Giveaway: Win a Riverside Lifestyle Lavender Hamper of Tea, Chocolates and Jam

Lavender Chocolate Truffles


Win a Riverside Lifestyle Lavender Hamper of Tea, Chocolates and Jam 

Riverside Lifestyle

 You may remember I posted a review on some lovely Riverside Lifestyle produce recently here, A Lavender Breakfast in Bed for Mum on Mother’s Day with Riverside Lifestyle Farm Shop, well, the lovely people at Riverside Lifestyle have offered all Lavender and Lovage readers the chance to win a mini Lavender Hamper! This little hamper will be perfect for a relaxing breakfast in bed or a luxurious afternoon tea! The hamper comprises:

Lavender Tea

Lavender Tea Bags

Lavender Tea Bags

Lavender and Strawberry Jam

Lavender and Strawberry Jam

Lavender and Strawberry Jam

Lavender Chocolates

Lavender Chocolates

Lavender Chocolates

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English Lavender Fields

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  1. says

    My best breakfast is when had a divine breakfast served on the British Pullman travelling to Bath. Fresh Fruit salad, warm rolls, scrambled eggs with ham served with a glass of champagne. Its was lovely, not sure I could eat it every day but definitely fantastic. Other with I do enjoy eggs of toast! lol

  2. Anita says

    Best breakfast is always at Easter – soft boiled eggs in coloured shells with soldiers, hot cross buns with butter and marmalade. Table set with daffodils and easter eggs and white porcelain rabbits. Its been the same every year that I can remember.

  3. karen brown says

    my favourite breakfast is what i have just had today, sardines on wholemeal toast with a mug of tea

  4. Lese says

    My favourite breakfast is an old fashioned fry up but I rarely have that, settling for breakfast biscuits, milk, oj followed by proper coffee made in my moka

  5. Mia Thurlow says

    Every now and again I’ll have a bowl of Frosties, really takes me back to my childhood! They taste even better at supper time :-)

  6. Maya Russell says

    I like a full English breakfast – egg, bacon, sausage, toast, tomato, cooked by someone else.

  7. Rachel Ray says

    I love Shredded Wheat (but a non Nestlé version) or a bowl of chopped fruit covered with yoghurt.

  8. says

    Croissants with jam and a big cup of Earl Grey with a slice of lemon. Though Italian style cannoli with fersh ricotta cream can compete with that. Or blini. mmm

  9. Frenchie~Isabelle says

    I’m a bit of a savoury person, as for breakfasts, right now I love having buttered some cheese bread (store bought, but so good… oh dear) with a mug of tea, and sometimes some fruit. Not too much, having had stomach surgery a few years ago.

    Sometimes my DH treats us with a full cooked English breakfast, including sausage, eggs, sometimes black pudding, ham, tomatoes, toasts, and beans (for him. I love British products, but I’ve always hated beans with a passion).

    And very rarely, I’ll treat myself to some french viennoiseries (pain au chocolat), but it’s extremely rare. :)

  10. KAREN TAYLOR says

    During this cold snap I love a bowl of milky porridge with blueberries…but if eating out eggs florentine ; )

  11. Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me says

    I am partial to scrambled eggs on toast, with fresh OJ and fresh coffee – a real treat!


  12. sarah birkett says

    A special treat breakfast would be really good white bread with really good strawberry jam, plus lots and lots of tea ( and a little bit of peace and quiet ).

  13. Rebecca Saunders says

    Scrambled egg, smoked salmon and an English muffin! (With ketchup to make it a little less elegant!!)

  14. jennifer thorpe says

    it happens very rarely, but a full english is my favourite breakfast ever. Failing that its marmite on toast :-)

  15. Fiona Matters says

    Almost every morning I have home made muesli and yogurt at work. I do look forward to it and adore it – definitely my favorite cold breakfast

  16. says

    In the summer I like fresh fruit, but in the winter it has to be either porridge (sometimes with cornflakes or crunchy nut cornflakes in it and lots of sugar), or hot cross buns. Every now and again I’ll have Marmite or pate on toast.

