Giveaway: Win One of Four Copies of “What Katie Ate, Recipes and other Bits and Bobs”

What Katie Ate - Book Review


Win One of Four Copies of

“What Katie Ate, Recipes and other Bits and Bobs”

Book Review: What Katie Ate, Recipes and other Bits and Bobs

I am delighted to offer FOUR lucky Lavender and Lovage readers a chance to win one of FOUR copies of the beautiful book: “What Katie Ate, Recipes and other Bits and Bobs” worth £25. If you would like to know more about this gorgeous cookbook, please read my review here: Book Review: What Katie Ate, Recipes and other Bits and Bobs

What Katie Ate

 This is a truly stunning book full of rich imagery and delicious recipes, by Katie Quinn Davies, the author of the fabulous blog “What Katie Ate”. The book is released in the UK on the 28th February 2013 and I have been offered four copies to offer as a prize by publishers Harper Collins UK. About the book:

A gorgeous and unique cookbook from the award-winning Katie Quinn Davies.

What Katie Ate is a feast for your eyes as well as your table; What Katie Ate started out as an award-winning food blog by renowned food photographer, designer, writer and cook Katie Quinn Davies.

Dublin-born Katie’s simple and delicious recipes complemented by her truly stunning photography brought hundreds of thousands of fans from across the globe to Katie’s table, fans who continue to log on regularly to see what Katie will eat next and be inspired by her spellbinding approach to home cooking.

This debut cookbook is full of honest, doable recipes, part inspired by Katie’s love for throwing a good meal for friends and family and part inspired by the diversity of the good ingredients.

A cookbook like no other, What Katie Ate features over 100 simple, elegant recipes you immediately want to cook, plus ideas on how you can adapt them; stories from Katie’s foodie travels and experiences; menu suggestions to tempt and inspire – and all brought to life through her extraordinary images.

Beautiful, inspirational and thoroughly delightful, What Katie Ate is a treasure to be given and enjoyed.

What Katie Ate

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Book Review: What Katie Ate, Recipes and other Bits and Bobs

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  1. says

    My favourite cook book authour is Prue Leith. Her recipe book Leiths Cookery Bible, is my bible as it has every recipe you could ever dream of in it and they taste great too.

  2. maxime goodwin says

    Good old Jamie oliver! i just find his recipes easy to follow good fun to cook and all my friends and family enjoy eating the food i cook from his books!!

  3. Amelia Kennedy says

    Jamie Oliver … I love the way he just seems to “throw” ingredients together to create delectable dishes!

  4. Alison Wakefield says

    I quite like Delia Smith she has some really good stuff that ive tried and has turned out very good.

  5. Claire Long says

    The cookbook that has been passed down from my nana, to my mum and now on to me :)
    I dont own any ‘proper’ cookbooks, that’s why this would be lovely to start my collection.

  6. Gillian Holmes says

    I like all those little Good Food recipe books, handbag sized, well illustrated with a breakdown of calories / nutrition on each one. I can always find something to cook in on of those.

  7. says

    My favourite cooking book is the entire collection of “Karoline´s Køkken”, which are cooking books covering 1970-2012 and published by the Danish Dairy Board and distributed free of charge to all Danish homes.

  8. Maria Turner says

    The cookbooks I have probably referred to most over the years are a set of Sainsburys book of… puddings ans desserts, quick meals, cooking with eggs, etc that I collected way back in the early 80’s. They have practical recipes with easy to follow instructions. I do have a fair sized collection of James Martin cookbooks too though :)

  9. says

    One of my favourites is Nigel Slater. I love his comfortable style and how his passion for food shines in his writing. And, of course, his recipes are achievable and real good food!

  10. Zoe Howarth says

    Both Nigella Lawson and Lorraine Pascale because they have unique ideas but still have easy to follow recipes.

  11. says

    Nigel Slater is my drug of choice…whether I’m peckish, hungry, or ravenous, I know I will find something that will fit the bill perfectlin one of his books.. Also, although I like other writers too, Nigel’s the one that actually makes me drool just reading his recipes….

  12. Karen Whittaker says

    Nigel Slater – simple home cooked food. His recipes never fail and I love his simple suppers using whatever you have to hand.

  13. Terri Betz says

    This is a hard question! We like the Beekman Boys Cookbook and have been cooking out of it since we got it! But we also have Jamie Olivers cookbook and open that one quite a bit too! We miss the television show Two Fat Ladies, though we still watch the reruns.
    Thanks for this giveaway! I wonder if it is open to USA readers? I didn’t see that we couldn’t enter.

  14. says

    So hard to choose just one! I’ll have to go for Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – I’ve just cooked three of his recipes today and I just find myself constantly delving into his books for inspiration (but I could equally have said Jamie, Nigella, Delia or Nigel Slater!)

  15. Fiona Harris says

    Nigel slater- I really like his 30 minute receipe book that i was given around 10 years ago! Great book!

