British Yorkshire Pudding Day: My Grandma’s Traditional Yorkshire Pudding Recipe for Breakfast!

British Yorkshire Pudding Day:

My Grandma’s Traditional Yorkshire Pudding Recipe for Breakfast!

Hooray! It’s Yorkshire Pudding Day! Out of all of the “National Awareness Days” that proliferate, this has to be one of my favourites! This isn’t the first time I have celebrated this day of the Northern Pudding, you can read all about my Grandma’s Traditional Yorkshire Pudding Recipe from last year here: British Yorkshire Pudding Day, Slow Sunday and My Grandma’s Traditional Yorkshire Pudding Recipe. But today, I am sharing a NEW serving idea for Yorkshire puddings, a Yorkshire Pudding Breakfast! And, my Yorkshire pudding breakfast was made in a fabulous Yorkshire Pudding Pan that was sent to me from the lovely purple gems at Mermaid. Mermaid’s pudding pan is a tough customer, as well as being very sleek; the Pan makes larger, family-sized Yorkshire puddings in the traditional way and is made from hard anodised aluminium.

My Grandma’s Traditional Yorkshire Pudding Recipe for Breakfast!

My Grandma’s Traditional Yorkshire Pudding Recipe for Breakfast!

The pan is designed to ensure even heat distribution, preventing unwanted hot spots making for perfectly crispy and light Yorkshire puddings, for supper, Sunday dinner, mid-week tea OR breakfast. This sturdy pan can withstand the highest of cooking temperatures, ideal when you’re heating your fat in the oven, and you need to get your fat VERY hot for a good high-rise Yorkshire pud.

My Grandma’s Traditional Yorkshire Pudding Recipe for Breakfast!

My Grandma’s Traditional Yorkshire Pudding Recipe for Breakfast!

When I saw the recipe shown above on the Delicious website, I had an idea for how I was going to christen my new Mermaid Yorkshire pudding pan – a toad-in-the-hole style breakfast.  Instead of just sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms as the recipe suggests, I decided to add some bacon to mine too, as well as cooking eggs to order to those who wanted one or two to complete the Yorkshire breakfast. I have already served a meal in a pudding before, last year I shared my idea for a Sunday Roast in a Yorkshire Pudding…….

Sunday Lunch in a Yorkshire Pudding

Sunday Lunch in a Yorkshire Pudding

……but, as you can see below, I used my traditional pudding pan and made this lovely and VERY filling breakfast for my daughter and her flatmates to celebrate the big pudding day today. 

My Grandma’s Traditional Yorkshire Pudding Recipe for Breakfast!

My Grandma’s Traditional Yorkshire Pudding Recipe for Breakfast!

As the title says, this is my grandma’s traditional English Yorkshire pudding recipe and it is so easy.  The great thing about this recipe is that it works on equal measures of volume and therefore there is no weighing or measuring as such. So, if there are only two of you, use a very small cup – if there’s a crowd, use a big cup, jug or a mug!  Easy. One tip – ALWAYS make sure the oil/fat is SIZZLING hot before you pour in your batter; preheat your tins with the oil/fat before pouring in your batter……that’s about it really.  NOTE: I have suggested that the yield is between 8-16 individual Yorkshire puddings, depending on the size cup you use. A tip – 4 beaten eggs will make about 8 to 10 Yorkshires. The recipe is below and I have just added my amendments for a breakfast pudding.

Mermaid Yorkshire Pudding Pan

Mermaid Yorkshire Pudding Pan

Basically, my recipe today is a baked pancake, and my daughter proclaimed it to be the best, lightest and most delicious breakfast or Yorkshire pudding she had ever tasted! I must admit that it was surprisingly light and not at all heavy, and it just slid out of the fabulous, sleek and very non-stick pan from Mermaid – I REALLY do love their products and would promote them regardless of receiving a review pan to try for free. I hope you enjoy this recipe for British Yorkshire Pudding Day and as well as Yorkshire pudding recipes, do take a look at my breakfast recipes from Farmhouse Breakfast Week last week here: Lavender and Lovage Breakfast Recipes. See you later, and have a relaxing Sunday and don’t forget to get that pudding batter made! Karen

Yorkshire Pudding Breakfast

Yorkshire Pudding Breakfast

 Disclaimer: I received a Yorkshire Pudding Pan as mentioned above for free from Mermaid for the purposes of writing this review.  However, I only recommend products I would use personally and believe will be of interest to my readers. Karen S Burns-Booth

My Grandma’s Traditional Yorkshire Pudding

Serves 4
Prep time 1 hour
Cook time 20 minutes
Total time 1 hour, 20 minutes
Region British
By author Karen S Burns-Booth
The great thing about this recipe is that it works on equal measures of volume and so there is no weighing or measuring as such. So, if there are only two of you, use a very small cup - if there's a crowd, use a big cup, jug or a mug.


