Giveaway: Win a GRAND MARNIER CORDON ROUGE COCKTAIL SET RRP: £89:50 for Christmas!

Giveaway: Win a GRAND MARNIER CORDON ROUGE COCKTAIL SET RRP: £89:50 for Christmas!

Giveaway: Win a GRAND MARNIER CORDON ROUGE COCKTAIL SET RRP: £89:50 for Christmas!



RRP: £89:50 for Christmas!

Giveaway: Win a GRAND MARNIER CORDON ROUGE COCKTAIL SET RRP: £89:50 for Christmas!

I am delighted to be able to offer a FABULOUS luxury prize on behalf of Alexander and James, the on-line store dedicated to fine spirits and the craft, heritage and passion that go into making them. They have offered ALL Lavender and Lovage readers a GRAND MARNIER CORDON ROUGE COCKTAIL SET (RRP: £89:50) that comprises:

Alexander & James Ice Bucket


A striking ice bucket makes a special statement, and we’ve found none that says ‘style’ as remarkably as this. Mouth-blown from perfectly clear glass, with hand-ground bevelled edges and useful handles, its clean, contemporary design suits any style or occasion. 17,5 cm x 19,5cm

Alexander & James Ice Bucket

Alexander & James Cocktail Glasses

£17.50 each

We believe that savouring the ‘hold’ is all part of the cocktail experience, and this martini-shaped glass doesn’t disappoint. Handmade with the most traditional methods, its bold, solid stem adds a contemporary twist to all your classic concoctions. The unit price for this item is £17.50.

Alexander & James Cocktail Glass

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge


Named for the ‘red ribbon’ which graces its décolletage, Cordon Rouge is the original Grand Marnier, a delicious blend of fine cognacs and wild orange essence. You can sip this liqueur neat or over ice as a digestif, add a splash to your coffee or drizzle it over classic crêpes Suzette.
Neauphe-le-Chateau, France
Orange flowers, Lemon zest, Orange, Toffee
Bitter orange, Hazelnut, Cognac casks
Elegant, Full-bodied, Smooth

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge

This amazing prize would be perfect for all celebrations and especially the festive season which is just around the corner! It’s a unique and luxury prize and I would love to find this in my Christmas stocking! To enter, please follow the instructions below:

Alexander & James

To enter this Giveaway, all you have to do is the following:

1. Complete the Rafflecopter widget below to verify your entries – THREE mandatory questions will appear, which you need to answer by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post, liking the Alexander & James Facebook page and my Facebook Page, before going back to the Rafflecopter form and hitting “Enter”. (After this, you can complete the bonus entries as explained on the form to increase your odds of winning – you can also return daily to tweet this for more bonus entries)

2. Entries are by blog comment, Twitter, Facebook etc

3. Closing Date: 24th November 2013

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Alexander & James

Terms and Conditions:

You MUST be over 18 yrs old to enter this giveaway:

Starts on the 19th September 2013 and ends on the 24th November 2013. This prize is offered by Alexander & James UK and I am hosting it on behalf of them. Please note, I am not responsible for posting the prize out or providing it. The winner will be selected at random from all correct entries received. The winner will be notified within 7 days of the closing date. The prize is as stated: no cash alternatives are available. This competition is open to UK entrants only. The winner will be selected at random by the Rafflecopter widget below and you can enter via Twitter on a daily basis to have more chances of winning.

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  1. says

    I think a dark rum is the most used spirit in my kitchen. I use it in lots of sweet and savoury dishes and may have a cheeky one with grapefruit juice on a Friday night.

  2. Hester McQueen says

    Over 18 years of age for many years! Limoncello – refreshing. Drink It! Sipping it to savour the taste – there is never any for cooking with.

  3. says

    I love Grand Marnier !! It’s our favourite liqueur.
    It’s great for cakes and desserts, lovely for an after dinner tipple and, most of all for this house, an essential ingredient of the Margarita cocktail !!
    (Not to mention the box of Grand Marnier chocolates usually sneaked into the house at Christmas !!)
    I am definitely over 18……(over 28, 38, 48……..)

  4. Irene Wright says

    My 18th birthday was so long ago I (almost) forget when it was.
    I love Drambui but don’t cook with it or any other liqueur.
    I prefer to open the bottle, pour some over some ice cubes and gently sip it whilst watching a comedy programme on TV – makes me laugh more. Not sure if it’s the laugh or the booze that always makes me feel better.

  5. Erika Holt says

    I am indeed above the age of 18.

    I love Kaluha. It is a beautiful chocolatey liqueur. I haven’t cooked with it before, but I have had it on ice cream.
    I also love Tia Maria and Grand Marnier mixed with Bailey’s….delicious!

