Giveaway: Win £50 worth of Seeds of your choice from Seed Parade

Giveaway: Win one of three x £30 worth of Seeds (flowers, herbs or vegetables) of your choice

Giveaway: Win £50 worth of Seeds

(flowers, herbs or vegetables)

of your choice


I am delighted to offer a FABULOUS prize for all you gardeners out there, whether it be window box, allotment or a large country garden gardeners – Seed Parade have very kindly offered £50 worth of seeds of your choice from their extensive range of seeds………, fruit, vegetables or herbs, the choice is yours if you win one of the prizes! And, what a wonderful way to start 2014! What will you pick if you win…….


Tomato Gardener's Delight 100 seeds


Cucumber Marketmore 76 100 seeds


Basil Sweet Genovese 800 seeds

Sweet Peas…..

Sweet Pea Parfumiere Mix 30 seeds

Cape Gooseberries……

Cape Gooseberry 100 seeds

Spring Onions……

Onion - Spring - Summer Isle 200 seeds

Pak Choi……

Pak Choi Ivory F1 150 seeds


African Marigold Sunspot Mix 100 seeds

……..It’s a fabulous prize from a great British company who sell garden seeds at affordable prices and run a very successful gardening community on their forum and blog, where you can find plenty of gardening ideas, share your experience, get help and help others growing tasty fruits and vegetables and pretty flowers.  They also have a range of thousands of heirloom, traditional and rare varieties of every seed for mere pennies, so you can find your usual choice or try something new!

To enter this Giveaway, all you have to do is the following:

1. Complete the Rafflecopter widget below to verify your entries – THREE mandatory questions will appear, which you need to answer by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post, liking the Seed Parade and Lavender and Lovage Facebook pages, before going back to the Rafflecopter form and hitting “Enter”. (After this, you can complete the bonus entries as explained on the form to increase your odds of winning – you can also return daily to tweet this for more bonus entries)

2. Entries are by blog comment, Twitter, Facebook etc

3. Closing Date: February 28th 2014

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4. You can win more bonus entries by tweeting on a daily basis.

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*The winner will be selected at random from all correct entries received. The winner will be notified within 7 days of the closing date. The prize is as stated: no cash alternatives are available. This competition is open to UK entrants only.

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  1. Hannah Bee Griffin says

    I want to fill my veg beds to the brim this year so carrots and sweetcorn, cabbages and beetroot, oo musn’t forget the peas theses would all be top of my seed list

  2. Jessica Wilde says

    We’ve just moved house, and are going to start growing our own veggies. I’d love to grow cucumbers…

  3. Julie Guy says

    I built a new rockery last year, and I’d like some busy lizzie and pertunas to put inbetween my rockery plants for the summer. I’d also pick some vegetable one like tomato and runner beans, my kids love them. Thank-you. :)

  4. Julie Guy says

    Shared the post Saturday Bakes & Cakes: All Soul’s Day and a Traditional Soul-Cakes Recipe on Pinterest.

  5. Tracey Peach says

    I have never grown anything from seed before, I would love to be able to grow my own vegtebles so carrots, onions & Peas would be lovely

  6. K Mayers says

    I want to grow blueberries & such like again (the birds have always ended up pinching them before!). I also would love to try my hand at growing chillies – I love them!

  7. WandaFish says

    What a fab prize! I’d be able to fill my little vegetable plot with kale, spinach, rocket, beetroot, onions, courgettes and broccoli plus tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for the greenhouse – yum! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  8. hayley pemberton says

    some veg. it would be great ot get started on the vegetable patch this year. some tomatos, cucumber, lettuce

  9. Lesley Bambridge says

    I would be thrilled to be able to plant lots of heirloom varieties all over the garden. Tomatoes of every hue, a ravishing herb garden with extra lavender to fragrantly dry around the house. Lots of fruits for fresh crumbles, pies, and fruity teas. Squashes and pumpkins for food and seasonal decor, and a cramming in of gloriously decadent blooms in every nook and cranny. There would be enough to cut flowers for visitors to take home, and to fill all my vases.

  10. Sarah Davies says

    Definitely some cleomes for my garden as I’ve had my eye on those for a while and some interesting veg seeds for my father who spends his life in his vegetable garden. The cosmic purple carrots and the purple podded peas would be top of the list.

  11. Liz Griffin says

    I would pick some flowers as we have just moved into a new house and are having to start the garden from scratch

  12. says

    WOW £50 of seeds would buy millions of seeds!
    Now that my cat is too old to manage the windowsills and knock everything off them, I can return them to their original herb-growing purpose! I would buy all the different herb seeds to fill my windowsills with tasty greenery! Vohn x

  13. says

    I’m a bit of a chilli and tomato nut, and I grow all varieties of these each year, probably because we use so many of them. You can’t beat a home grown tomato, they actually taste of… tomato :-)

  14. Emily P says

    Lots of flowers to attract the butterflies!! and I may try and grow some tomatoes again…although it didn’t go too well last year…

  15. says

    My parents have been working hard getting their garden back under control from the weeds. I’m surprised they haven’t found bears and tigers hiding. I know my mum is looking forward to growing vegetables again, so she would have fun choosing. I only have a small garden, but there is a big wooden box on a wall, nothing in it at the moment. So something that would feed the birds and butterflies could go there.

