Giveaway: Win a Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Sauté Pan (RRP: £109) Favourite of Top Chefs!

Giveaway: Win a Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Sauté Pan (RRP: £109) Favourite of Top Chefs!

Giveaway: Win a Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Sauté Pan (RRP: £109) Favourite of Top Chefs!


Win a Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Sauté Pan (RRP: £109)

Favourite of Top Chefs!

Giveaway: Win a Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Sauté Pan (RRP: £109) Favourite of Top Chefs!

I am in love again! I was sent one of these AMAZING Swiss Diamond sauté pans recently (as seen in the image at the top of my post) for review (watch out for my review later) and the lovely people at Swiss Diamond have also offered the same pan as a prize for all Lavender and Lovage readers.  This sauté pan is worth £109 and is the favourite pans of all top International chefs……why? Well just read all about it below:

Giveaway: Win a Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Sauté Pan (RRP: £109) Favourite of Top Chefs!

A true kitchen workhorse, the Swiss Diamond sauté pan has deeper sides than a fry pan, making it perfect for sauces, vegetables and meat. Sear steaks without the messy clean-up. Make fried rice without the “fried”: our non-stick coating is so slippery that no oil or butter is needed – use only low to medium-high heat to prevent sticking.

Used by discerning home chefs around the world, Swiss Diamond’s PFOA-free cookware features unsurpassed non-stick performance for healthy cooking and easy clean-up. The patented non-stick coating, reinforced with real diamond particles, allows oil-free cooking and cleans up with just warm soapy water.

Swiss quality is visible in every aspect of our cookware. Heavy-duty cast aluminium bodies will never warp, while the perfectly flat base distributes heat evenly and will not tip or spin. Rivet-free interior prevents unsightly food build-up that can lead to bacterial growth. Ergonomic handles, designed for comfort and balance, stay cool on the stove top. Tempered glass lids feature an adjustable steam vent for advanced moisture control. All Swiss Diamond products are oven-safe up to 260°C and suitable for use on gas and electric cook tops – induction series sold separately. Made in Switzerland.

Swiss Diamond’s patented non-stick coating is reinforced with real diamonds for excellent durability and resilience. Why diamonds? Three reasons: they are durable, they are naturally non-stick, and they conduct heat better than any metal. A perfect combination for a lifetime of cooking excellence.

Swiss Diamond

The prize is:

One Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Sauté Pan – 3.6 Lt (26 cm) 

RRP £109

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Giveaway: Win a Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Sauté Pan (RRP: £109) Favourite of Top Chefs!

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  1. Hilary Grey says

    The first thing I’d cook is a batch of little American pancakes. I love them but I don’t have a pan large enough to cook more than one at a time!

  2. Judith Hamilton says

    What an amazing pan, useful for so many things I like to cook – schnitzels come to mind.

  3. Eleanor73 says

    I have been meaning to make a fritatta but my non stick pan has had it’s day so I would do that first!

  4. Sarah H says

    Spanish omelette because it’s quick, easy, super tasty and you can change it up each time you make it!

  5. Hannah Moody says

    I’d make American pancakes and smother them in the Canadian maple syrup my brother brought me over from Toronto last week! Can’t wait to try it :)

  6. Lesley Taylor says

    I like to experiment – some kind of mexican flavoured butternut squash enchilada type thing!

  7. Gilla01 says

    Chicken Stirfry. Stirfry is a meal that I can get my OH to eat whatever veg I put in, whereas if I’d just put them on a plate with meat and potatoes he’d leave most of them.

    Love stirfries.

  8. Kate Marsden says

    I would fry a steak and then make a lovely cream mushroom and peppercorn sauce to cover it in

  9. Laura Jeffs says

    I’d definitely use it to cook a nice and healthy vegetable stir fry : a firm favourite with everyone in our family 😉

  10. Joanne Mapp says

    I have a lovely quick cook chicken korma recipe which has become a family favourite. This pan would be the perfect size for it.

  11. kerry Locke says

    I’d probably keep it simple to start … I’d grill some toast and quickly sauté some wild mushrooms – You can’t beat mushrooms on toast, simple yet sublime x

  12. alison johnson says

    I think I would try a spanish omelette, because I never can cook these and this pan may be the key to my success!

  13. Karen says

    First thing I’d cook in this saute pan would be a good old fashioned potato rösti in honour of the of the company that makes it – Swiss Diamond.

  14. Janet Rawstron says

    I would make a beautifully fluffy omelette with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. Mouth wateringly delicious.

  15. emma mitchell says

    i would have pancakes because am a big kid but at the same time i would remind my self not to click around the page because my internet is being slow while writing all it dose is sent my message too soon lols ;0)

  16. Adele Hill says

    I love to cook so these would be used daily but I think I would cook first a pork stroganoff with pears poached in red wine for dessert.

  17. Louise Comb says

    I would do one of my ‘chuck-ins’. Basically, it’s a spanish omelette – sort of. I use hash browns, beaten eggs and whatever I have on the go in the fridge: ham, onions, sweetcorn, mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, olives, Not all at once – usually.

