Giveaway: Win one of TWO packs of Fresh Wild Haddock Fillets worth over £50!

Giveaway: Win one of TWO packs of Fresh Wild Haddock Fillets worth over £50!

Win TWO packs of Fresh Wild Haddock Fillets worth over £50! (Photo: BBC)



Win one of TWO packs of Fresh Wild Haddock Fillets worth over £50!

January! A time for cutting back on calories and pennies! And, a GREAT chance to do BOTH by entering my latest giveaway. John at Delish Fish has very kindly offered TWO packs of Wild Scottish Haddock, all filleted and ready to cook, to TWO lucky Lavender and Lovage readers! Fresh fish is LOW in calories and even if you don’t win this time, you can still save some pennies by ordering one of these packs yourself, as Delish Fish has a SPECIAL seasonal offer on right now………

For a limited time, you can purchase a pack of fresh haddock (2.5k) for just £33.00! RRP is over £50.00! Order online here: Delish Fish or by phone here: 01779 477930

Smoked Haddock Undyed

Wild Scottish Haddock Fillets:  In many scottish fishing towns often referred to as the humble haddock often overlooked very seldom bettered. Hand filleted and skinned by our experienced filleters. MSC approved for sustainability. Flash frozen to seal in the gentle flavour and lock in all the goodness of this natural wild fish. Please note these fillets are individually vacuum packed for your convenience and ease of use. I have TWO packs of wild haddock to offer two luck readers that comprise:

Two x Fresh Wild Haddock, 2.5 kilos, worth over £50.00

Haddock Chowder

Haddock Chowder (Photo: BBC)

 What will you make with your haddock pack if you win it? I have some GREAT recipes for John’s fresh fish on my blog, and how about some of these ideas for Haddock:

Low-Calorie Haddock Goujons with Garlic Panko Crumb (Recipe)

5:2 Diet Meal Plan for Fast Days: Low-Calorie Haddock Goujons with Garlic Panko Crumb (Recipe)

 Smoked Haddock Spread with Sourdough Toast and Mesclun Leaves

Fish on Friday: Smoked Haddock Spread with Sourdough Toast and Mesclun Leaves

Fresh Scottish Fish and Festive Fish Tagine Recipe

Win a £50 Fish Voucher! Fresh Scottish Fish and Festive Fish Tagine Recipe

Easy Smoked Haddock au Gratin Recipe

Elegant Fish on Friday: Easy Smoked Haddock au Gratin Recipe

Family Friendly Fabulous Fish Pie

Easy Peasy Fish on Friday Recipe: Family Friendly Fabulous Fish Pie

You have to ENTER to WIN though, and all you need to do to enter is choose one or all of the entry options below, each entry carries points and the more points you gain, the MORE ENTRIES you have which increases your chances of winning! 


Haddock (Photo: BBC)

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  1. WandaFish says

    What a yummy giveaway, thank you! Family favourites would be a traditional fish pie or fish stew, although we very often eat simply cooked plain fish with mash, cheese sauce and veg.

  2. Vohn says

    Been makin’ fish pie all winter. I made a light steamed fish with salad last week. Now we’re back to wintery fish pie! x

  3. Pam says

    Has to be salmon en croute. Husband made a huge one once for Valentine’s Day – it hung off both sides of the plate but it was delicious!

  4. Eleanor Wigmore says

    I like many fish recipes but the one that brings back memories of family meals as a child is fish pie.

  5. Emma Jackson says

    Just a scrummy winter warming fish pie with mashed potato sprinkled with crushed crisps for a crunchy top x

  6. Sally Carter says

    thick fillets of cod or haddock (grilled with butter and lemon juice first), topped with grated cheese/chopped onion/chopped parsley/lemon juice/slices of tomato – grilled.

  7. Fran Light says

    Quick potato-topped fish pie. It’s real comfort food and especially quick if you have leftover mash to hand. You simply mix fish pie mix, frozen peas and a tin of condensed mushroom soup together in a baking dish, top with mash and grated cheese and pop in the oven at a low heat until the sauce starts to bubble!

