Giveaway: Win a STUNNING Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set worth £106:50

Giveaway: Win a STUNNING Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set worth £106:50

Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set


Win a STUNNING Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set

worth £106:50

Giveaway: Win a STUNNING Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set worth £106:50

Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set

I host contests, competitions and giveaways regularly on my blog, as Lavender and Lovage readers will know; and, I only ever choose to work with companies of the highest quality, but I am particularly excited about hosting this one, a fabulous and generous gift that has been donated by Keith Brymer Jones – a wonderful, and very seasonal, Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set worth £106:50! Regular readers will also remember that I was invited to one of Keith’s pop up shops before Christmas last year, and you can read all about it here: Keith Brymer Jones Pop Up Store in Portobello Road with the New Home Fragrance Collection. To celebrate Easter and Keith’s Easter Collection I am offering a wonderful Breakfast set as a prize. This fabulous gift comprises:

Lavender and Lovage Giveaway

Lavender and Lovage Giveaway

Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set worth £106:50:

1 x Set of 4 Egg Cups

1 x Sugar Bowl

1 x Teapot (four mug)

1 x Set of ‘Eat’ Side Plates

1 x Butter Dish

2 x ‘Good Morning’ Bucket Mugs 

Lavender and Lovage Easter Giveaway

Lavender and Lovage Easter Giveaway


Keith Brymer Jones is a British ceramic designer and maker whose distinctive pieces have graced stylish homes for over two decades. He began his career entirely hand making unique domestic pieces in earthenware and porcelain, in which form and function combine to produce tactile modern ceramics durable enough for everyday use.

As a pioneer of bringing traditional materials and methods in to contemporary use Keith’s work was soon appreciated by major high street and boutique retailers alike; Habitat, Heals, Conran and Barneys NY to name but a few. His unique ceramics gained a wide and loyal following in the U.K. and around the world. Keith also uses his expertise in his capacity as “Head of Design” for Make International, where he designs and develops ceramic ranges under the Make brand. In the past four years, Keith has created designs with celebrated designers including Neisha Crosland, Martin Wiscombe and Rachel Barker, as well as working on unique ranges for individual clients and companies such as My Cup Of Tea and Dorset Cereals. Keith continues to collaborate with other artists designers and companies, alongside expanding his own designs and ranges.

Keith’s design philosophy focuses on creating modern pieces that are bold and simple, stylish yet traditional, pleasing to the eye and useful in the modern home. The Word range brings together the very best of the Keith Brymer Jones signature style.

It is a classic white ware range with a twist. Each porcelain piece features a small coloured word imprint, recalling an old typewriter font, while the modern shape gives a country feel with urban aesthetic. Due to the huge success of the original tableware, the range has now been expanded to include a stunning and original cookware collection. Although each piece stands alone as a perfect combination of form, function and beauty, the whole range together creates an outstanding collection that will bring pleasure for years to come.

Giveaway: Win a STUNNING Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set worth £106:50

Giveaway: Win a STUNNING Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set worth £106:50

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Giveaway: Win a STUNNING Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set worth £106:50

Giveaway: Win a STUNNING Keith Brymer Jones Easter Breakfast Tableware Set worth £106:50

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Keith Brymer Jones Easter Collection

Keith Brymer Jones Easter Collection

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Tracy Nixon says

    I would serve soft boiled eggs (with decorated shells) and chicks (same as soldiers!), some chocolate croissants, a pot of Twinnings Breakfast tea and fresh orange juice!

  2. Susan Freeman says

    soft boiled eggs, pepper, toasted soldiers, cereal and crumpets with lashings of butter, coffee – perfect breakfast! :)

  3. Angela Wilson says

    smoked salmon white buttered toast soldiers and sof tboiled eggs with earl grey tea, lovely, I love breakfast sets, makes so much more of a meal that usually gobbled up in a rush to work!

  4. Maxine says

    dippy eggs with soldiers, a glass of orange juice and maybe a lovely buttery english muffin just for added yumminess

  5. says

    I’m a sucker for tableware and this is a great set, I would have to serve boiled eggs to use the egg cups, followed by delicious home made hot cross buns with various preserves.

  6. angela sandhu says

    soft boiled eggs with toast made with home made bread and real butter

    then hot cross buns

    fresh coffee and orange juice

    I also like those mini eggs scattered around in the picture above! Never too early for a ‘bit’ of chocolate!

