Round-Up: April Herbs on Saturday Cooking Challenge

Elizabethan English Herb and Flower Salad with Honey Dressing

Elizabethan English Herb and Flower Salad with Honey Dressing


April Herbs on Saturday Cooking Challenge

Herbs on Saturday

Here we are again, one month later and another fabulous round-up of the most amazing and diverse herb recipes!  There were some wonderful recipes from lavender cakes to mushroom soup with all sorts of other delights in between……and, as ever, I am constantly amazed at how much talent is out there in the food blogging world. With lots of thanks to ALL of you once again. May’s Herbs on Saturday event will be hosted by my LOVELY friend Anneli over at her stunning blog, Delicieux. (I will update the link once she has posted it tomorrow) Now to the round-up…….and the winner of the book will be revealed at the end too! Thanks, Karen


April Herbs on Saturday Cooking Challenge

1. Frosty mornings & spring herbs by Sarah of The Garden Deli: 


A Delightful Mayonnaise packed with Fresh Spring Herbs

2. Roasted Carrot Hummus Salad with Black Rice, Tomatoes and Dill by Janet of The Taste Space:

Roasted Carrot Hummus Salad with Black Rice, Tomatoes and Dill

A Spring Salad packed with Flavour, as only Janet can do!

3. Ottolenghi’s hot and sour mushroom soup by Rachel of Marmaduke Scarlet:

Super soup with Hot and Sour flavours from Ottelenghi with love

4. Lavender-Lemon Polenta Cake by Mich of Eat a Piece of Cake:

Fragrance and Citrus in a Moist Beauty of a Cake

5. Seafood Surprise Choux Buns by Anneli of Delicieux:

Seafood Choux Pastry Buns

Divine Decadence in Pastry – with a Seafood Overture! 

6. Linguine with Spring Herbs, Chilli and Crab by Kellie of Food to Glow:

crab linguine

Fresh, Hot and Spicy – A Pasta Picture on a Plate

7. Provençal Chicken and Fennel Braise by Karen of Lavender and Lovage:

French 5:2 Diet Fast Day Recipe and Monday Meal Plan: Provençal Chicken and Fennel Braise

Low-Calorie French Braise with Spring Herbs and Vegetables

8. LAMB GREEN THAI CURRY by Petra at Food Eat Love:


Fresh Green Curry with Spring Lamb and Almonds

9. Sweet Pickled Peppers by Vohn


10. Sicilian Swordfish by Andi of London Busy Body:

Sicilian Swordfish 014

Mediterranean Colours on a Plate with the Scent of the Sea

11. Corn and Cheddar Cheese Loaf by Mich of Eat a Piece of Cake: 

Chilli, Corn and Cheese in a Bread = Heaven!

12. Hot Pickled Herrings and a Dill Pickle Potato Salad Recipe by Karen of Lavender and Lovage:

"Scandi" Friday with Hot Pickled Herrings and a Dill Pickle Potato Salad Recipe

Pickled Herrings in Scandinavian Dressing with Fresh Herbs

13. Cod with Tomatoes, Olives and Capers – Merluzzo alla Livornese by Katharine of Leeks and Limoni:

Merluzzo alla Livornese

Fish with Italian Flair and Spring Herbs and Vegetables

14. Seared Scallops with Leek Tagliatelle and Chilli Jam by Janice of Farmersgirl Kitchen:

Scottish Scallops Perked up with Chilli Jam and Janice’s Flair!

15. Thai Glass Noodle Salad with Caramelised Prawns by Jacqueline of How to be a Gourmand:

Stunning Seafood for Thai New Year with Style and Spice! 

16. Double Rocket Pizza by Louisa of Chez Foti:

Rocket Pizza

Pizza with Pizazz from Louisa, Pizza Princess of France! 

17. Za’atar & Olive Focaccia by Camilla of Fab Food 4 All:

Lebanese, Syrian, Italian, vegetarian, bread

Middle Eastern Spices with Italian Bread = BLISS!

18. Bear’s Garlic & Pine Nut Filled Rolls to Welcome Spring by Karin of Yum and More:

Bear's garlic and pine nut filled roll in nature

German Spring Garlic Bread – Like Cuddly Little Bears! 

19. Honey, Thyme and White Chocolate Madeleines by Choclette of Chocolate Log Blog:

French Fancies with Honey,Thyme and Chocolate – Ooh La La! 

20.  Lamb & feta filo bites Lucy of Super Golden Bakes:

Zorba the Greek does Mint and Coriander with a Cocktail! 

21. Traditional French Pot-au-feu (Pot Roast) by Anneli of Delicieux:

Pot-au-feu beef & saucisson meal

Beef, Sausages, Herbs and Vegetables with Gallic Charm and Taste

22. Mackerel, Bacon and New Potato Salad by Jacqueline of How to Be a Gourmand:

Surf and Turf Salad

Nigel Slater and How to be a Gourmand serve a little Fishy on a Dishy! 

23. Tonno di Nonna Fangitta by Chris of Cooking around the World:

Jamie Oliver Cooks Around the World with Chris!

24. Chicken Under a Brick by Sally of Recipe Junkie and the Attack of the Custard Creams:

Never mind the Brick, pass me the Chicken that got across the road! 

25. Spring borscht with beet leaves and nettle by Galina of Chez Maximka: 

From Russia with Love and with a wee Sting…..for flavour of course! 

26. Roasted Mushroom Pearl Barley Risotto by Louisa of Chez Foti:

Roasted Mushroom Risotto

Pearls of Barley with Fruits of the Earth. 

27. Rhubarb Fairy Cakes and Edible Flowers by Choclette of Chocolate Log Blog:

Magical Fairy Cakes with Edible Flowers = Stunning! 

28. Spring Pavlova by Vohn:


Ballerina Beauty with Meringue and Wild Flowers

29. Corn and Cashew Nut Curry by Mich of a Piece of Cake:

Jungle Curry with Veggies and Nuts……and Herbs of course!

30. Nut Crusted, Twice Baked, Cheddar and Chive Soufflé by Jacqueline of How to Be a Gourmand:

Foolproof Soufflé

Going Nuts over Cheese and Chives with How to be a Gourmand! 

And the winner of the book, Cooking with Edible Flowers by Miriam Jacobs is…………………

Rhubarb Fairy Cakes and Edible Flowers by Choclette of Chocolate Log Blog for her LOVELY little Fairy Cakes…….

and……… Spring Pavlova by Vohn for her LOVELY floral pavlova, as I could NOT choose between then! 



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    Oh wow Karen – thank you so much. I just woke the cat up with my whoop of joy – he is looking at me like I’m crazy! I don’t have much knowledge about cooking with flowers, so can’t wait to read the book. Thanks again, Vohn x

    • says

      Hi Karen, I have just received my edible flower book. Thank you so much – it looks great. I just need to find the time to order seeds & then get out in the garden & plant some for next year! It is too darn hot at the minute – I can’t believe I am saying that about Scotland!! Vohn x

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    What a gorgeous collection of herb recipes. I just planted my kitchen herb garden, so I’ll be bookmarking many (if not all) of these recipes. Thank you for sharing!

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    Oh thank you Karen, what a wonderful surprise this morning, it made my day. Really looking forward to getting the book and finding out if there are any other flowers growing round and about I can use. As usual, so many lovely recipes. I do have my eye very firmly fixed on those garlic and pine nut rolls.

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