  • 1 cup beaten eggs
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • ½ cup milk
  • ½ cup water
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 -2 tablespoon cooking oil or 1 -2 tablespoon drippings


The great thing about this recipe is that it works on equal measures of volume and so there is no weighing or measuring as such. So, if there are only two of you, use a very small cup - if there's a crowd, use a big cup, jug or a mug.


Step 1 Preheat your oven to 240C,475F or gas mark 9. (If you are cooking roast beef and/or roast potatoes, make sure the beef has been removed to "rest" before carving and that the potatoes are moved down to the bottom shelf and NEED browning still).
Step 2 Pour a scant amount of oil or dripping into your Yorkshire Pudding tins.(A large roasting tin can be used too. If you do not have a Yorkshire Pudding tin which has 4 wide and shallow cups of about 4" in diameter, then use a large muffin tin). Put the tin into the pre-heated oven about 5 minutes before you want to cook the Yorkshire Puddings.
Step 3 Empty the flour, salt & pepper into a large roomy bowl. Make a dip in the centre and add the beaten eggs bit by bit, mixing as you go along. Add the water/milk mixture gradually and whisk in between each addition. Keep whisking until all the liquids have been added. The batter may still be lumpy - this does not matter. Cover and leave to rest for up to 1 hour.
Step 4 Just before cooking, whisk thoroughly again to break down any lumps & add some more air.
Carefully take out the tin/s. Pour the batter into the tin/s and QUICKLY return to the oven.
Cook for about 20 minutes until well risen and golden brown. DO NOT open the oven in the first 10-15 minutes or they will DROP! If you have two tins cooking, rotate the tins from top to bottom shelves after the 10-15 minutes so they cook evenly.
Step 5 Serve with Roast Beef and lashings of gravy!
Can also be served with any Roast Dinner - we love them with Roast Chicken.

Recipe for Yorkshire Pudding Breakfast

Make batter as above. For a Yorkshire Pudding Breakfast, add a packet of sausages to the pan 15 minutes before adding the batter, then add the bacon and cherry tomatoes 5 minutes before adding the batter, finally, add the batter making sure the oil is still very hot and the cook for 20 minutes, or until pudding has risen around the edges, is light and puffed up and the sausages and bacon are cooked. Season to taste with sea salt and pepper and serve with sauce of your choice. 

Yorkshire Pudding Breakfast

Yorkshire Pudding Breakfast

NB: Excuse the quality of photos, I am struggling with light at my daughter’s flat and am also using a new and untested camera!


  1. says

    Making me leave a comment on one of your meat posts is a bit mean Karen BUT I do love a good toad in the hole – made with vegetarian sausages of course 😉

  2. Ursula Connelly says

    The breakfast yorkshire pudding looks fabulous, definately one for the recipe book – kids would love it, they are yorkshire pudding fiends!

  3. Tracy Nixon says

    Mmmm this looks so yummy! We all love Yorkshire puddings in our family – shame they are not too good for us lol! I make mini Toad in the Holes for the kids in little Yorkshire pud tins with mini pigs in blankets!

  4. Maxine says

    people think that you can’t make yorkshire puddings with a vegetarian meal, but they are great stuffed with spinach and veggies in creamy cheese sauce then baked a second time to get extra crispy!

  5. tamalyn roberts says

    i make toad in the hole quite alot as the kids love sausages and my home made yorkshires, this is a different way of making it and although the kids wont be impressed i think i will give it a try for us adults lol

  6. Maya Russell says

    For me this would be breakfast, lunch and dinner! Seriously, I love toad-in-the-hole. Thanks for the recipe.

  7. Jane Willis says

    I’m going to HAVE to make toad in the hole in the next few days now, I’m drooling after reading this!