  7. Terri Betz says

    Lovely! I would serve three minute eggs, our homemade sausage, my homade bunny rolls, breakfast tea with sugar and cream and sweet fruit!
    Thank you for this heirloom giveaway! You are a generous soul!

  8. says

    We are having my inlaws to stay over the Easter weekend and they always bring us fresh eggs from their lovely chickens; Hermione, Harriet and Henrietta. So we would be having boiled eggs with homemade-bread soldiers, yummy! Oh, and a pot of Earl Grey, my kids love Earl Grey tea (they are 2 and 4)

  9. Wendy Lam says

    It’s been a tradition in my family to serve a continental breakfast for Easter as it is a real treat for the kids. The freshly baked croissants would look great on the side plates. That served with freshly smoked ham for those who like it savoury and sweet. A block of butter on the butter dish and a pot of Earl’s Grey tea to all wash it down with. And as a little treat for my two kids I shall pop a Creme egg in their egg cup for a little breakfast dessert

  10. Frances Fox says

    I would serve just right boiled eggs for dipping with soldiers in ‘What came first the chicken or the egg’ egg cups, not sure I could manage multicoloured eggs though, followed by toasted hot cross buns with lashings of tea in Good Morning tea cups. Mmm can’t wait. xx

  11. Serena La Pietra says

    french toast with maple syrup, smoked bacon with a boiled up and soldiers for me. Tea with two sugars is my preference.

  12. Maria Turner says

    OJ, Tea, Toast, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, hot cross buns, butter, jam and marmalade, so that everyone can help themselves to whatever they want :)

  13. Lisa Williams says

    boiled eggs with asparagus and tea and seeing as its a special occasion I may be tempted to wrap the asparagus in parma ham NOM!

  14. olivia kirby says

    I love this set! I would have what we all had today, soft boiled dippy eggs and toast soldiers and tea. Maybe some fresh fruit too. A great start to the day!

  15. Vanessa Booles says

    I would serve some soft boild eggs with some toast to dip it in and warm hotcross buns with butter and a loveley tea xx

  16. Daisymaebee Griffin says

    I would have a soft boiled egg, Some lovely soft home-made bread cut into soldiers for dipping, and a hot cup of builders tea (white with two sugars) all served to me in bed while the children go for a walk with Daddy,leaving me in peace to eat my brekkie and read my book. Bliss !!! A girls gotta dream heehee

  17. stephen says

    thanks so much for this beautiful prize give away… my wife would love this. I would serve her soft boiled eggs and soldiers as well as hot cross buns and a pot of tea. Love to win this.. fingers are crossed =)

  18. Anne Thompson says

    I would serve some English Breakfast tea, brewed with loose leaves for more flavour, followed by some Porridge and soft boiled free range eggs, served with toast soldiers (always the best, like you had as a child) and to finish home-made seville marmalade on toast. Ah Pure luxury!.

  19. Alice Monk says

    I would empty and clean some egg shells and then coat the insides with chocolate and fill with squirty cream and marshmallow…omnomnom…. served as normal eggs in the egg cups to my unsuspecting family. Well if you can’t have chocolate for breakfast at Easter,, when can you! Served with a cuppa and some OJ and smiles all round.

  20. Heather Ellis says

    I’d breakfast like a King – free range boiled eggs (hens’ eggs, not swan though), wholemeal toast soldiers (Kings Troopers) and a steaming pot of Kings tea.

  21. Fiona Harris says

    Ooh What a lovely set of crockery :-)) I lovely white!! I would serve Dippy eggs and soldiers Hmm.. A pot of English Breakfast tea,and a plate of Hot cross buns Lightly toasted with butter!

  22. sian hallewell says

    A pot of Lady Gray (more refreshing than Earl Gray for the first cup of tea in the morning), with toasted hot cross buns.

  23. Katie Swaby says

    Soft boiled eggs with toasted (on one side!) soldiers, hot cross buns with chunky raisins and lots of butter, and several cups of builders tea :)

  24. Karen Scammell says

    Dippy eggs with soldiers and some Redbush tea for my mum. But I might be naughty and stick a creme egg in my eggcup instead.

