Giveaway: Win £75 Sainsbury’s Vouchers! How DOES your Garden Grow?

Giveaway: Win £75 Sainsbury's Vouchers! How DOES your Garden Grow?

Giveaway: Win £75 Sainsbury’s Vouchers! How DOES your Garden Grow?


Win £75 Sainsbury’s Vouchers!

How DOES your Garden Grow?

Giveaway: Win £75 Sainsbury's Vouchers! How DOES your Garden Grow?

Giveaway: Win £75 Sainsbury’s Vouchers! How DOES your Garden Grow?

I am DELIGHTED to be offering a FABULOUS giveaway in conjunction with Sainsbury’s Bank Home Insurance for a prize of £75 Sainsbury’s vouchers!  All you have to do to enter this competition is to answer the following question by leaving a comment below:

What’s your garden worth to you?

Giveaway: Win £75 Sainsbury's Vouchers! How DOES your Garden Grow?

Giveaway: Win £75 Sainsbury’s Vouchers! How DOES your Garden Grow?

Your answer could be shared on Sainsbury’s Money Matters Blog, whether you win or not, so get your gardening thinking caps on now! So, what is your garden worth to you? For me, it is somewhere I can relax and get away from it all, a place of tranquillity and beauty as well as a place that provides me with all of my home-grown herbs, fruit and veggies.  It’s also a place to enjoy a BBQ and have meals under the trees, when the weather is fine! What would you like to do with your garden?

Giveaway - Win £75 Sainsbury's Vouchers

How DOES your garden grow? Giveaway – Win £75 Sainsbury’s Vouchers

 How to enter my giveaway?

·       Log in to Rafflecopter and enter the draw by leaving a blog post comment with your ideas for: what’s your garden worth to you? You can also enter by tweeting about the giveaway.

·      The more times you enter, the better your chance of winning the £75 Sainsbury’s voucher!

·      Whether or not you’re our prize winner, your gardening ideas could also potentially appear in a future Money Matters Blog post.

·      The winners will be chosen via Rafflecopter (which uses and announced on this page.

·      The deadline for entering the giveaway is Wednesday 10th July at 00:00am

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Sainsbury’s Bank Family Blogger

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  1. says

    a garden means to me that it’s a place where I can relax, where I can enjoy a meal and just have a place to calm down and enjoy the nature around me.

  2. Lynn says

    Relaxation! Whether chilling with my family aound the barbecue, choosing flowers for my table or sitting quietly with a book listening to the birds sing and bees hum. I couldn’t be without it :)

  3. Liane says

    A place to be calm, lose track of time whilst gardening. A place to grow gorgeous fruit and vegetables and then to be able to sit in the garden to eat those lovely foods. The garden keeps me physically fit and rejeuventates me.

  4. Stephanie Boulton says

    It’s very small but I have just enough space to grow some vegetables and have a compost heap

  5. says

    Money-wise, our summerhouse is the most valuable garden feature, but you cannot put value on the fresh air, the birdsong, pretty flowers and buzzing bees, my little man’s laughter as he plays in the sandpit, the smell of the tomatoes in the greenhouse, the feeling of tranquility…

  6. robert mills says

    my garden is a source of fresh veg in the summer also like to play with my daughter out there she like to water the plants

  7. Laura says

    My lawn, where we can pull up a few chairs and enjoy nibbles and ice cold wine in the sunshine. Bliss.

  8. Joanne Mapp says

    The love seat at the bottom of my garden. It it lovely to just sit and listen to the birds on a warm summer morning

  9. liz denial says

    I value the wildlife in my garden. I have a family of badgers who come to feed every night as well as a pair of pheasant & dozens of species of birds including woodpeckers, bluejays, long tail tits

  10. Valerie Falconer says

    I value the size of it. The bigger the garden, the farther the neighbours are away.

    I’m joking, of course.

  11. Rebecca Allen says

    The gorgeous wisteria – only flowers for a short time, but it is just so beautiful when it does x

  12. Roraima says

    I have a n overgrown tree that needs urgent pruning, and would love to put some more flowers. The Jasmin had the whole building dramatically scented for a few days…

  13. says

    It’s a place for relaxation, barbecues, meals outside and a place to spend time with family and friends. It’s also a place to grow lots of fruit and veg which I turn into delicious summery meals.

