Giveaway & Review: Flavourly Artisan “Tasting” Box (worth £22 plus free delivery)

Flavourly Artisan Tasting Box

Flavourly Artisan Tasting Box

Giveaway & Review:

Flavourly Artisan “Tasting” Box (worth £22 plus free delivery)

Flavourly Artisan Tasting Box Contents

Flavourly Artisan Tasting Box Contents

It’s always lovely to receive a box in the post, and especially when the box contains amazing goodies such as artisan ingredients and products.  So, when my January Flavourly Box arrived, filled with tasty artisan products, I was keen to dive in and see what there was to titillate my taste buds! I was not disappointed, although I imagine at least one of the ingredients would have been challenging for some people. My box was beautifully wrapped and presented and comprised:

Greefs Isle of Wight, Biltong Air Cured Beef 

(Oak Smoked & Air-Dried)

The Forest Kitchen Traditional Handmade Scottish Whisky Fudge

The Forest Kitchen, Traditional Handmade Scottish Oatcakes  

The Wee Tea Company

(Rooibos & Vanilla Leaf Tea)

 Eat 17, Bacon Jam  

 Northumberland Cheese Company Nettle Cheese

Flavourly Artisan "Tasting" Box

Flavourly Artisan “Tasting” Box

What I thought:  

The Biltong may be one of the “challenging” products that I mentioned before to some people; as I was born in South Africa, and I have eaten biltong on many occasions, I loved it, and it was a lovely addition to the box. One of my packets was sadly out of date, so I was not able to try it, but my oak-smoked beef biltong was in date and was enjoyed with some home-made mustard.


The Scottish Whisky fudge was delicious and it is hard to go wrong when adding a sweet treat like this in a tasting box. It was a little too sweet for my more savoury palette,  and the whisky flavour was very delicate, but, I am sure anyone with a sweet tooth would love it.


The Oatcakes were divine! They were lovely and crisp with a pronounced oaty flavour and a nice crumb. I am a bit of a snob when it comes to oatcakes, and either make my own or buy expensive artisan ones from delicatessens, and I thought that these were very high quality.


The Rooibos Redbush and Vanilla Tea was DELIGHTFUL! I love a cup of redbush now and then, and I thought the addition of the vanilla made for a much mellower and less bitter cup of tea.

The Bacon Jam was a revelation! I have heard of bacon jam, but have never tasted it; it was beautifully smoky with a pronounced onion taste and I LOVED it so much that the jar was gone in a day! I tried it with some cheese as well as spreading some on a slice of warm home-made bread, I am a convert and will be buying some more very soon.

Eat17 Bacon Jam

The Northumberland Nettle Cheese was my FAVOURITE ingredient in the box – it’s not hard to see why, as I am a BIG cheese addict and love small artisan cheese producers. Made with Pasteurised Cows’ Milk and suitable for vegetarians as this cheese uses Vegetarian Rennet, the flavour was creamy and slightly tangy from the nettles that are added. Nettle

Verdict on the Flavourly Artisan Tasting Box:

Unusual and high quality Artisan products by subscription

The box contained a diverse and interesting selection of products, some that may be a bit of a challenge to more conservative tastes, but a good mix of sweet, savoury, preserves, bakery and dairy. It was all beautifully presented and the tasting sheet was a useful addition for extra information about the produce that was included. Some people may suggest that if you cannot choose what you receive that this may be a down-side – for me, I love the “random and surprise” element of not knowing what you may receive, and as I am an adventurous person, this appeals to me. (This may not be a good selling point for others however.) The price was reasonable and I can see this being a lovely gift idea for family and friend, who are food orientated. The box is also ethically linked, as Flavourly have teamed up with the ‘FareShare‘ food community charity into a relationship that for every Flavourly ‘taste box’ purchased, they will donate ONE meal per purchase to those in need throughout the UK. (So what actually is FareShare? FareShare is a national UK charity supporting communities to relieve food poverty. FareShare is at the centre of two of the most urgent issues that face the UK: food poverty and food waste. In 2011 FareShare won ‘Britain’s most admired charity’ award which was a great achievement and stepping stone for all those involved.)

