Round-Up: Cooking with Herbs February

Round-Up: Cooking with Herbs February

Round-Up: Cooking with Herbs February


Cooking with Herbs February

Thanks for all of your wonderful entries into Cooking with Herbs for February, I was overwhelmed by your amazing Chinese and Valentine’s day entries, From cakes and tarts to stir fry recipes, you all used so many herbs to enhance your dishes. Don’t forget to look out for the NEW March challenge by visiting the Cooking with Herbs home page here:

Cooking with Herbs

I hope to see you in March for the new challenge,  Karen

Herbs on Saturday  

1. Ten delicious and auspicious reasons (and recipes!)  to celebrate the coming Lunar New Year by Sue of Palatable Pastime: Sue has shared a links for TEN amazing herbal Chinese delights and I loved her Braised Pork Ribs in Chee Hao Sauce in particular!

braised pork ribs in chee hao sauce

2. Pizza Rustica by Anne of Carrington Lane Bakery:  Not your typical pizza, Pizza Rustica is a hearty Italian two crusted pizza. This pizza is more reminiscent of traditional pizza but with a double crust and using ricotta and eggs.

3. Turnip Cakes by Tina of The Spicy Pear:  Last year Tina baked custard tarts for Chinese New Year. This year, she tried her hand at baking a savoury dish, Turnip Cake, otherwise known as Law Bok Gow.

4. Pork and Vegetable Dumplings by Emily of Cooking for Kishore: Amazing little Chinese dumplings made by Emily and made from an old family recipe of a close friend.

5. Simple, Cleansing Pork Pho by Mel of Edible Things: Encouraged by the success of her shumai, Mel decided to go all out, and have a go at xiao long bao, or the special pork dumplings, that are filled with mince and pork.

Pork Pho

6. Stuffed trout with pinenuts and capers – trota ripiena by Alida of My Little Italian Kitchen:  Alida made some  stuffed Scottish trout, stuffed with plenty of pinenuts, capers, garlic and parsley for a truly herbal fish feast!

stuffed trout

7. Baked Spring Rolls for Chinese New Year by Louisa of Eat your Veg:  Louisa says: …”The Good Stuff: These spring rolls are filled with Peppers, Carrots, Spring Onions, Bean Sprouts, Cabbage, Courgette, any other veggie you want to add….”

Eat Your Veg | Baked Spring Rolls

8. Blanquette de Veau by Anneli of Delicieux: Anneli says that “a blanquette is subtle. Aromatic with herbs and deliciously creamy, it is comforting in the way a stew should be whilst somehow seeming more refined.”


9. Fishcakes by Claire of Clairey Fairy’s Cooking:  Claire makes some lovely little fish cakes for her family packed with  spring onions, leftover green beans, sweetcorn, chives and feta cheese!

10. Chicken Provencale in a Heart-Shaped Le Creuset Dish by Caroline of Caroline Makes:  Caroline’s recipe is adapted from one in a free calendar that came with Slimming World magazine at the end of last year and looks so tasty and VERY romantic!

11. The Love Pie by Louisa of Eat your Veg: Lou says that this recipe calls for a very long slow braising of the meat, which can either be beef shin or beef (ox) cheeks, or even pig cheeks which apparently taste like beef when cooked this way.

Eat Your Veg | Slow Cooked Beef Pie

12. Pork Sausage and Orange Terrine (Gluten Free) by Me! Lavender and Lovage: A delightfully easy and elegant terrine which is almost like a meat loaf, but has the added luxury ingredients of Armagnac brandy, fresh sage, fresh rosemary and orange zest; this terrine is delectable when served with crusty bread and assorted pickles for a light lunch of a dinner party starter.

Meatloaf or Terrine? An Easy Recipe for Pork Sausage and Orange Terrine (Gluten Free)

13. Raspberry and Basil financiers by Ros of The Mora than Occasional Baker: Ros says that this is a slightly unusual combination of flavours but the cake itself is light and nutty and the tart raspberries paired well with the basil.

