Giveaway: Win a Fabulous Scottish Fish Hamper, worth £46 delivered to your door!

Giveaway: Win a Fabulous Scottish Fish Hamper, worth £46 delivered to your door!

Giveaway: Win a Fabulous Scottish Fish Hamper, worth £46 delivered to your door!


Win a Fabulous Scottish Fish Hamper,

worth £46 delivered to your door!

Giveaway: Win a Fabulous Scottish Fish Hamper, worth £46 delivered to your door!

Giveaway: Win a Fabulous Scottish Fish Hamper, worth £46 delivered to your door!

As regular readers will know, I am currently involved in a “Healthy Happy Hearts” fish challenge, where I will be eating fish at least twice a week, for a healthy happy heart! I have posted several fish recipes lately that use Omega 3 oil rich fish, which is proven to enhance your heart and health, and, I have also been lucky enough to receive a fabulous Omega 3 rich fish hamper from Delish Fish, and you can see my first recipe that I made from my hamper here: Recipe: Low-Calorie Moroccan Cod Parcels for the 5:2 Diet and a Healthy Happy Heart. John at Delish Fish has very kindly offered the very same hamper I received, as a prize on Lavender and Lovage! The prize comprises:

1 x Omega 3 Oil Rich Fish Hamper (RRP£46):

4 portions salmon,

4 portions smoked mackerel,

4 portions frozen herrings,

2 portions hake,  

2 portions cod,

2 portions haddock

Delish Fish

Delish Fish Healthy Omega 3 Fish Pack (Prize varies to photo shown here)

Did you know, that by eating fish that are rich in omega 3 oils regularly, you can increase your lifespan by at least two years, a new report has suggested – this information also made the news headlines on British television this week. The study found that older adults with higher levels of blood omega-3 may be able to lower their overall mortality risk by as much as 27%, and their mortality risk from heart disease by about 35%. On average subjects with the highest blood levels of fatty acids found in fish lived 2.2 years longer than those with lower levels.If you are interested in which fish are highest in omega 3 oils, this handy chart from is very interesting: Omega 3 Health Claims

Poached Salmon with Herb Mayonnaise

Poached Salmon with Herb Mayonnaise

If you would like to purchase the hamper in the meantime, then for a limited time only, John has offered Lavender and Lovage readers a FABULOUS discount of £11 – you can but the fish hamper for £35 including delivery! Just order on-line here: Delish Fishor by phone here: 01779 477930, and please quote Lavender and Lovage as the special discount code. 

Delish Fish

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Seductive Salmon! Salmon, Sorrel & Cream Cheese Parcels (Recipe)

Giveaway: Win a Fabulous Scottish Fish Hamper, worth £46 delivered to your door!

Lavender and Lovage Fish Recipes: 

5:2 Diet Recipe: Scallop and Prawn Platter with Chilli Herb Vinaigrette

Gourmet 5:2 Diet Recipe - Scallop and Prawn Platter with Chilli Herb Vinaigrette

Salmon with Herb Mayonnaise

Thrifty & Organic Meal Planner: Salmon with Herb Mayonnaise, Spring Greens & Orange Cream Cheese Cake Recipes

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Christopher Powell says

    What a very tasty prize, lots of inspiration for some lovely meals. Would love to win the hamper delivered to my door, so much easier than trying to catch my home.

  2. Tracy Nixon says

    My dad has his own boat and goes out sea fishing so my favourite is fresh cod in batter – best eaten a couple of hours after it has been swimming in the sea! (I don’t like chips!)

  3. Cat Williams says

    Home made fish and chips. Fish from the fish quay with home made batter and brown chips with a huge dollop of mushy peas

  4. Anne-Marie Taylor says

    You can’t beat a piece of salmon roasted with a slice of smoked salmon wrapped around it – serve with salad and new tates!

  5. Sue Buckman says

    I like lots of different fish meals………….fish and chips, or fish (salmon, cod or haddock) with new potatoes and a sauce (cheese, hollandaise, watercress) and veg. I also like fresh tuna, jacket potato and salad as well as smoked mackerel and salad

  6. Isobelle forde says

    A big bowl each of mussels in shell cooked in a nice jus of cream, wine, onions garlic and dill, served with crusty fresh bread to mop up the juices. Messy, tasty and kind of sociable!

  7. Shirley Young says

    Just love salmon smeared with pesto, green beans and new potatoes. Fish pie so satisfying: undergoing chemo just now and my taste buds love anything fishy.

