Giveaway: Win ONE of FOUR Churchill China Penzance Breakfast Sets (RRP:£84)

Giveaway: Win ONE of FOUR Churchill China Penzance Breakfast Sets (RRP:£84)


Win ONE of FOUR Churchill China Penzance Breakfast Sets


Giveaway: Win ONE of FOUR Churchill China Penzance Breakfast Sets (RRP:£84)

Giveaway: Win ONE of FOUR Churchill China Penzance Breakfast Sets (RRP:£84)

I am thrilled to be able to offer all Lavender and Lovage readers the chance to win ONE of FOUR beautiful Churchill China Penzance Breakfast Sets with a recommended retail value of £84 as a special Easter prize! This wonderful giveaway kicks of the start of my continued Ambassadorship with this old and well-respected British pottery for 2014 – and look out for some NEW recipe posts as well as many more giveaways throughout the year. Today’s prize comprises:

Jam Pot with Lid and Spoon:

Jam dish with lid and spoon

Jam dish with lid and spoon

 Toast Rack:

Toast Rack

Toast Rack

Covered Butter Dish

Covered Butter Dish

Covered Butter Dish

Four Egg Cups:

 Four Egg cups

Four Egg Cups

Four Tea Plates:

Four Tea Plates:

Four Tea Plates:

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Churchill China Blogger

Churchill China Blogger

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Churchill Giveaway

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  1. Nikki Capobianco says

    I love crispy bacon, scrambled eggs and multi seed toast freshly squeezed orange juice and a pot of tea! Delicious!! In fact I’m off to have some now!

  2. Imogen O says

    Bircher muesli if I’m feeling healthy, French toast with berry compote and mascarpone if feeling wicked!

  3. Tracy Nixon says

    I love a latte with a slice of whole meal toast with butter and honey, and sometimes a bowl of branflakes too.

  4. Hazy says

    Crumpets with butter and golden syrup, or a bacon sandwich made with great bacon and love – both with a mug of tea alongside!

  5. says

    Favourite breakfast is a typical English brekkie – sausages, eggs, bacon, beans, hash browns, mushrooms. Yummy!

    I have registered on the Chruchill site

  6. Nikki Hayes says

    Scrambled eggs on toast – although I do like a full cooked breakfast when we go on holiday (only three months to go!) ;o)

  7. Tracy Sinclair says

    My favourite breakfast is cereal, usually cornflakes or weetabix, toast and lots of coffee x

  8. Isobelle Forde says

    Two poached free range eggs, granary buttered today and two crispy bacon strips, tea to wash it all down, mmmm

  9. Zaheen Qaiser says

    My favourite breakfast is pickled herring with mustard sauce on a stack of warm, crispy potato rostis. Delicious…

  10. Maria Turner says

    My favourite breakfast is a lovely bacon butty, made using a nice uncut farmers loaf. There needs to be tomato ketchup in there and on the side a couple of runny friend egg yolks [no white!!] to dip it into :)

  11. says

    What a gorgeous set, that Penzance pattern is lovely. My favourite breakfast is a long leisurely one! :pie everything about breakfast, but guess porridge might be a favourite – as long as it has clotted cream on it 😉

  12. Zoe G says

    Have registered on the Churchill site, my fave breakfast is a huge fry up, love everything especially fried mushrooms and tomatoes

  13. Sam B says

    My favourite is a Full English but rarely have one! Mostly just have a piece of toast and butter.
    I’ve registered on the Churchill site.
    Love the design of this set. The bunny, owl and fox are adorable!

  14. Chelsea says

    Yogurt parfait / Fruit salad, hash browns blueberry pancakes! & of course, Tim Horton’s coffee. (I have a keurig but there’s nothing like straight from the store Tim’s coffee, can you tell where I’m from? LOL #canadianasitgets #eh)

  15. Sarah Bavington-Smith says

    I love a good fry up, just like they sell in Deny’s in Canada, with maple syrup 😉 x

  16. Victoria says

    pancakes, it’s a rare occasion when i have the time or energy to make them in the morning though! 😛

  17. says

    My favourite breakfast would have to be the breakfast I had on a beach in India when I was 19, fresh warm pancakes topped with chopped fruit, nuts and honey followed by cold coffee with ice-cream. View of a azure blue sea…

  18. says

    My favourite breakfast would have to be the breakfast I had on a beach in India when I was 19, fresh warm pancakes topped with chopped fruit, nuts and honey followed by cold coffee with ice-cream. View of a azure blue sea…

  19. Lorraine Carter says

    Proper oaty porridge in winter, blackcurrant jam on hot buttered toast rest of year-that jam pot is just divine,

  20. says

    My favourite breakfast is toast with butter and honey or toast with butter, marmite and sea salt flakes! When I’m at my Mum house – she’s making the best sandwiches with sourdough bread, fresh butter, hardboiled eggs, tomatoes and cucumber!

