake and a Section of Cup Cakes or Muffins

  19. Julie Guy says

    My 14 year old daughter has started making lovely gateaux’s, cupcakes, muffins and biscuits. She’s been following a really old cookbook that my grandmother gave my mother on her wedding day, and I must say, the cakes are beautiful. I’d love to win her some brand new baking tins, she’d be really chuffed.

  20. Carolin says

    I would bake all birthday cakes and cupcakes that need to be done all year long :)
    I also have a great recipe for a cherry chocolate cake that I havent baked for a while, that would be the perfect reason to bake it once again!

  21. says

    These tins are beautiful! I’ve never seen any like them. I would love to make a lemon drizzle cake which would be perfect for Spring coming up. I haven’t made it in a good few years and these pretty tins would be perfect for the job. :-)

    Becky x

  22. Kirstie Vaughan says

    My daughter would make cup cakes and I would make ginger cake ….. people ask me to make it all the time :)

  23. Sophie Mellish says

    That bakeware is just gorgeous! If I was lucky enough to own them, I’d bake my grandmother’s trademark chocolate apple cake in the loaf tin, my other half’s favourite caramel cupcakes in the muffin tin & to remind me of summer, a vanilla and lemon sponge with a light raspberry buttercream filling and top in the 8″ tin!

    Sophie x

  24. says

    My guys’ favourite cakes are a banana cake and a yogurt cake, I call them everyday cakes, as they are very easy to make. Lovely baking goodies, very pretty and quite Spode-esque too. Love your Spode plate. I have recently broken one of my Spode plates, such a disaster.

  25. Beth Evans says

    I would bake my brother a birthday cake and a lot of cute cupcakes! Im sure i would be baking all the time if i had these tins! Soo lovely and pretty!

  26. says

    Oh – these are so gorgeous. I have recently decided that all my accessories in my kitchen are going to match the vintage Kenwood mixer I inherited from my grandmother. It is duck-egg blue, so this bakeware matches in nicely with my plan! To honour my grandmother, I would make a good old-fashioned tea cake and some traditional fairy cakes. xx

  27. WandaFish says

    What a wonderful giveaway – thank you! I’m determined to improve my baking skills this year so I’d revisit a couple of old favourites first – banana loaf & chocolate beetroot brownies. I’d like to try my hand at some herby bread rolls and yummy breakfast muffins too. I’m sure I’ll have a much better chance of success with this lovely bakeware set!

  28. Jenny Leonard says

    I’d bake my eldest son a birthday cake, a lemon drizzle cake, yorkshire puddings and a big tray pie :)

  29. Bonnie Brooksbank says

    just seen a lovely recipe for an apple cobbler…..if i won these i might think they take all of the calories out!

  30. clare leahy says

    lemon drizzle cake, tunisian orange cake, raspberry and white chocolate muffins andmakbe even some cinnamon sugar coated cookies 😀

  31. ann weir says

    i’m known as the muffin lady in my family so would defo be making use of the muffin tray! Apple muffins, blueberry muffins, cherry and coconut muffins mmmmmmmmmm

  32. Ali Thorpe says

    I would use the baking sheet and 2lb tin for bread, which I’ve started making more of this year. The cake tin is, of course, perfect for a delicious and never-fails Victoria Sandwich with chantilly cream and strawbrries, and the muffin tin would be perfect for cheese muffins (or maybe maple and walnut, if my sweet-tooth kicks in).


    Something classically British to match this set! A lovely victoria spomge, tea loaf and some fairy cakes would be apt!

  34. Jane Webster says

    I would make (tough decision this!) – lemon drizzle loaf or maybe chunky chocolate chip cookies, or maybe a Dundee cake. Beautiful bakeware.

  35. lisa dolatowski says

    I would bake carrot cake for my children. they love it!
    I’d also bake a fantastic white chocolate baked cheesecake.
    With the muffin trey i’d bake raspberry and white choc muffins. They fab for kids lunch boxes!

  36. Jason Henson says

    EVERYTHING!! fairy cakes, chocolate sponges, victoria sponges, birthday cakes………… list is endless, great prize good luck everyone

  37. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    A coffee and walnut cake. Plus iced mince tarts and wanting to make micemeat scones as well (my friends recipe). Good luck to everyone x

  38. Pamela says

    You don’t necessarily need to use them solely for baking. For example, I would use the loaf tin to make a (cold) chocolate pineapple roulade with rum where you pop it in the ‘fridge to set and then turn out and slice and serve with cream.

  39. Alicia Roberts says

    These are beautiful – I’d use them to bake one of my all-time favourites – Nigella’s chocolate courgette cake

  40. Rochelle Benso says

    I would make a victoria sandwich. It wouldn’t be as good as my late mum use to make but I would definitel have a go at making one in your lovely cake tins. I think it may turn out quite nice.

  41. Genevieve S says

    I would bake lemon and poppy seed muffins as they are my favourite, fruit bread as i’ve been meaning to experiment with it for a while, and any other recipes that inspire me from stumble upon!

  42. Jane Brown says

    Some of the scrummy recipes I found on the Weightwatchers site. Yes, you can be following the Weightwatchers site and eat cake!

  43. Caroline H says

    Banana and walnut muffins, a Victoria sponge, malt loaf and some baked apples on the baking tray – that would keep me busy!

  44. Joy Dehany says

    Hmm. I would make herby yorkshire puds, red velvet cupcakes, tarragon bread, and a lemon cake to start with…great set. All mine are a bit battered now.

  45. Susan El Carter says

    A tea infused fruit cake, rosemary and onion bread and some individual lemon meringue pies and afterwards I would leave the tins on show because they are so pretty.

