Giveaway: Win One of THREE Personalised “Letterbox” Valentine’s Cakes from Baker Days




Win One of THREE Personalised “Letterbox”

Valentine’s Cakes from Baker Days

The fabulous Baker Days company has very kindly offered THREE lucky Lavender and Lovage readers one of their special Valentine’s Day Cakes to win in my new Giveaway! A delicious Valentines cake personalised with your own message can say so much more than just “I Love You”. Create a one-off cake for your Valentine by uploading your own image and add any message text you want. Make sure you tell them exactly how you feel with a Valentines cake you’ve designed…..and I have THREE of these cakes for you to win this Valentine’s Day! Each cake will be delivered to your loved on and is worth at least £14:99.  Your cake comes complete with the complimentary Gift card and as a retro add-on to your cake, a packet of love hearts sweets, a real playground blast-from-the-past!


A Baker Days letterbox Gift  cakes (3-4 portions) will turn  anyone’s day into a very special one, and it slips through the door and creates a real sparkling champagne moment, including a neat keepsake tin, balloons, candles, card and now BFPO approved. 


ALREADY had a LOVELY cake from Baker Days? They invite you to upload your video experience of tasting one of their cakes……or receiving one on their FaceBook page here:

Baker Days Face Book Page

You have to ENTER to WIN though, and all you need to do to enter is choose one or all of the entry options below, each entry carries points and the more points you gain, the MORE ENTRIES you have which increases your chances of winning! 


To enter this Giveaway, all you have to do is the following:

1. Complete the Rafflecopter widget below to verify your entries – THREE mandatory questions will appear, which you need to answer by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post, liking Baker Days’ Facebook Page and My Facebook Page, before going back to the Rafflecopter form and hitting “Enter”. (After this, you can complete the bonus entries as explained on the form to increase your odds of winning – you can also return daily to tweet this for more bonus entries)

2. Entries are by blog comment, Twitter, Facebook etc

3. Closing Date Monday 4th February 2013

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Baker Days

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  1. Geraldine O'Gorman says

    My husband, because he would be really surprised and it would be romantic. Thank you for a fab giveaway!

  2. Rainie Bish says

    My message would be to my husband thanking him for being with me, no matter how hard life is at times

  3. says

    To my OH as he’s been a constant support through some bad times. He works very hard and then comes home and does all the ironing, bathes our 3yo, all the dishes, walks the dogs and lots of other jobs – nothing is too much for him to do.

  4. Tracey Peach says

    A bit different, but I would love to give it to my Mum, because she does so much for me every day as I am disabled. So the cake would say:

    Thank You Mum
    Love You Always
    & Forever

  5. angela sandhu says

    Has to be my husband but i would love to surprise him on our 10 year wedding anniversary with it!

  6. Aimee Wright says

    My fiance (: because we’ve been through a lot in the last year and it makes me happy that we’re so strong

  7. says

    I would say “I know it’s my birthday, but this is a cake just for you….Happy Valentine’s Day!”

    Valentine’s Day is my birthday, and my fiancé is very good at making sure I get birthday cake, presents etc. – but consequently, he doesn’t really get a a Valentine’s Day.

    I’d love to surprise him with a cake from Baker Days so he gets a look in this year :-)

  8. Karen Walkden says

    my fiance Chris we are to be wed in april and this would be ideal to let him know i think hes sweet :)

  9. jane colwill says

    As i dont have a other half i would do it for my parents and deliver it to them, sad maybe, but if i ever have half the relationship they do after 30 plus years id consider myself very lucky

  10. Andrea MacLeod says

    This would be great as it is our first valentines day together as husband and wife! It looks lovely!

  11. Ste Appleton says

    It would have to be my wife because if she found out I’d sent it to BBC Weathergirl Laura Tobin she would be furious!

  12. WandaFish says

    My message would be to my OH just because I love him! One of these scrummy cakes would be a perfect treat for him :)

  13. Stephanie Tsang says

    I would love to win this cake for myself as my birthday is on Valentine’s Day. I’d like to write Keep Calm It’s your Birthday on it.

