Giveaway: Hope and Greenwood set of Three Cake Tins (RRP £25) & a £20 Zulily Voucher

Giveaway: Win Hope and Greenwood set of Three Cake Tins (RRP £25) & a £20 Zulily Voucher

Giveaway: Win a Hope and Greenwood set of Three Cake Tins (RRP £25) & a £20 Zulily Voucher


Hope and Greenwood set of Three Cake Tins (RRP £25)


£20 Zulily Voucher

zulily UK

I am delighted to offer a FABULOUS new giveaway for all Lavender and Lovage readers! I am working with the amazing on-line site, Zulily. So, who are Zulily? 

  • Zulily was founded by two dads when they couldn’t find unique clothes for their children at affordable prices.
  • They are a members only site and generally have 30-90% of retail prices.
  • They run around 10 events a day.
  • They work with smaller, boutique brands as well as bigger brands.
  • You can earn zulily credit through referring your friends – £10 per friend referred once their first order ships.
  • They have an iPhone app.

In conjunction with their NEW designer table top event that starts tomorrow, I am offering a fabulous prize of Hope and Greenwood set of Three Cake Tins (RRP £25) 

….”Store your homemade cream cakes, bon bons and tea biscuits in style with Hope and Greenwood’s cake tins. Providing three sizes to suit your storage needs, the tins are decorated with charming vintage-inspired prints”…..

PLUS a £20 Zulily Voucher!

You can check the new event out here: Designer Table Top Event 7th July. To win the set if THREE cake tins and the £20 voucher, just follow the details below! GOOD LUCK! Karen

To enter this Giveaway, all you have to do is the following:

1. Complete the Rafflecopter widget below to verify your entries – THREE mandatory questions will appear, which you need to answer by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post and liking the Zulily UK and Lavender and Lovage FaceBook page. (After this, you can complete the bonus entries as explained on the form to increase your odds of winning – you can also return daily to tweet this for more bonus entries)

2. Entries are by blog comment, Twitter, Facebook etc

3. Closing Date 19th August 2013

(For more information on how to enter blog giveaways using Rafflecopter please see this short video)

You can win more bonus entries by tweeting on a daily basis.

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Giveaway: Win Hope and Greenwood set of Three Cake Tins (RRP £25) & a £20 Zulily Voucher

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Hilary Grey says

    I think it’ll call for a bit of a cream tea. So some lovely scones and a cupcake or two and maybe it’s time I learned to make a cream slice. Ooh, definitely some custard tarts… Somebody stop me :-)

  2. Kirstie says

    I think I am a bit dim. I love ginger and rhubarb but would never have thought of combining them. Struesel cake looks delicious (and do able!) xx

  3. Rebecca C says

    Banana bread is my absolute favourite! But I’d also have to try making savoury muffins too.

  4. Sarah Morris says

    One lemon cake, one chocolate cake and the last one is a choice between either a banana or a coffee & walnut cake… terrible at deciding.

  5. joanne b says

    I make different buns/cakes each week for friday teabreak in work – so any number of cakes! These would be a lovely way to transport our treats :)

  6. Susan Crosswaite says

    Chocolate cake, chocolate peppermint slices and white chocolate chip muffins – can you tell that we love chocolate in our house?!

  7. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I’d keep our home-made Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies and our home-made Chocolate Brownies in these beautiful tins.

  8. Paula says

    Jam tarts, date and walnut cake and some kind of muffins, all assuming they last long enough to get in their respective tins…

  9. Isabel O'Brien says

    A lemon cake, a coffee cake and a triple chocolate cake.

    I was already a member of Zulily.

  10. Emily P says

    Carrot cake – moist and scrummy, with thick butter cream icing and sprinkled nuts on the top! The tins would be great to stop myself having to eat it all at once… :)

  11. tina edwards says

    i would keep chocolate cakes in my tin and buy a gift for my first grandchild due in august

  12. Adele Humphreys says

    The classic fruit cake, that I make using the recipe that my mother inherited from her mother. Plus brownies, always delicious.

  13. Kerry-Ann Pope says

    Definitely my little boys favourites, Chocolate Orange Drizzle Cake & Cherry and Almond Flapjacks.

  14. Siobhan Freeman says

    These would look so cute sitting in my kitchen waiting to be filled with yummy cakes x

  15. Robyn Loughlin says

    I’d try baking Marmalde cake again (It was a disaster the last time). Such pretty tins though!

  16. Nicola Lynch says

    I’d bake some white chocolate and coconut macaroons, a buttercream topped sponge cake and some mini lemon drizzle loaves!

  17. Dawn F says

    I’d use these to store my homemade banana and walnut bread and probably make a blueberry cake as well. :)

  18. SARAH LAMBERT says

    I would bake a nice Victoria sponge cake what my grandma taught me to make when i was 6yrs old :)

  19. Nicola says

    I’d like to think I’d use them to try all sorts of new recipes, but I know I’d go back to Victoria Sponge as it’s the one thing I can do perfectly!!

  20. says

    I have a baking challenge on my blog to bake 10 different types of biscuits before my birthday, and I’ve only done two so far! So I need to get cracking, and I could definitely use these tins to store my creations!

  21. SARAH GOODWIN says

    I would bake my signature vanilla cupcakes for the tins or buy something beautiful for my nieces from Zulily!

  22. Alfredo Vazquez says

    I would bake a carrot cake for my mother in law, chocolate cupcakes for my nephews and some chocolate fudge brownies for my wife

  23. Rachel B says

    I’m planning on trying a Smith Island cake for my husband’s birthday so I would love to pop it in one of these tins.