  14. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I love being in the countryside away from it all, so living in a town my garden is the nearest I get. Its a wildlife zone in the middle of noisy chaos! I have a pond full of newts, bumble bees nesting in a birdbox and frogs in my ‘wildlife corner’. Time spent out in the garden is mostly about creating places for wildlife to be happy and safe, peering into the pond to see what I can see and being chased off by bees for getting too close!

  15. MELANIE HUNT says

    i have a plaque i gave my husband last year and it says – grow old along with me and the best is yet to be. we have it hanging on our decking and treasure it x

  16. Maxine says

    I love the wildlife pond and the slightly overgrown patch at the end of the garden where the hedgehog appears from every night – no need for TV, just watching the natural world is so relaxing

  17. Hayley mulgrove says

    i value the birds and cats in my garden, i have alot of cats come in my garden so i put milk outside the back door everyday and i have a big bird table in the middle of my garden for all the birds.

  18. Mary Heald says

    My garden is worth more than money can buy. It is priceless. It has nursed me through cancer giving me something else to focus on. It has supported me whilst I grieved for my parents being a place where I could forget for a while. It has made me smile and been a place of calm after a busy day. It has soothed my temper in moments of anger. How can I put a price on that! It is a beautiful place, I love every bit.

  19. Melanie Gardiner says

    The chance to relax and chillout and the enourmous satisfaction of seeing my veggies growing from seed, knowing they are going to end up as something tasty on the table.

  20. Ann Robinson says

    Its just having some outside space where you can feel the wind in your hair, even if it’s just a tiny space.

  21. Hazel Rea says

    Our blackberry bush – lots of fresh fruit and also fruit for the freezer for winter puddings.

  22. Karen Barrett says

    I value the privacy my garden gives me. We have large, mature trees all around the garden which is wonderful, including an original hawthorn hedge that used to be the hedge of the field. We have taken steps to attract wildlife into our garden and the results have been worthwhile, I particularly love watching the bats at twilight.

  23. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I love my garden pond, we have 11 fishes and numerous frogs and it’s lovely to watch the wildlife all around it.

  24. anthony harrington says

    I am fortunate to have a large garden which is not overlooked, it is very quiet and peaceful, that I value very much.

  25. Lisa Barker says

    I only have a little garden as the fig tree takes up most of the room, but since I’ve got more into cooking I love growing my herbs in the garden.

  26. carol egan says

    The lawn – because it’s big enough to let the children run wild around it and hopefully tire themselves out!!

  27. Jo Jones says

    The Koi pool is a constant source of enjoyment with all the insects, & birds it encourages to the garden, while the plants are a beauty to behold. relaxation – bliss!

  28. Alison says

    I value the view from the garden the most, we live right on the sea front and the view is amazing

  29. says

    My garden is my haven from a busy life. I am lucky to have quite a lot of garden and it is divided into different areas, shrubs, lawn and trees but my favourite area is the patio, where I can step out of the back door and be in my outside dining room and eat, surrounded by pots of colourful flowers and aromatic herbs.

  30. Joanne Baldwin says

    I love the opportunity for my daughter to learn about nature – at the moment she is fascinated with herbs and goes round smelling all the leaves!

  31. Natasha Corder says

    I value the space I have. I get to grow vegetables and my children have room to play. There is also a lovely spot for a glass of wine!

  32. Pamela Savage says

    On warm summer nights i love to sit under my pergola with a good book and a glass of wine,

  33. Vicky Blyde says

    I have a shared garden as I live in a flat, but I love just having a little bit of outdoor space where I can sit on a sunny day!

  34. Anne-Marie Taylor says

    I value the personal space, a retreat from the busy world where I can shut the gate or invite in those who I choose to.

  35. Sarah T says

    A space for my kids to run about and let off steam while I enjoy a glass of wine and plan the next gardening project!

  36. Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me says

    Its got to be the 300 year old Cooper Beech Tree the garden and view would just not be the same without it.

  37. Fiona Matters says

    I don’t have a garden – sob – I do have a balcony though and I just love my view!

  38. Hele R says

    Our garden was covered in paving slabs and concrete when we moved in. It’s recently undergone a makeover and we now how turf, flowers and a veggie patch. Most importantly, it’s safe for my little one to play in now.

