Cooking with Herbs Round Up for January 2014

Cooking with Herbs

Cooking with Herbs Round Up for January 2014

Lemons and Herbs

Wow! What an amazing turn-out for January! This month we had over forty fabulous herbal and citrus entries into Cooking with Herbs, it seems that lots of you embraced your herbal side in the New Year! There were sweet and savoury entries, as well as baked entries – cakes and cookies, and we even had a pickle entry too! Thanks so much to all of you who entered……now sit back and enjoy this virtual cookbook round-up of herb and citrus recipes. The new FEBRUARY Cooking with Herbs Challenge will be open for play on Friday the 31st January, which is coincidently Chinese New Year, so, I am hoping for some Chinese inspired recipes. Thanks again, here we go………..42 delicious herbal recipes are listed below. Karen

Cooking with Herbs Round Up for January 2014

Cooking with Herbs Round Up for January 2014: Image BBC Food

Cooking with Herbs Round Up

1. Chermoula marinated Halloumi, apricot and rocket salad with a chilli and agave yoghurt dressing by Deena of Deena Kakaya: A wonderful vibrant and fruity way to serve halloumi, with a creamy dressing cooked up by Deena.

Chermoula marinated Halloumi, apricot and rocket salad with a chilli and agave yoghurt dressing

2. Lentil & Cauliflower Tacos with Fresh Tomato Oregano Salsa by Janet of The Taste Space: Tacos with no carbs, Janet has made these sound even better than the usual tacos.

Lentil & Cauliflower Tacos with Fresh Tomato Oregano Salsa

3. CHILLED THAI BEAN SALAD by Sue of A Palatable Pastime: Sue is an old friend of mine from RecipeZaar and she has made an amazing Oriental salad packed with herbs and flavour.


4. Duck Legs with an Orange & Chilli Glaze by Gingey Bites: Gingey cooks up a storm with some fabulous orange and chilli glazed duck legs, that look like they should have been on MY plate and not hers!

Orange & Chilli glazed duck leg

5.  Lemon & Tuscan Herb Chicken Drumsticks by Jenn of Smell Good Kitchen: Jenn has really got my taste buds going with these herb and lemon glazed chicken drumsticks, and shows us some handy step-by-step photos in her post too!


6. Salt Encrusted Whole Baked Salmon with Lemon & Thyme by London Busy Body: A FABULOUS way to serve fish, and this whole salmon get’s the works when it comes to herbs, as well as a dousing of lemon too, I LOVE it!


7. Chicken Pie by Chris of Cooking around the World: What a GREAT entry Chris has cooked, and it’s PIE, my all time favourite meal! Chris has made his pie with chicken and lots of parsley and lime, looks FAB!

8. Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Gratin by Barbara of Bread and Companatico: My lovely friend Barbara has made this stunning gratin dish of sweet potato and cauliflower with beautiful fresh sage, it looks so comforting and tasty.

cauliflower-sweet potatoes gratin3-1

9. A Salad of Spiced Oranges, Dates, Green Olives & Parsley by Laura of How to Cook Good Food: I am a big fan of citrus in salads and Laura serves up a beauty here with olives, dates and a parsley dressing.

Orange date parsley salad

10. Olive Oil Cake with Rosemary and Chocolate by Ros of The More than Occasional Baker: Oh yes, a HEALTHY-ISH chocolate cake! And with herbs too, that sounds totally lush!

11. A lighter route to en croûte: salmon filo parcels by Antonia of A Little Bit Greedy: Antonia may be a little bit greedy, but these light salmon parcels look amazingly healthy as well as tasty too!

12. Citrus and Roasted Winter Vegetable Salad with Pomegranate Dressing by Kellie of Food to Glow: Kellie always gets my taste buds tingling with her lovely recipes and this salad is no exception!

roasted winter vegetable salad

13. ROSEMARY-LEMON NO-KNEAD BREAD WITH BAKED SPINACH ARTICHOKE YOGURT DIP by Law Students Cookbook: A FABULOUS looking no-knead bread that is packed with herbs and vegetables, this looks amazingly tasty.