I give Flavourly a well deserved 4.4 out of 5, with half a point being lost for the out of date Biltong.

Disclaimer: I received a Flavourly tasting box worth £22 for free. I was not paid to give a positive review, and the views expressed in this post and review are my own. Karen S Burns-Booth
Flavourly Tasting Box

Flavourly Tasting Box

If you would like to subscribe to the Flavourly Artisan Box Scheme, you can get £10 off your first box by using the code “FLAVOURLY10” when you sign up for your subscription at Flavourly……..what a NICE way to test the current month’s box for a little less! 


I also have one Flavour Box to give away, all you have to do it to enter via the Rafflecopter below!

Flavourly Tasting Box

Flavourly Tasting Box

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  1. says

    These boxes look lovely!
    My favourite cheese is made by a small local dairy by the farmers wife. It’s a hard cheese, and she does a lovely smoked version too.

  2. sarah wallis says

    I adore all kinds of cheese, my current favourite is a local cheese which is cheddar mixed with worcestershire sauce, but i`ll happily try any type.

  3. Shonaigh Mudie says

    Really not a fan f cheese at all but my family adore it. If I had to say one it would be paneer, tried it once and it was nice- much better than tofu!

  4. Isabell Stewart says

    My favourite cheese is Dunsyre Blue or Lanark Blue. Actually I love all cheeses. It’s the only thing I can’t give up when I’m on a diet and low fat just doesn’t cut it.

  5. says

    My absolute favourite is White Stilton with Garlic and Mushroom – I very rarely find it but there is an amazing Cheese Shop in Hartington that never lets me down – gorgeous with crackers, or if I’m feeling reckless it makes an incredible sauce for steak! x

  6. says

    Well, I had one when I was younger from the Isle of Bute that I’ve never managed to find it again. Sad. However, I recently tried Crozier Blue from Ireland and Lancashire Bomber – both were pretty amazing

  7. Sheila Reeves says

    Favourite cheese is a bit like asking which is your favourite child 😉 Stilton, if I have to choose one :)

  8. KAREN TAYLOR says

    mmm….so many to choose from , I would have to say there is a cheese to suit every mood! When I’m feeling fruity I guess Stilton with apricots or an indulgent ripe Brie accompanied by a luscious pear. Bring on Valentine’s Day : ) X

  9. says

    Well there doesn’t seem much point sending you food you can’t eat because it is too old, that is not a good service nor good value for money. Having said that, I don’t generally take much notice of sell by dates and CT or I will eat most things if they haven’t obviously gone off.

    My favourite cheese is Cornish blue, but I love cheese and I’m happy to eat most of them.

  10. Fran Light says

    A rich, crumbly cheshire cheese … works better than cheddar with pickle, in a Ploughman’s Lunch (in my opinion anyway!)

  11. Caroline Asquith says

    Well I love all kinds of Cheese especially vintage matures and creamy blue veins but I am going to have a go at making paneer, the indian cheese to go in curry. After that I shall try making some flavoured cottage cheeses, I love the idea of being able to add just anything!

  12. Hayley Wells says

    I’m also a big fan of the nettle cheese from the Northumberland Cheese Co, they’re regulars at my local farmer’s market. I adore all different kinds of cheese, but my favourite has to be Swaledale ewes milk cheese really delicate flavour. There are some fantastic producers over those parts.

  13. sarah pearce says

    just plain old mature cheddar is my favourite,love it in chunks with pineapple,on toast and beans as long as it is in my fridge i don’t care how i have it!!!

  14. Lani Nash says

    I don’t really have a favourite.. I haven’t found one that I don’t like yet! I think I use Stilton most often so it must be quite high on my list

  15. Hilary Grey says

    Lordy, virtually impossible to answer, but I suppose for its sheer versatility, a good mature cheddar wins out. :-)

  16. elisa wright says

    I don’t like cheese! However if I was lucky enough to win I know a good home for the cheese.

  17. Deirdre Maher says

    Oh I love cheese, from fondue with Emmental & Gruyere, to a baked camembert, delicious Monteray Jack cheese on toast, a creamy Brie and cured ham baguette to a summer favourite – goats cheese salad. I could easily give up meat for cheese as I love it so much!

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