Giveaway: Win a “Discover the Origin” Hamper of Ham, Wine, Port & Cheese (RRP£70)

Giveaway: Win a "Discover the Origin" Hamper of Ham, Wine & Cheese (RRP£70)

Giveaway: Win a “Discover the Origin” Hamper of Ham, Wine & Cheese (RRP£70)


Win a “Discover the Origin” Hamper


Ham, Wine, Port & Cheese


Ciabatta Sandwich

Ciabatta Sandwich

I don’t know about you, but I love the products promoted by Discover the Origin – I use them a lot in my day-to-day cooking and I particularity love the quality guaranteed in all of themDiscover the Origin is a campaign financed with aid from the European Union, Italy, France and Portugal to promote five key European products: Bourgogne Wines, Parma Ham, Douro Wines, ParmigianoReggiano Cheese and Port, all ingredients and products that are popular in my kitchen. So when Discover the Origin asked if I would like to offer one of their wonderful hampers as a giveaway on Lavender and Lovage, I jumped at the chance to share this amazing prize with all of my loyal readers. The hamper comprises:

Bourgogne Vineyards

One bottle each of Bourgogne Wine,

Douro Wine

and Port,

along with  a selection of Parma Ham

and Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese

RRP: £70

Discover the Origin


Products with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status are guaranteed to have been produced within specific geographic locations, using traditional techniques, and have passed stringent quality tests. The red and gold PDO logo is stamped on the packaging of products with this accolade, so you know that what you’re putting in your trolley is of consistently high quality every time you buy it, and that’s why I prefer to buy these approved products and ingredients. All the products in the Discover the Origin campaign carry this mark of quality.

Parma Ham

As part of my giveaway, I am happy to share a couple of recipes with you. from the Discover the Origins site! I have shared a couple of summer recipes using some of these fabulous products below.


Ciabatta Sandwich

Ciabatta Sandwich

Ciabatta Sandwich

Stuffed with Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Rocket and Parma ham and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese shavings. Wine suggestion: White Bourgogne (such as a Macon Villages / Bourgogne Chardonnay or a Petit Chablis).

Serves 4.

4 large ciabattas
2 Buffalo mozzarella, ripped into small pieces
1 pack of cherry tomatoes
1 packet rocket
10 slices of Parma ham
Parmigiano-Reggiano shavings
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Cut the ciabatta’s lengthways and fill with all the filling ingredients, however way you see fit!
If you want roasted cherry tomatoes, roast in the oven for about 20 minutes at 180c, drizzled in olive oil.
Season the sandwich and drizzle with olive oil. Add a squeeze of honey for a sweet finish.

A salad of caramelised peach with rocket, Wensleydale cheese and Parma Ham with sourdough croutons by Peter Sidwell

A salad of caramelised peach with rocket, Wensleydale cheese and Parma Ham with sourdough croutons by Peter Sidwell

A salad of caramelised peach with rocket, Wensleydale cheese and Parma Ham with sourdough croutons

by Peter Sidwell

Wine Suggestion: Saint Veran, White Bourgogne.

Serves 4.

4 peaches
200g rocket leaf
100g Wensleydale cheese
8 slices of Parma Ham
100g of sourdough or a baguette
30ml olive oil
15ml white wine vinegar
1 handful of basil leaves
Cut the bread into chunks and wrap the ham around the bread and place them onto a baking tray
Drizzle with a little olive oil and bake in the oven at 180c for 12-15 minutes
The ham will crisp up and the flavour will soak into the bread to create a wonderful texture and flavour in the salad
Cut the peaches in half and remove the stone, then heat a non-stick frying pan
Place the peaches cut side down into the pan and cook without moving them for five to six minutes to allow them to caramelise, then remove from the heat and leave to cool
Place the peaches and ham croutons onto a large plate
Top with the rocket and basil leaves
Crumble the Wensleydale cheese over the salad
Mix the white wine vinegar and olive oil together to make a light dressing and drizzle over the salad

Mascarpone, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cannoli

Mascarpone, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cannoli

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Discover the Origin


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Sandra Clarke says

    I would have a garden party with the family before the end of summer and the children go back to school.

  2. says

    We’ve been wanting to have an evening beach party picnic all summer and time is running out. This would be perfect for it and just right to see the summer out and welcome the autumn in. Love the idea of the single origin.

  3. Nadia Stanbridge says

    I would wait for the sunshine to return and enjoy an al fresco meal with my partner before the patio table and chairs are out away in he garage for another year. The hamper looks mouthwatering …… You find wonderful products and the recipes are fab!

  4. Gerri Tennant says

    This would be superb for a wonderful meal for immediate family for my husband and my joint 60th birthday celebrations.

  5. ursula hunt says

    The closing date is near my Wedding Aniversary so I would have a lovely romantic time with my hubby and I might even let the kids have a share of the non alcoholic bits!