  39. rebecca pawsey says

    my son (6) says it is the apple tree as when the apples are ripe we can pick and eat them.

  40. Sandra Bellingham says

    My garden chair. I have spent many heavenly moments just sat in it listening to the birds chirp and enjoying the peace and fresh air.

  41. helen S says

    my garden is a haven for bees to buzz around in happily.
    It’s full of clover, comfrey and other delicious bee friendly plants in a pesticide free zone.

  42. Gilla01 says

    I love my flowers and lawn, but I especially value the fresh tomatoes and cucumbers I grow every summer. They taste so much better than the shop bought variety.

  43. says

    A place that is constantly changing – two weeks away and it has changed into a jungle – a place for laughter with family and friends, a place to be quiet and peaceful to sit and think and just enjoy.

  44. nicci cowdell-murray says

    i uite like the amount of space we have in our garden , although i do wish hubby would make me somewhere nice to sit out @chanson2010

  45. Katherine says

    I love our herbs … it’s so nice to have fresh herbs handy at all times to boost our meals :)

  46. says

    My garden means happiness to me and I value that I have a garden.
    My little boy plays out there for hours and we play, we plant and water and we deweed, he loves it.

  47. lyn burgess says

    I think the thing I value most in my garden is it’s sheer variety, with it looking slightly different every day, some plants coming into leaf , then flowering, as others are beginning to look past their best, or disappearing till next year.

  48. Sara Hughes says

    A (small) lush green space to sprawl in peace, look at the sky, admire the swifts, listen to the bees and feel the breeze.

  49. Helen Grayson says

    The yellow roses we cut from my Granddad’s garden, the colour and smell is gorgeous! They now grow up and ver the archway in the garden :)

  50. Sheila Sloan says

    The family centre of the home. A place to relax and entertain. Beautiful flowers and lawns and an uninterrupted view across the North Yorkshire Moors.

  51. Mark Whittaker says

    A small corner of the garden I have planted with Rosemary and Lavender in memory of people I have lost .

  52. Ruth Grover says

    The whole nature system that is my growing space. The flowers are so beautiful and I love wild flowers like Bluebells which were there before I came here….but it’s the whole thing, from the wonderful creatures under the soil which give me the beautiful display above it.

  53. Ellie M says

    We currently have two pairs of nesting birds in the garden and I love to have a quiet moment away from the stresses of life, watching them.

  54. Sue Harrison says

    I love watching all the plants grow. This time of year I really enjoy picking and eating our raspberries and strawberries. Runner beans next and then scrumptious victoria plums.

  55. Honora Livesey says

    I really value the open space and fresh air of my garden. Not having the best of health I spend a lot of time indoors and to see the greenery really lifts my mood. I particularly love my hanging baskets which a friend put time into creating for me.

  56. Chris Bell says

    My apple and pear trees at the bottom of the garden! Ever since I was little I’d always loved the idea of having fruit tree’s in my garden and I was always planting apple pips in the garden wishing that something would grow from it!!

  57. Phyllis Ellett says

    Our small two raised beds, given so much joy with the veggies growing again this year.

  58. Angela Wilcox says

    Homegrown veggies. We have an allotment and it’s lovely to be able to grow our own fruit and veg. It’s a great way for the kids to learn about how food grows too, and they love helping to sow and pick what we’ve grown

  59. Emily Hutchinson says

    I love being able to sit outside, my garden is very tranquil. I like to make the most of it when the weather is nice.

  60. Christina Wong-Curley says

    All the plants and bird feeders – my garden is like a mini “forest” for the birds.

  61. Becci Cleary says

    The Grass – Have never had a home with a garden before and without grass it wouldn’t be a garden :)

  62. elaine stokes says

    our shed, because its got all our bikes and toys in it, and under it we have a couple of hedgehogs that live there and had a family of 4 last years

  63. valerie mccarthy says

    Our BBQ chimnea. It gives us warmth on cool nights, cooks, and gives us a romantic feel when hubby and I are relaxing outdoors

  64. Samantha Fenn says

    Watching my children enjoy the outdoors, exploring the mini beast world and getting some much needed family time

  65. says

    The space, and the fact that I actually HAVE a patch of garden. And that that allows me to be a little self-sufficeint, growing my own fruit and veggies :-)

  66. Matthew Colburn says

    The kids playhouse, they would spend all day in there if they could, we would be lost without it :)

  67. James Seale says

    I have an allotment as my garden and cherish the fresh fruit, particularly strawberries at the moment.