  8. Mary Baldwin says

    Our favourite is fish and chips from the best chippy in town. It’s the only fish dish that we all eat and enjoy and is our Friday night treat for the end of the week.

  9. Dawn Canning says

    Home made chips with beer battered haddock and proper (soaked overnight) mushy peas, white bread and butter and a cup of strong tea-heaven!

  10. Christine Dodd says

    Fish pie – made with salmon, white fish (varies which), smoked fish (again varies) and creamy mash topping

  11. Jayne Wilson says

    My favourite fish dish is Smoked Haddock served on spring onion mash with a poached egg on top and cheese sauce , Delish

  12. Angela McDonald says

    My favourite is fresh salmon with green beans and rice noodles :) Sounds like a strange combination but it’s really yummy!
    I’ve also shared one of you FISH posts!

  13. Elizabeth Simpson says

    Our favourite family supper is kedgeree made with uncoloured smoked haddock, local eggs with big yellow yolks, shallots, and brown rice with a twist of salt and pepper and a sprinkling of paprika on top.

  14. sarah bootland says

    I love fish and chips, but I also love: Smoked haddock, mashed potato, poached egg and bread & butter! Xxx

  15. Mark Whittaker says

    To have at home, I love haddock in homemade beer batter, but if I am out a local seafood restaurant does an amazing monkfish dish that I love

  16. Laura Williams says

    We love a fab fish pie! Yummmmmmy! Served with baby potatoes and lots of carrots, broccoli and petis pois! 😀
    What a lovely prize! Our house would welcome this hamper with very open arms!!! :-)

    Thank you!

    Laura Williams

  17. Judith Allen says

    a fillet of something with a little lime and cajun seasoning, griddle and serve with new potatoes and salad.

    • Judith Allen says

      can’t see a like button for them on facebook, am I being dense? I do follow on twitter though

  18. Gilla01 says

    I love fish, all kinds and ways. One of my favourite meals is fish pie, with lots of creamy mashed potatoes and tasty white sauce.

  19. Anne Bethell says

    Husband has started to eat fish-Docs recommendation-now finds he enjoys it so would love to win this prize for him

  20. says

    It’s got to be smoked mackerel with poached eggs and wholemeal soda bread. This used to be my favourite weekend breakfast dish but I tried it one evening for tea when there wasn’t much else in and then wondered why on earth I’d never had it at that time of day before! Vohn x

  21. Andrew Halliwell says

    good old fashioned fish, chips and mushy peas…
    But it’s got to be from a chippy north of brum to be perfect.

  22. Andrew Halliwell says

    There’s no “like” available for delish fish
    I’ve clicked through to find their facebook page and they’ve set it up as a person not as a page that has “like”. So I clicked send a friend request instead. (and clicked “I’m a fan” of course.

  23. William Gould says

    We love fish and chips in winter, and either trout or salmon with new potatos and salad in summer!

  24. Fiona Harris says

    Gosh I have so Many fishy favourites!! but very possibly Paella, or moules and frites :-) especially nice eaten on a warm sunny day!

  25. Gillian Holmes says

    I like a portion of cod (not in batter or breadcrumbs) with an assortment of fresh veg and a touch of french dressing.

  26. Hazel Rea says

    We have two favourites – a mild fish Thai curry and white fished cooked in a tomato, garlic and basil sauce.

  27. ANTHONY GOODE says

    cod and chips with a small curry sauce and a can of cherry coke, every thursday, yum my favourite.

    • deborah godbolt says

      i love a nice fish pie made with white fish, smoked haddock.and prawns topped in a white sauce with mashed potato and gratted cheese topping

  28. claire matthews-curtis says

    Homemade fishcakes go down a treat in my house, and you can use alot of different fish in them, so its different everytime, great way of getting my lot to try different fish

  29. Paul Meulen says

    Living on the east yorkshire coast i have to say fish and chips because the quality of british fish here is amazing.

  30. Andrew Petrie says

    shared Fish on Friday: Smoked Haddock Spread with Sourdough Toast and Mesclun Leaves on twitter

  31. Andrew Carter says

    I love Smoked Salmon, cooked with a little spice, and lemon juice, wrapped in foil and cooked on the BBQ.