  16. says

    I love my El Piano cookbooks by Magdalena Chavez, they are unpretentious they have really unspecific measurements and very realistic photography and the food is full of flavour and easy to make

  17. Judith Allen says

    Madhur Jaffrey, I love curry, and hers were the first curry recipes from scratch I tried. Just love her spicy sour chickpeas, and rogan josh, and pilau rice with cumin and peas. Hmmm, peckish now!

  18. Liz Thomas says

    I’m a big fan of Diana Henry but I think Katie Quinn Davies’ What Katie Ate could easily become a favourite too!

  19. K Mayers says

    I think I’d have to say Nigella Lawson – some of the recipes she comes up with are lovely, the cakes especially. Most of all they always turn out well for me!

  20. K Mayers says

    i’d say Nigella Lawson, simply as the recipes are usually so simple and always turn out well for me – the cakes especially!
    (I put the earlier comment under the wrong email address sorry – could you remove it?)

  21. Helen H says

    My most used cook books are by Rachel Allen as I like the simplicity of the recipes, and she includes plenty that are family friendly. I’m also using Jo Wheatley’s book a lot at the moment – every recipe has worked perfectly.

  22. Victoria Yates says

    I adore the Sophie Dahl books – beautifully simple recipes and gorgeously photographed – a real pleasure. xx

  23. nikki lane says

    James Martin, not only are his recipe’s tasty and mostly good old fashioned recipes. Iget to see lovely photo’s of the gorgeous, tasty man himself. I can drool over the recipes, and HIM!! 😉 xx

  24. Ursula Connelly says

    I always end up going back to Nigella’s Domestic Goddess regardless of how many books I have, trusted recipes, easy and delicious!

  25. Emma Shellum says

    I have a few Nigella books, and I enjoy them greatly, not only for the lovely recipes but the passion with which she writes about the history of the food or recipe. Brings it to life!

  26. Peak Lee says

    Nigella Lawson:
    I enjoy reading her cookbooks.
    I had great results after following some of her recipes for cakes and biscuits.

  27. says

    I have different favourites for different types of cooking. Rose Elliot is my all time vegetarian cookbook author, principally because I grew up with recipes from the Bean Book.

  28. Josephine says

    I don’t have a favorite, but after seeing this gorgeous book, I shall seek out Katie Quinn Davies and perhaps she will become a favorite.

  29. Vohn says

    At the minute my favourite cook book author is Rachel Allen. Her recipes are very simple but full of lots of flavoursome ingredients.

  30. says

    This is a seriously tough question…just had a look at my cookbooks and there are so many and not just from one person…although it looks like Mary Berry could be the winner due to the fact hers were the first cookbooks I had and therefore I seem to have more of them! :-)

  31. MrsNumbles says

    Oh, that’s difficult. I never really had a favorite back in the States, but here it’s a toss-up between Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Nigel Slater. But if I have to choose, I think I have to go with Hugh, simply because I’ve been cooking with him longer. His love of everything that goes into every recipe for every dish he makes is infectious. Got to love him. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he’s a cutie. ;o)

  32. HelenD says

    I don’t have many cookbooks and to be honest when I’m looking for something I surf certain food blogs like yours where I know there will be great recipes that turn out really well.
    I love a cookbook that has plenty of pictures and the recipes are easy to be handled.
    This one looks great!

  33. says

    I would have to say my favourite cookbook author is Nigel Slater. I have all of his books. I love his lack of pretense and the way he can make a feast out of anything. He cooks like I cook, and I strongly suspect he eats like I eat! With him the food is the star and that is what cooking should be. That is what I aim for on my own blog and that is what I like.

  34. Lisa Pope says

    I have shelves & shelves of cookbooks, some really old and some recently published, I really like to cook seasonally & love all the river cottage cookbooks for that reason. However, my most ” thumbed” cookbook is Delia’s complete Illustrated Cookery course. So, for that reason I’d say Delia is my favourite!

  35. says

    Nadine Abensur Secrets of a Vegetarian Kitchen – it was her cookbooks that intoruduced me to world flavours such as sumac, za’atar, ras el hanout and tamaraind dishes, well before Ottolenghi hit the British scene.

  36. lynsey kirkwood says

    right now its the hairy dieters because Im trying to lose weight but my house is overcome with recipe books so my mind is constantly changing!

  37. says

    It has to be Mary Berry. I bought Mary Berry’s Bible in my early 20’s (more then 15 years ago) I was settling in and setting up home. It was a god send. We didn’t have computer, smart phones or iPads back then! Its taught me the basics of how to cook.

  38. ros easton says

    Difficult. Has always been Delia, going back to Frugal Food more years ago than I care to remember. But now it’s NIGEL SLATER – love his recipes, his commentary on them, and the feeling he’s enjoying consuming it too not just preparing it.

  39. Katie Kingsbury says

    I’d be lying if I said I had one. Does my Gran count? I use her (self-compiled) recipe book on at least a weekly basis.