  24. Angela Dunne says

    A chocolate cake. Then a lemon drizzle cake. Then a carrot cake and a banana cake. Then another chocolate cake.
    I love cakes!

  25. says

    Lemon Drizzle cake would be my first cake to store in a nice new tin – I’ve been really enjoying baking again lately so some cake tins would be a great addition to my kitchen – then I only need to get a good cake stand :)

  26. says

    Chocolate brownies! If they last long enough that is 😉

    I would buy some lovely little outfits for Baby B – I adore the sailing romper suit & hat!

  27. Tracey Morton says

    I’d put a Coffee cake and Victoria Sandwich in two and some Carrot cake squares in the third. Yummy.

  28. Jennie Silver says

    I’d bake a nice slab of ginger cake to share with my daughter and the grand children along with some yummy rock cakes just like my mum used to make me

  29. George Worboys Wright says

    Well we’ve been hankering after a coffee & walnut cake recently so that springs to mind. Our favourite & reasonably healthy tea loaf may as well go in the oven at the same time 😉 That leaves one tin spare for hmmmm well I’ll think of something! 😀

  30. Karen R says

    My daughter loves baking cakes – all kinds! She looks recipes up on the internet and we never know what she’s going to bake next. She would love to keep them in these tins!

  31. Julie Guy says

    My 15 year old daughter love making cupcakes. They would be ideal to store all her yummy creations.

  32. princesspamma says

    I would bake Victoria sandwich, Nigel Slater’s chocolate

    brownies and carrot cupcakes flavoured with tangy orange zest.

  33. elle cowan says

    coffee and walnut cake! my partner hates and my friends children don’t like it either so all the more for me! 3:) #notsharingmymunchies

  34. Dawn Wilkinson says

    Unfortunately can not eat cakes anymore but I would give them to my Mum who is a fantastic baker.

  35. princesspamma says

    I would bake a big carrot cake with lovely orange cream cheese frosting, some yummy chewy apricot and cranberry flapjacks and my special Turkish delight cupcakes made with rose water and a rich deep layer of chocolate ganache on the top, garnished with crystallised rose petals – delish!

  36. Sarah Maguire says

    There are three tins, so it’d have to be a carrot cake with a deep topping for me, a saffron cake for him, and lots of little animal cupcakes for the children.

  37. Erika Holt says

    I would store my mums gluten free bread in the large tin, (you can only make a small loaf and this is the only bread we have made or bought in two years that tastes remotely like ‘real bread’).
    In the middle tin it would have to be my dads Gluten Free Carrot Cake! Absolutely delicious!
    The smallest of tins would become home to my home made gluten free biscuits and fairy cakes.

  38. Sandra Lane says

    My mum’s recipe for bakewell tart, my own recipe for key lime pie and last but not least a squidgy chocolate fudge cake.

  39. rhian purches says

    I want to learn to bake, so I would have to start with the basics. I would need the tins to test them out on people.

  40. Tracy B says

    I have fallen in love with come carrot cake muffins I made around Mothers day so I think I’d probably store those in the tins (although they don’t last very long!)

  41. Tracy B says

    I’ve signed up to Zulily – I adore that site! I would probably buy more kitchen bits & bobs as I’m a tad addicted!

  42. MANDY DOHERTY says

    Signed up to Zulily
    Chocolate Brownies are what I’d make to store in the tins, two grandsons due at the end of the year so would buy things for them from Zuiliy

  43. klara cort says

    I’d bake lovely shortbreads and different flavoured biscuits! I love a wee chat with my best friends and it would make our tea time a little bit more lovelier :)

  44. Julie says

    I would dig out my mums old cake recipes and bake 3 of her yummy cakes that have not been made for years.

  45. Denise Walker says

    red velvet cake, chocolate cake, cookies, birthday cake,cup cakes and things i will try to copy from the great british bake off LOL – but tell you the truth things dont last long enough in my house to even get in a tin hahaha

  46. Diane says

    I’m keen to try making Nigella’s raspberry and white chocolate muffins. Just need my raspberry bush to get a move on….

  47. helen spillett says

    It would have to be a victoria sponge with cream and strawberries…..I’ve always transporting cakes to friends houses for a coffee and catch up! So these would look the bees knees!

  48. Kim Alex Gourlay says

    I’d to keep it simple with classics such as scones, victoria sponge, carrot cake, etc – delicious :)

  49. Victoria Easton says

    I would make a chocolate cake with fresh cream and flake bits over the top. This tin is great for the fridge then to carry the cake on a picnic!

  50. Anthea Holloway says

    I would store my home-made fruit cake which I have been making for over 40 years and which is still in great demand from my family and friends!

  51. Patricia Walker says

    A “Secret” Baked Layer Cake: Scottish Rhubarb & Ginger Crunchy Streusel Cake Recipe

    this looks and sounds so good I’ve shared it on facebook, twitter AND G+!

  52. Andrea Balderstone says

    I would have to bake lots of cupcakes. Not sure how long they would last for though, as my family just love cupcakes.

  53. Paula Smith says

    I would make my signature cake (the only one I can make that doesn’t end up a disaster) a chocolate and Amaretto cream cake

  54. Wendy Tolhurst says

    With three of my children having birthdays within 8 days in August, we have an awful lot of birthday cake around this month, all of which have to be home made. This tins would be great for storing the various cakes, once they have been cut.

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