Giveaway: Win a WEBER One Touch Original Barbecue RRP: £139:99

Giveaway: Win a WEBER One Touch Original Barbecue RRP: £139:99


Win a WEBER One Touch Original Barbecue

RRP: £139:99


Just in time for National BBQ week which starts on the 27th May, I am offering all Lavender and Lovage readers a chance to win a FABULOUS Weber BBQ as kindly provided by Notcutts UK! Now in its 18th year, National BBQ Week celebrates light nights, delicious tasting food and al fresco dining, also known as one of the best parts of the Great British summer – the BBQ. The prize is as follows and as most avid BBQ chefs will know, Weber barbecues are the cream of the crop when it comes to lighting the charcoal! 


Weber One Touch 47cm Original BBQ


Product Information

This original, classic design, now with a built-in thermometer, is the closest to the original design from 1952, yet with the revolutionary One Touch cleaning system, which means you are able to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

Great for grilling and roasting this barbecue has rust resistant cooking grates which make them extremely durable, and glass-reinforced nylon handles.This barbecue also includes crack proof all-weather wheels, and a charcoal measuring cup.

Colour: Black
Weather proof handle and protective heat shield
Porcelain enamelled cooking grate
One touch cleaning system
Charcoal BBQ
Assembly Required: Yes
Dimensions in cms (h x w x d): 91 x 53 x 51
1 year warranty on manufacturing faults and defects

Weber BBQ

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BBQ Chicken

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    • Maxime Goodwin says

      Any meat marinated!!! I recommend Food from fire by Robert Campion it is a must have for BBQ aficionados!! great tips & advice and great recipes that really impress!!

  1. Jenn says

    I love grilled meats with barbecue sauce but one of my favourite things on the grill is salad, A grilled romaine heart is the beginning of a beautiful barbecue chicken or salmon salad.

  2. Annabelle Taylor says

    Skewers threaded with Thai marinaded chicken, with onions, courgettes, peppers etc are always popular when we have a barbecue. Kebabsolutely delicious.

  3. ursula hunt says

    I have two favourites, corn on the cob and bananas cooked in chocolate and rum, both delicious

  4. Bernadette Finn says

    I love kebabs, especially teriyaki marinated salmon chunks skewered with red pepper, onion, cherry tomato and mushroom. Yum!

  5. kellyjo walters says

    bananas that have been injected with alcohol wrapped in foiled and cooked .. serve with cream or ice cream

  6. Maria says

    My husband cooks the BESTsalmon on the barbeque! Just plain, grilled, served with a nice aalad, some garlic mayo and french bread. Heaven on a plate!

  7. Tina Vincent says

    I love putting bananas on the BBQ after all the savouries are done and then we get a lovely dessert of baked banana with nuts, choc and cream

  8. Caroline Clarke says

    I love barbecue chicken breast grilled on the BBQ. I also love burgers and hotdots and sausages cooked on the grill!

  9. Alice Matthews says

    Halumi cheese, red peppper, cherry tomato & mushroom kebabs with sweet chilli sauce.

  10. Tom G says

    Getting out the bbq this weekend for first light up of the year – with chicken marinated in tikka sauce.

  11. Sarah Fawcett says

    I like fish as it doesn’t take long to cook, so it’s the one thing my other half can manage to cook without cremating!

  12. Jo Richards says

    My local butcher does the most amazing chilli sausages and they taste even better on the BBQ!

  13. Ann says

    Cooking the turkey on Christmas Day in the Weber is awesome. Great taste and it frees up the oven for the spuds etc!

  14. nicky says

    Peaches & raspberries wrapped in foil & left on cooling barbecue, the unwrapped & served with cream / ice-cream :)

  15. Mark Barlow says

    I love old skool bangers on my BBQ – but have recently got into cooking sweetcorn (on the cob) wrapped in foil with a generous knob of butter. Yum!

  16. sharon roberts says

    I adore slow cooking “Ham Hocks” with jacket spuds and corn on the cob, its a real hearty meal and a crowd pleaser, just fab for BBQ, served with salad ,coleslaw and crusty rolls.