  68. Allan Wilson says

    Our decking which we built on the back hill behind the house and overlooks the roof top out to sea.

  69. Helen Humphries says

    I can’t get out much so it really is wonderful! Flowers, bids, sounds all mingling. The weather was so was warm the other day I sat on the bench until evening when I took a grainy picture of an elusive Owl i hear hooting every night, this garden incident was the high point of my year!

  70. Jacqui Osborne says

    It’s big enough for the kids to run around in and small enough for them to feel safe and secure.

  71. keelyann chauntry says

    My Shed!! I went so long without one now i have one i couldn’t live without it x

  72. Lucy Scott says

    My garden is everything to me, it is a santuary I can go after a hard days work and just totally wind down, it’s a place for contemplation – and socialising, and I love seeing all my hard work come into fruition.


    The massive rhododendron bush that attracts all th ebirds and the bees, and also gives us beautiful flowers, and privacy!

  74. Janet Rawstron says

    I treasure the time spent in the peace of my garden where I can relax and let all my worries fade away.

  75. Peaches Golding says

    The visual pleasure of my garden is only surpassed by the physical exercise and the mental relaxation gained by pottering around. I absolutely love gardening and the tangible floral and edible delights it brings to me, our family, neighbours and others.

  76. Florence Cross says

    My garden means the world to me. It’s an escape, my sanctuary, and a focus for energy & imagination

  77. jalila djelassi says

    its abit of a mess at the mo but its where me and the kids spend most of our time in the summer. we can get some quality time out there as we`re plannin to spend the weekend gardening , ready for a bar-b-q for my birthday

  78. sarah davison says

    I value my pond most – it keeps the kids entertained for hours looking at the frogs and tadpoles and I find it so relaxing with the fountain and waterfall

  79. Becky Shorting says

    in my garden the thing i value most is the large space which enables us to have dogs children and adults all together in one place enjoying themselves! so what if we cant afford the best furniture or the nicest flowers we do the best with what we have and we enjoy it together!

  80. Gemma Clark says

    the items i would value the most is our landscaped area with pebble pool and running water water features amongst flowers, shrubs, and rockery., its so relaxing

  81. Anita J says

    I think it would have to be the vast cosy space and the view as it s quite spacious and full of nature.

  82. Naomi Buchan says

    I’ve got a 2 foot Buddha statue which my whole family hates but i love. I’ve had it about 10yrs now and whenever i’ve moved i make sure we bring him

  83. Nicola brittain says

    Its a place my children can get out and play safely , I can watch them laughing and joing whikstbim quietly watching them from my own little corner :-)

  84. Glen says

    We only have a pretty small yard, but I value the flowers and strawberries that we grow there.

  85. Ruth Dunkin says

    My garden is my world away from work and stress! Once I’m out of the back door I can forget anything else and concentrate on the lovely flowers, amazing veggies and fruit and most importantly tend my grapes and think of the amazing wine I can make later in the year!

  86. LynneH says

    It’s my haven, and also a good source of tmatoes, blueberries and other fruit and veg in the summer/autumn

  87. Dawn Fletcher says

    My Garden is what keeps me sane…………………..I love to cut the grass, tend my raised flower beds and refill all the bird feeders that bring the wildlife into my garden….and then to be able to sit down with a cold drink on a summers day and appreciate what you have achieved is just the icing on the cake for me

  88. Paul Scotland says

    My garden reminds me of my nan. It’s where I go when need to think and relax. I have a pond and bench there in her memory as she absolutely loved her pond and garden.

  89. lisa dolatowski says

    my flowers, nothing is better than sitting in the garden on a sunny day with a book

  90. Ingrid Rendell says

    My garden gives me peace and harmony whether I am digging or weeding, picking my veg or trying to get the strawberries before anything else does, listening to the bird song or sitting relaxing with a glass of wine by the pond surrounded by my cat and dogs and chuckling hens. Love it

  91. Debbie Preston says

    I value the patio area where I can sit and look at my lovely garden, listen to the birds or read and nod off!