  32. Diana says

    I love all fish….though theres nothing like good old English fish and chips on a friday night! :-) hope I win what a fab prize…Dx

  33. susan walsh says

    so many favourites..
    from Kedgeree,smoked haddock with a poached egg on top ,to Salmon en croute, homemade beer batter covering some fresh Cod or Haddock. Grilled whole Plaice, pan fried Sole with Hollandaise sauce, fishermans Pie, or a Seafood Medley fish is a real super food

  34. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    Tuna salad if we are being healthy – fish n chips if we aren’t. Good luck to everyone x

  35. Linda Hobbis says

    You can’t beat traditional fish and chips but we also like to take a fillet of white fish, cover it in lemon juice, coriander, chopped chillis and steam it in tin foil. Delicious and healthy. Works well with seabass, monkfish, cod or hake.

  36. Jane Poole says

    We love Eggs Royale – poached eggs, on smoked salmon with Hollandaise, served on toasted bagel. Pleny of freshly ground black pepper please!

  37. Maggi L says

    I love your Scallop and Prawn Platter with Chilli Herb Vinaigrette, looks simple and delicious!

  38. Victoria Easton says

    I love smoked haddock, cooked in a little milk served with green beans and jersey potatoes – perfect! I will share on facebook and twitter – if that is possible. I would love this prize!

  39. kellyjo walters says

    Our favorite meal here is a seafood tea, prawns, cockles, crab, , Mackerel and salad.
    tonights dinner we are having rainbow trout

  40. Linda Hobbis says

    I love fish because it’s so simple to cook – just wrap in tin foil, cover in lemon, fresh herbs and chilli and let is gently steam in its own juices. I’m trying to wean the children off breaded fish and on to the real thing!

  41. Louise Lumsden says

    I do love hake but find that difficult to get hold of where we live so next favourite has so be smoked haddock which I love to use in a kedgeree , my hubby doesn’t like that though,so his favourite is fish pie,I put a bit of poached cod, salmon & smoked haddock in ours with hard boiled eggs,cover cheese sauce and top it with creamy mashed potato, bake it in the oven until golden and bubbly then serve with peas, sweetcorn and green beans , yum!

  42. Kathryn S says

    Fish in coconut, a thai style dish with salmon, cod, smoked haddock, prawns and squid in a lovely red thai sauce <3

  43. Linda says

    A nice healthy option to fish and chips: Grilled or baked salmon with new potatoes (which have to be freshly dug from garden because they have more taste), petit pois and sweetcorn.

  44. Lorna Craig says

    maybe not the healthiest option but it has to be fish and chips, or as we call it in Scotland , a fish supper!

  45. Rebecca Nisbet says

    My fella is a born and bread Black Country yam yam, so when we go up his way it’s nice to treat ourselves to his local chip shop and get ourselves some orange chips and a nice piece of battered cod

  46. Lisa Ellison says

    Fresh Cod, with a squeeze of lemon juice and a little parsley all wrapped in foil and baked served with new potatoes.

  47. Linda Hill says

    Lightly grilled salmon fillet (still soft and translucent inside, served with wild rice, a variety of very lightly steamed vegetables and a Thai Fish Curry Sauce on the side – for dipping the veg!

  48. Lesley Bain says

    My son would say fish and chips, but the fish meal that everyone in the house likes is rainbow trout….usually served with mash and steamed veg :) x

  49. Joanne Benham says

    My daughter and I love cajun spiced salmon served with moroccan spiced cous cous, broccoli and peas – delicious x

  50. Karen Whittaker says

    Fish pie made with smoked haddock and smoked cod, haddock and salmon with prawns for a special treat

  51. Gill Faichney says

    Great competition. :)

    Our family favorite is smoked haddock stuffed with rice, wrapped in bacon with a butter sauce. :)

  52. Saska Brenard says

    Shared Provencal Mussels. Salmon is such a nice summer food….I tried it recently with Piri Piri type spices and loved it grilled on top of a fresh salad topped with parsley.

  53. Charlotte Morris says

    Halibut with lemon butter, served with asparagus, a poached egg and pea puree – we are having it for dinner tonight!

  54. Arthur says

    Fish Pie, because of the wonderful fish cakes that will be had the following morning as an excellent follow-up.

  55. Lesley Jones says

    Adore all kinds of fish, but love salmon encroute with watercress & hollandaise sauce inside.

  56. Jayne K says

    Russian Fish Pie – chunks of white fish, chopped gherkins and chopped hard boiled egg in a white sauce for the filling

  57. alice lightning says

    obviously traditional fish and chips succulent fish in crispy bubbly batter and chips smothered in vinegar and salt delicious


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