Celebrate Eating As a Family: Win £250 to spend on a Dining Table & Chairs from Wren Living

Oak Table and Chairs


Celebrate Eating As a Family:

Win £250 to spend on a Dining Table & Chairs

from Wren Living (In-Store)

Celebrate Eating As a Family: Win £250 to spend on a Dining Table & Chairs from Wren Living

I much prefer eating as a family – in the evenings after school and work – it’s a chance to relax, chat and enjoy time together. It’s not just the food, although that is the main event, but it’s time to sit down and discuss what activities to do as a family, solve a problem, plan a holiday or make arrangements for a day out……it’s valuable time and rather than balancing a meal on a tray in front of the telly, what better than to sit down at a lovely dining room table with your loved ones to eat. I am delighted to say that Wren Living have offered all Lavender and Lovage readers a chance to win £250 to go towards a dining room table and chairs – perfect for a family meal and family gatherings! 


This prize is a wonderful opportunity to upgrade your table and/or chairs or just treat yourself to a more casual dining set for the kitchen maybe? 


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    • says

      I need to celebrate buying my first home of my own, so this would be a perfect opportunity to furnish my non existant dining room and get all the family round for a wholesome housewarming dinner. I’d cook a massive roast, (meat and vegetarian) wine and lots of baked treats. Time to finally use all those stockpiled recipes.

  1. Kirsten Murphy says

    oh it’d be wonderful to have a dining room table big enough for all of us now that our family has expanded to include a daughter-in-law, an almost daughter-in-law and a granddaughter. It’s amazing how life can change so much in two years! I would probably cook a huge lasagne as I know we all love it

  2. Tracey Peach says

    I would celebrate winning this fabulous prize by gathering all the family round & making a huge heart stew & dumplings because everyone loves it xxx

  3. Julia Forrest says

    I just got engaged so I would get both sets of parents together for a meal so they can get to know each other properly! I would make lots of nibblely dishes like crab cakes, mini cheeseburgers and sandwiches! Plus lots of champagne of course!

  4. says

    I think sitting down as a family is very important. It’s the time to catch up on the days events, relax together and communicate face to face rather than by text and email. Great prize. GG

  5. ursula hunt says

    I have recently moved house so would have my daughter and son around, cook a traditional sunday roast and celebrate moving in

  6. Jayne T says

    I’d be made up to win this as my table really needs replacing. To celebrate, I would cook my family a roast dinner followed by a homemade chocolate cake. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  7. Herbert Appleby says

    I would attempt to cook Chinese hotpot a great sharing meal and invite my parents and brothers’ families to eat together.

  8. says

    Since leaving home after university, my family is actually now comprised of my friends, including my two housemates! So if I won, there would be a big group of us enjoying a mezze style buffet served from a brand new table! (This would make one of my housemates particularly happy, as she hates our current dining room table.)

  9. Gerri Tennant says

    A lovely dining table and chairs would be great for helping my husbands ageing parents at meal times. They just about live independently but if we don’t eat with them they ‘manage’ on bits and pieces of food that is not enough for them.
    With a decent table we could establish a routine of them coming to us for dinner, as at present we have to go there every day. This would make life so much easier.

  10. Florence Cross says

    I would invite my in-laws round who would be delighted not to be cramped around our existing table, and I would cook a Sunday roast beef. There would plenty of room to put out all the accompanying vegetable, Yorkshire puddings & sauces, so everyone could just help themselves.

  11. Jo Glasspool says

    If I won it would allow me to invite some of my extended family over, cause then we will have a big enough table, and have a murder mystery night. As you cant go wrong with a roast this is what we would eat whilst trying to solve the who done it! xx

  12. Sue says

    A roast because it can be prepared in advance and it almost cooks itself so I can chat to the family without having to keep going back to the kitchen.

  13. kellyjo walters says

    we just bought another house so this would be great for the dining room… I’d cook a big seafood risotto

  14. Tracey Belcher says

    I would invite 3 generations of family members to the dinner table and then do an old fashioned English Roast by way of celebrating the years :)

  15. Angie Allen says

    I would make a three course meal for all the family with a lovely dressed table & lots of chats & laughter.

  16. Hester McQueen says

    Raclette with all the trimmings, prosecco to drink or a light beer, Chocolate pots for dessert! Family, partner, daughter x2, son-in-law, grand-daughter and celebrate with Swiss friends. Makes me happy thinking about it.