  25. Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me says

    boiled egg with toasted soldiers a real treat, along with a pot of english breakfast tea. Ooh and whilst I am at it maybe half a grapefruit too!


  26. Sharon C says

    Pot of Earl Grey Tea, Boiled egg and buttery soldiers, glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and some flowers from the garden. Heaven.

  27. Mark Whittaker says

    Soft boiled eggs, slices of home made granary soldiers , English Breakfast tea and the first clue for and Easter egg hunt.

  28. Zoe G says

    I would do dippy eggs and I have one of those soldier cutters for the kids so we would have soldier too and a nice cup of tea before we start our Easter egg hunt

  29. melanie stirling says

    This is lovely! I would serve boiled eggs and soldiers and then when the eggs have been eaten replace the shells with a chocolate creme egg :)

  30. Vohn says

    I’d serve homemade hot cross buns, followed by the new Cadbury’s Egg ‘n Spoon eggs in the egg cups as a fun treat. Vohn

  31. jackie says

    3 minute eggs with toast soldiers (crusty home made bread of course), homemade hot cross buns with lots of butter, and my favorite tea…which is Constant Comment original flavor…my gram and I had it every Sunday after church with lunch. I LOVE this set!

  32. Emma Ferguson says

    Homemade cheese and pepper muffins with egg and bacon. A chilled glass of orange juice and fresh coffee. 😉

  33. beverley whiteman says

    a perfect breakfast for me is fluffy scrambled eggs,bacon medallions,toasted brown bread with low fat butter and a cup of lemon and ginseng tea,

  34. Valerie Dallimore says

    Soft boiled eggs with soldiers plus tea, same as I have every day! But it would be fantastic to serve it on this stunning tableware! xx

  35. Arabella Bazley says

    Soft boiled eggs and Marmite soldiers because Easter always reminds me of my childhood even though it’s a long time since the Easter Bunny hid my Chocolate Egg behind the curtains. And a few cups of Earl Grey would be lovely too!

  36. ann scally says

    I would serve boiled egg and toasted soldiers. The Easter bunny always left us an egg (which my dad used to draw our faces on) for us to have boiled with soldiers on Easter sunday. Still like this tradition but the Easter Bunny does not leave the egg. Breakfast has to be egg, soldiers with a glass of orange juice followed by a nice cup of tea. x

  37. Liz Thomas says

    Hesyon Blumethal’s six minute soft boiled eggs, home-made muli grain bread and luscous home-made peach and passionfruit jam. A suitable Easter spread for the beautiful Keith Brymer Jones designs. Stunning stuff!

  38. Romana Richards says

    Well, you cant have Easter without eggs so it has to be softly boiled eggs which ooze out the moment you cut them. Soldiers off course to dip in and a nice pot of Earl grey tea which can be topped up accordingly. That would make for a lazy breakfast that I hardly ever do due to everyone having to rush out!


    l’d serve……………… grandsons their breakfast – it would give their mum and dad a break too

  40. HelenD says

    Amazing pieces! Modern and very useful.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway.
    Well, tradition has it -and I love it – to have red painted easter hard boiled eggs, tsoureki bread slices with butter and my home made orange and bergamond marmalade, pancakes with strawberries and honey and a pot of vanilla flavoured tea.Oh and the homemade easter butter cookies.Absolutely gorgeous!

  41. Veronica Pennycook says

    I would serve some of those new eggs that are being advertised – chocolate with a spoon. Well it is Easter!

  42. Sandra Foreman says

    soft boiled chucky eggs served with hot buttered toasted soldiers and a pot of lovely hot tea, delicious :)

  43. WandaFish says

    I’d definitely have to serve boiled eggs with homemade bread soldiers followed by toasted hot cross buns and a pot of redbush tea. Thanks for such a splendid giveaway!

  44. Katie Kingsbury says

    Scrambled eggs with crusty granary bread dripping in butter and a steaming mug of ‘proper’ coffee. And maybe a pain au chocolate if I’m feeling decadent 😉 .

  45. Jayne Sullivan says

    Hard boiled eggs, a little smoked salmon and some freshly toasted brown bread. I would also make some Earl Grey Tea in that gorgeous little teapot !

  46. Lisa says

    I wouldn’t – hubby always serves breakfast on ‘high days and holidays’ so I would leave it to him. It would be a lovely surprise.