  17. Deb Edwards says

    King Prawns marinated for four hours in garlic, chilli , ginger in very light soy sauce, works for chicken as well!

  18. Jacqueline Roberts says

    Good meat marinated and smoked and you can’t go wrong, I’m not the best cook but I can marinate.

  19. Stefan Ingram says

    Lamb Shish kebabs with peppers and onions marinated in aromatic Indian spices is a must for me or a Chateaubriand steak (the absolute best cut of steak and the most expensive so a treat)

  20. Adele Hill says

    I love kebabs with pepper, onion and chicken that has been marinate in garlic. coriander and emon

  21. Adele Hill says

    I love kebabs with pepper, onion and chicken that has been marinate in garlic. coriander and lemon

  22. Gillian Alexander says

    Has to be spicy chicken wings, i love when the skin is all crispy with the flame cooked flavour!

  23. Angie Hoggett says

    Homemade burgers are gorgeous on the BBQ, good quality mince with fresh herbs from my garden and some cheese in the middle

  24. Abigail Brooks says

    The old favourite, a burger! In a bun with ketchup, cheese and crispy onion – Mmm Mmm!

  25. Barbara Handley says

    Burgers with a selection of salad and sauces on the side ready to be added to the freshly cooked burgers.

  26. Claire C says

    I do love food cooked on Barbecue it gives it such a lovely smokey flavour, and it’s absolutely yum

  27. Sarah Morris says

    Has to be a burger, with lots of nice fried onions and some relish and sliced red onion, sooo tasty.

  28. Emma Baker says

    chicken and vegetable kebabs – soooooo yummy it is unreal, i especially love the mushroom!

  29. Kelly Koya says

    I love doing ribs and wings, but also a big paella – it cooks so much better on a BBQ with the heat evenly distributed.

  30. Tina Bailey says

    Home made burgers with caramelised onions, marinaded Lamb kebabs with red onions & peppers and barbecued peaches with honey and greek yoghurt… Yum!

  31. Janice Papworth says

    My favourite thing is vegetable kebabs with aubergine, sunblush tomatoes, artichokes and haloumi cubes. Also I love putting a foil tray on the bbq right at the end filled with chocolate chunks. The chunks melt nicely then we all dip skewers of strawberries and marshmallows!

  32. natalie holland says

    I love BBQ chicken!!! Yum with salad, jacket potatoes cooked on the BBQ are lovely as well x

  33. says

    My home made burgers with a bbq honey glaze, but only when they’re cooked by my dad because no one else (including myself) gets them to cook just perfect! x

  34. lyn burgess says

    At the end of the bbq I love slices of pineapple sprinkled with brown sugar and cooked till caramelised, then served with vanilla ice cream. The combination of hot and cold is a lovely end to the meal.


    What is your favourite food and/or recipes that is cooked on the barbecue?
    l know l’m boring but l prefer the traditional sausages and burgers

  36. lynn savage says

    I love to make lamb kebabs marinated from the day before in natural yogurt and lime juice, the yogurt and lime make the meat very tender.

  37. Andrea Dalziel says

    A jacket potato! (Pricked all over, rubbed with a garlic infused olive oil then rolled in a sprinkling of sea salt and popped in some foil to bake)
    Served with butter. Y.U.M.

  38. Carrie Brown says

    My boyfriends homemade burgers are definitely my favourite bbq food. They are delicious and healthy and taste amazing cooked on the bbq.

  39. philip hall says

    I love putting bananas on the BBQ after all the savouries are done and then we get a lovely dessert of baked banana with nuts, choc and cream.wonderful

  40. Tammy westrup says

    Bananas stuffed with chocolate buttons and wrapped in tin foil cooked on the BBQ – yum!

  41. Jackie Kelly says

    Really like anything on the BBQ especially with sticky marinades. Good in tortillas with sour cream dip!

  42. Kate Wood says

    Breakfast kebabs – mini sausages wrapped in streaky bacon, on skewers with button mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Delicious!

  43. Fiona says

    My lemon coriander and yoghurt marinated chicken strips and my homemade koftas. Followed by rum and chocolate baked bananas.

