Giveaway: Mermaid Yorkshire Pudding Pan & Yorkshire Pudding Tray worth over £50

Giveaway: Mermaid Yorkshire Pudding Pan & Yorkshire Pudding Tray worth over £50

Giveaway: Mermaid Yorkshire Pudding Pan & Yorkshire Pudding Tray worth over £50


Mermaid Yorkshire Pudding Pan & Yorkshire Pudding Tray worth over £50

Giveaway: Mermaid Yorkshire Pudding Pan & Yorkshire Pudding Tray worth over £50


A YORKSHIRE PUDDING GIVEAWAY on British Yorkshire Pudding Day! My lovely friends over at Mermaid, have offered TWO lucky Lavender and Lovage readers a set of TWO of their hard anodised aluminium Yorkshire pudding pans and trays as a prize! Worth over £50, the lucky winner will receive the following……….

Giveaway: Mermaid Yorkshire Pudding Pan & Yorkshire Pudding Tray worth over £50


1 x Yorkshire Pudding Tray 

No Sunday lunch would be complete without a light and crispy Yorkshire pudding served on the side. With this four-cup Yorkshire Pudding Tray, your individual Yorkies will turn out a treat, rising to perfection thanks to the unrivalled heat distribution of the hard anodised aluminium. The Yorkshire Pudding Tray can withstand the highest of cooking temperatures, ideal when you’re heating your fat in the oven.

1 x  Yorkshire Pudding Pan 

Mermaid’s Yorkshire Pudding Pan makes larger, family-sized Yorkshire puddings, ideal for your twist on toad in the hole. Made from hard anodised aluminium, the Pan is designed to ensure even heat distribution, preventing unwanted hot spots making for perfectly crispy and light Yorkshire puddings. The Pan can withstand the highest of cooking temperatures, ideal when you’re heating your fat in the oven

 You have to ENTER to WIN though, and all you need to do to enter is choose one or all of the entry options below, each entry carries points and the more points you gain, the MORE ENTRIES you have which increases your chances of winning! 

Yorkshire Pudding

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Mermaid Yorkshire Pudding Pan

Mermaid Yorkshire Pudding Pan

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. says

    Love Yorkshie puds and yours look wonderful. I never had them with roasts though as I don’t really have roasts, but I would love to have them with a nut roast at some point – it will be a first.

  2. sheila bound says

    Roast beef, or maybe turkey or pork with crispy crackling or lovely lamb. You get the idea.I just love any roast meat and Yorkshires.

  3. tamalyn roberts says

    i make up a join of beef in the slow cooker and make my famous home made yorkshires that the kids love


    O thats a hard one, I cant decide between whether it goes best with Chicken or roast Beef as taste good with both and with a little Mint sauce :)

  5. Jane Willis says

    I never serve them with any roast other than beef. But my favourite way to serve them isn’t with a roast at all, it’s with some rich savoury mince that I can slosh into the middle!

  6. Arabella Bazley says

    Roast Beef! which we have just eaten with some with Yorkshire Puddings but I am with my mother and she committed the cardinal sin of having no Horseradish Sauce. I must have Horseradish Sauce with Yorkshires!

  7. Judith Allen says

    Favourite is roast beef, but we serve Yorkshire puddings with anything on a Sunday. Roast chicken, stew, pie, anything is good with Yorkshire pud!

  8. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    Love them with anything (even stew instead of dumplings) but has to be roast beef as the favourite. Good luck to everyone x

  9. Vanessa Charles says

    Can’t have a roast without ‘Batters’ as they are known in my house. Favourite roast has to be lamb.

  10. EmmaH says

    Love roast beef and yorkshire pudding with cauliflower and parsnips and roastie potatoes and gravy. And bread sauce. Heaven!

  11. Christine Sunter says

    Being from Yorkshire I do Yorkshire Puddings with ALL roast meats! Love them with Roast Chicken and Roast Pork.

  12. Hayley Wells says

    It just has to be traditional roast beef with Yorkshire puds for me :) It just doesn’t seem quite right having them with other roasts to me somehow!

  13. Kathryn says

    Mine has to be Roast Chicken – I know not traditional with Yorkshires, but I still have them together x

  14. Sue McCarthy says

    I’m a vegetarian but my husband used to like Yorkshires with sausages, mashed potato & loads of gravy.

  15. MANDY DOHERTY says

    We have Yorkshire puddings with every roast dinner, it’s my daughters favourite part of the meal

  16. says

    You can never go wrong with some roast chicken…. but being a greedy one I’d quite happily go for beef too! Oh my my tummy just growled thinking about it!! Annie xx

  17. Emily Fowler says

    I serve yorkshire puddings with most things, ha ha, but roast pork and homemade apple sauce is my favourite!

  18. sue willshee says

    As a veggie and coeliac my favourite sunday roast is a nut roast with gluten free yorkshire puddings

  19. Jeannette Austen (@Jeannette01) says

    We have Yorkies with every Sunday roast My children love them this prize would get a good workout in my house :)

  20. Morowa Brenya says

    What a lovely competition, I serve mine with a jerk spiced Chicken and roasted sweet potatoes and veg. (A slight twist) on a British classic.

  21. Claire Nelson says

    Ham or salmon (yes I know that sounds odd – I do not eat a lot of meat but I adore yorkshire puddings!)

  22. Michelle Weston says

    I am veggie, but love a Mushroom Wellington with all the trimmings! The rest of my brood love a roast Turkey :0)

  23. Wendy Tolhurst says

    nice topside joint of beef, cooked so that it’s still pink, served with yorkshires, loads of veg and horseradish sauce (no gravy for me).

  24. sue lempkowski says

    I like beef but the rest of the family like chicken so we end up having chicken with stuffing and yorkie puds

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