  14. Jennifer Harris says

    OOOOOHHHHH A cake that’s Sophisticated Elegance with Romantic flair, just the right cake from Lavender and Lovage and Baker Days , what a perfect pair

  15. Louise Brown says

    My message would be for my husband, because everyone knows the best way to a man’s heart is through his belly 😉

  16. sophie hassan says

    mine will be for my husband. this is the first valentine after getting married and we will even be having our daughter with us this year. just want to do something special for him

  17. Laura Harris says

    My message would be to my boyfriend saying “Lets make 2013 lucky for us and finally tie the knot!?”

  18. Zoe G says

    My fiancee, he would love one of these, an unexpected surprise as he wouldn’t expect a cake to be posted

  19. Val Swift says

    It would be to my fella, it would be a nice surprise as i’m a really bad girlfriend because I never usually get him anything!

  20. Rosalind Sargent says

    My Message would be to my wonderful Husband of 25 years this year I absolutely adore him and look forwards to the next 25 years of married Bliss :)

  21. Rachel Sanders says

    My husband. We don’t really celebrate Valentines Day so this would be a great surprise for him.

  22. Jo Kelly says

    My gorgeous boyfriend, well I feel a bit grown up for him to be my boyfriend – we have 5 kids together & been with each other 10 years! But he totally deserves it, he does the housework & the school runs plus LOADS more – I’m a super-lucky lady :)

  23. SARAH LAMBERT says

    I would make it out to my husband and kids as they have been my rock recentley so this would be my way of saying thanks :) Xx

  24. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I’d love to give this beautiful cake to my lovely hubby and say something like “Thank you for the best 21 years of my life”.

  25. Debbie says

    Mine would be to Kiefer Sutherland and it would simply say ‘To My Next Husband’ :) I have loved him for the past 25 years…it’s ok, my (current!) husband understands!

  26. Maria Turner says

    Hubby – because every day without fail he makes me a cappuccino when I get home from work and asks me about my day and most days he cooks my dinner too…. and its the little things like that which count the most :)

  27. Vohn says

    This would be for my husband. He has been amazingly supportive, especially in the past year when I’ve been ill and unable to work, or do much at all really. He is my rock (cake). Or is that too much like cheese (cake)?

  28. Emma Jackson says

    To my two beautiful daughters who are turning into lovely young ladies.

    ‘Leigh and Erin, I hope you find your own valentines’

  29. Claire Hall says

    Andy, my partner my rock! He’s not normally one for romantic gestures but think he mite like this one xcx

  30. ellen says

    I would like it to go to my Husband Mark with the message ”Treasure every moment”, it’s the same message he romantically got engraved inside our wedding rings.

  31. Katherine De Riera says

    My message would be to my husband who I love with all my heart 😀
    Thankyou for the lovely competition!

  32. Hayley Wells says

    To the two lovely men in my life who I love very much, my wonderful husband and the best little boy in the world!

  33. Laura Williams says

    If I were lucky enough to win it would be for my husband… because we’ve had a hard year and I love him :-)

    Thank you!
    Laura Williams

  34. Isobelle says

    I would give the Cake to my mum if I were lucky as she is simply wonderful, always kind and I rarely get to see her ..

  35. Claire Long says

    My message on a cake would be to……!
    I’m single after 6 years and I’m going to treat myself to a fabulous single valentines day this year x x x

  36. Emma Shellum says

    This is a lovely prize! I would have a message for my husband. The past few years have been tough and I would like to thank him for being so wonderful :)

  37. sarah rees says

    for my kids, as theres no greater love than for family….
    …. and i depressingly still single!!! ahahaha!!! :)

  38. Jo welsh says

    Would have to make it a family cake and do it to my husband and girls as they are fantastic and I love them all to bits.

  39. claire matthews-curtis says

    To my partner, Thank you for our amazing family and for just being you and I can’t wait to marry you this year :)

  40. Helen Moulden says

    ‘Owl Always Love You’ simply because it is incredibly cheesy. I would give it to my best friend Simon (as I’m not currently in a relationship), but he has always stuck by me through thick and thin for over 8 years now. He deserves something nice!