  40. Karen Richards says

    Don’t really use many cookbooks. Usually look for recipes online and have found some lovely recipes but can’t remeber where most are from. Made a lovely mincemeat recipe this year though by Delia Smith. First time for me to try it and have made far too much. Will be eating mince pies until the summer.

  41. Karen Richards says

    Don’t really use many cookbooks. Usually look for recipes online and have found some lovely recipes but can’t remember where most are from. Made a lovely mincemeat recipe this year though by Delia Smith. First time for me to try it and have made far too much. Will be eating mince pies until the summer.

  42. Ali Roberts says

    Nigel Slater – his writing his so beautiful that his cookbooks can be read cover to cover like a novel. And then there’s the recipes…! Divine

  43. Nancy Townsend says

    I haven’t read any celebrity cookbooks. I’m still using my Good Houskeeping cookbook I was given when I got married in 1978!

  44. Sheila Reeves says

    Nigel Slater – as there always seems to be a story to each recipe, it’s like reading an autobiography

  45. Sarah Hussey says

    Lisa Faulkner, ”Recipes from my mother for my daughter” her book has so many great illustrations and lots of recipes that my mum would make. The book is also a lovely ‘read’ about her memories of growing up.

  46. Tammy says

    Delia Smith as her books are not too basic so that you’re not offended but easy enough for a beginner to follow :)

  47. Ali Thorpe says

    I have a Good Housekeeping which I often turn to as it is always reliable and is full to the brim of dishes. For baking, Mary Berry’s straight-forward instruction is second to none for me.

  48. Phyllis Ellett says

    Delia Smith, her Complete Cookery Course was so well written and easy to follow. She now is the queen of instructional cooking. Never had a recipe I have tried that did not work. Will always give her the time. She was the Home Economics teacher I wished I had when I was at school.

  49. KAREN TAYLOR says

    Definitely Nigella…….my boyfriend is a great fan too.If the recipe doesn’t come out quite right I smile and say it’s one of Nigella’s : )

  50. Hayley Wells says

    I love Nigella Lawson’s laid back style and passion for her ingredients. I want to move in to her pantry! My favourite book of hers is the Christmas one, as I discovered the most scrumptious fruited chocolate recipe (now modified by me with a different selection of fruits and the addition of chestnuts) which has become an annual tradition in our house now. Its like a cross between chocolate pudding and Christmas pudding. Absolutely wonderful.

  51. Nathan Webb says

    I dont have any cook books yet but if I was going to have a favourite it would be gordon ramsey if he has a book :) His food always looks so nice!

  52. John Naylor says

    I grew up cooking with a torn and falling apart copy of Mrs. Beeton so I could not pick anyone else.

  53. Danielle Woodman says

    I love Jamie Oliver because his recipes are easy to follow, are quick but still full of flavour.

  54. Carol Emmett says

    I love baking. I don’t really have a favourite author, there are several that I really like. But my favourite BOOK is Negella Lawson’s “How to be a Domestic Goddess” – so many recipes that I make regularly!

  55. Janet Taylor says

    Mmmm there are so many but I am a chutney and jelly making goddess. So it’s a toss up between Preserves by Pam Corbin or the Women’s Institute Book of Preserves and Pickles. Hmm there is the Women’s Weekly Preserves and Jams. Oh dear I could go on forever!

  56. Sarah Cooper says

    I love Gill Holcombe, her recipe books show the reader how to create tasty but thrifty meals.

  57. Danielle Pearce says

    I love Jamie Olivers cookery books especially his 15 minute one. His meals are nutricious, quick and simple xxxx

  58. Aimee R says

    Hugh fearnley-whittingstall – I love his use of fresh, natural ingredients and everyday, homely recipes

  59. Katy MacLachlan says

    Nigel Slater – he teaches you how to make recipes your own and so you learn to cook as you follow the recipes. I love his writing.

  60. laura large says

    I remember a cook book my mum had which was clearly used and had THE BEST cake pictures in it such as a fort made of chocolate fingers I could spend hours looking through that book.

  61. sue willshee says

    I’ve got a few cookbooks by the Tv chef Phil Vickery and I love these because he does a lot of gluten free recipes.

  62. Carol says

    I am really enjoying browsing the recipes on this blog! :)

    Sarah Brown and Martha Rose Shulman – excellent veggie recipes!

  63. Kevin Dooley says

    I liked James Martins as he doesn’t like to faff around and gives you great ideas and recipes for proper hearty meals.

  64. Diane Carey says

    I love James Martin and Phil Vickery. They do a lot of easy, straightforward meals and love their pudding recipes

  65. Angie Hoggett says

    I love Lorraine Pascal, her recipes are straight forward and her books are beautifully photographed.

  66. Stacey Guilliatt says

    I love the Hairy Bikers because they’re writing is just so down to Earth, and they mostly use inexpensive ingredients!

  67. Karen R says

    I really like the idiotproof diet cookbook. Lots of low carb meal ideas which suit me when I want to cut down

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