Plough Monday, Cottage Loaf and a Ploughman’s Lunch (Recipes)


  1. Swedish Mike says

    This looks just amazing. You just made me long for a good ploughmans.

    Might have to adjust my lunch plans a bit! Thanks for the inspiration.

    // Mike

  2. Jemma says

    Oh my gosh, I am sat at my desk drooling! That bread is utter perfection. Really regretting the low carb/no dairy diet I've put myself on. :)

  3. Karen S Booth says

    Happy New Year Sylvie! Hope 2012 is a good one for you!

    Thanks From Beyond My Kitchen Window ~ can't beat a Ploughman and his lunch!

    I agree Beth, enjoy of you have one today!

    Thanks Swedish Mike, something very elemental about food like this.

    Thanks Jemma, Hmm, cannot say ditch the bread, as you cannot have cheese too, maybe one or the other!

  4. Inspired by eRecipeCards says

    Dinner and a show when I visit your blog. Love the stories that go with these classics. Both dishes look gorgeous and sound so wonderful. Just love the look of the bread with that "hat"!

    Great post


  5. Cathy at Wives with Knives says

    Lovely post, Karen. I have heard of a ploughman's lunch and now I know exactly what it is. Good bread and cheese is one of my favorite meals.

  6. Kentish Keg-Meg says

    Ploughman's Lunch for me is good at anytime. Sometimes have this to eat later in the day. Then a Cottage Loaf recipe wow what a fabulous post for Plough Monday.

  7. Kath says

    What a wonderful post, a wonderful loaf and those pickled onions – I haven't had one in ages and now have a real craving.

  8. Choclette says

    You are such a fount of knowledge, I've never heard of Plough Monday. I'd be very happy with a ploughman's lunch with some of your bread – only can I swap the pickled onions for an apple please?

  9. says

    Your cottage loaf is beautiful – you don't see them about much anymore, although this shape used to be common. I'd never heard of Plough Monday – it's a reminder of a time when our lives revolved around food production – it would be good to make this more of a focus now.
    A Ploughmans lunch is very under-rated, I think it has been turned into a salad by many pubs…simple is best in my opinion. A good hunk of the best cheese, bread, pickled onions and an apple. Hmmm think that might be my lunch today.

  10. Lauren says

    I know from experience that this is a fabulous Cottage Loaf recipe–I found it 2 1/2 years ago on Recipezaar and have since adapted it for my bread machine. I've made it dozens and dozens of times. It's delicious.

  11. AJ LOVAGE says

    I’ve jus came across your website ad I can’t wait to make loaf and your ploughman’s lunch as we got a picnic this week ,

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