  18. Ann Thelwell says

    The first thing I would make would be scrambled eggs as its all i can cook lol if I Win maybe I can learn to cook some new things. So fingers crossed x

  19. ANN ANGIE S. says

    I moved to live on my own and can’t afford quality pans. Please peck me!!! I really need this.

  20. says

    The very first thing would be a cheese and potato frittata. And then I suspect we would cook most things in it. If my daughter didn’t try and sneak it away.

  21. Zoe Stephenson says

    I’d cook up my favourite sauce to go with a juicy steak. Sliced chestnut mushrooms, sauted in reduced lemon juice, brandy and Worcester sauce. Delish

  22. kristy brown says

    I’m not sure what I’d cook……but I could certainly start with a lovely mushroom omlette

  23. pauline duffy says

    I would start with a lovely omelette for breakfast, and then cook a lovely curry in it that evening :) x

  24. Jo Booth says

    I’d make a supersonic omelette with lots of egg-stra ingredients with vegetables, ham, cheese :-)

  25. Kirsty Norton says

    I would make my family’s favourite Egg Special Fried Rice…apparently it’s better than the local Chinese Restaurant’s!

  26. Chevaune Stanley says

    Chicken Chow Mein…and if I won, it would be wonderful to have a meal without “black bits” 😉

  27. Susan El Carter says

    I have shared the Violet syrup recipe on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest as I want to be able to find it easily and can’t always access all of the services.

  28. says

    The first thing I wold cook in this saute pan if I were lucky enough to win it would be sliced herby potatoes with mushrooms as these make a great side dish for so many meals – lamb chops, spinach & sweetcorn is one of my faves to have this with.

  29. Rachael Barratt says

    It would definitely be a good chicken fried rice with lovely sauteed garlic mushrooms and crispy onions!

  30. Judith Luscombe says

    I would probably begin with the good old British fry up, eggs bacon mushrooms, tomatoes etc

  31. Jennie Silver says

    It would have to be an omelette as well for me with lots of ham/bacon filling and lashings of mature cheddar. Mmm!

  32. Rachel Craig says

    I would love a seafood risotto, and someone to cook it for me. Luckily I have family who enjoy cooking. If I won this prize, I would gift it to my mother.

  33. Aisling O'D says

    My pans are all ruined so just to cook anything without rusty bits is great :) I would make Pad krawpow. My speciality :)

  34. Sarah Ballantyne says

    Warm thai chicken noodle salad – our new favourite meal but you need a good pan to toss the noodles and veg around in the dressing.

  35. WandaFish says

    It would be used for everything! I’m always sauteing veg for curries, bolegnese, chilli, sweet & sour, stir fries and of course it would be ideal for omelettes too – thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Erika Holt says

    I just asked my husband what would we cook if we had one of these, his answer was ‘Pancakes and Bacon, scrambled egg – you know what BREAKFAST!’

    Me, I would cook the above, obviously being a loving wife, but would also make some chicken in ginger and spring onion sauce, red thai curry, french toast (gluten free), onion bargies and lots of bacon!

  37. Loma Wood says

    Saute Potatoes – when I worked at Leeds General Infirmary in the 1970’s these were fabulous! There were two dining rooms the “Nurses” and the “workmens” we always ate in the “workmens” as we thought you were given bigger portions!

  38. Tom Baines says

    while living in France I was shown a recipe, a shallot finely chopped 2 cloves of garlic, a little olive oil, a handfull of Lardons and a finely sliced chillli and asparagus, it is awesome, well i wouldnt do that probably a couple of eggs

  39. Stevie Fairbairn says

    I’d slice fresh sprouts, add corn and finish with cream with crispy toast triangles. Maybe a steamed soft boiled egg would be nice too.

  40. Nettie R says

    I will call over my mum and ask her to show me how to make proper Ackee and Saltfish now that I have a fantastic pan!!

  41. JoC says

    I would make lovely bitesize omlets with lots of different ingredients…I just love them, but
    you really do need a decent pan like this to make them properly :)

  42. says

    I would love to have this to cook many family dishes for my family – I would start cooking a Filipino dish called Adobo which is very very yummy- I just need an amazing Swiss Diamond non-stick Saute pan!

  43. Rae Jackson says

    Well…..I’d have to learn to cook first…but when I did I’m sure I’d be cooking up all kinds of deliciousness!

    Rae x

  44. Jo Booth says

    The Big Tea Time Random Recipes Round-Up! Cakes, Pies and Biscuits…….
    shared via twitter (@kiddy_boo)

  45. Linda Bird says

    A chicken stir fry with lots of healthy tasty vegetables. It would also be great for Spaghetti Bolognese.

  46. Janet Puttock says

    would make my life easier and my food taste so much better, sauté potatoes with onions and peppers a favourite in my house.

  47. Linda Hill says </