14. Hariyali Murgh Masala by Dip of Dips Diner: Just look at this GORGEOUS spicy chicken dish by Dip! SO vibrant and green, and packed with beautiful herbs and vegetables too.

Hariyali Murgh Masala

15. Sweet and sour winter salad by Vanesther of Bangers and Mash: Based on a Yotam Ottolenghi recipe, Vanesther’s salad looks full of vibrant flavours and textures, and is very colourful.

sweet and sour winter salad

16.  Lentil and vegetable potage in the slow cooker by Linzi of Lancashire Food: A comforting and warming bowl of soup that is made in the crock pot/slow cooker, and is packed with tasty pulses and vegetables.

17. Mandarin and Dill Sorbet by Mel of Edible Things: Mel makes great use of all her “Festive” mandarins with this cool and herbal sorbet, she also loved adding herbs to all of her recipes, as do I!

Easy, handmade mandarin and dill sorbet

18. Game casserole with porcini and chestnuts by Galina of Chez Maximka: A TRULY FABULOUS casserole now and one that has the most amazing ingredients too, including sage, sherry and chestnuts.

19. Lamb Tagine by Corina of Searching for Spice: I LOVE tagines and Corina  has made a lovely lamb one that is packed full of herbs and spices, as well as apricots and chickpeas.

lamb tagine (500x331)

20. Yorkshire Tea Biscuit or Fat Rascal by Ros of The More than Occasional Baker: One of my favourite bakes and I also have a recipe for Fat Rascals, although this recipe comes from The Hairy Bikers.

21. Ale Cake by Deon of Foodie Jam: Deon has made one of my favourite cakes, and Ale Cake and as well as having Speckled Hen ale in it, it also has bags of citrus fruits too!

First slice of the ale cake

22. Soya bean, Barley, lettuce, feta and roasted lemon salad in a dill and chilli vinaigrette by Deena of Deena Kakaya: Deena creates the most amazing vegetarian recipes and here is another stunner, packed full of tasty ingredients too.

Soya bean, Barley, lettuce, feta and roasted lemon salad in a dill and chilli vinaigrette

23. Clementine and Cranberry Pork Steaks by Dragons and Fairy Dust: Another entry that uses festive fruit, clementines and cranberries this time. And look at how pretty these pork steaks look with both of these fruits!

ClemintinePork3 Clementine and Cranberry Pork Steaks

24. MUNG DAL LENTIL RISOTTO by Petra of Food Eat Love: Who doesn’t love risotto and especially when it has lentils added too. Petra also adds nuts, spices and lots of herbs to this creamy bowl of loveliness.


25. Orange Squash Cupcakes  by Ros of The More than Occasional Baker: Another plate of treats that has been baked for us by Ros! These cakes are made with seasonal squash and orange.

26. Garlic, Herb and Parmesan Crusted Chicken Schnitzels by Me! Lavender and Lovage: A delectable low-calorie chicken dish that is packed with flavour but not calories. For a gluten free version use crushed cornflakes in place of the breadcrumbs.

Tasty Low-Calorie 5:2 Diet Recipe: Garlic, Herb and Parmesan Crusted Chicken Schnitzels

27. Creamy Sweet potato and Bacon Linguine by Anne of Anne’s Kitchen: NOT just a plate of pasta, but a delectable plate of pasta with herb paste, bacon and sweet potato – such a lovely recipe from Anne.

28. Flatiron Beef with Pickled Cabbage by Charlene of London Busy Body: A quick and tasty meal that is on the table in under 30 minutes and makes use of high quality commercial pickled cabbage.

flatiron and cabbage

29. Pasta with Lemon, Garlic, Cilantro and Breadcrumbs by Spices Galore: SUCH a lovely entry next with a series of stunning photos too. Spices Galore makes pasta look sexy and with a wonderful herbal and citrus zing!