  6. Tracy Nixon says

    My parents are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary this year so it would be the perfect gift for them!

  7. Sarah Archibald says

    A family get together, my nana passed on the 30th of october last year, and we vowed to get the whole family together in october every year in her memory, she was such a family women, and she would have loved it :)

  8. catherine says

    I’ve tried out a lot of your lovely r
    recipes, it would be a treat to try more and take with the hamper for a super-special picnic with my friends and family.

  9. Michelle Smith says

    My parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary is soon so it would be a fitting occasion to celebrate with them

  10. Janet Ashenden says

    I would host a lovely lunch for my husband, my three children and their partners and my son Peter’s fiancé Vicky’s parents, to celebrate their recent engagement. Good food, good company and good wishes all round.

  11. Jane Willis says

    I want to say “a summer evening get together in the garden” but looking out at the rain just now it looks as if that will never be possible again!

  12. Bernadette Finn says

    I would throw a end of summer supper party for my family using these wonderful hamper ingredients to remind us of our holidays in the sun!

  13. daisy says

    Mmm can’t beat a bit of cheese and wine! If I win, I’ll invite two of my friends over for chat and great snacks! Only my other two food fiends though! It’s too good to share with everyone!! x

  14. Steven Appleton says

    I’d invite my neighbours round for an Al Fresco treat in the garden as they held a fantastic BBQ last time & it would be good to return the hospitality.

  15. Mark Milsom says

    Posh half time food for the lads during an up and coming football game….all the ladies don’t like the hamper contents but the boys do !!! so the lounge with the footie it would go !!

  16. Lorraine Carter says

    A Spanish themed family evening, my big sis would love the tapas, my brother would love music by Paco Pena and the Gypsy Kings and my other brother would do his famous (and extremely funny) flamenco dancing.

  17. Tracey Gwynne says

    A party for one!. In my house, on my own, with peace, quiet, and gorgeous things to eat. I’m always looking after everyone else…need a treat for myself! 😉

  18. Anneka Hulse says

    I am in the middle of having my new kitchen fitted so i would invite the whole family round for a meal when it is complete

  19. says

    A house warming party as I’m finally (almost) moving house! It’s been a stressful few months and there’s been so many ups and downs, I will be pleased to move in and will definitely want a party to celebrate.

  20. Alice F says

    If I were blessed enough to win this basket, I would have an evening beach picnic with my husband! Hope I win this gift basket!

  21. Gwen Carter says

    I’d serve it at an afternoon garden party for a group of friends because with wine,port,ham and cheese it’s bound to be a success and can’t fail to please!

  22. Lucy Mayer says

    A quiet night in with hubby – we used to spend hours chatting over cheese & port, and it would be lovely to reminisce!

  23. says

    A small orangery christening. We’re having our extension replaced and after a month or two of mud and builders it would be lovely to sit in it with good friends

  24. catherine plant says

    a friends and family gathering to introduce the newest member of the family when they decide to arrive

  25. Tracey Belcher says

    My daughter is getting married soon so a mini hen party would be lovely, a few close friends. She does not drink much but does enjoy wine and cheese :)

  26. Lorna Kennedy says

    We have a distant cousin coming to visit from Maine, USA – so this hamper would provide a lovely welcoming treat!

  27. Fiona K says

    This would make a great picnic to take my mother to the New Forest with, so as to cheer her up with some pampering, fine food and drink

  28. Eleanor Wigmore says

    I’d have my Mum and Dad over to say thanks as they helped so much with the planning of the wedding we had in April.

  29. Edward Guerreiro says

    With this prize, I would probably just have a small family gathering. As I would want to maximize how much I get to eat :-)

  30. Laura says

    Definitely a lazy Saturday evening carpet picnic with my husband – we’d have everything ready to eat and drink without having to move a muscle and we’d have a great film to watch on the TV too!

  31. says

    My partner’s family are always generous and love a family gathering. If I won, I’d throw an Italian-themed aperitif for them all so they can enjoy the pairiings together, and it would be a thank you treat.

  32. David Wootton says

    Some old friends or coming to stay… this would be the perfect moment to break open the hamper!!!!

  33. Allison sullivan says

    our little family so love eating things like this so winning this fabby little hamper would be a special treat for us all to enjoy

  34. Elizabeth Smith says

    My brother’s just bought a boat so I’d suggest we all ‘christened’ it with a day out and the hamper for lunch

  35. karen hussain says

    would use it for the family to celebrate my son getting engaged. He is going to propose on the 25th September which is a special day for them so this would be perfect before they arrange the engagement party just for the family to celebrate! Providing she says Yes!!