  16. Donna R says

    I have an allotment and would really like to try some new crops out. Pak Choi, different tomato types, chilli Fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Karen Scammell says

    I would like to try and grow some sweet peas this year.. my neighbor did last year and they were lovely

  18. Margie says

    Well I’m moving in the next couple of months and will have a much bigger garden.
    Hubby can finally have the greenhouse he’s always wanted.
    I’d buy seeds of bedding plants and veg.
    Keeping all crossed x

  19. Jill Webb says

    Some sweet peas for fragrance then toms courgetts beetroot and some more veg. I would have fun chosing

  20. lorraine stone says

    Courgettes, poppies, herbs, peas, green beans. I am about to start my third year with my veg garden. Year 2 was a disaster, so I am determined to make this year special!

  21. says

    Our first year with a proper garden – I’m SO excited! We’d have to have runner bean’s. They’re my favourites and we’ve been growing them in buckets in previous years so I want to fill the WHOLE garden with them! :o)

  22. sian hallewell says

    It would be a huge selection of vegetable seeds which I would enjoy sharing with family members who also grow their own veg and a small number of flower seeds for my Mums garden

  23. Beverley says

    Pak choi is a must! I love it with red meat dishes but it’s a) so hard to find and b) such a ridiculous price for the pathetic amount you get that growing my own would be wonderful.

    Additionally – tomatoes. I get through so many.

    Finally, a herb garden. I’ve always wanted a proper herb garden and the sickly specimens from the local supermarket never seem to spread properly!

  24. says

    I have just ordered loads of seeds, but there are a few bits still to buy. I want pumpkins, more strawberries and probably things like lettuce and cabbage ect :)

    MrsHippo xx

  25. Hazel Christopher says

    I’d have a mixture of flowers and vegetables – I’d love to grow my own cucumber, lettuce, peppers and other salads and vegetables.

  26. Patricia Avery says

    I would choose mainly vegetable seeds as we like to keep ourselves in home grown veg as far as we can but our garden would not be complete without some brightly coloured annuals sown in amomgst the veggies. Cheers up the dullest of days :)

  27. says

    Flowers, I always grow lots of veg from seed and we have lots of fruit plants, but not a lot of flowers, so I would like some really pretty options, lots of beautiful sweet smelling things!

  28. Ali Thorpe says

    I love gardening and would choose flower seeds to attract bees and butterflies, and a varied set of beans, courgettes and cucumbers!

  29. Ali Thorpe says

    I have shared the post “Cauliflower – The Dieter’s Friend! Faux Mashed Potatoes – Cauliflower Mash Recipe” as I see caulis used as a replacement for many carbs, and people may be seeking a way to cut back on them now!

  30. Ruth Harwood says

    A nioce collection of herbs for my window in the kitchen – it will bring a nice scent to my home and help with cooking


    …………….. ideally I’d like a mixture of all three – but if I had to choose, Id like ……flowers

  32. George Worboys Wright says

    I’ve grown lots of things in the past but I’ve never grown Mooli so I’d love to give that a go!

  33. George Worboys Wright says

    I shared your Twelfth Night, Epiphany and Spices! post cos the Beef & Apricot Pie with a Salt Glaze Crust looks amazing!

  34. Pip Wynne says

    … Beans, courgettes, tomatoes and peppers, herbs. Kale and salads, colourful flowers to attract insects…

  35. Susan Kempson says

    I am just starting out to grow my own veg, my husband has made me a couple of raised beds and I want to grow as much as I can!!

  36. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    I’d give my Mum the choice. Her garden is her sanctuary so it would be a lovely present for her. Good luck to everyone.

  37. Val says

    We just moved our home from England to Scotland. We have a garden here so I am excited to plant with choices of Veggies, Herbs and Flowers.

  38. Donna Parkin says

    oh fruit and veg as am allergic to modern chemicals fresh and picked out of garden taste so much better

  39. Gail Bennett says

    Veg and herbs … fancy giving ‘grow my own’ another try … I wasn’t too successful last time … 😉

  40. Janet Rawstron says

    Any salad seeds as well as popular herbs with nasturtiums to jazz up the salads with their peppery taste.

  41. Jadea says

    Edible flowers like snapdragon for my window boxes, for some pretty and some eats. Some fresh herbs are very much needed in my kitchen right now, cooking more and don’t trust the grown plants from supermarket.

  42. Katie Morgan says

    Some of the more expensive or hard to buy vegetables such as fennel, black kale, herbs and then some cutting flowers to bring colour all summer long. What a fantastic prize!

