Preserves from the Pantry – Oranges & Lemons for St Clement’s Curd on Slow Sunday

St Clement's Curd

– Preserves from the Pantry –

Oranges & Lemons for St Clement’s Curd

St Clement's Curd

Slow Sunday

Not a typical Slow Sunday recipe today, but for me preserves are the kind of thing I like to make when I have time, lots of time to chop, grate, mix and stir……..I make a pot of tea or coffee, and put on my favourite music and then pot and preserve to my heart’s content. And it was exactly this pleasant activity that I did this weekend. My pantry seemed to be awash with citrus fruits; I am known to overbuy beautiful produce when I see it all fresh and gleaming – wooden crates of plump oranges and lemons sat impassively in the back room saying “eat me”or “use me” – sorry for the personification. I am a big fan of citrus fruits, I love them in baking and cooking as well as for juice at breakfast time, and many a lemon finds its way into a fishy dish for Friday or a pile of pancakes as happened for Shrove Tuesday last week. Cakes zing with lemons and walnut tarts blush with added orange zest and juice in the pastry……and so it was that I decided on a batch of curd, a St Clement’s curd made with oranges and lemons of course……

St Clement's Curd

I was VERY pleased with the results of this new recipe; the colour was glorious and the flavour was mellow and orangey but with that lemon tang that I love so much in a curd. I managed to make two large 450g (1 lb) pots with a small “overflow” saucer, which we devoured as a “taster” with some brioche. I always have wonderful free-range eggs available laid daily by my Coronation chickens……and the yolks are deep golden yellow which added richness to the colour. This curd would make a stunning filling for a Victoria sandwich cake as well as the usual toast and crumpets, stand by for that, as I feel a cake making session coming on next week. I am sure you could use clementines or mandarin oranges too for a slightly different flavour, and I plan to use some pink grapefruits next time I make a batch of curd. I have to dash off now, as I still have lots to do……..but I’ll see you tomorrow as usual and with a sweet treat too! Have a wonderful slow Sunday, Karen.

St Clement’s Curd – Orange & Lemon Curd

Serves 2 pots
Prep time 20 minutes
Cook time 20 minutes
Total time 40 minutes
Region British
By author Karen S Burns-Booth
A deliciously tangy curd made with oranges and lemons, just like the nursery rhyme!


  • 2 Large oranges
  • 2 Large lemons
  • 450g caster sugar
  • 6 free range eggs
  • 125g unsalted butter


A deliciously tangy curd made with oranges and lemons, just like the nursery rhyme!  Try to use unwaxed fruit for this curd.


Step 1 Wash the oranges and lemons and then grate the zest from them, avoiding the white bitter pith.
Step 2 Cut the fruit in half and squeeze out the juice, removing any pips.
Step 3 Put the orange and lemon juice with the zest, beaten eggs, butter and sugar into a double saucepan (or heatproof-bowl over a hot pan of water) over a low heat and heat gently until all the sugar has dissolved.
Step 4 Continue cooking until the mixture thickens, the best consistency is when the curd coats the back of a wooded spoon without dripping off.
Step 5 Spoon into hot clean jars using a jam funnel and seal at once. Store in a cool dark place for up to 2 weeks or for up to a month in a fridge. Refrigerate after opening.

St Clement's Curd

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  1. says

    oooh… orange AND lemon curd… divine!… I love the colour and the photo just screams summer… we’re having some glorious sunshine here this weekend and this photo and the recipe makes as great friend!… lovely stuff xx

    • Phyllis Ellett says

      Oh stop it, just love Curd. Now husband, who does all the cooking is branching out to cakes, and desserts. He really is trying to master things like this. I will push this recipe under his nose to have a play with, oh and a bag with the ingredients in so he can’t say no. Thank you so much for such a simple recipe.

      • says

        Hehehehe! SORRY Phyllis – that curd was amazing I have to say! Let me know how your husband does with this recipe if he makes it! Karen

  2. says

    Hi Karen, and hurrah … I found you again. I lost you when you moved. But never mind, I’m just in time I see for a yummy recipe for one of the things I love most!!!

    I’m still using that lovely book I won in your giveaway, but had to buy a copy for my daughter too as she kept pinching it, mind you I think she has a crush on Valentine Warner!

    So pleased to have located you again.

    Oh, and I’m hosting a giveaway on knitsofacto at the moment, you might like to pop over and have a look :)

    • says

      HOORAY! So pleased to see you here Annie, I left a comment on your blog a week or so ago and meant to come back and see you, but here you are now! SO pleased you have found me and I will be over to see your giveaway later……and I am also pleased that the book was a BIG hit with you and your daughter! Karen

  3. says

    Karen, I love slow Sundays and sometimes I even lucky enough to have time to cook on one of them! (Today I’m baking) Love the look of your preserves – gorgeous color and such creamy texture…

  4. says

    Wow Karen, your photos are fantastic…the colours are stunning. They reminded me a little of Mowielicious. I can almost smell the citrus!
    I’m still eagerly waiting for my lemons to ripen…won’t be long now 😀

  5. says

    I bought oranges and lemons this weekend to use in salad dressing and immediately thought, “oranges and lemons say the bells of St. Clemens.” I bought enough to make some of the barley water Heather made a couple of weeks ago, as well. Looks like I need to go get some more!

  6. Frenchie~Isabelle says

    Hello Karen,

    I have just discovered your website (through my British chef of a hubby) and can’t stop devouring it!!

    This recipe is absolutely lovely, and I’ll sure make some of this lovely curd, first for me (hehe) and then for my father, who loves this kind of British delicacy.

    I have a question, though: do you think this recipe could be adapted to a slow cooker?

    Best regards from France,


    • says

      Salut Isabelle!

      Yes, this recipe will work in a slow cooker, like a bain marie, just pop all the ingredients into a heat proof bowl then fill up with boiling water, and cook for 2 to 3 hours. At the end, stir or whisk together, so it all amalgamates together.

      I have made lemon curd this way before!

      SO pleased you like my site!

      A bientôt!


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