  47. Deborah Dixon says

    Softly scrambled eggs with wafer thin slices of home made wholemeal bread, and crispy bacon bits

  48. Cathy says

    Scrambled eggs on toasts, with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Hot black coffee with loads of sugar on the side.

  49. ClairejB says

    Well I think I would be torn between putting soft boiled egg with soldiers or CHOCOLATE eggs in the little egg cups? 😉 Nom

    I love the mugs, I wish all my table wear would wish me a ‘good morning’! :)

  50. Isobelle says

    Eggs Benedict, toasted homemade bread and butter and a pot of strong real coffee with cream and those ice sugar cubes that are like little rocks.

  51. Becky John says

    My children love soft boiled eggs so that would have to be on the menu, we also have a rabbit cut out so we can have rabbit soldiers to accompany them.

  52. Lisa Pope says

    Soft Boiled eggs with dippy soldiers, I’d make hot cross buns too which we’d have with some of my homemade Jam. With a pot of breakfast tea

  53. Lorraine Devlin says

    I gave up chocolate and sweeties for Lent and I am definitely having chocolate for breakfast on Easter Sunday! It would be nice to have it from these lovely plates and tea from the nice mugs thanks.

  54. tamalyn roberts says

    i would serve some freshly laid soft boiled eggs with granary bread soldiers and some fresh orange and a lovely pot of english breakfast tea

  55. Barbara Jones says

    I would serve my grandmother’s “peep peeps” , with a fruit coffee cake and hot tea/coffee

  56. Clare Pearce says

    I’d made a pot of tea or 5 and looks of buttery toast cut into soldiers to dunk into my boiled eggs held in my kieth brymer jones egg cups.

  57. Carol says

    Soft boiled eggs… With fresh toast, cut into bunny shapes… Warm, buttered crumpets and a lovely cup of Breakfast Blend tea! Perfect! :)

  58. Victoria Androsova says

    Full english breakfast in bed for my hubby with funny faced boiled eggs, isn’t the best start of the day?!

  59. sarah pearce says

    it’s my daughters birthday on easter sunday so she will be choosing what we have for breakfast,but i bet it will be her favourite runny boiled eggs and soldiers,with a glass of apple juice.

  60. Ali Thorpe says

    A selection of egg breakfasts – boiled eggs and soldiers, poached eggs on English muffins and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.

  61. Kirsty Fox says

    I have commented on My Mum’s “Teacup Apricot and Honey Porridge” Recipe for a Cold March Morning

  62. Jane Baillie says

    This is a beautiful, sophisticated breakfast set. As none of our bowls, mugs etc are matching, this would be a wonderful prize to win!

  63. Deborah Patrick says

    Hmm, for breakfast on Eastrer morning for us it would have to be drop scones, toasted muffins, scrambled eggs and some milk! (I’ve went and made myself hungry now!) xx

  64. Warren Jacobs says

    Scrambled eggs with a splash of Worcestershire sauce serverd on thick buttered toast – washed down by with a cup of Yorkshire tea.

  65. clara doherty says

    It would have to be soft boiled eggs with delicious runny yolks and solders to dip in them, with a lovely pot of tea.

  66. Lynda Woolnough says

    I love this set. Just right for boiled eggs, well buttered soldiers, toast and a lovely pot of tea. The perfect breakfast

  67. kristy brown says

    Would have to be dippy eggs with soldiers, side order of bacon. Melon and Yoghurt for me and fresh orange for all

  68. CarolD says

    My husband would want a traditional fried breakfast .. but i would serve orange juice, boiled eggs with soldiers & toast & honey. Lovely tableware!

  69. Chris Bell says

    Soft boiled eggs to have soldiers with them and some toast on the side with lashings of bacon!

  70. James Holyland says

    Fresh minted fruit salad with a poached egg on whole meal toast & grilled tomatoes & a nice hot cup of decaf tea

  71. Kayla Warner says

    I would serve soft boiled eggs with toasty soldiers, spread with butter and marmite, and a nice cup of tea, what a great way to start the day :)

  72. Emily Jane Ann Nelson says

    deffo Scrummy dipping eggs with thick toast! Mmmm nothing beats a good olde runny egg!! with SALT! xx

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