  17. Rebecca Owen says

    As there are birthdays to celebrate in my family every month until Christmas, I’d invite the whole family over for a special birthday dinner and cook a traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings, followed by a giant slice of birthday cake for everyone!

  18. Charlie Wand says

    I would invite my friends around and have a pot-luck buffet. I would make hummus and roasted vegetable pie.

  19. Mary Heald says

    We would have a celebratory lunch celebrating my sons A level results. We all like Sunday lunch so we would Christen the table with a lovely meal .

  20. says

    I would invite my girl friends around for a lovely lunch and wine.
    This time we would celebrate
    The joy and comfort.
    No more sitting on the floor
    I would be the proud owner
    of a beautiful new dining room table and chairs

  21. glenn hutton says

    I would celebrate winning by cooking my daughters favourite meal, a roast dinner, this would also be a celebration for her getting her A levels and entry into her uni of choice!

  22. nicci cowdell-murray says

    Its my youngest daughters 1st birthday in 4 weeks time so id celebrate with a big tea party for all the family . id cook some traditional party foods

  23. Wayne Roberts says

    I would have a celebratory meal to see off our daughter to university. Pasta is her favourite, so pasta it will be. Then after dessert we would follow it up with a board game.

  24. Amy Beckett says

    First of all I’d tell my grandma that I have won her a fantastic prize and invite everyone round her for a family dinner as out cottage is too small.

    We would have Chicken and Mushroom Filo Pies with seasonal veg and some stodgy sticky toffee pudding for afters.

  25. Edward Guerreiro says

    I would invite my family over, including my cousins, and have our usual feast. This includes prawns, smoked salmon, stuffed grape leaves etc. for starters. Then Roast beef and chicken/turkey for main. And then a whole host of desserts.

  26. Lorraine Tinsley says

    I’d invite the whole family over and do a good old fashioned roast with all the veg and loads of gravy

  27. Rachel Williams says

    I would celebrate by having our friends over for an evening of home brew beer with homemade pizza – we’ve been experimenting with pizza stones and a base using the beer for yeast. Yummy!

  28. Julie Booth says

    I would celebrate winning this fabulous prize by gathering all the family round & making a lovely curry with all the trimmings.

  29. Lee Davis says

    We always eat together at weekends, so a special Sunday lunch with all the trimming would be in order as I dont cook it very often as I get no help in the kitchen!

  30. Diane S says

    Would have to have everyone over for a big sunday roast, I would probably try to convince them all we should have a christmas dinner, even if it is the middle of summer!

  31. Karen R says

    We would make some curries and have a meal sharing the dishes. Then we’d probably play a family game of Junior Monopoly or something like that :)

  32. Carole says

    I’d have all the family round for a Birthday celebration dinner for my husband – I’d go for casual Italian style meal with bruschetta followed by a rich lasagne and green salad with lots of lovely red wine finished with an indulgent tiramisu.

  33. George Worboys Wright says

    We’d have a lovely family meal and invite my in-laws. I think I’d cook up a Mexican feast cos there’s something for everyone and we can all help ourselves. Then after we’ve all mucked in clearing up we’d end up getting the board games out!

  34. Irene Wright says

    We had a wonder family dinner last month for my husbands 75th birthday. Next one will be my own birthday in December. Last month I cooked two different lamb casseroles in the slow cooker. Also loads of roasted vegetables, potatoes, couscous & garlic bread. Finished off with apple pie, a chocolate torte & ice cream. Much wine was consumed and much laughter around the table. Lovely!!

  35. John Mcgovern says

    With a new table we would make a special meal of it and invite friends around for a good home cooked meal.

  36. Rachel Edney says

    I’d love to invite my parents and the in-laws round to thank them for looking after the kids during the school holidays. I’d cook a selection of Spanish tapas.

  37. Helen Swales says

    I’d make my families favourite meal, Sunday lunch with all the trimmings, including Yorkshire Salad (now there’s a new one on you!).

  38. Bianca Franks says

    I would thro a massive party to celebrate and fill my new table with lovely canapes for everyone to enjoy! x

  39. Kerry Kirkwood says

    I would be grateful to manage to get all of my family together for a meal. Last time was Christmas. Soon hopefully.

