Giveaway: Sarah Raven Seeds and Gardening Products for You and the Children! RRP £42:50

Giveaway Lavender and Lovage


Sarah Raven Seeds and Gardening Products for You and the Children!

RRP £42:50

Giveaway Lavender and Lovage

As my regular readers will know I write for Garlic and Sapphire – Garlic & Sapphire was created by the team at Sarah Raven, who brought together bloggers from around the UK who are passionate about gardening, wild flowers, cooking local produce and arranging beautiful flowers. I was lucky enough to meet Sarah the other week, and visit her lovely Perch Hill home for an open day, more about that later, but for now I am delighted to be able to offer all Lavender and Lovage readers a fabulous opportunity to win some seeds and gardening products for YOU and the CHILDREN too!  The prize I have on offer is worth £42:50 and comprises:

Tomato and Basil Seed Collection

Tomato and Basil Collection
Medium Seed Tin

Medium and small Sarah Raven Seed tins
Easy Veg Seeds for Children 

Children's Gardening - Veg Seeds
Sarah Raven Seed Planting Booklet 

Sarah Raven Seed Planting Booklet
Coir Jiffy’s – One reusable tray, with 45 pellets 

Coir Peat Free Jiffy Pellets with Tray

Not only can you sow some seeds to harvest, but you can get the children involved too! All you have to do to enter is follow the instructions below and don’t forget to pop back to see my post about meeting Sarah Raven at Perch Hill too. Karen 

Sarah Raven

Sarah Raven

To enter this Giveaway, all you have to do is the following:

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2. Entries are by blog comment, Twitter, Facebook etc

3. Closing Date 30th June 2013

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Sarah Raven

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  1. Nefir says

    I love to have fresh herbs as well, but fresh peas, potatoes and courgettes from the garden are fantastic.

  2. melanie stirling says

    I love traditional cottage garden flowers growing in the garden and I love all vegetables but especially brocolli.

  3. Nicki says

    Herbs – lemon thyme, bay leaves and basil. You can’t cook without basil in the summer. Veg – almost anything but I’m looking forward to asparagus and broad beans right now!

  4. Tracy Nixon says

    Ever since I was pregnant with my first son I have a mad craving for cherry tomatoes on the vine! I used to eat lots and lots when I was pregnant and still love them now (I hated them before I became pregnant!). I must admit I love all vegetables and there is not one I do not like. I also love herbs, especially fresh sage and mint!

  5. laura banks says

    carrots at the moment we are growing them we did some last year and they were great

  6. Linda Hobbis says

    I love roses and lavender and also growing herbs in pots – you can’t beat fresh Basil or Coriander.

  7. Christine Dodd says

    I’m mad for tulips following a visit to Keukenhof a couple of years ago. I grow many different varieties to give colour from February to June. Love them!

  8. Tracy C says

    I loveveg that is easy to grow as I am hoping my daughter will be a gardener when she gets older – we have some seeds for odd shaped squashes to sow soon, but on the flower front love anything big and colourful.

  9. Rachael G says

    Herbs – love them for their flavour, their look and their fragrance too. Rosemary is my favourite.

  10. says

    I love peas. Pea shoots in salad; peas in everything; pea-pod soup; pea roots dug back into the ground for their nitrogen. What a do-er of a plant a pea is & so easy to grow too! Mmmm peas! Vohn x

  11. Heidi Lee says

    Veg for me, but I love flowers too and Lilies are my favourites. I love to eat freshly grown veg, in particular carrots and courgette

  12. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I love vegetables! I love growing my own, particularly mange tout and cut-and-come-again lettuce.

  13. Claire Smith says

    Flowers are my favourite – I love growing them from seed it gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction when I see them bloom.

  14. Claire Smith says

    Shared Galaxy Chocolate, World Baking Day and The Famous Drinking Chocolate Cake Recipe via Facebook as Claire M. Smith

  15. Maria Turner says

    Oh, VERY hard choice. I love flowers because they can brighten your day with their cheerful colours. Vegetables growing give such satisfaction as they taste to good on the plate fresh grown and picked. I do love herbs too though and basil is my favourite of all. they can change the taste of the most bland food and turn it into something special :)

  16. Maya Russell says

    My favourite herb is rosemary because it’s just so easy to grow. It likes just being left! It tastes great with lamb. I also like garlic because it flavours many dishes.

