Giveaway: Win a £50 Voucher from Appliances Direct UK


Giveaway: Win a £50 Voucher from Appliances Direct UK


Win a £50 Voucher from Appliances Direct UK

Giveaway: Win a £50 Voucher from Appliances Direct UK

Time for another FABULOUS giveaway and this time it is for a voucher to spend at Appliances Direct for £50! So, what would you choose if you won? A new kettle or toaster? Or maybe some new baking equipment  The choice is yours, and all you have to do is the enter via rafflecopter below. The prize is for a £50 voucher and has been kindly donated by Appliances Direct, who will send the prize out to the winner. 

Russell Hobbs 19270 3-Tier Stainless Steel Food Steamer

Russell Hobbs 19270 3-Tier Stainless Steel Food Steamer

To enter this Giveaway, all you have to do is the following:

1. Complete the Rafflecopter widget below to verify your entries – THREE mandatory questions will appear, which you need to answer by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post, liking the Appliances Direct UK Facebook page and my Facebook Page, before going back to the Rafflecopter form and hitting “Enter”. (After this, you can complete the bonus entries as explained on the form to increase your odds of winning – you can also return daily to tweet this for more bonus entries)

2. Entries are by blog comment, Twitter, Facebook etc

3. Closing Date: 5th November 2013

(For more information on how to enter blog giveaways using Rafflecopter please see this short video

You can win more bonus entries by tweeting on a daily basis.

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Giveaway Appliances Direct

Terms and Conditions:

Starts on the 10th September 2013 and ends on the 5th November 2013. This prize is offered by Appliances Direct UK and I am hosting it on behalf of them. Please note, I am not responsible for posting the prize out or providing it. The winner will be selected at random from all correct entries received. The winner will be notified within 7 days of the closing date. The prize is as stated: no cash alternatives are available. This competition is open to UK entrants only. The winner will be selected at random by the Rafflecopter widget below and you can enter via Twitter on a daily basis to have more chances of winning.

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  1. says

    I’ve got very confused with all these comment boxes and think I may have put mine in the wrong place earlier.

    I would love a nice red toaster – ours has packed up and I need a new one – soooooooon.

  2. Lisa Barker says

    Would love to win to get a new microwave, as I inherited the one I have from my nana and it’s the size of an ox and looks a bit like one too, big and brown! So need to get newer, shiny and smaller model!

  3. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I’d love a new microwave! Mine is many years old, it’s large and cumbersome and doesn’t look too great.

  4. Hannah Bee Griffin says

    I need a food mixer, I have carpal tunnel and am finding it difficult to mix or cream by hand because of this at the moment.

  5. says

    I’m desperate for a new food processor. My blender fell apart and I glued it together with superglue (very thrifty I thought) but then I made Vietnamese-style chicken & prawn balls & now because I can’t take it apart to clean, it is STINKING! So much for thriftiness! Vohn x

  6. says

    It maybe small, but it doesn’t cheap – I’m really drooling over a nice new Kitchenaid mixer, or a Kenwood, something man enough for all the crazy baking that’s getting done in my kitchen these days!
    Janie x

  7. carol egan says

    I really need a new toaster – I would choose one that does 4 (or more) slices as I’m sick of hearing from my kids ” It’s my turn to have toast first this morning”

  8. kay adeola says

    Would love a steam mop because the good old fashion mop is just not cutting it and with muddy feet from the dogs i am forever mopping

  9. Sharon Griffin says

    a sandwich maker for my son to use when he comes home for lunch from college starving, he loves toasties but our one has broken so he is making do with toast which isn`t quite as nice 😉

  10. paula hambly says

    A food mixer would be amazing,the trusted Kenwood blew up with a cloud of smoke a few months ago though since it was a 1970’s one it did do amazing well! so miss it though

  11. says

    As it happens, our kettle is on its way out. The lid opens itself every time it reaches boiling point, thus leaving it eternally boiling and letting off steam! Great.

  12. Lesley Bambridge says

    It would be nice to have a toaster that actually popped up before the toast burnt! I kind of love my old toaster but can’t get used to charred toast

  13. sarah bootland says

    Wher do I start?……….. a new microwave, hob, steam cleaner, kettle, vacuum cleaner ………… I could go on with stuff I would like rather than need! Xxx

  14. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I would really like a new shiny kettle! Mine is so old and stained and tatty, its clean but it looks filthy as the plastic is so old! Embarrassing but as it works I’ve not been able to bring myself to replace it!

  15. Phyllis Ellett says

    A food processor, my old one broke a few years back, it is on my list, still ain’t got the spare cash to get one :(

  16. barbara clarke says

    I need a new hand blender as mine is about 30 years old and i don’t think it will last much longer with the amount of baking I do

  17. Katie Last says

    I REALLY, really, really need a new food processor. I bought a Tesco’s own processor 5 years ago as a stop gap until I could afford a better one… I’ve never been able to afford a better one! (damn bills!) I must say though, my Tesco has done very well indeed, I just need more from my processor as I use it for most of my meals.

  18. Jo Carroll says

    A new kettle…the hard water in my area destroys them in months. I guess what I really need is one of those new instant boiling water taps, but they are way out of my price range! :( x

  19. Jane Willis says

    Once again, I really REALLY need a new kettle. I get through them at a ridiculous rate – must be something to do with all the tea I drink.

  20. Angela Wilson says

    I so need a MIXER, I can’t cope with mixing by hand anymore – arthritis, curse of the elderley!

  21. Jessica Cocks says

    The one small appliance I really need is a kettle – me and my boyfriend our planning to move into our first place together and I couldn’t live without my hot drinks 😉

  22. kirsty cooper says

    I really need a blender! As well as using it for making lots of dishes I love making peanut butter milkshakes in them!

  23. John Steele says

    Hard to name an appliance I don’t need a new one of but first one’d probably be some kind of grill so I can cook sausages and bacon again.

  24. Sherry Poppy Owen says

    Really should get a new microwave, ours is making funny noises! But then can’t blame it really, we got it as a moving in present and we’ve now been together 14 years lol

  25. Kelly Hooper says

    A new microwave, mines over 12 years old, the glass table smashed years ago and the turntable doesnt work properly anymore

  26. Sheri Darby says

    I really need a new toaster, mine only does the bottom half of the toast, and sometimes pops up, sometimes doesn’t

  27. lyn b says

    Now that it is turning cold I really need a SLOW COOKER. To be able to come home at night to a hot casserole would be great.

  28. Lynda Jones says

    I could really do with a carpet cleaner, really need to get a year or two more out of my living room carpet

  29. Melanie Burton says

    I really need a new kettle, toaster and washing machine! My kettle leaks, my toaster has stopped working and my washing machine collects water and smells terrible of stale water – even though I always drain it away!

  30. Gillian Hale says

    I would love a slow cooker, so that there would be something warm and yummy waiting when I get home from picking my boys up from school

  31. nicola aldridge says

    I dont need anything but id really love a new microwave or a toaster, the microwave has seen better days so a nice purple one ideally would be lush!

  32. Tiffany Oconnell says

    I need a vacuum cleaner that actually picks up! Would be great to not have to get on my hands and knees and pick up the bits that my vacuum refuses to.

  33. sharon wormald says

    I would use the £50 towards a microwave, mine blew up a few months ago and im lost without it ….especially when im hungry from work!

  34. Danika Lloyd says

    Toaster – mine’s broken and grilling the bread is fine unless there are already sausages or bacon in the grill grrrrr

  35. Donna Kent says

    A new kettle. You need the moves of a ninja to stop getting burnt by the water it leaks all over the counter and floor.

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