Best of British, Davidstow Cornish Cheddar and my Mum’s Cheese and Potato Pie for Family Suppers

Mum's Cheese and Potato Pie

Mum’s Cheese and Potato Pie

 Best of British,

Davidstow Cornish Cheddar

~ Mum’s Cheese and Potato Pie ~

for Family Suppers

This may not seem like a very seasonal dish to share just now, whilst we are all basking in temperatures in the upper 20’s, but this really is an all year around recipe that is VERY family and child friendly and it makes a nice change for a family supper now and then. When I was growing up in Cornwall, during my teens, and meat was more expensive than cheese (a BIG change there then!) , and it was getting towards to the end of the month,  this is a dish that my mum used to make and we ALL loved it; in fact I would have forfeited a grilled lamb chop supper for this, or even bangers and mash. And, she used to use Davidstow Cheddar cheese when making it……..Davidstow was not a big name dairy outside of Cornwall in the 70’s and I am always amused to see how trendy it has become lately, although it is undeniably VERY good cheese. So, when I was wracking my brains to see what I could come up with for The Best of British, which is a special blogging event that aims to promote and highlight regional cooking and baking, I turned to my Mum’s Cheese and Potato Pie recipe, which, is made with Cornish potatoes as well as Davidstow Cheddar cheese of course. This month’s Best of British challenge is being hosted by Choclette over at Chocolate Log Blog, and the region is, in case you may have missed it, Cornwall!

Mum's Cheese and Potato Pie

Mum’s Cheese and Potato Pie

The pie that’s shown in the photos, was actually made by my mum…..I just took the photos and ate it……and as you can see, we served this with delicious steamed sweetheart cabbage; the whole meal was just redolent of cosy family meals around the kitchen table in our Cornish home, whilst the Atlantic gales thundered around us, the waves roared angrily in the distance and the already bent and twisted trees were pushed over at an even more precarious angle……..have you ever seen Cornish trees, they are just amazing! However, as I said, this makes a wonderful VEGETARIAN meal for any time of the year, and we certainly enjoyed it one hot sunny evening last week. This is a meal in itself, but, I have served this alongside grilled chicken before, as well as with some saucy casseroles – as in sauce and not their provocative looks! It also makes a STELLAR topping for a luxury Fish Pie……as well as cottage pie and shepherd’s pie too.  It then becomes a pie on a pie…..or something like that. You can use any cheese of course, but do try to use an extra mature Farmhouse type Cheddar, as you need a cheese with attitude in the recipe, and likewise, DON’T omit to add the English mustard.

Mum's Cheese and Potato Pie

Mum’s Cheese and Potato Pie

I DO have some more Cornish recipes up my Cornish fisherman’s sleeve…..but I wanted to get the ball rolling with this as my first entry. DO enter this interesting blog challenge – the region of Cornwall runs until the 15th June, before moving on to a new region of the UK. You can read all about it here: Best of British and I forgot to tell you, there are prizes to be had too. This challenge is being sponsored by New World Appliances, which is one of only a few British manufactures of kitchen appliances. Each month an entrant will be picked at random and will win a £50 Amazon voucher. At the end of 6 months all entries will be judged and the best will be awarded a £300 Amazon voucher, so what are you waiting for,  get your pasties in the oven now, especially as the “pasty tax” has just been revoked!  I will be back later with my Tea Time Treats round-up, as well as my Herbs on Saturday round-up, some exciting news about the Strawberry Tea as well as my usual recipes and chat….see you later, Karen

Mum’s Cheese and Potato Pie

Serves 4 to 5
Prep time 20 minutes
Cook time 30 minutes
Total time 50 minutes
Allergy Egg, Milk
Dietary Vegetarian
Meal type Lunch, Main Dish
Misc Child Friendly, Pre-preparable, Serve Hot
Occasion Casual Party, Halloween, Thanksgiving
Region British
By author Karen S Burns-Booth
A comforting family recipe that is easy to make and is great all year around. Use extra mature Cheddar cheese for a tangy taste, and don't omit the English mustard powder, as it adds a piquancy to the dish.


