Valentine’s Giveaway: Two Boxes of Hotel Chocolat “Oysters and Champagne” Chocolates

Valentine's Giveaway: Two Boxes of Hotel Chocolat "Oysters and Champagne" Chocolates

Valentine’s Giveaway: Two Boxes of Hotel Chocolat “Oysters and Champagne” Chocolates

Valentine’s Giveaway:

Two Boxes of Hotel Chocolat “Oysters and Champagne” Chocolates

Hotel Chocolat

I have TWO boxes of wonderful Hotel Chocolat Chocolates to GIVE AWAY to TWO lucky Lavender and Lovage readers! The chocolates are worth £14 a box and they will be sent directly to you or a loved one if you win. 

Oysters and Champagne

Oysters and Champagne

Product Description:
A romantic gift that is brimming with classic style, elegance and more than a touch of glamour – with 6 beautiful milk chocolate oysters filled with melt-away praline and served with 6 stunning champagne truffle pearls.
Number of Chocolates: 12


You have to ENTER to WIN though, and all you need to do to enter is choose one or all of the entry options below, each entry carries points and the more points you gain, the MORE ENTRIES you have which increases your chances of winning! 

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3. Closing Date Monday 11th February 2013

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  1. Alison Wakefield says

    Love Praline and strawberry just can’t stop when I start on a lovely box of chocolates but i’m a chocolholic for sure.

  2. Sharon Griffin says

    i love all the fondant centres especially the strawberry ones which is great because nobody else in the family likes them so i get to have them all ;D

  3. says

    Coffee creams – until everyone stopped making them, seemingly. I used to be in my element, just after Christmas each year, all the relatives would come with freezer bags of all the coffee creams left over from their tins. Now I go for the strawberry or orange creams.

  4. susan hoey says

    i love layered chocolate with dark, milk and white all in one.
    Also a lover of a soft caramel centre, wonder if i can have that combined with a multi choc layer?

  5. lynsey kirkwood says

    champagne truffles and was loucky enough to get a box from my other half from hotel chocolat at christmas but they didnt last long!

  6. Robyn Loughlin says

    Any kind of chocolate with strawberry filling is my go to favourite. But gingerbread chocolate has to be next on my list!

  7. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    Anything nutty and with ginger in. Dark chocolate and ginger is probably the fav though. Good luck to everyone x

  8. John Naylor says

    Mint, orange, plain, praline, dark, white, in fact this would be a short list if it was flavours I do not like!

  9. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says

    I love any kind of chocolate really, when my kids give me chance! 😉 But pistachio flavoured chocolate is my absolute go-to when the kids are rowdy, husbands watching football, I can sit with my chocolate and melt away! 😉 xxx

  10. Lisa Ellison says

    I do love chocolates but flowers are beautiful and look lovely in a house so I suppose my favourite is flowers.

  11. Kelly Hooper says

    strawberry and caramel :) works well with the christmas choccie tin as no-one else likes the strawberry ones (and i take the caramels out before i put the tin out :D)

  12. Helen Keene says

    I love most chocolates though I prefer milk chocolate to dark. As for fillings, I like creams (particularly strawberry) but also love turkish delight centres or coconut.

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