  36. jennifer bolognesi says

    I would give it to my dad who would take it it his friends for their weekly gathering of all & sundry

  37. says

    If I won it would be a good reason to have a couple of local friends round to share the hamper. End of summer, and my partner and a friend are both 40 this year, so that’s enough of a reason to enjoy good food and good company.

  38. lynn savage says

    I’d have my games Night mates round to share this lovely prize, not only are we all games mad but we’re a bunch of foodies too, they would certainly appreciate the prize.

  39. Katherine L says

    I’d love a blind wine tasting evening with my friends so we can chat about and discover new wines!

  40. Sian Lennon says

    I’d put all four kids to bed, open some prosecco and have a candlelit picnic style meal with my husband :o)

  41. WandaFish says

    I’d have a drinks and nibbles party for friends and family to show off my new kitchen and celebrate my birthday :)

  42. Tracy Newton says

    Since having my little boy I don’t get out. I would invite my friends around for a girly catch up.m

  43. Steve S says

    Small gathering of close friends, a chance for the boys to have a beer or two and EVERYONE love cheese and ham !.

  44. Mary Martin says

    nice picnic with my holiday friends . p.s. always add a little balsalmic vinegar to the olive oil when roasting tomatoes.

  45. Hayley Morgan says

    A thank goodness they’re back at school party,for all the mummies that survived the summer holidays!

  46. Angela Wilson says

    I would invite 2 colleagues from work who are all as stressed as me for a summer afternoon wine and cheese and nibbles session to remember what good times are like and what we all work for is to enjoy ourselves, a refreshing reminder of lovely things.

  47. George Worboys Wright says

    I’d invite my brother-in-law & his partner around because I know they’d appreciate the quality food and drink too. We’d keep it simple and just eat, drink & chat.

  48. Irene Wright says

    My lovely husband & I would drive into the country with these goodies and a lovely fresh loaf of French bread and picnic in the sun on the banks of the river Ribble – bliss. Peace & quiet and good food – save the wine until later at home because I would have to drive there. Just might share the wine with the family!

  49. Barbara Handley says

    It will soon be the first anniversary of my moving into sheltered housing so I would have a little party for my friends here.

  50. MANDY DOHERTY says

    A picnic celebrating my late husbands birthday (Oct 9th) & our what would have been our 24th wedding anniversary (Oct 13th)

  51. klara cort says

    a house warming – we’ve been so busy with moving in and summer activities that we still need to host a party with friends and family :)

  52. Cal Littlehales says

    I have a big birthday looming and this would be perfect – though not sure I could hold out till December without “sampling”.

  53. ursula hunt says

    a family dinner as the children live all over the country and it would be nice to get them all together

  54. justine meyer says

    Just hubby, me and two friends one of whom has just spent 4 weeks in hospital recovering from pneumonia so it would be a little welcome home perty

  55. Wendy Tyler says

    My old dad would love this as much as I would, so I think a family gathering would be the perfect time to enjoy it.

  56. Linda Thorn says

    It has to be a cheese and wine party
    With all my family,
    With aunty having a good moan,
    My family cuddled next to me,
    And every ones expression showing their glee.

  57. michelle banks says

    i would plan a nice family gathering, my sons and my daughter and my grandaughter, be great to be all together x

  58. Ali Thorpe says

    I’d just invite my best friend. We’re both foodies and would enjoy savouring the hamper contents and we could catch up over the food.

  59. Sophie Murch says

    I’d plan a ‘return to England’ party. I’m a student and I’ve just returned from a year abroad living in Madrid working. Now I’ve discovered how delicious Spanish hams and wines are I’d love to celebrate moving back home and seeing my friends again and also share my new favourite foods with them with this hamper.

  60. Karen Martin says

    A child free night in with my Fiance would be nice and I could finally have a drink with him to celebrate our engagement which I couldn’t do before as I was pregnant.

  61. Carol Emmett says

    Just a small intimate gathering – me and my partner! Because of work commitments we can’t spend much quality time together, so this and a good film would be great.

  62. sarah davison says

    I would just gather my immediate family together as we haven’t been able to for years but now my brother has moved back near all of us we can all be together again

  63. Ann Skamarauskas says

    I would plan a party for my daughter and her student friends to have the chance to enjoy some of the finer foods and drinks instead of their usual budget fayre

  64. Lucy Higgins says

    I would invite my mummy and my sister round. We would sit in the garden, light the chiminea and some candles and enjoy the hamper :-)

    • Charlene Keddy says

      Ooops – forgot to mention I’d share all this delish food at a small gathering of friends who are big foodies. I can see them salivating already, lol!

  65. Becci Cleary says

    A belated Wine, Movie and Fine Foods night for my Mums 50th which is today – it will take her about a week to get over the hangover that she will have after going out for my Step-Dads Birthday yesterday :)

  66. Donna Loxton says

    I would have a little family party. My son loves different hams and cheese (like his mam) and would love to share this with me.