  • About 1 kilo of potatoes (peeled and cut into small pieces)
  • 225g extra mature Cheddar cheese (grated)
  • 1 large onion (peeled and finely diced)
  • 2 free-range eggs
  • butter (to taste, about 50g)
  • milk (to mix, about 100ml)
  • 2 to 3 teaspoons English mustard powder
  • salt and pepper, to season


A comforting family recipe that is easy to make and is great all year around. Use extra mature Cheddar cheese for a tangy taste, and don't omit the English mustard powder, as it adds a piquancy to the dish.


Step 1 Put the pieces of potato into a large saucepan along with the diced onion and boil until soft. Meanwhile pre-heat the oven to 200C/400F and lightly butter a large ovenproof baking dish or casserole dish. (Pyrex dishes are good)
Step 2 Drain the cooked potatoes and onion and then mash the potato mixture with a potato masher or with a hand held blender/mixer.
Step 3 Season to taste with salt and pepper, add the English mustard powder and then enough butter and milk to loosen the mixture a bit, before adding the beaten eggs. Mix well.
Step 4 Add three quarters of the grated cheese to the mixture and mix well; spoon the cheese and potato mix into the buttered baking dish and then sprinkle the remaining grated cheese over the top.
Step 5 Place in pre-heated oven and bake for 20 to 30 minutes, or until the pie is bubbling hot and the top is golden brown.
Step 6 Serve immediately with streamed cabbage, salad leaves or other seasonal vegetables and greens. The top can be garnished with sliced tomatoes before baking too.
Mum's Cheese and Potato Pie

Mum’s Cheese and Potato Pie

What is your favourite Cornish Recipe?

Have you ever been to Cornwall?


  1. says

    oh my god I love Davidstow… it is my all time favourite cheddar… this looks so delightfully scrummy and wholesome… I love it… well done your mum for devising such a great dish x

    • says

      I also LOVE Davidstow cheese too Dom….and when I lived in Cornwall it was the only Cheddar we used to eat most of the time! Thanks Darlink!

  2. says

    Just the mashed potatoes seasoned with mustard and butter sounds great – but then adding cheese and baking it… fantastic. Some of the best recipes are old family ‘staples’ like this.

    • says

      Thanks Jude, I am sure that C would love this, you make in a big pot and then pop hers in a small ramekin dish so she has a “Fairy” portion!

    • says

      Thanks Fiona – I DO have another post up my sleeve, as you may remember me telling you, so I am really on the road to promote Cornwall and Best of British too! Karen

  3. says

    Looks good, it really is bad for me popping over here you know (hunger pangs!). We live until we move that is just a few miles down the road from Davidstow cheese. Really good tasty cheese and great for cooking with.

    • says

      Thanks Ali! Sorry to have given your hunger pangs!! This is a very easy and lovely family recipe, and especially with Davidstow cheese too!

  4. says

    We make a very similar thing and it’s one of our favourites! The recipe I use is my mother-in-law’s but I’ve adapted it and add more onion than she does. occasionally in winter I’ll also add a few parsnips in the mash, it’s lovely!

  5. Mere says

    Now that I can eat! I am GF so all the desserts I make are for my sweetheart! But I do convert many recipes. :)

  6. says

    Karen, lovely. Thank you for getting the ball rolling for the Best of British Cornwall. Love this dish, because like you it was one of my mother’s staples when I was growing up. In fact, you and I might have been sitting down to the very same dish at the same time on a number of occasions, just on opposite sides of the moor! Glad some Cornish cheese has made an appearance.

    • says

      You are welcome….I DO have another Cornish recipe to make for this challenge too…..and yes, funny to think we may have been eating similar dishes, at the same time, albeit across the moors!

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