  41. Pamela says

    My husband who has cared for me so devotedly especially since I became disabled with an incurable, progressive syndrome. I love him so very much.

  42. Hazel Christopher says

    Mine would be for me, because I’m always there when I need me :)

    My message would read “Keep Calm, You’re Single” :)

  43. Rachel Blackburn says

    I’d give it to my other half..not sure of what I would put on it. perhaps just simply ‘I love you’.

  44. Isabel O'Brien says

    I’m single so I would probably send it to my lovely mum, she is a big fan of both free stuff and cake so this would send her into a whirlwind of joy. I might have to put a giant picture of my face on it though, just to freak her out a bit.


  45. hannah rachel welsh says

    My message would be to my other half Phil who has treated me like Princess all year…… I know it’s only January hehe x

  46. Rachel Craig says

    The cake would be for my mum, as she is so loving and caring to us all. It would say Be Calm and Enjoy Your Day.

  47. Anne Wallwin says

    Mine message would be for my husband and it would be “PUT THE KETTLE ON PET” He doesnt so it nearly enough!

  48. kristy brown says

    To my son, as he has just got to that horrid spotty self conscious stage and this might perk him up (of course…it wouldn’t be from me)

  49. Linda Hobbis says

    My message would be to my hubby – along the lines of thanks for putting up with me (in a more romantic way).

  50. Julie Edwards says

    Mine would have to be for my husband Mark for putting up with me for neaarly 21 years. He has been amazing throughout and is a great support.

  51. Amanda Oakley says

    To my husband because we’ll have been together for 10 years in February and i love him more every year

  52. Helen Grayson says

    To my Long Distance BF. *hoot* I love you :) With an Owl on it. It’s our little saying :) It would be great as I miss him loads! :( xxx

  53. Shelley Jessup says

    I don’t have a partner so it would be for my parents & I’d put ‘ Thank You for being there & I love you lots’

  54. tracy says

    If I won this lovely cake, I would actually give it to my son to give to his partner. He loves things like this, is really caring and thoughtful, buys flowers for every occassion etc, so I know he would really appreciate it, so would his partner.

  55. Alicia Roberts says

    I’d give it to my lovely 12 year old sister because she’s cute as a button still – and she loves owls!

  56. Alison Wakefield says

    I would choose my hubby he never moans about anything and work’s so hard everyday and always listens to me moaning bless him he deserves a treat.

  57. Julie Booth says

    I would choose my hubby, as he has looked after the children when I have worked full time, is very funny and makes us all laugh

  58. Sheila Reeves says

    It would be to my husband, as his nickname for me is Cake – and the message, “With all my love from ? xxxx” I’m sure he’d know it was from me ;)))

  59. Angela Murray says

    It would be for my husband who has supported and helped me through a breakdown 4 years ago and is still helping on the road to recovery. The message” To Allan, my Rock, without you I am nothing Love Angela xx

  60. Becky John says

    For my son as he gets annoyed every year that his sister gets valentines cards but he has never had one, he is only 9 though!

  61. Jean Bolsover says

    It would be to my son’s girlfriend as though it was from him as he doesn’t earn anything to be able to buy her anything

  62. Joanna Orr says

    To my husband Simon… this year we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.. we’re off to Vegas to renew our vows in a tacky wedding chapel.. as it will be the complete polar opposite of our original white wedding LOL!!

  63. says

    My husband is a constant practical joker, from dawn until dusk so I would probably have ‘Guess who’s going to be a Daddy again!’ as the message. Revenge would be sweet, wouldn’t it. Am I bad?

  64. Alison Wakefield says

    Totally amazing cakes and would love one for my hubby for Valentine’s day he is such a star of a husband and really deserves a treat.

  65. lynne Collins says

    would ‘share’ it with my other half,because it’s rude not to share!!
    these cakes are amazing and would look and taste good anywhere!!

