Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie (Grilled Cheese) for The Secret Recipe Club

Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie (Grilled Cheese) for The Secret Recipe Club

Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie (Grilled Cheese)


The Secret Recipe Club

The Secret Recipe Club

It’s hard to believe that something as simple as a toasted cheese sandwich could have received such acclaim in the Lavender and Lovage household, but it did; it seems that with all my manic cooking activities lately, for commissioned work as well as for some leading UK brands, Malcolm was just happy to have a plain old cheese toastie, as we call them, and I sort of know what he means. I have been lucky enough to have been wined and dined recently, and with an impending trip to the Far East on the horizon, it’s nice to sit down to something comforting and homely, as this sandwich most certainly was.

Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie

Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie

Today’s recipe comes from my assigned blog partner for group D of The Secret Recipe Club, Lauren of Sew You Think You Can Cook Lauren has some really great recipes, but something just jumped out at me when I saw this listed in her recipe index, probably because I am also a lover of garlic bread as well as grilled cheese! There were several other recipes I looked at, and I have bookmarked a couple, namely Buffalo Chicken BitesRed Wine Israeli Couscous SaladSpinach and Ricotta Ravioli and Banana Bread Muffins. But, for a simple and easy Sunday supper snack, this was the recipe I went with Garlic Bread Grilled Cheese.

Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie

The recipe is basically a cheese toastie with garlic granules sprinkled over the filling, and it’s this simple addition that elevates this sandwich to another level…..thinks unctuous, melted cheese in crisp toasted bread and then think garlic bread, and you have the flavour combinations! I sprinkle garlic granules over just about everything, but I have never thought to add them to a toasted sandwich, and believe me, if you are a garlic bread lover, it works! I used a big round (high-end) burger bun, as I didn’t have any sliced bread, and filled it with Comte and Cheddar cheese.

Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie

Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie

I have copied Lauren’s recipe, with my amendments below, and if you want a simple supper or lunch dish, then this is the recipe for you. 

Garlic Bread Grilled Cheese


2 slices of sandwich bread (I used a bread bun)
butter or margarine, for spreading (I used salted butter)
garlic powder, for sprinkling (I used garlic granules)
2 American cheese singles (I used a mixture of Comte and Cheddar cheese)


Heat a small skillet over low to medium heat.
Butter one side of each slice of bread. Sprinkle garlic powder on buttered side of each slice.
Place one slice of bread butter side down in warm skillet. Top with both cheese singles and the other slice of bread, buttered side out. Cook until bottom piece of bread is golden.
Flip sandwich to toast the 2nd side until the cheese is melted.
Slice on a diagonal and serve.

Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie

Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie

Lauren, by the way, lives in Florida, USA and is an aerospace engineer! WOW! Her blog is mainly about food, but she also writes about crafting, travel and quilting. To read more about Lauren, you must pop over to her first blog post here: Welcome to Sew You Think You Can Cook, where she will you all about herself! That’s it for today and my Secret Recipe Club post, do pop back later for a special Midsummer recipe and more travel tales from Atlantic Canada and Newfoundland! Karen 


  1. says

    Sometimes there is nothing more perfect in life than a grilled cheese (and a glass of wine) – I often feel that way on a Friday evening. Love the idea of adding the garlic granules for that “garlic bread” flavour.
    Sue :-)

  2. says

    You know, in my opinion it is hard to beat the simplicity of a grilled cheese sandwich, but few things are as satisfying! I love it, and find that a little bowl of tomato soup is all you need to call it dinner. Or in summer nights, a small salad. love this!

  3. says

    oh my gawd… I’m on a 5:2 diet day today and I KNEW I shouldn’t come over to your blog today… this is EXACTLY what I want to eat NOW… looks glorious! xx

  4. says

    You can’t go wrong with a nice grilled cheese sandwich, especially along side a cup of tomato soup…even in the summer! Excellent choice this month :) PS…forgive me if it’s been a while and I just haven’t noticed, but did you do a blog redesign? I seem to remember it looking differently and I absolutely love this!

    • says

      Thanks Melissa, yes, I have had a blog redesign and I am so pleased you like the new look – had it done about 2 months ago now. And yes, a grilled cheese and soup is always welcome at any time of the year!

  5. says

    I remember when we would be working long stretches on afternoon shift and eating restaurant food night after night…you would get so sick of it and one night I got home at midnight and just made myself a grilled cheese sandwich because I could not stomach another restaurant meal. It was the best grilled cheese ever LOL.

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