  17. elisa wright says

    During the week its breakfast biscuits on the go and a cup of tea. At weekend I love toast & jam!

  18. Rachel Murray says

    Eggs Benedict! Poached eggs on top of a toasted muffin, bacon and hollandaise sauce! It’s the bee’s knee’s!!

  19. Sue Warr says

    My favourite breakfast is either Smoked Haddock and Scrambled Eggs, or Full English Breakfast…….the breakfast I enjoy and eat every single morning is Porridge with sultanas and cinnamon, made with milk!!

  20. says

    Home made pancakes with syrup if I’m being particularly extravagant (and unhealthy!) or strawberries. Some Greek yoghurt, a big old pot of coffee and orange juice.

  21. Annie Costa says

    American pancakes with maple syrup and squirty cream is my favorite breakfast!Well you never said it had to be healthy 😛

  22. Emily Hutchinson says

    Generally toast and marmalade, but I do love a big buffet of cooked breakfast when I’m in a hotel :)

  23. Tracy C says

    I used to be a weetabix girl but lately it’s all about porridge, ideally with a little swirl of jam!

  24. Robyn Loughlin says

    I’m a sucker for marmite and butter and toast. But I also have a weakness for bread still hot from the oven with peanut butter and strawberry jam.

  25. Katie Harmer says

    I must say that my favourite breakfast is home made porridge with a sprinkle of sugar on top and a drop of cold milk around the edge, especially on cold frosty mornings.

  26. Laura Dye says

    My favourite breakfast is those rare occasions when the other half brings me breakfast in bed. On those days, I don’t care what it is! But my favourite is Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs with wholemeal toast :)

  27. Phyllis Ellett says

    Bacon and Sausage sandwich, my favourite breakfast treat, shame only have as a treat. Why are do bad things taste the best?

  28. Hayley Louise Colburn says

    I love a good fry up (but thats a special treat, or else i’d be the size of a bus) my regular fave is a nice jam on toast

  29. Sue Elvin says

    My favourite breakfast is cornflakes with whole milk followed by croissants, strawberry jam and freshly brewed coffee.

  30. Rebecca Nisbet says

    If I’m in a naughty mood then French toast or in a lazy mood it’s a big bowl of crunchy nuts mmmmmmm!

  31. katarina micallef says

    I love muesli with some mixed nuts/dried fruit and blueberries mixed with yoghurt! yum yum

  32. john ogden says

    Full English for me, but sometimes toast with thick farm fresh butter and fruity strawberry jam just hits the spot

  33. Lynn says

    I just love a hearty breakfast starting with museli, eggs on toast and followed by gorgeous jams or marmalade on freshly baked bread.

  34. Patricia Walker says

    Thrifty & Organic Meal Planner: Persian Lamb, Aromatic Cauliflower & Chocolate Truffle Cake Recipes shared on G+

  35. liz lipsett says

    a slice of brown bread toasted and smothered in rhubarb and ginger jam…..delicious [though am partial to a choccie or two to follow!!]

  36. Claire Barker says

    Mashed bananas on toast with a little brown sugar popped under the grill for the sugar to lightly caramelise !

  37. Angie Hoggett says

    A light and fluffy mushroom omelette followed by some Greek yoghurt with fresh summer berries and a drizzle of honey!

  38. Ruth Dunkin says

    My favourite breakfast is anything I don’t have to cook or prepare myself! Love a hotel brekkie of fruit salad followed by a bacon omlette, yum!

  39. Lesley Cohen Wright says

    American – bacon, egg, hash browns, pancakes all smothered in maple syrup sounds disgusting tastes divine

  40. P Lavender says

    It’s usually fruit and yogurt for me but on Sunday’s it’s delicious hot buttered toast thickly spread with jam!

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