  40. says

    I would be so cock a hoop to win this as I desperately need both a decent dining table and chairs. Would celebrate by inviting friends and family over and having an extended sit down meal with lots of courses.

  41. katie skeoch says

    I’d love this for our new family home and we would be having a takeaway until I get the kitchen sorted! 😉

  42. cecelia Allen says

    I would lay a perfect table with crisp white cloth, my best dinner service, candles and a bottle of bubbly for a romantic meal with my husband. I would cook his favourite meal, a mixed grill, followed by home made pear pie with a vanilla and ginger sauce.

  43. Tracy B says

    I’d have a big family meal – with a colourful Asian salad, a selection of meats and homemade garlic bread. I absolutely love for all the family to be together at meal times, especially meals where everyone can just dig in and help themselves.

  44. Dawn F says

    I’d invite the family over and make a big vegetarian meal with salad starters and some yummy apple cake for dessert.

  45. Christine Shelley says

    I’d have a special sunday lunch for my daughters 20th in September for our family and her boyfriend and cook a lovely roast

  46. Barbara Handley says

    I would give it to my son and his family as a house warming present as he is moving in a few weeks time. We would have a family gathering round the table and probably have a Sunday roast with pudding.


    Would have to be my favourite meal – butternut squash and sweet potato soup to start, roasted seabass with garlic potatoes and asparagus, carrots and green beans, apple pie and custard to finish :)

  48. YOLANDA (yoey) DAVIS says

    Winning this would mean a lot to me and my family. I’ve wanted one for years, but not been able to afford it. At the moment we eat off our laps, but I dream of cooking a lovely roast dinner and being able to sit around the table to eat and talk.

  49. gemma clark says

    I would cook Pulled pork in the slow cooker and spread lots of yummy accompaniments over a nice new dining table!

    • Ian Cooper says

      We are currently building an extension to our house to allow my wife’s dad to join us as a family. Although
      we didnt have space before my wife always waited us to be able to sit around the table as a family for meals. As this
      may be opossible in future & to her delight with an ever bigger family. Nothing would be make me happier than to see her achieve this small dream & with some really beautiful furniture that would make it a really special occasion every time
      we eat together.

  50. Lydia Frew says

    It would just be the four of us and I would make fresh pizza with my own tomatoes and herbs from the garden.

  51. DENISE CURRIE says

    The first of many family meals at this table would be a Sunday dinner, Gammon and Turkey with all the trimmings as this means all six have something that we like., something that’s not easy to achieve!

  52. Chris E Andrews says

    How would you Celebrate Eating As a Family if you won this fabulous prize? What would you cook too?
    We’d have a celebratory ‘you’ve got engaged’ dinner with my son and his fiancée. We’d have a lovely roast dinner as it’s their favourite

  53. Paula Readings says

    My son is going travelling soon, so I would have a family roast with turkey & all the trimmings. ‘going to miss you Russ!’ x

  54. Christine Johnson says

    Instead of half the family sat at the table and the other half earing of their knees,, what a difference it would be all sat together eating a Sunday roast

  55. tracy sinclair says

    Its my son’s birthday coming up, in October, so I would cook a big family meal as a celebration, with one of his favourite dinners, a Roast with all the trimmings x

  56. Linda Thorn says

    a table would be brilliant
    as we dont eat together
    and It has to be stilton cheese made in to a soup
    Add Celery and extra cream
    No crunch and a bite
    Just smooth a sheer delight

  57. Amanda says

    My family live too far away but I would invite my fell-running friends round as I currently don’t have a big enough table :-) I would cook a big roast followed by my lemon meringue cake to calorie load after our big races :-)

  58. Jodie W says

    I will be ceebrating my first christmas dinner with my own family as little boys first chrstmas. most exciting family dinner ever

  59. says

    I would make something for my partner and children. We don’t get that many meal times together as my partner works shifts so I would make them all their favourite… A roast chicken dinner with extra trimmings… plenty of home made gravy and of course, a home made warm apple pie and home made custard.
    Everyone loves my home cooked food x

  60. says

    I’d celebrate our new home and finally getting some space back so we can put a table in the dining room. My youngest will be able to join us at the table in a high chair and I’d cook lasagne!