  6. melanie stirling says

    I am definitely over 18 but I’m afraid to say that this would be a present for my mum if I won this, she would really enjoy it.Unfortunately I am tea total,not through choice,I’m allergic to alcohol-sob sob!

  7. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I love a Bailey’s to drink but use Dark Rum in cooking – particularly chocolate brownies! I am definitely over 18 (sadly).

  8. Ruth says

    Amaretto gets used in lots of desserts as well as being an occasional after-dinner tipple. And yes, sadly, well over 18.

  9. cecelia Allen says

    I love Cointreau but only ever have it on special occasions so it would be a crime to cook with it. I am over 18 in fact over the hill.

  10. Stephanie Whitehouse says

    Yes, I’m over 18. I like all the fruity sweet liqueurs – we make sloe gin and blackberry vodka as well as the commercial, Cointreau, Limoncelo etc. The nearest I get to cooking is glugging some over ice cream

  11. Ursula Hunt says

    My favourite liquer is sloe gin, I just drink it I think it’s too good to cook with and have a feeling if I was cooking with it a little too much would slip down my gullet!!
    I keep saying I am going to make it but have never found enough sloes.
    I wish I could say i was just over 18 but that would be a little lie, I am unfortunately well past that threshold.

  12. Jane Willis says

    My favourite is Di Saronno. I’ve never tried cooking with it though.

    I’m so far over 18 you could swap me for three 18 year olds and still get change!

  13. claire danks says

    My favourite liquors are either Disaronno or Tia Maria. I have added Tia Maria to my coffee but haven’t cooked with either. I use wine in my cooking though…and yes just hit my 30’s, so old enough!

  14. Hazel Rea says

    I love Bailey’s – I don’t cook with it but I have been known to pour it over ice-cream.

    I confirm I am over 18

  15. says

    I don’t really drink now, but do like brandy in cooking, kirsch in anything involving cherries, and I might be tempted by a lovely fresh tequila sunrise. And I do like orange flavoured booziness.

  16. Louise Comb says

    I am very fickle with dwinkies. I like most of ’em. At the moment I’m tending to go for a Southern Comfort with Ginger ale – and now I really fancy one :)

  17. brenda heads says

    My favourite is Drambuie I would certainly not cook with it. I mix it with Bells Whiskey one ice cube and sip it like a lady.

  18. michael clyma says

    Calvados, gorgeous poured over pork steaks , leave them to marinate the. grill, serve with peas and pototes, top the pork steaks with grilled apple slices yum yum . I am over 18

  19. Jeremy Hards says

    My favourite liqueur is Cubana Liqor Cafe. Very similar to Tia Maria but a bit stronger. Definitely for drinking and I am well over 18

  20. Carol Peace says

    I am definately over 18 I think that it has to be cointreau but I havn’t cooked with it …. yet but I might try it now.

  21. Kellie Faggle McIntyre says

    Love bailey’s over ice and even over ice cream, not forgetting in hot choc & coffee!!!

    I’m over 18 : )


    Well over 18!!! Bombay Sapphire Gin is my fave tipple, with some fresh orange juice as a mixer, have never cooked with it, though have cooked while drinking it!!

  23. Cheryll H says

    At the moment I love Baileys Orange Truffle in hot chocolate – perfect after a rainy afternoon school run to perk up the evening :)

    • Cheryll H says

      Sorry, forgot to mention I turned eighteen yesterday *blushes at outrageous lie*…. ( I was 18 quite some time ago!)

  24. Katherine says

    I love Baileys … I mostly put it in coffee or slurp it on it’s own. Am intrigued to try it in cooking though!

  25. Lisa Fairhurst says

    Baileys. It’s fabulous in smoothies, mousse, chocolate cake, hot drinks as well as simply over ice. I’m over 18

  26. donna clinton says

    I love kahlua Bailey’s and Tia Maria in a cocktail my Fiance makes me,he puts crushed ice and ice cream with it,it’s delicious.We have never cooked with any of them though!I am over 18

  27. Janet Rawstron says

    I am well over the age of 18 and for many years have used the almond liqueur Amaretto in my baking. Almond slices are my husbands favourites and taste even better for the addition of the Amaretto.

  28. Penny Kestel says

    Baileys in a White Russian or a Black Russian cocktail. I love cooking with it and can make a wonderful Bailey’s brioche pudding.

  29. Paula says

    Can’t say I’ve really done much cooking with alcohol, it always seemed a waste of good Cointreau or Baileys, for example. And I am definitely over 18, well over in fact!

  30. Donna Parkin says

    i have to burn the alcohol off so steak cooked in whiskey for me but my darling hubby n kids love a drink dont worry my 2 oldest old enough lol

  31. Beverley says

    Triple Sec – a necessary ingredient for Tenessee tea and goes well in many sauces and desserts!