  67. Amanda Beamish says

    I’d do a very special meal for my family – the kids love to try different cheeses and we all like ham. I’ll keep the alcohol for myself and my husband though!

  68. Allan Wilson says

    A mediterranean food evening. Having french relatives we are always coming back with foodie inspiration and this would be the perfect boost to finall host our friends.

  69. Helen Craigs says

    I’d invite my 2 daughters and 1 son and their partners for a lovely get together to relive our respective Summer 2014 holidays!

  70. Deb Hambleton says

    I would arrange a thankyou party for my friends for helping me out when my house renovations were going awry!

  71. charlotte aldridge says

    Well I’m having a 1st birthday party for my little boy but of course we need something for the ADULTS :) x

  72. Tracey Gwynne says

    A gathering of one, with the door locked and curtains shut and my fave movie on the telly. I’m not sharing this lovely stuff with anyone

  73. Kerry Lethbridge says

    We need to get the family together for wedding planning my mums never met my fiance’s parents so this would help break the ice x

  74. Mrs Janet Thornton says

    I would love this for Christmas day.It’s our turn to have all the family this year( all 22 members) my husband was made redundant from his job recently and unless he can find another one soon money is going to be very tight this year.

  75. genna st michael says

    I’d have a belated anniversary party, we didn’t do much on the 9th of September due to financial restraints – so this would be lovely! x

  76. Andrew Halliwell says

    Gather together all the level 8 enlightened around the area for a bet together and plotting session to smash the resistance…
    If you’ve no idea what I’m on about, you’ve never heard of the game “Ingress”…

  77. Rachael farley says

    i would have a picnic under the stars with the firebowl lit for my friends upcoming birthday. There would be 6 of us

  78. Hayley Colburn says

    We have friends over most weekends, would be nice to have a bit of an garden picnic if we still have some sunshine x

  79. wendy williamson says

    I would arrange a ‘family get together’ at my sister-in-law’s farm – she has a garden as big as Buckingham Palace !and we have a family that could fill it !

  80. kristin burdsall says

    A belated birthday for myself. Have been so busy planning my daughter birthday party i had no time to do anything for mine

  81. bridie summersgill says

    I live in the North East and my brother lives in London so we don’t see each other much but he’s visiting shortly with his wife and we’d have a lovely time with this prize

  82. Susan Freeman says

    A family meal to celebrate my Sister and Brother-in-Law’s anniversary and his and my Dad’s birthday which are all within about 6 weeks of each other

  83. Jill Donaldson says

    I would have a family and close friends get together as we all love having a natter and a drink over a cheese board xx

  84. says

    I would get all my best friends around to help me enjoy all the wonderful tastesa nd flavours this hamper would deliver.
    This is the kind of hamper that is best shared with loved ones and hopfully helping close friends become closer

    Thank you for the chance of winning such a lovelprize

  85. Emily Jayne Phipps says

    I would save it for Christmas if i could because this year is the first year I’m doing Christmas for all the family! And I want it to be perfect!

  86. Kristy Brown says

    As we have just moved we would have a cheese and wine night to introduce my family to the neighbours – who happen to be my husband work colleagues

  87. Rachel Craig says

    A delicious treat to Celebrate my mum’s birthday. She would so enjoy the meal, as she loves delicious food, and friends etc to share it with. A garden party would be nice.

  88. Claire Nelson says

    Its my 40th coming up and my best friend from Canada is coming over so I would use it for our party that we are organising.

  89. Dave Lyons says

    Simply a quiet meal in the sun for friends that appreciate good food, and hopefully using some of the beautiful and incredibly tasty looking recipes on this site :-)

  90. Lydia Pepper says

    If it could last then I would save this for a Christmas Hamper and use it for when the family visit at Christmas time :) Fingers crossed! =)

  91. Bernadette Willis says

    I’d hope for good weather as my husband’s birthday is coming up an d we could invite some friends to come fishing with us and have a lovely picnic by the local lake

  92. Penelope Hannibal says

    A pre Christmas get together because we are going to my Mum’s at Christmas so there will be less people there. :)

  93. Felicity Williams says

    my sons 21st is coming up and he is a big fan of Lord of the Rings – so it could be a fancy dress party in our village hall 😀

  94. Vanessa says

    Even though I am just on my way to bed I could be persuaded to stay up if a loved one turned up with one of your recipes to share between us

  95. pam Lawrence says

    It would be an evening in the garden with hubby, his parents and his brother. None of us do parties or loads of people, we’re family oriented, and we’re all big foodies, so we would all really enjoy chatting, drinking wine and trying different food combinations x

  96. tracy sinclair says

    Its my son’s birthday on the 16th October, so I would give it to him to share with his partner, for a lovely picnic in the countryside, weather permitting x

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