  43. karen taylor says

    Wow …first I would make a cuppa and browse with pen and paper! I would choose a variety of fruit and veg and then some flowers to complete my companion planting scheme : )

  44. dragonfly63 says

    For £50 I could fill my garden with butterfly and bee friendly flowers and grow lots of lovely vegetables. The purple vegetable collection and patio vegetable collection look particularly interesting.

  45. Elzabeth Haggerty says

    Mostly flowers for the summer but maybe a few vegtables as I’ve never tried to grow my own but would love to try

  46. Sarah Bassett says

    I would choose tomato, cucumber, beetroot, turnip, lettuce, beans, leeks, spinach and other salad leaves. Home grown vegetables just can’t be beaten for flavour.

  47. Linda Thorn says

    its got to be celery as i love Celery soup
    With extra cream
    No crunch and a bite
    Just smooth a sheer delight

  48. Katherine L says

    I’m really interested in growing my own greens like kale and chard! Also, herbs are great too as they’re always handy for in the kitchen.

  49. Stephanie Whitehouse says

    I’d like to add a cut flower bed to the allotment so lots of flowers- dahlias and delphiniums are the two that spring to mind

  50. Sarah Hines says

    I have shared this – Thrifty & Organic Meal Planner – Sausage Meatballs, Fennel, Strawberry Jelly, Watercress & Scones Recipes on facebook (sarah hines)

  51. Flo Foxes says

    I would appreciate some squash seed and pumpkins and maybe some gourds to try this year , thanks for the chance to play Flo Foxes

  52. Christine Smith says

    Definitely tomatoes, to escape the horrid watery things sold in supermarkets. Also peas (to be eaten straight from the pod, obviously) and lots of salads.

  53. Rosemary says

    I grow loads of fruit and veg on my plot, but over the winter, the rats and mice have found their way into my seed store, so I’ve got to start from scratch :-(

  54. Rebecca Page says

    I would go for a range of vegetables and some beautiful flowers. In November we moved to a new house as my baby sister meant more room was needed. I promised mom i would fix up the garden so flowers would help me make this a reality. The vegetables too would be fantastic as we have an unused greenhouse out the back and my family loves their veggies. Living with my mom and 3 other sisters, being able to start growing our own veggies could benefit us greatly with food costs etc, especially now that the youngest is lactose intolerant, the price of the alternative foods are wild. o.O

  55. Rosalind Blight says

    I would ask for a mixture of vegetables/herbs of your choice. Sometimes you need to step out of the comfort zone a little

  56. Helen Bailey says

    I have wanted to sort a herb garden out for ages so I would choose lots of different herbs to start it off, and some seeds for my dad to grow in his greenhouse. Probably some heritage tomatoes or something a bit different.

  57. Susan Race says

    Herbs… my herb garden needs restocking!! I also really want to have another go at growing Marigolds as well though!

  58. Alec Byrne says

    I’m getting into growing veggies this year – so probably lots of salad, cucumbers, peppers, chillies etc and some root crops for harvesting in the winter :)

  59. richard hill says

    i would choose basil only because we have 2 rabbits that love basil so we could hopefully grow them a lot of it

  60. Angela Wilcox says

    Hubby is in charge of the allotment (we help weed and tidy!), but he normally grows carrots, parsnips, beans, peas, salad so he would probably go for those

  61. Sarah scoulding says

    Anything and everything inormanly grow the usual , potatoes, onions, radush salad stuff cartots sprouts e.c.t

  62. Marina Wilson says

    any veggie seeds. i love being out in my veggie garden. i’m a beginner, only just started last year, and i cant wait to get out this year when the rain stops, and my veggie plot resembles soil instead of mud!

  63. Amanda Mallows says

    I’d choose lots of lovely veggies – I love peas straight for the pod, so i’d definitely select some of those.

  64. Rachel Humphries says

    Omg I’ve not seen anything like them but the mexican sour gherkins from their site – would love to use them in recipes, and some cherry bomb chillis to start with!

  65. Ursula Bingham says

    I’d choose a mixture of flowers and veg – sweet peas, petunias and sweet William along with carrots, lettuces and sweetcorn.

  66. Georgia Roberts says

    I just bought a new house and the garden needs a total up haul so I would probably pick some flower seeds. It would be nice to make a little veg patch as well though so I would love some vegetable seeds too! Particularly the sweet corn so that when our gardens finished we can have all our friends over for BBQs and treat them to so e homegrown treats!

  67. maureen moss says

    I would love to find some cottage garden “pinks” seed …sweetpea and pansy & veg seed including chilli the list is endless I love variety and sweet smelling flowers

  68. Anthea Holloway says

    I would choose vegetable seeds, particularly peas and beans. My son has just got an allotment and I would love to share the seeds with him!



  70. Janet Palmer says

    I’d love a vegetable and herb garden so tomatoes, potatoes, mint. I have the perfect patch already to start using this year too :)

  71. natalee gosiewski says

    the spring onion seeds, basil or sweet peas i like them all so any one of them plus i like a surprise

  72. June Gaynor says

    It would have to be flowers. I would love to try veg, but the clay soil in my garden just isn’t up to it.

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