The Secret Recipe Club: Fresh Asparagus with Lemon Crumbs

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The Secret Recipe Club:

Fresh Asparagus with Lemon Crumbs


I feel so bad, for the first time since I joined The Secret Recipe Club nearly three years ago, I missed the reveal day due to bad planning and the INCORRECT date in my post schedule diary! The reveal day for group C was yesterday, but as you can see I am posting a day late……..and I would like to apologise to my “secret blogger” Jamie from Cookin’ with Moxie, as this it not the recipe I had planned to make, but is a quick recipe that I made this morning in order to be able to post my commitment to her, the group and the club. It is however a LOVELY recipe for late spring and early summer as it is all about ASPARAGUS which is in season right now; the recipe for DILL ASPARAGUS WITH LEMON PANKO which was on Jamie’s blog looked amazing, and fitted the bill for ingredients I had to hand, so it was made with alacrity and devoured for breakfast, and why not have asparagus for breakfast, it’s light and tasty and is perfect when served with eggs.

Hampshire Asparagus Watercress Festival 2014

Hampshire Asparagus at the Watercress Festival 2014

The recipe I had bookmarked to make this week, as I thought I had until the 26th May, was Jamie’s ASIAN CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS, although I was also tempted with Jamie’s EASY CHEESY CRESCENT SANDWICH and her recipe for DOUBLE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CUPCAKES, which looked DIVINE! Jamie is  an almost 30-year old living in Boston with her pug Ginger. She comes from a large Italian family and grew up in Long Island, New York. She loves and cherishes her family very much and enjoys cooking with them when she visits home……her blog is full of exciting and tasty recipes and I spent a happy hour or two looking at her recipe index deciding what to make a few weeks ago. The recipe was adapted from The Kitchen Witch, and Jamie made it herself for a Secret Recipe reveal day last year…….it was the perfect recipe for me, as I had just returned from the Watercress Festival in Alresford, more about that later in another post, and as well as being armed with copious amounts of watercress, I also brought some asparagus back with me too.

Alresford Watercress Festival

Alresford Watercress Festival

But back to the recipe, I have adapted it slightly to suit the ingredients I had to hand, and the adapted recipe is shared below. Do visit Jamie’s wonderful blog if you have time, and in the meantime, I apologise once more for my tardy post and hope my readers will enjoy this simple and seasonal recipe for asparagus as much as we did today! Karen 

The Secret Recipe Club: Fresh Asparagus with Lemon Crumbs

The Secret Recipe Club: Fresh Asparagus with Lemon Crumbs

Fresh Asparagus with Lemon Crumbs

(Recipe adapted from Cookin’ with Moxie and originally The Kitchen Witch)


25g unsalted butter
50g fresh white bread crumbs
Zest and juice of 1 lemon
1 bunch asparagus
1 teaspoon olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


1. In a large non- stick frying pan melt butter over medium heat. Add the breadcrumbs and HALF of the lemon zest. Cook, stirring occasionally until the breadcrumbs are toasted and a light golden brown. Remove to a plate and set aside. (I left my breadcrumbs quite pale as they were already lightly toasted)

2. In the same pan, heat olive oil over medium high heat. Add asparagus, salt and pepper. Sauté until asparagus is tender crisp, about 4 to 8 minutes (depending on size). Finish with lemon juice, cook and toss to coat for another 30 seconds to a minute.

3. To serve place asparagus on a platter or individual plate and top with lemon breadcrumbs and the rest of the grated lemon zest for colour.

The Secret Recipe Club: Fresh Asparagus with Lemon Crumbs

The Secret Recipe Club: Fresh Asparagus with Lemon Crumbs

This recipe is perfect for National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week


  1. says

    God I love asparagus season. It’s so wonderful and simple recipes like this where you can savour the clean taste of the vegetable is really beautiful. Gorgeous pics, so summery x

  2. says

    That looks divine ladies & you’re right Karen, a couple of poached eggs perched on top would be the icing on the cake!
    janie x

  3. says

    With the asparagus season just taking off, this is perfect timing Karen. I’m so looking forward to eating my first asparagus. This looks like a very nice way to serve it.

  4. says

    Thank you for still posting and for making this delicious recipe! Do let me know if you decide to make any other recipes from my blog though!

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