Pasta with Lemon, Garlic, Cilantro and Breadcrumbs

30. Lemon & Garlic Linguine by Rachel Cotterill: Rachel says of this BEAUTIFUL dish that it requires a little attention to timing, as you don’t want the pasta to be sitting around going cold, but other than that, it’s a very simple method.

Lemon Garlic Linguine with Broccoli

31. Braised Poussin with baby vegetables in Chilli and Lime broth by Nazima of Franglais Kitchen:  Nazima says “Forget Pink heart biscuits or cupcakes for Valentines. Get to the main menu. This braised poussin dish is easy to put together, but like all good winter food, time and patience are needed in the cooking.”

Braised Poussin

32. Carrot and Courgette Fritters by Tina of The Spicy Pear: Tina has cooked up some fabulous little vegetarian fritters that scream taste and flavour! Tina serves these fritters as a main course with a salad of rocket leaves, toasted pecan nuts and pickled baby beetroots; and drizzle of minty yoghurt sauce

33. Shepherd’s Pie  by Camilla of Fab Food 4 All: Who doesn’t love a shepherd’s pie and especially when Camilla has made it, as hers is packed with all sorts of tasty ingredients such as dried porcini mushrooms, herbs (or course!), mustard and cooked beef – it looks stunning and is a perfect cold weather meal!

34. Slow cooker ale-braised beef with dumplings by Jibber Jabber UK: This is a real gem of a recipe and Jibber Jabber discovered it in an old cookbook from the 1980’s. The dumplings have parsley added and the main stew is packed full of tasty ingredients with ale of course!

35. Thai-Stylie Root Veggie Curry by Louisa of Eat your Veg:  This vibrant veggie curry has coconut, sweet potatoes, carrots and swede in it for a five-a-day feast! Lou has also added some fresh coriander for a green herbal finish.

Thai Root Veggie Curry

36. Home made roasted tomato soup in wholemeal bread bowls by Mummy Makes Cakes: This next recipe is so inventive and with  no washing up, well no bowls to wash up!  I LOVE it!

top view

37 & 38.  Slow cooker carrot and coriander soup – vegan and gluten-free and Pork and parsley burgers by Jibber Jabber UK : Two more FABULOUS recipes from Jibber Jabber that are packed full of vibrant herbs. The soup is gluten-free and is vegan whilst the burgers have Parmesan cheese in them as well as parsley for a tasty little patty! BOTH recipes have my 100% seal of approval and have been bookmarked to make soon!

39. LOW CAL BAKED WHITE FISH WITH A MINT AND SPICE DRESSING by Manjri of Slice Off Me: What a wonderful fish recipe we have now, so colourful and packed with amazing ingredients. Manjiri says …” Ladies this one is to be bookmarked and is perfect for any day when you want to treat  your taste buds and yet not load on the calories” …I SO agree!

IMG_6377 (Copy)

40. Lacto-Fermented Vegetables with Dill by Fromage Homage: Vegetables pickled in whey, and whey hey, what a great idea too! I love this pickled veggie idea from the Queen of Cheeses, Fromage Homage – plus it has gentle dill in it for extra flavour.

lacto-fermented vegetables with whey

41. Venison Goulash With Herb Dumplings by Linda of Mrs Portly’s Kitchen: I LOVE Linda’s blog name as much as I love her first submission to Cooking with Herbs! She has made a delectable venison goulash with herb dumplings that screams out comfort food!

Image of finished dish

42. Kale and Orange Cup Cakes with Orange Icing by Veggie Desserts: An innovative idea for cup cakes, cakes made with kale! These pretty little cakes are an attractive green colour and have a zingy citrus icing.

No image: I cannot copy the image unfortunately. 

The NEW Cooking with Herbs Challenge will open on Friday 31st January 2014!


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    My mouth is well and truly watering now. There are some very tasty looking recipes there and some fab photos too. Sorry I didn’t manage to get an entry in this month.

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    What a fab roundup and some gorgeous photos! Lots of recipe inspiration here and so excited to have taken part in my first ‘Cooking with Herbs’. In the words of Terminator ..”I’ll be back” ! :-)

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