  92. Sian says

    We bought our house for the garden; a fantastic space for having friends round for BBQ and wine! Having friendly neighbours helps, especially as we share matches and bottles. Everything and everyone who comes to my garden is most valued xx

  93. Lila B Taylor says

    I love to watch the birds cavorting in my birdbath, they keep me occupied for hours x

  94. rachael jones says

    the area weve created for my son , which includes a flower bed area , a “bird cafe” a “bug farm” and a “bird Spa” ! lol

  95. Maggie Coates says

    I just value the chance to spend some quality time with family having a barbeque or something in this lovely weather.

  96. Rebecca Hipkin says

    My roses as they are the first flower i’ve grown in my garden and they’re blooming lovely now.

  97. Jill fairbank says

    A safe place to play for my toddler and a tranquil and peaceful area for me to relax after a hard day

  98. Val says

    My time spent in the garden is the most important to me. It doesn’t matter what I am doing as long as I am in the garden.

  99. Nancy Bradford says

    My garden is worth about a million pounds to me…that’s what it seems like I spend on it :)

  100. Jane Middleton says

    I have just planted my first vegetable plugs so looking forward to see how they get on.

  101. Cheryll H says

    I love my garden – it gives me and the family loads more ‘outside time’ with the unpredictable British weather! :)

  102. Colin McNaughton-Law says

    My garden is my utopia, it’s my escape, it’s the place where I feel alive and like a true part of nature, I know it sounds strange but just by sitting in the garden or watering the plants I can change a bad mood into one of total peace and serenity…I love my garden :)

  103. Lyndsey Beckford says

    My garden for me is a relaxing place to enjoy the sunshine and read a good book. Peace and quiet! :-)

  104. Diana says

    If I would have the garden would love to grow strawberries! They would be the most lovable thing in the garden :}

  105. sam bailey says

    What i value in my garden is that although it is slightly overlooked, it is in a nice area and i never feel imposed on, i have a nice mixture of greenery and colour, enough to brighten my dullest of days when i walk out there, its peaceful full of birds and a very special rose is planted in the corner that my folks planted before they passed

  106. Toni Boult says

    My Garden is my favourite place, it’s private, just the right size and a good place to relax with a good book

  107. Angela Turton says

    The most valuable thing in my garden are the memories made with my children which I will treasure forever.

  108. Kirst says

    It’s the place where I can sit on the back doorstep on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich whilst birds and small creatures buzz about. A couple of cats roaming and stretching in the garden enjoying the warming heat of the sun. The swaying trees giving away the steadying breeze that brings light relief of the powerful sun and hot sweet tea.

  109. Rosalind Sargent says

    my garden brings to me peace and tranquillity positioned quietly away from the hustle and bustle of every day life of our town centre which is within 5 minuets walking distance. My favourite part of the garden is our rose bushes which bring a beautifully perfumed aroma and they are very pretty to look at when in full bloom.

  110. Kirsten says

    It’s a place where on a Sunday morning I sit on the back door step with a cup of tea and bacon sandwich whilst the birds and small creatures buzz about. A couple of cats roaming and stretching, enjoying the warming heat. The swaying trees that give away the steadying breeze that brings relief to the powerful sun and hot sweet tea.

  111. abrahkath says

    Very much a work in progress as only moved in 8 months ago. On a minimum budget trying to make what was an overgrown jungle into a place where a few veggies and flowers will grow. What I love best though is the space and the freedom my 6 year old son now has to potter about and play outside in a safe and fun area.

  112. Joanne says

    It may not be a big garden, but I’ve scrimped and saved for a home of my own and it’s all mine :)

  113. carol wilson says

    my most treasured thing in my garden is my garden swing, because when i get home from work and the weather is lovely, i sit out on the swing with a cup of coffee and chill out and relax

  114. Lindy Hine says

    I like my patio which has lovely sea views so I can sit in the sunshine and chill and enjoy the outlook!

  115. rebecca phillips says

    It isnt well groomed, it isnt a large stately home garden but quite simply its mine to enjoy :-)

  116. Linda McGarrigle says

    I love the space in my garden the most esp in the summer when me and the kids can use it most, we do have a small pond but really waiting until the girls are a little bigger before we expand on that xooxx

  117. peter barnes says

    love the tranquility and alll the wildlife who pay a visit. love the smell of fresh herbs growing too !!