  17. Ali Thorpe says

    My favorite flowers are Sweetpeas (among others) but I particularly love growing tomatoes :)

  18. Sheila Reeves says

    Favourite flowers are freesias, but don’t have much success with them at home – love lavender, wallflowers honeysuckle too

  19. says

    To eat or to grow? Potatoes are without doubt my fave veg, though I found them tricky to grow. Tried a few years ago to grow them in gro-bags, the crop wasn’t smth to write home about, we laughing called them patate d’oro, as I spent a lot of money on all the gro-bags, compost etc. This year we’re growing tomatoes, cucumbers, round and yellow courgettes plus lots of herbs and berries

  20. Josephine says

    I love growing loads of things – cottage garden flowers, vegetables and herbs. And I am rather good at growing dandelions!

  21. Judith Allen says

    I love the smell of rosemary in the sun, and the way the bushes buzz with bees. If we get any sun that is. I love lupins, but so do the slugs. Oh well! At least we have a visiting hedgehog.

  22. Jean Hand says

    Can not beat the freshness and flavor of vegetables and fruit home grown with love and care

  23. Chris Elston says

    Courgettes, very satisfying to grow as you get enourmous harvests, and I use them in so many different things.

  24. Kelly Tobin says

    I grew some peas and courgettes last year that were DELICIOUS! Hope to have a good crop this year too!

  25. joanne liddement says

    I particularly love cottage garden plants but I love rambling roses especially pink ones that are scented that you can bring into the house

  26. Susan Naylor says

    My favourite flowers are daffodils, my favourite plants to grow from seed are cucumbers the children love watching the vines creep up the wall of the conservatory and the baby cucumbers begin to grow!

  27. Andrea Johnson says

    Lavender – smells great, pretty and can cook with it too. I love cauliflower, particularly with cheese

  28. Nichola Smith says

    I love Lilies in all colours, planted in the garden they look beautiful when open and then you can cut them and pop them in a vase and they look beautiful indoors and the smell is wonderful.

  29. Lisa Day says

    I enjoy growing a wide range of flowers,fruit and vegtables.I think the really pretty flowers such as hollyhocks are my favourite as they so pretty.

  30. Sarah Walford says

    Vegetables, I love growing them, I try and mix them into my flower beds so they are not so visible but lovely to be able to eat home grown produce

  31. Kathryn Cook says

    I love any flowers that are great for bees – they need all the help we can give. The bonus is that these tend to be really bright and beautiful and often smell nice as well!

  32. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    Love growing flowers, but have ventured into raspberries and blackberries as well. Good luck to everyone x

  33. Linda Thorn says

    Its got to be strawberries and whipped cream
    Lovely to grow and lovely to eat
    Both together is a dream

  34. Julie Guy says

    I love growing running beans in the summer. I could eat them every day, they taste amazing fresh from your garden.

  35. Katie says

    I love growing herbs for the wonderful fragrance in the garden and the fantastic flavours incook ing. I also plant some of my herbs in the garden of my local dog rescue centre so that the dogs experience the lovely smells when they go for a walk which helps relax them.

  36. Nicki Ramsay says

    Can’t beat peas straight out of the pod and chard and broad beans are very easy to grow too

  37. Emily Hutchinson says

    I love growing herbs as it’s so nice to pop outside and snip off something delicious to add to a dish, I especially like edible plants with pretty flowers as you get the best of both worlds, chives for example.

  38. Jackie ONeill says

    I love growing anything really but strawberries are my favourite, probably because most of them I eat whilst working in the garden!

  39. says

    My favourite flowers are – sunflowers, nicotiana, hiacynths (that gorgeous perfume), calceolaria, coleous, but my absolute favourite flowers are gerbra daisies!
    My fave fruit and veg for growing are: tomatoes, peas, potatoes, and pumpkins.

  40. Christina Jarrett says

    I love growing herbs! They’re so easy to grow and make my meals taste delicious! Parsley is my favourite, I use it in everything! :) x

  41. Lesley Bain says

    I love wild flowers…nothing more beautiful than a riot of colour and species all growing together :) x

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