    I think I vaguely remember being 18…

  32. karen hill says

    Love Ameretto, i have used this with almond biscuits once and was really tasty, i am over 18 , thanks for the chance to win this , xxx

  33. Christopher Jones says

    I love Glayva, its lovely. Keeps you nice and toastie in the winter and is a great party drink too. I ma over 18 years of age

  34. Katie Kingsbury says

    Baileys – can’t beat the old classics. I’m happy to drink it as is but it also makes a wonderful buttercream topping for choccie cupcakes! And yes, I’m significantly over 18 :-) .

  35. says

    My favourite liqueur is spiced blackberry brandy, which I will be making tomorrow with today’s foraging haul. Blog post will follow very soon! Vohn x

  36. angela sandhu says

    Over 18 and I love baileys-don’t cook with it but have been known to add it to chocolate milkshakes! (obviously for the adults and not the kids!)

  37. Jackie ONeill says

    Jack Daniels is my fave drink and I also use it in cooking to make my rib sauce, delicious. I am over 18 thankfully!

  38. Vicki Violet Morris says

    Yes unfortunately I am over 18! My favourite liqueur is Disaronno and I use it in baking and for drinking =)

  39. Helen T says

    Tia Maria – although also like Drambuie and Cointreau. Haven’t used them in cooking/baking although am tempted by making a Tia Maria flavoured cheesecake. I am only slightly over 18 (and the rest!)

  40. Matt Tye says

    Mount Gay Rum – i would cook with it but its too nice to waste, it should be enjoyed in its pure form! And yeah, im a long way over 18

  41. Steven Appleton says

    Baileys used in sweet treats, have been known to drink it occasionally too – I am well over the age of 18

  42. Jen Boucher says

    Tia Maria it’s great to use to add a little zing to cakes and cookies (and just to slurp :) And I have unfortunately just reached the big three-oh

  43. Rachael Barratt says

    Definitely over 18! I love to sip Baileys and think it’s great poured over plain vanilla ice cream!

  44. Janet Mozelewski says

    Grand Marnier has been my favourite since I bought a bottle as a 19 year old cooking my first Christmas dinner for my parents. I wanted to be sophisticated and really went for it by having Grand Marnier placed on the table at the end of the meal along with some truffles I’d made. I also now like Calvados very much.
    I am (very much) older than 18 and that first Christmas dinner seems a long time ago!

  45. Nicola Reynolds says

    I like a Baileys over lots of ice on special occasions, I don’t use drink in cooking and I am over 18

  46. Diana Semionova says

    I really like GRAND MARNIER, and I’m not a fan of strong drinks. Not using in cooking, it’s just for special moments :)

  47. Paul Kay says

    I love Grand Marnier. I haven’t tried cooking with it but had a tip that it is delicious in mince pies so I am going to treat myself this xmas. Over 18

  48. Teresa Sheldon says

    Contreau,.grand Marnier and Amarula (Not all together I add) Love the orangie flavours of the first two and the creamy unique taste of Amarula

  49. Ruth Harwood says

    I am over 18
    Fave Liquer is Blue Curacco and I just slurp, but might start cooking with it when i find a recipe!

  50. klara cort says

    Bailey’s is brilliant at the festive period, but I also like Cointreau…and no, not using for cooking :)

  51. Michel Iste says

    I am over 18 …and I cook a lot and use a lot of wines,port,brandy, Grand Marnier for Crepes Suzette …., I like good French wines with good food.. a nice old Cognac or Armagnac . I like Creme de Menthe on Ice when I play cards …No I am an Alcoholic… I have good tastes :)

  52. Elizabeth Smith says

    I love cassis – Ribena for adults! Never cooked with it but I’m inspired to add to something like summer pudding.

  53. matthew collins says

    Cointreau is my favourite, never tried to cook with it but imagine it would make a great desert. I am over 18.

  54. RichardCP says

    I was 18 fifty years ago but don’t feel any older now (apart from a few creaks). My wife decided that cocktails should be my new hobby quite recently and bought me some recipe books and all the gear – most recent addition was a Boston Shaker, which the professionals use. Cointreau goes into two of our favorite cocktails (Margarita and Singapore Sling) but Grand Marnier is the only thing to use when making Crepes Suzettes.

  55. Ann Skamarauskas says

    18 was a long time ago for me and Grand Marnier is my favourite liquer, I haven’t used it in cooking, there’s never any left for that.