  118. Sarah Davies says

    My garden is a wonderful reminder of my lovely mother. So many plants came from her garden and I find myself wandering round it with a cup of tea, marvelling at everything appearing, just like she used to do.

  119. Vicky Robinson says

    I really appreciate just having outdoor space for the kids after living in a first floor flat until 4 years ago.

  120. MANDY DOHERTY says

    My garden is my sanity, no-ones ever keen on helping with the gardening so I can potter about listening to nature which always chills me out

  121. Alex Cuckson says

    I love the wildlife that are drawn to my garden – birds, bees, cats; nothing like the feeling that they create first thing in the morning.

  122. christopher mayle-miller says

    i love that i put the bread scraps out for the birds and there are little woods out the back of my house and a Squirrel pops over the fence and just stares at me and takes the bread makes my day.

  123. jayne wood says

    My garden is somewhere I can let the children play safely,while the chickens scratch around peacefully..its just peace in a world of noise!

  124. Liz ferguson says

    I chose this house because of the garden – I just fell in love with it.
    It was already a mature garden, but over the years I have added my own few touches.
    I value my garden lounger, where I can relax & enjoy the bees, flowers & birds … Especially Robbie the Robin who is so tame .. however, I thought that he was the same bird who had been visiting for 13 years, but someone told me they only live a couple of years & that they are different birds, which totally depressed me! But, how do they all know the same trick of hopping into the hall every morning for bread, then?

  125. zarah aspinall says

    our new decking is the perfect place to chill out when its lovely weather.. our 3 year old loves it too and is spending more time now out in the garden

  126. Penny Ford says

    The roses. We only moved in a year ago and the lady that had it before us was here since 1954 and she planted lots of beautiful roses

  127. Lyndsie says

    I live in a flat so only have a windowsill garden, but it’s full of my favourite herbs and makes me smile every time I see it

  128. Kate Sabin-Burns says

    My kids when they are playing 😉 Or my washing line haha, very useful. No plants or veggies here though, garden is too small, would love a veggie plot

  129. ClairejB says

    I love the wildlife that visits my garden and having an outdoor space where I can just sit and unwind & forget about the stresses of everyday life.

  130. Pamela Chang says

    My garden at the moment is an extension of the house were my two boisterous little boys can run around and have their water fights, build their dens and shout as loud as they can without disturbing anyone apart from our long-suffering dog, whilst I tidy up the house that is just a constant hurricane-hit mess of toys!! Never a dull moment in the Chang household 😉

  131. Jasmine Collier says

    This time of year my favourite part of my garden is my patch of Alpine Strawberries, I started with just 3 plants, but they have just spread all over the place. The berries are very small, but such a lovely flavour. Nothing nicer than picking a bowlful to eat with a scoop of icecream, or a handful to munch while I relax on the lawn with my kindle!

  132. Jodie Smith says

    It’s my sanctuary, my quiet zone where I can lie back and take in nature and forget about the stresses in life.

  133. ANN ANGIE S. says

    I value calmness, fresh smells, rays of sunshine and contact with nature. It is therapeuthic and refreshing.

  134. Ryan Roberts says

    In the process of doing my garden, moved into my first home now long ago and the garden was a complete state, looks lovely now though! :)

  135. Nick B says

    It’s a place for the kids to play and have fun, for our veggies to grow and (occasionally!) to enjoy the sunshine or have a BBQ. And it’s always something interesting to look out upon whatever the weather.

  136. Kim Sly says

    My snow drops, every year that they come up they remind me of my gran, they always make me smile and think of her

  137. Kerry Pool says

    I love my lawn, a place to play with my puppy and my boys, and to chill out with my new husband.

  138. Michelle Toon says

    I value my childrens toys, slides and swings the most. The joy they bring them makes me happy x

  139. Paula Harvey says

    It means we can eat more healthily cheaper – although we only have a small yard we grown our veg and herbs in big pots – saves us going to the supermarket so often!!

  140. says

    Quiet and private space in which to be outdoors as well as access to fresh herbs. Even in a very small garden like ours, there are plenty of humming insects and birds, so it’s our very own little wildlife haven too.