  8. Judith Allen says

    Well, I suppose I’ve eaten pancakes for breakfast quite happily, so why not Yorkshire pudding too. Not quite sure, but certainly looks a great weekend brunch maybe.

  9. melanie stirling says

    I’ve never heard of having Yorkshire pudding for breakfast before but this looks great,I’m up for it!

  10. Lucy Pasifull says

    One variation of toad in the hole I like doing is to use lamb sausages and put a bit of rosemary in the batter.

  11. Fiona Matters says

    Wow – that looks fabby. I’m just thinking about doing toad in the hole soon. You’ve encouraged me even more!

  12. Natasha Corder says

    This looks fab and I think I will have eat this some time soon! My family love sausages so this has to be a winner in our house. I just hope mine comes out looking as great as yours :)

  13. KATHY D says

    I have nevesr been successful in making a good yorkshire = like my mum used to make = will give it another try using your instructions

  14. Sally Carter says

    This reminds me of when I was little – any leftover Yorkshire Pud was eaten up by my Dad with lashings of golden syrup! He did the same with dumplings!

  15. Judith Allen says

    I’m so hungry this morning, I do with a Yorkshire pudding breakfast! If it magically appeared in front of me that is, not sure I’m feeling up to producing it.

  16. Hazel Christopher says

    My little boy loves Yorkshire puddings and insists on having them with pretty much every meal, even if it’s just chicken breast and chips!

  17. Lisa Pope says

    I’ve never made mine with water in the mix before, after reading this I’m definately going to try it.

  18. HelenD says

    Never tried a yorkshire pudding.This picture looks appetizing!
    Where can one bake them if one hasn’t got a pan like this?

  19. Hayley Wells says

    Breakast Yorkshire pudding – what a wonderful revelation! I think it’s time I invested in some new tins, and these really do look the business! :)

  20. Ursula Connelly says

    This is fab, my kids would eat yourkshire pudding all day, everyday. Breakfast yorkies would be a real treat and surprisefor them – keeping this one for during Easter Holidays! x

  21. Emma H says

    This is such a great idea – I would never have thought of having Yorkshire Pudding for breakfast but after seeing this I will definitely be giving it a try! :)

  22. Karen Whittaker says

    We tried this in half term as a “brunch”. I used good quality sausages and added some smoked bacon lardons to the mixture. As an experiment we put round pastry cake cutters into the mixture when it was just setting and then cracked eggs into the rings. (We have done this before with thick slices of homemade bread – cut out the circle leaving a thin layer of bread, crack an egg into the hole and then bake in the oven “sunshine toast” we call this!)

    The result (covered with ketchup by the children!) was delicious and filling and kept them going until supper time (which was dare I say, roast with more Yorkshire pudding!!).

  23. Lisa Williams says

    I never would of thought of having this for breakfast but the more I think of it now the more sense it makes I think it has to be done :)

  24. Maya Russell says

    I find that even if you use very hot fat and the Yorkshire puddings rise, they still drop when you take them out of the oven and cool. Any ideas?

  25. Nicole-Melainie Squires says

    Lovely recipe! Would love to give this a go.. for some reason I have always struggled with a a perfect yorky so always put it off but will give it another go :)

  26. Alison Wakefield says

    My hubby is weird he has had yorkshire pudding with sugar and loves it but i can’t bring myself to try that its not right lol

  27. Joanna Orr says

    I’ve yet to master the perfect yorkshire… love the idea of the breakfast yorkshire. My
    Mum also used to do a similar one (for dinner though!) She added onions to the bacon and sausage

  28. MrsNumbles says

    Yorkshire pudding is my husband’s favorite food, hands down – will definitely be bookmarking this!

  29. Arabella Bazley says

    It sounds like one of those perfect cold weather breakfasts to eat before you climb a mountain or dig the garden. I did try to cook toad in the hole years ago by putting raw sausages straight into the batter which was an obvious mistake as they were still very pasty when it came out of the oven. I might give this one a try now I know the timings.

  30. shelley jessup says

    Yum, this looks good I never thought of trying something like this. It would be good for brunch.

  31. louise connor says

    wow defo going to try this I am a mad fan of toad in the hole and now I have a great excuse to have it for breakfast too…. thanks

  32. says

    This recipe tastes good, but its light on top but heavy on the bottom. A Yorkshire pudding supposed to be light and fluffy filled with air…

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