  66. Vanessa Booles says

    It would have to be to my amazing partner steven – would tel him how much i loved him and that i would love him even more if he shared the cake with me

  67. emma says

    “I promise you that I will……Love you forever”.
    He mean the world to me, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

  68. Rhoda says

    My message of love would be for my husband. I can’t put into words what he does for me – cake might be the way to show him just how much I love him and how grateful I am for all of his love, help and support

  69. says

    Sadly there is no man in my life right now, but I would give it to my hardworking, loving parents, or to my two loveliest friends whom I left when I moved some 250 miles North this summer to remind them of how much I love and miss them!

  70. ClairejB says

    It would be to my partner because he has stuck with me for over 10 years now (and he deserves some yummy cake just for that!). :)

  71. Natalie White says

    I’d give it to my boyfriend, and I’d have it say “I love you Pickle Pie!” which is a silly saying that we say to each other, because I think it would make him laugh!

  72. Brenda says

    After 47 years together it would have to be to my darling husband to thank him for putting up with me all these years.

  73. Chris Bell says

    To my Partner for helping me through all of my morning sickness and moodiness these last few weeks! He’s lovely! x

  74. Miranda Holman says

    As a single mum I would love to send a cake to my three girls to show how much I love them, they love cake (as do I ) LOL

  75. Julie Hogg says

    It would be to my husband, telling him that I am looking forward to seeing him soon, as he works away for months

  76. Claire Appleton says

    It would be to my partner Jamie, for being there for me through thick and thin…It would so I Love You So Much! :)

  77. Alison Turner says

    To my partner we have been through so much in our years together and it would be nice to show him how much that means to me.

  78. Suzanne Wakefield says

    This would be for my fiance – we get married 2 days after so it would be the last chance of a ‘fiance’ valentine cake…and he loves cake :)

  79. donna baxter says

    mine would have to be my boyfriend. Last year we had only been together a few weeks before Valentines day and were really still in the very early stages of our relationship so just got each other cards. It woud be nice to push the boat out this year and do the full on Valentine’s thing. Plus he will be celebrating his 30th birthday a few days before so it would be extra special

  80. Kerry Lyme says

    I’d send it to my boyfriend as it is his Birthday on Valentine’s Day so it would be another nice treat for him!

  81. Andrea Balderstone says

    I would like this cake for my Husband for all the years he has put up with me and given me his unconditional love and support.

  82. Emma Bowes says

    It would have to be my wonderful boyfriend. He is always making cakes for me so it would be nice for him to have a surprise cake for him on valentines day :)

  83. Hollie Adlam says

    I would send it to my partner, but from my son. It would read ‘Daddy’s Cake, love Aiden’ for being such an amazing daddy x

  84. Tracey McPartland says

    John be my Valentine for now and forever

    We have been married 16 years and he still puts up with me he must be a saint

  85. Rach James says

    We’d send a cake to our daughter as she’s been dropping not in the least bit subtle hints that she made us a Valentines card when she was bored on Boxing Day!!

  86. Beverley says

    Actually, no, that’s tempting bad luck! I would choose “Keep Calm and Shovel Cake” because we love the Keep Calm items and have lots of them – bookmarks, pictures, sock, mugs – but no cake!

  87. leanne allen says

    For my husband, as he is amazing, hes supported me through many difficult times, and he always makes me smile, i love him more than the world :) He is also a pretty amazing daddy :)

  88. Dan Hora says

    It would be ”Thank you for your lovely son” and the cake will go to my amazing wife as she gave a birth to our first baby last month.

  89. Emily Jane Ann Nelson says

    I would send this to my beautiful partner. We have been together for seven years, and have been through so much.
    He is my world! My everything. We have made two beautiful children together.. I Love him so much.
    I would the below message on his cake, Our own meaning <3

    "Forever, and ever, Babey" X

  90. Hayley Louise Colburn says

    My husband cause I love him and he would really see how much cause I LOVE cake, and handing one over to him rather than stashing it in a secret place n scoffing it shows how much

  91. Vicki Violet Morris says

    My boyfriend for being so special and always being there to cheer me up when everything goes wrong!

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