  56. Janet Taylor says

    I love ameretto and love putting it a really adult trifle. But my second fave is Grand Marnier yum. I am over 18 plus another 18 again plus 12!!!! God I am soo old

  57. joanne holton says

    I love Baileys cant wait to try the new chocolate one!!! love it in coffee, ive never used in in deserts but i bet its really tasty!!!!!!! And im well over 18 :(

  58. Katie Robertson says

    Yes I’m over 18 (36).

    I love Amaretto and have never tried to cook with it but suspect an amaretto chocolate cake would be gorgeous!

  59. Katie Walker says

    I love Limencello. Both for slurping and in desserts. Limencello cheesecake is especially divine.

    I am over 18 D.O.B 25/04/1988

  60. Avvie Cunnington says

    I am 23 and my favourite is Galliano. Never tried cooking with it but its vanilla flavour would be lovely in food!

  61. Emma Carter says

    I love Limoncello, I use it a lot for various recipes but my favourite is neat over vanilla ice cream – heavenly!

  62. vicki hennie says

    My excuse to my husband is that i need a bottle of wine to add to the meal, then I can finish the bottle over dinner x x

  63. Susan Elaine Carter says

    Courvoisier cognac is my fave. I would love to confirm that I am 18 but I can’t – I am many years Oder than that. :- p

  64. Susan Elaine Carter says

    Courvoisier cognac is my fave. I would love to confirm that I am 18 but I can’t – I am many years Older than that. :- p

  65. pauline black says

    I am unfortunately over 18 :) , My favourite is Drambuie!!! Just to drink im afraid as im really not that adventurous or skilled in the cooking department !

  66. Zoe Roxby says

    Iam over 18 and mine has to be vodka I drink it and I have made vodka jellies, truffles as well as cherries soaked in vodka and then dipped in chocolate

  67. Jo Carroll says

    Unfortunately I too am over 18. I enjoy Bailey’s Irish Cream with vanilla ice cream. I know you can get Bailey’s as an ice cream itself now but my version is stronger and tastes much better 😉

  68. Judy Beba-Thompson says

    I love Grand Marnier, both for drinking (yum!) and for adding to strawberries, once they’re clean and ready to rest in the fridge with a little sugar before serving with cream. The Grand Marnier makes them unbeatable!

  69. John Mcgovern says

    My favourite Liquer is Baileys. Do I cook with it, yes and know. I will enjoy a glass or two whist cooking but don’t waste a drop in the recipe. By the way I am well over 18.

  70. Gillian Hale says

    over 18 but not by much, honest!!! I love a rum and coke every now and then. I also use it to make cakes and truffles.

  71. Florence Cross says

    I adore Fra Angelico, but so easy to drink. I haven’t cooked with it before, but I’m planning on trying to incorporate it into one of Christmas deserts this year.

  72. Chris Fletcher says

    I’m over 18 and I love experimenting with alcohol and food! Current favourite has to be a good single malt whisky but that usually ends up getting drunk before it goes in any dish!

  73. Anthea Holloway says

    I love Tia Maria and I drink it and also cook with it – it is delicious in a tiramisu. I am over 18 (by many years!).

  74. nicole says

    We use Whiskey in our cooking – We toss it with Brussels sprouts and honey with bacon, Makes them taste great! 😀 I’m over 18

  75. SHEILA GLASS says

    Grand Marnier liqueur lends an orange flavor to this stuffing with apricots and apples which may be cooked inside or outside the bird. In fact, you can make this stuffing as a side dish in place of potatoes or rice to serve with just about any beef, pork, poultry, or even seafood entree. Thanks for the Giveaway!

  76. Julie Edwards says

    I love Cointreau. I do not use it when cooking as I would be too busy drinking it.. lol. I can confirm that I passed the age of 18 many moons ago xx

  77. Debra Winfield says

    I am 18 + 23! Grand Marnier is my favourite liqueur, I have never cooked with it, but will now look for a recipe!

  78. olivia kirby says

    I am wellll over 18!! I like a vodka, a port, I am really getting into cocktails but nothing too sweet. Had a very alcoholic vodka Martini last week at Hambleton Hall at lunchtime, that’s my kind of drink!

  79. Hayley Mulgrove says

    I like Tia Maria i have never cooked with it but would love to and yes i am indeed well over the age of 18.

  80. Gillian Hutchison says

    Gotta be baileys for me. Like it over ice, in cocktails, made into ice cream, with coffee or in puddings. Have made baileys cheesecake and chocolate and baileys muffins in the past too. :)

  81. Rosalind Blight says

    am 10 years older than 18 😀 and fave spirit has to be port, cooking and drinking all is good with it 😀

  82. amanda says

    Just a tad older than 18, 23 years since I needed ID lol. Am partial to a vokda….purely for medicinal or social purposes of course! :)

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