  8. deborah godbolt says

    i love fish pie made with smoked and white fish and prawns mixed with a white sauce with mashed potato on top then grated chedder cheese

  9. Caroline S says

    smoked haddock, cod and salmon in a dill and parsely sauce, topped with a crunchy topping of grated parboiled potatoes and then grilled. Perfect fish pie!

  10. Stacey Le Page says

    I have to say on behalf of my five year old son his favourite fish meal is Smoked Yellow Haddock with greens and potato Dauphnois. The creaminess of the potato dish goes so nicely with the fish. MMM

  11. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    Totally obsessed with tuna in our house. Tuna sandwiches, tuna pasta, tuna on jacket potatoes. Would be lovely to try something else. :) 😀 Wishing everyone good luck.

  12. Emma Ferguson says

    Ahhh you cannot beat a warm Fish Pie in this cold weather. Made with Haddock, King Prawns, Eggs, Cream and topped with Cheesy Mash 😉

  13. Loma Wood says

    When I first married (over 30 years ago!) I bought a basic recipe book and one of the recipes was for a Fish Pie in pastry.
    You just add diced fish (lightly steamed) to hard boiled eggs and sauce (I use parsley or cheese). This is then made into a Cornish Pasty shaped pie with shortcrust pastry.
    I vary the fish, the sauce, the shape! It is always delicious!

  14. Joanna Orr says

    I’m not that adventurous with fish! I love just to bake it in the oven in a foil parcel with some lemon, spring onions and seasoning!

  15. Wendy Lam says

    My favourite fish recipe will definitely be baked salmon with onions, kaffir lime leaves, lemomgrass, ginger, garlic, slices lemons, fish sauce, pinch of salt and pepper.

  16. Mandy Mason says

    We simply like freshly caught mackerel served on it’s own but covered with vinegar and a side of some wholemeal bread and butter. Yum

  17. Judith Allen says

    Any fillet of white fish, or tuna, with lime juice and grated zest, chili flakes and toasted ground coriander. Griddle to taste, instant Carribean.

  18. peggy rossiter says

    Put Fresh salmon, drizzled with cooking onto enough baking foil to make a parcel. Add a little salt and pepper and bake for 20 – 25 mins. Absolutely yummy. Serve with creamy mashed potates and leeks in white sauce and peas. Heavenly!

  19. D.S. says

    You can’t beat a nice homemade fish pie: cod, haddock, salmon, prawns and a few peas topped with a lovely sauce. Yum!

  20. Andrew Halliwell says

    As a northerner born and bred… It’s got to be a traditional chippy fish, chips and mushy peas.

    Oh, and there’s no “like” button in the “Easy entry for all Delish Fish fans on Facebook” box,

  21. Diane Carey says

    Fish pie consisting of Haddock, cheese sauce and topped with mashed potato and cheese sprinkled over. Also love Salmon cooked in a parcel with lemon

  22. abi rolfe says

    my mums cheap and tasty fish pie – tin of tune, white sauce, boiled eggs sliced and topped with mash pots and cheese :)

  23. Sharon Coleman says

    My favourite dish with Haddock is a warming Kedgeree with Basmati Rice, Eggs, Butter, Vegetable stock, Cinnamon & Cardamon, Haddock (of course) and Parsely. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  24. Chris Fliss says

    Cod or Haddock wrapped inn Pancetta and baked in the oven, serve with baby new potatoes and sugar snap peas and a knob of butter = Delish Fish

  25. Bohdan Kuczynski says

    Tough choice as we all love fish, just had a wonderful creamy fish pie so I’ll go with that for now..

  26. Amanda Carter says

    A tasty fish pie made with chunks of tender fish and a creamy mashed potato topping covered with melted cheese

  27. Beverley says

    Poached in a cheese, mustard and white wine sauce. The other half dabbed with butter, black pepper and lemon juice, wrapped in tin foil and baked. Yummy!

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