  61. Deirdre M says

    I would celebrate by inviting friends around, catching up around a wonderful spread – a leg of lamb, wonderfully presented in the middle of the table for all to enjoy.

  62. vicky cockett says

    i would do a not quite christmas dinner – its my favourite meal of the year, it needs all the trimmings and its a time we get all the family round and sit and eat together. perfect celebration time!

  63. Donna Loxton says

    I’m quite desperate for a new table as mine is wrecked from years of fun and games. If I won I would make a grand tapas meal which all my family love.

  64. Elizabeth Gurney says

    It’s a few months until my wedding so I would invite the bridesmaids and groomsmen over to get acquainted! I would have a range of different pizzas so we could scoff and chat away around a gorgeous table.

  65. Donna Hornsby says

    We always eat a family dinner around our old rickety table but to sit at a lovely new one would be ace! We’d probably have sausage and mash. .. . My little boy and my husband are mash monsters!

  66. Anthea Holloway says

    We would have a special party for my grandchildren and give them lots of party food including jelly and ice cream and brownies and cream cakes!

  67. Romana Richards says

    I would have a long family meal. Lots can be discussed round a table. Everyone can hear and stay for long if your chairs are comfy. I would have a family prawn pasta dish (with a middle East flavour) incorporating tomato and veges, everyone can easily help themselves followed by our favourite crowd-pleaser , a vanilla cheesecake with blackberry coulis.

  68. katie smith says

    I would cook a lovely roast dinner as this is everybody’s favorite meal. We are desperate for a new table as our old one is to big for our new house so it has remained in the garage.

  69. EMMA WALTERS says

    would love to be able to have my family round & cook them a christmas dinner for the first time. roast turkey with veg & potatoes grown out the garden :)

  70. Janet Rumley says

    Its my daughters birthday next month so I would be able to fit the whole family in for a great Birthday Party. Centrepiece would be my home-made Birthday Cake !!!

  71. Kerry bennett says

    I would invite my mother in law round for a roast dinner in a Sunday as a thanks for her making mine every Sunday

  72. Tracey Clapp says

    Oh, this would be so lovely. I have never won anything in my life but am an eternal optimist! Absolutely beautiful.

  73. Pamela Darbyshire says

    I’d invite my dear friends who’ve been there for me when i needed them. A huge roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings, all the trimmings and lots of meaty gravy, not forgetting some decent red wine.

  74. Alison Turner says

    I would cook a big Sunday Roast with all the trimmings and some chocolate fudge slice dessert and then invite all the family round.

  75. Kristy Brown says

    It would be lovely to sit around the table not waiting for someones chair to collapse.

    I would make a lovely beef stew

  76. Karen Foster says

    I’d celebrate by getting my family, who are scattered around the country, together & I’d make a huge pot of our favourite chilli con carne with rice, nachos, tomato salsa, soured cream & guacamole. It would be a real ‘dig in and help yourself’ family meal.

  77. Penelope Hannibal says

    I think it would have to be a three course meal, with a lamb roast as the main & homemade cake for afterwards :)

  78. Naomi Buchan says

    Perfect timing for celebrating Christmas in style, i would cook my usual huge meal but fit everyone and the food around the table xxx

  79. Maddy says

    Daughter needs a new lightweight table as they’ve been posted to Cyprus. We’d have a fab farewell roast dinner around it before they leave & look forward to eating Cypriot food when we visit.

  80. Lila B Taylor says

    A big family meal to celebrate my daughters 23rd birthday, she is coming home for the weekend and i’d do her a roast with all the trimmings :)

  81. Petra Beck says

    I don’t have family in this country, but I would gather my friends for a pre-Christmas get together and I would cook a Massaman Curry, fragrant and spicy.

  82. Raych Bonness says

    I love sitting down to eat around a table & I’d cook something simple like chicken curry or chilli con carne

  83. Kirsteen Mackay says

    A weekend family get together and we would eat honey roast chicken, roasted vegetables and sweet potato mash.

  84. Pete says

    Could do with winning this as the boxer pup chews the legs of the table & all the chairs!
    We’d celebrate with pizzas all round, that way everyone’s happy, even the veggies!

  85. Debbie M says

    I’d make a big meal for my family and friends to thank them for helping me move house. We’d have a big sharing spread with cous cous and roast vegetables, breaded chicken and pulled pork. And my mum’s homebaked bread.

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