  44. Linda Thorn says

    Its got to be delicious meat free burgers for me
    As I am vegetarian you see
    the best way to eat them
    its got to be
    barbecued with onions for me

  45. Joanna Silvester says

    I’m helping my sister make her garden look lovely in time for her daughter’s birthday in August and a lovely BBQ would complete it perfectly.

  46. Angela Cole says

    I’ve recently discovered that you can make really good naan bread on the BBQ in the absence of a tandoor oven. Total convert to it now.

  47. Jenni Russell says

    Got to be BBQ’d ribs for me.. my dad has a fantastic dry rub recipe that he smothers them in =)

  48. Rosalind Blight says

    pork and apple sausages with onions, corn on the cobs and lime and coriander chicken kebabs

  49. Michael Cannon says

    My home-made chilli burgers with a hidden piece of chilli cheese in the centre are my fav BBQ food.

  50. Kat Allinson says

    Homemade burgers and bbq chicken drumsticks, and of course the classic desert of bananas and chocolate!

  51. Amanda E says

    I love doing corn on the cob on the BBQ and then once you’re finished putting banana’s filled with mars bars wrapped in tin foil for dessert

  52. Rachael farley says

    People often overlook fish – but its great on the BBQ!!!

    I love marinated cod in lemon, chilli and corriander. Wrap it in a bit of tinfoil and whack it on the BBQ!! Perfect and delicious!!

  53. Jacqueline Buckley says

    hi Karen, I love your work. I wasn’t sure of the rafflecopter at first and started typing tweet before my twitter share until I realised you can see it’s a tweet. Just in case you check my earlier shares you would have to delete the word tweet at the start. It’s for the WEBER BBQ and the Brita give away. I hope that’s ok as I still did what was required. Many thanks, best regards Jacqueline. x

  54. Edward Guerreiro says

    I just wanted to inform you, I recently changed my name on Facebook (The name I used previously was just a placeholder while I got the hang of it).

    So if for any reason you decided to check to see if I have participated in the ways I have claimed to (which I have), could you look for my surname only with regards to Facebook, as it’s the same in both names.

    p.s. I went from ‘E.a MSE Guerreiro’ (This is the name I used in the Rafflecopter) to ‘Eddie Guerreiro’.

    p.p.s. This is true for all of you Rafflecopters, but I don’t want to post this in each comment section.

  55. Gillian Hutchison says

    bbq banana & mars bar. Slice open lengthways. remove a couple of bits and replace with mars bar. then cover rest in grated mars bar. close over skin, wrap in tin foil and bbq. its yummy!

  56. Meryl Rees says

    I love barbeques so it’s hard to choose. Steaks, chicken breasts, kebabs, burgers, sausage… many nice things!

  57. Cathy O says

    Love a good steak burger which of course should be served with lots of onions and peppers – yum!

  58. sam bailey says

    A leg of lamb, marinated the night before in mint sauce in the fridge in cling film, then the following day wrap it in cling film and cook on a bbq for about 4/5 hours, THE most delicious thing ever!

  59. Lorraine Polley says

    no special recipe, just love sausages cooked on the bbq, they always taste so much nicer than those that are fried or grilled

  60. Jennifer Rhymer says

    burgers & sausages – they taste so much better from the barbecue than any other way of cooking them :)

  61. Kerry Pool says

    It’s a tie between filet steak and chicken breast marinated in greek yoghurt/paprika/garlic – yummy!

  62. Emma Price says

    Spicy Chorizo burgers made by removing the skin from a chorizo sausage, mixing with beef mince, some chilli, an egg yolk, bread crumbs and seasoning. Served with some BBQ’d Halloumi

  63. susan willshee says

    I’m vegetarian by choice and gluten free by necessity so BBQ’s used to be out of the question for me. Then I found that threading vegetables and halloumi cheese onto skewers makes a fantastic BBQ meal. I use tomatoes, courgette, mushrooms and onions in addition to the halloumi. These are so tasty that I have to fight off the non vegetarians and none coeliacs for them!

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