  141. Rach says

    I value it for the amount of pleasure it gives my family and me. My husband to tend, me for sitting in and enjoying and the children for playing in.

  142. laura stewart says

    i value my patio and decking, only a year old but on ht days like today i spend my time there

  143. andrea lloyd says

    a place to sit a nd relax and enjoy the wonderful scents of the flowere and sights of flowers

  144. Faye Bryan says

    My garden means the world to me, its a place to relax, to have a fun water fight in the summer, a place to enjoy an alfresco dinner with ingredients from the vegetable patch, its really a place to get away from it all whatever the mood.

  145. Martin says

    For me it’s a great place to socialise in the summer with friends and family. It may be quite a manly choice, but my favourite parts are the BBQ and the hot tub. Perfect!

  146. katrina adams says

    A garden for me means somewhere to enjoy the sunshine with family and friends, somewhere for us to enjoy dinner in the evening when it’s just to nice to be indoors and somewhere for our dog, Bella, to run around and dig holes!

  147. Laura Vitty says

    I love playing with my two dogs in the garden on the lawn, it’s lovely to watch them enjoy my outdoor space :) x

  148. Katherine De Riera says

    I value my garden as my own private space where I can enjoy time with my kids, have the family round for a get together and to relax with a bit of peace and quiet!

  149. Hayley Louise Colburn says

    Our table and chairs, got it for an absolute bargain from Asda last year, they knocked over £200 off it !!

  150. Louise Lumsden says

    I love having the high fence and trees as they give us some privacy, I love having apple trees as there are eating apples to look forward to in the Autumn.We also have blackcurrants, rhubarb and fresh herbs to enjoy throughout the Summer months.I love that the birds come in to feed their young ones,drink and bathe in the birdbath.My garden is only small but I love how much it gives us and we really value it

  151. Sue D says

    My garden is a place of happiness, where I can relax and watch my flowers bloom, vegetables and herbs grow and is becoming a sanctuary for wildlife.

  152. Mary Fuller says

    My garden is totally priceless to me.

    I could not imagine not having a garden to sit in when its warm like today. I have a pond that makes me so relaxed I cant tell you. I love the wildlife in and around my garden any time of the year, and I also have 2 dogs, 3 cats and a rabbit that enjoy my garden with me.

    My garden gives me my sanity … that is what it means to me.

  153. hannah massingham says

    The ‘memory’ tree a friend sent me when my mum died 5 years ago. Its a beautiful tree that always makes me think of her x

  154. SUSAN L HALL says

    I love the privacy of just sitting and chilling with my cat under my lounger keeping shaded by using me!

  155. emma furniss says

    My garden is my retreat – growing veg and plants takes my mind off problems and really raises my spirits. I love watching seeds grow right to picking the fruit/veg – there are lots of disappointments along the way but that’s life – enjoy the good things :)

  156. Bev Thwaites says

    Surprisingly it isn’t my lovely plants or BBQ, it’s my cat tree! I love watching my cat Minty play with all his local feline friends!

  157. jessica cook says

    its size, as an army wife were on the go a lot more than the average family! our old army house garden wasn’t much of a garden at all. but our new one is lovely and fab for my toddler to potter about in x

  158. Mary Baldwin says

    My garden is my sanctuary where I can escape – I might just sit in it with a cup of tea, but I relax and put the world to rights in my head.

  159. S Furniss says

    My bird table and feeding stations, I love looking at all the different species that descend when I put new food out for them.

  160. Nicola Atkins says

    My garden is like a mini zoo with rabbits, dogs, cats, and occasionally a visit from our pony! And at the moment a pigeon with a poorly wing! Obviously wouldn’t be the same without the children (3!) to bring the giggles on the swing and trampoline 😀

  161. Alexandra McGahey says

    We have a patio area in our garden, which leads down to a small lawned area. Above this used to be quite a large area of shrubs, plants and weeds until my husband worked very hard (in the rain for most of the day) to clear the raised area of all the weeds & bushes and laid turf to make a second lawn for our children to play on. The extra space has been so useful and is worth a lot to us as it has made our garden look loads bigger and now our children have more room for playing and can fit their bouncy castle, paddling pool and things all in the garden at once now. We are hoping to buy them a new playhouse soon to put on the new top lawn too :)

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