Gift in a Jar, Day Four on the Advent Calendar and Christmas Morning Tea

Gift in a Jar, 
Day Four on the Advent Calendar 
Christmas Morning Tea

4th December

Window number four is a
Festive Holly Mug

December the fourth already and the day was blown in by a cold Easterly wind, bringing the last of the leaves down and causing the bustles on my Coronation chickens to be rudely blown up in the air……..the wood smoke from our chimney billowed over the garden and it looked like the aftermath of a giant bonfire party, whilst clouds scudded like missiles across a leaden sky. Yes, I think Winter has definitely arrived. I had planned to share another comfort dish with you today, and indeed the weather was an indicator that it was a capital idea, but, I have not uploaded the photos to my laptop yet and I am out at friend’s for dinner tonight and don’t expect to be home until late, tomorrow it will have to be now.

However, as today’s Advent Calendar window was a lovely Emma Bridgewater holly mug, I thought it would be fun to share another Gift in a Jar idea…….I did promise you a Trio of Festive Beverages a few weeks ago when I posted my Christmas Day Spiced Coffee, so here is number two of the trio, Christmas Morning Tea. I devised this recipe for the magazine I used to write for, Country Kitchen, and the response was amazing with lots of people saying what a great blend of tea it was and how they loved the simplicity of the recipe as well as the gift aspect. I have suggested using Earl Grey tea as the base, but if you have another favourite aromatic tea then do use that. 

The orange element in this tea is fabulous and although you can drink it with milk if you wish, I think it is wonderful with a slice of fresh orange, or lemon and a slug of whisky ~ for a BIG morning pick-me-up. I usually pop one of these in to my gift hampers along with a sheet of recipe ideas ~ one of which is a fruited tea loaf where the fruit is infused in this spiced tea overnight.  If you are giving a jar of this tea as a gift, attach a tea dousing ball or a tea strainer to the ribbon; as in this age of the “tea bag” you will be surprised to see how many people don’t have the appropriate tea making paraphernalia to make a brew with loose tea……..I was quite shocked actually…… a mild cup of tea kind of way!

So here we have it, a wonderful lightly spiced and fruity tea for the winter season, make some for yourself if you are all “gifted” out and don’t forget that that a wee dram added before bedtime would make an excellent nightcap. I have a wonderful product review to share tomorrow as well as comfort food, and just as a teaser, here is a photo of this amazing beverage…….
Norfolk Punch

Norfolk Punch

See you all tomorrow and have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday.

Christmas Morning Tea

4 tea cups Earl Grey loose tea leaves, or tea of your choice
4 cinnamon sticks
1/2  teaspoon whole cloves
1/4  teaspoon ground ginger
1 tablespoon dried orange peel
Combine all the ingredients except the cinnamon sticks and add tea mixture to a clean, sterilised jar. Push the cinnamon sticks into the middle of tea mixture in the jar. Seal with  an airtight lid and allow to “infuse” for at least two weeks before using.

Add a label to say: 

“ Place one spoon tea mixture per person to teapot, add boiling water and allow to brew for desired time (according to preferred strength of tea). Pour through a tea strainer and sweeten to taste”.

Second Sunday

Lighting the second candle

As this is also a CHRISTMAS tea, I am entering it into the Tea Time Treats challenge for 

As well as Vanessa’s 
Let’s Make Christmas
event too!


  1. Lauren says

    I read "spiced tea" and immediately thought of my parents. When I was a kid, we had iced tea with dinner every night and it was often made with Orange Spice teabags. I'm thinking actual orange and spices would be ten times better!

    Seems like winter has arrived for good in Kansas, as well. Boo. Seems like autumn never lasts long enough!

  2. Dom at Belleau Kitchen says

    how very un British not to have the correct tea paraphanelia! You should remove these people from your Christmas list post haste and stop wasting such fabulous recipes on them!

  3. Laura@howtocookgoodfood says

    I think this could win me over to the world of tea. I drink it but don't really like it that much. Earl Grey is my fave so I can now discover a way of drinking tea infused with flavours that I love!

  4. Kate - Turquoise Lemons says

    I am definitely making some of this up. It looks delicious and packed full of perfect christmas flavours.

  5. Karen S Booth says

    Thanks Gloria ~ I love my Christmas Tea Pot too!

    From Beyond my Kitchen Window ~ thanks! It is an old Bonne Maman Jam pot!

    Thanks Lauren! That is why I LOVE this home-made tea ~ it is naturally flavoured and very citrus flavoured too!

    Thanks Laura ~ you would probably like this as a hot toddy, with extra orange and a wee dram!

    Thanks Dom ~ I have removed them from my Christmas list already!!

    Many thanks for popping over to leave a comment Julia ~ this really is Christmas in a jar, all spicy and aromatic!

  6. Baking Addict says

    Christmas morning tea looks and sounds fabulous. Great entry for Let's make christmas and tea time treats. I haven't gotten round to either yet. Happy 2nd advent sunday. What will tomorrow bring? :)

  7. Janice says

    I really love spiced tea, although I haven't had any for ages. This sounds such a simple idea and would make a lovely gift. I think my SIL may be getting some in her stocking!

  8. Kentish Keg-Meg says

    Love all spiced and fragrant teas. So this is a must to prepare. Cannot believe we are on the 2nd Advent candle.

  9. Working london mummy says

    perfect scents for a Christmas tea. Such a good idea. So simple and yet one can pay a premium for a blend like this in the shops. Great idea x

  10. Marie says

    Karen, those Bon Maman jars are the best. I save all of mine too. You make me wish I still drank tea! I'll have to dust off my herbal teas and have a cup in your honor. xxoo

  11. says

    I love this teapot, it looks really delicious and wonderful gifts. I may just have to make some this new year. Thanks for posting such an amazing information.

  12. Maya Russell says

    Lovely idea for Christmas morning tea, but I think I’d just prefer a straightforward tea seeing as things usually are just so hectic.

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