  21. kim neville says

    My favourite is a full english but obviously can’t have that every day so otherwise I like chocolate croissants

  22. Chris Hunt says

    Option 2 on the Rafflecopter is to register on the site. It says you can do this every day for extra entries but Is there a need? You have to do this to get to the daily tweet.

  23. Lynda Brown says

    My favourite breakfast has to be pancakes, bacon, runny fried egg and maple syrup :) mouth is watering at the thought!

  24. Tracy Newton says

    It changes depending on my mood. But I think that in would have to go for boiled eggs and soldiers.

  25. klara cort says

    a bit of everything – eggs on toast, a bowl of granola/yogurt/fruit, orange juice, croissants and tea

  26. Anthea Holloway says

    My favourite breakfast is one which I have not prepared myself! I love cereals, toast, fry-ups and orange juice

  27. says

    I love homemade muffins, straight from the pan, with jam or butter. The best bit is eating with my family, on a relaxed Sunday morning, enjoying each other’s company with a big pot of tea :)

  28. Rachel Humphries says

    I don’t have a favourite it changes all the time, in summer I tend to like fruit and yohurt, winter is more a kedigree and porridge affair. I make up my own muesli and store to dip into when I fancy it, and sometimes it’s just black coffee. They are all my favourites, which one I want most just depends on me!

  29. says

    Aren’t they pretty, the owl,the bird, the foxes and the hares not to mention all the flowers. I have to have porridge for breakfast as i have very high cholesterol, but my favourite breakfast is a fry up. A healthy alternative isn’t the same!

  30. Emma Harris says

    Fry up! My partner cooks one every Sunday. Sauseage, Eggs, Bacon, Beans, Hash Browns and Toast. Absolutely delish :)

  31. Marina Wilson says

    I love my home made porridge with a drizzle of squeezed orange and a tablespoon of sultanas. Weekends I treat myself to 2 hard boiled eggs with toast. ( we have our own hens so eggs are very fresh)

  32. YOLANDA DAVIS says

    coffee is about all i can face for breakfast, but occasionally a full english for brunch is the best., also, entered/registered on site.

  33. Andrew Bailey says

    My favourite breakfast is what is called a “builder’s breakfast” which is a full-English breakfast but the important thing is the time context in which it is eaten. Basically start the work of the day early in the morning e.g. six to seven then at eleven o’clock you have your ‘builders breakfast’ the idea is so that you have the fuel to work hard until six to seven at night. Should you want work a little longer you have a ‘builder’s coffee’, which is triple to quadruple the amount of coffee used to make a normal mug of coffee, in the hope you will last until eight to nine o’clock at night.

  34. Alison Daughtrey-Drew says

    It has to be a full cooked traditional “USA” breakfast in a diner .. plate piled high … yummy :)

  35. Teresa Sheldon says

    My favorite breakfast is soft boiled eggs with brown bread uttered soldiers to dip in the yummy yolks

  36. lindsey stuart says

    I remember on a sunday my granny used to fry up some kippers and i loved it! I haven’t had it in years though!
    But at the moment it has to be a full english on a sunday with a glass of fresh orange juice! :)

    Your breakfast receipes are lovely

  37. Clare O says

    Poached Egg (from one of my two pet hens) on a homemade english muffin (made from a recipe in the River Cottage Bread book)

  38. Phyllis Ellett says

    2 Fried eggs on 2 pieces of tiger bread toasted. Topped with sprinkle of salt and pepper and a little dollop of Tomato Ketchup on the side.

  39. Gilla01 says

    Scrambled eggs (nice and creamy, not cooked hard) with chopped cooked bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes added. Yummy.

  40. Natasha Harvey says

    My favourite Breakfast is Brioche Toast with Scambled Eggs and Blueberries! Yummy!

    Then on Lazy days Pancakes and Maple Syrup!

  41. Gail Bennett says

    I must admit to being partial to a full English although I don’t have one very often … my everyday favourite would be fruit, muesli and yoghurt :-)

  42. Donna Kent says

    You’ve just reminded me that I have Pain au chocolat in the fridge! I make my own (from a can). They’re delicious on a satruday morning with hot chocolate.

  43. John Mcgovern says

    Full English breakfast, must have mushroom’s and black pudding as well as sausages bacon, etc.

  44. Jane Robertson says

    I love a bowl of creamy porridge with a dollop of golden syrup in the middle of it all. Delicious.

  45. Jayne B says

    I love a full english and cafetier of coffee once in a while or simple toasted bagel with instant coffee

  46. Sam Furniss says

    I love scrambled eggs on brown soda bread.

    I’ve registered too.

    I love the pattern on the set, it very much reminds me of the Scandinavian Figgjo Flint design.

  47. Pam Lawrence says

    My ultimate favourite breakfast has to be fresh but cold toast, butter and clover honey, served with earl grey tea, divine!

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