14. Carrot, parsnip and coriander soup with celeriac and blue cheese soda bread by Antonia of A Little Bit Greedy: Antonia decided that has she had a huge bunch of coriander, she would tweak her usual carrot and coriander soup recipe by adding some parsnip, which worked well.

15. Lentil Marinara Sauce with Spaghetti Squash by Janet of The Taste Space:   A fun twist on spaghetti, this is a delicious marinara sauce. A heartier, cooked version of Janet’s 15-minute garlic basil marinara sauce, as she fortified the sauce with red lentils.

Lentil Marinara Sauce with Spaghetti Squash

16. Lemon and Parsley Soup by Katie of Thyme for Cooking: A beautiful bowl of fresh and fragrant soup from Katie that would be perfect for a dull winter’s day!


17. Paneer Methi Kofta Curry by Pink Socks of Thou Shalt Cook:  This kofta curry is a dedication to Pinksock’s mother who has not altered her kofta recipe for years now!!


18. Tasty Little Duck Hearts by Anneli of Delicieux: Anneli wanted to make something that had the elegance that a Valentines dish demands whilst using what is in effect, a rustic and modest ingredient, and I think her recipe here is just perfect for the occasion!

Duck Hearts with garlic & parsley on parmesan risotto

19. Lime-Rosemary Zeppole by Alexandra of The Lass in the Apron:  Alexandra made these fabulous little  zeppole, delicate, puffy doughnuts from Italy that are doused in honey with lime and rosemary.

A Platter of Rosemary-Lime Zeppole

20. Busy Beans by Spicy, Quirky and Serendipitous A simple meal made with three ingredients and that were all in the freezer! This looks so tasty and very comforting.

21.  Soto Ayam by Nasifriet of By the Way: This is the recipe for broth that saved Nasifriet’s weekend! It was an impromptu dish, and made after a rummage in the kitchen cupboards, refrigerator and freezer.

22. Slow Cooker Rolled Brisket with Red Wine & Thyme by Elizabeth of Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary: Elizabeth says..” that this meat is tender and flavoursome and the gravy dark, rich and intensely beef flavoured without the addition of stock cubes or gravy granules, this, due in part to the good quality Shetland beef and of course, the Worcestershire sauce”….

23. Eggs and Fenugreek by Spicy, Quirky and Serendipitous: A simple breakfast of eggs with Fenugreek leaves and lots of love. The Fenugreek leaves add a nice touch which makes an ordinary egg dish extraordinary.

24.  STIR-FRIED BEEF WITH MINT by The Law Student’s Cookbook: A final and  fabulous entry from The Law Student Cook for a fragrant stir-fried beef and mint dish, to celebrate Chinese New Year!

photo (2)

25. carrot, lemon thyme and celeriac soup by Dom of Belleauu Kitchen: I ADORE soup and eat it all year, but, it is never as good as when enjoyed in the winter and Dom’s bowl of carrot, lemon thyme and celeriac soup looks and sounds delicious! D0m says, and I agree……. “a warm bowl of soup is surely one of the best ways to overcome misery of any kind… sure it won’t pay the rent or solve third world debt but on a cold and windy day there’s very little other than a bowl of soup to warm the cockles of your soul”……


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    Thank you for yet another great roundup, Karen. I have particularly enjoyed the Asian inspiration this month, and I have a few more ideas for desserts with herbs too!

  2. says

    There’s a few tasty treats here Karen. The blue cheese soda bread sounds rather scrumptious and would be perfect for all these soups I’m seeing everywhere.

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    You always attract such a wonderful selection of dishes to the Cooking with Herbs challenge, and this month was no exception. I’m kicking myself for not entering myself though, so will make doubly sure I do take part in March…

  4. says

    So many delish recipes as ever! Should never ever read these round ups when hungry, ahrrr! Looking forward to entering at least one Rosemary entry this month.

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