  46. sue walsh says

    old fashioned cold tea loaf,cheese scones,blueberry muffins,banana & walnut loaf……to name but a few:)

  47. Jay Scales says

    I’d use the loaf tin for a lemon drizzle cake – I only have a silicone loaf tin at the moment, and I hate it! Won’t keep it’s shape once the batter goes in!

  48. says

    I’d bake croque madame muffins in the muffin tin using the Rachel Khoo recipe I’ve just discovered – delicious! Great for using up my ever growing bounty of free range eggs!

  49. katrina adams says

    I would love to bake my nutella and hazelnut cake, it scores brownie points every time (pun intended 😉

  50. Sue Stevenson says

    I bake most weekends and would make good use of these for my Apple Strudel, Bread, Sausage Rolls, Madeira Cake and with new tins I would be looking for inspiration to try several new things;

  51. Laura Cooper says

    Ooh the choices, the choices! I would work my way through my baking cook books – maybe starting with a banana loaf.

  52. Naomi says

    I would bake a loaf of Gluten Free bread, which is something i have been intending to do for a while, but these gorgeous tins would probably help things along as they are soo pretty!! And a Chocolate fudge Cake, and some fairy cakes :)

  53. Josephine says

    I would give these to my daughter. It would be fun to fill them with fruit cake, little cherry surprises and flapjacks.

  54. Eleanor Wigmore says

    This bakeware looks beautiful!! I would use it to make cakes for my family and boyfriend (I am looking forward to cooking a hazelnut and honey one!)

  55. Alex C says

    I always love baking birthday cakes for friends and family, I would definitely be baking cupcakes with my little girl too!

  56. K Mayers says

    A small Lemon cake for starters, while the oblong tin would be ideal for making my own bread – I don’t own and wouldn’t really want a bread-making machine. Much prefer the ‘proper’ way!

  57. Ursula Connelly says

    These are lovely, I would bake choc chip cookies and a banana honey tealoaf first, the Mary Berry;s Apple and Cinnamon cake, Delicious!

  58. Erica WALLACE says

    *** Probably simple fairy cakes and scones with my little ones. They love baking and I encourage it. My bakeware is so old (inherited from family through the years!) and it would be amazing to have some new bits to treasure. xx***

  59. Emily McMillan says

    I’d have to go for a vintage family favourite and bake a Dundee cake, sure it would taste extra good baked in these beautiful tins! x

  60. Jen Harris says

    with the muffin tray make some really nice yorkshire puds and a fish pie would go nice as well in the other tins

  61. says

    I would make dark chocolate cake with caramel frosting in the cake tin; banana bread in the loaf tin; marmalade cupcakes and I would do a homemade pizza on the baking tray!

  62. Michelle says

    My friend made me a quick, cheaty version of a Christmas cake last week. She sent the recipe and it really is quick and cheaty! So it would have to be the first thing I’d make.

  63. Linda says

    I always make my own cakes that way I can make them low calorie and low fat to suit my diet. A favourite at the moment are blueberry muffins. I also like making low fat lemon drizzle cake. I adapt traditional recipes by using lower fat ingredients where possible.

  64. vicky says

    I have just got into baking and am trying out lots of different cakes. Some of the cakes i bake are used for charity sales

  65. Tracey Bradford says

    Me and my daughter have just started baking together so would probably go through the recipe book starting with the cake section x

  66. Susan Ocock says

    I would bake a cake for my grandchildren. I gave all my baking tins away and now want to start baking again

  67. Emma Jackson says

    I’d make meatloaf for my American husband, coffee cake for my Mum and lemon muffins for my daughters x

  68. Kayley sheridan says

    My 1 year old son got me a cupcake book for christmas! I want to make every cupcake in the book. So I’d definitely use them for that. I would also love to be able to make some cakes again. I somehow managed to rip my silicon cake tin.

  69. Christine Constable says

    I’d bake cakes – particularly banana and chocolate cake. However, my husband makes fantastic bread!

  70. Saran Benjamin says

    I would be dusting of my apron and making a fersh cream and jam Victoria Sponge just like grandma use to bake.

  71. Kelly Hooper says

    A coffee cake for my husband for our anniversary, its his favourite cake and I only make it on special occasions (well I dont want him to get bored of it do I?)

  72. Kerry Lyme says

    I have never made muffins before so I would love to try and make some in lots of different varieties and make some healthy ones too!

  73. Amanda Williams says

    Loaf tin would be Lemon Drizzle Cake. Muffin Pan Oat bran Muffins, Cake tin Chocolate cake, tray would be perfect for bread rolls.

  74. Joanna Tolhurst says

    A carrot cake, banana bread, blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies – at least 3 of your 5 a day.

  75. Joanne Crosby says

    I would bake blueberry muffins, a seeded loaf and a victoria sponge, for starters. I love baking so these would come in very handy if I was lucky enough to win x

  76. sue willshee says

    gluten free bread, gluten free coffee and walnut cake, gluten free chocolate chip muffins and gluten free cheese staws – I’d use all the tins!

  77. Sheri Darby says

    I’d start with a fruitcake then maybe some fairy cakes then a chocolate cake then I’ll go on diet, or maybe not

  78. Karen R says

    We would bake so much with these cake tins. My ed loves baking and is always finding recipes off the internet to try ( which usually work out really well :))

  79. tracy says

    I would make a banana loaf and some choc chip muffins, then maybe a nice rich gooey chocolate cake. Be nice to have some decent baking tins, its years since I bought any new ones.

  80. Kerry Kilmister says

    i would bake my kids a batch of different cakes. Their favourite is carrot cake and then a malt loaf! There would be endless possibilities.

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